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Every puzzle has different pieces; for the most part the pieces are bright, happy… something you enjoy looking at.  But then there are the pieces towards the corners; always dark, shadowed… these are the pieces you would much rather remove from the puzzle altogether.

It seemed as though that were the consequence now, being what I had become.  The every growing puzzle that belonged to me grew depressingly darker with every happy moment I had.

Shouldn’t it be over?  Shouldn’t I get a free ride because of what I had been through in my life so far?  It seemed to be I had been through more craziness than the average human; it would only be fair, right?

It seemed like a joke now; my puzzle.  It would only be a matter of time before the whole thing was dark.






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Haven't heard from you in awhile - still got me on your up-date list? Hope you're feeling well! If it's school demands, that's totally understandable!! Best wishes!!!
Rachel has been writing some of her chapters at school (I got to school with her)
And it wouldn't have been school problems because she has no problem with school work + writing:D
So Just a heads up!(:
Oh! And she's NOT sick:D
Sorry guys, I would have wrote last night but one of my very close friends had a family issuer and nowhere to stay for the night, so she was over. Not to mention it's Halloween weekend... But I'm working my HARDEST to finish chapter six(: it's a long one.
you are a great writer!!!!!!!!!!! write more soon pleeeeaaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!
Thanks for the up-date!! I'm a grandmother of 8 [ mother of 3] so I tend to worry!!
6. Beauty and the Beast (The Wedding)
(Renesmee’s p.o.v)

I puked twice the next morning; I figured it was normal; considering I was getting married in a few hours. Alice found me sitting outside, calmly waiting for her arrival.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing… just waiting for you. I couldn’t sleep.” I smiled. It was only a half lie… telling Alice I had gotten sick again didn’t seem like the best idea. I followed her with shaky legs and clammy skin to the main house, through the garage so I wouldn’t see the ceremony room, and into her bathroom.
Her long, endless counters were covered in make up and hair products. Everyone’s dresses were laid out on Alice’s bed, even though it would be hours until anyone else came to get ready.
She started right away with my face; plucking my eyebrows, giving me a facial to “bring out my natural glow” as she had said. I watched her pick up a tiny looking needle and told me to hold still. Before I said anything to stop her, my ears were pierced. She stuck a pair of large diamond earrings in the holes and told me not to mess with them.
She bunched all of my hair on the top of my head to get it out of my face, and began with the makeup process, which in my opinion took way too long.
She pulled my hair back into an intricate ponytail, making it all one huge curl. She pinned flowers in my hair and finally spun her chair around to face the mirror, revealing her handy work.
My skin was perfect peaches and cream. It looked like it had before my incident; rosy cheeks, and a pink nose. Everyone else came in, and Alice and Rosalie curled their hair, and helped them with their dresses. Alice walked forward and handed me a garter.
“Something borrowed.” She laughed. “It’s the same one I let your mom wear.”
“Something old.” Rosalie stood on her toes and pinned a tiny comb in my hair. “I used to wear this everyday.” She smiled. Alice and Bella helped me slide on my wedding dress and laced up the back; my stomach was doing flips.
“Something New.” Alice said, bending down and strapping on a pair of simple white heels.
“Something blue.” Esme tied a ribbon through my hair and smiled. “I wore that on my wedding day.” Tears began to well up in my eyes but I squeezed them shut to keep from ruining my makeup. Rosalie ran downstairs to start the music as the rest of us got into our places. Edward came in and smiled as he saw me.
“You look beautiful, Renesmee. I’m very proud of you, I hope you know.”
“Thank you…” I whispered. He looped his arm through mine as the music started playing downstairs. My knees buckled, but Edward held me up. Alice, Bella, and Bailey all walked ahead of me, I waited five seconds, and then followed them.
The ceremony room was decorated with golden leaves and dark blue hydrangeas. There were hundreds of small, dark blue Japanese lanterns hung from the ceiling. Everything was beautiful.
The room turned and stared as I entered the room.
“They’re awestruck.” Edward whispered. I giggled and blushed.
Time stood still when Jacob came into view, I couldn’t help but blush and smile. Our vows were the traditional vows; nothing special, yet they rang loud and clear, letting everyone watching know that we meant every word we said. I hadn’t seen Austin, Sam and Emily’s little boy since he was born, but he giggled in the audience when Jake and I kissed. He was 3, almost 4; I felt a little jealous of their happy little family, but it disappeared as soon as I followed everyone outside for the reception party.
I danced with everyone; it seemed like. I even held little Austin and danced with him while Sam and Emily took pictures; he giggled the whole time. When it came time to dance with Jacob, the entire party had hugged me and congratulated me; I felt more loved than I deserved. Rosalie started playing “Beauty and the Beast” on the piano. Most of the vampires and werewolves laughed at the music, but I didn’t mind. I kind of liked it, it fit Jake and I.
“Where did you learn to dance?” I asked him as he twirled me around the dance floor.
“I’ve got my ways.” He said kissing me lightly.
“Who taught you?”
“Alice and Jasper.” I laughed at the thought of Jacob trying to dance with Alice, and all but died thinking about Jacob dancing with Jasper.
The dance didn’t last long enough, it seemed like only seconds after the music had started that Alice was tugging at mine and Jacob’s sleeves, pulling us toward the house and making us change.
My stomach churned again, must be the honeymoon. What else could it be? Alice pulled off my wedding dress and made me put on a pretty lavender dress. She left my hair as it was, taking out all the flowers but one. She pushed me over to the mirror to take a look at myself; I twisted to see the back of the dress and was crippled in seconds by the sharp pain in my stomach.
I dropped to the floor, pressing my cheek to the cool hardwood floor to try and calm myself down.
“Nessie… what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I heard everyone start to run up the stairs when they hear Alice’s question.
“I-I’m going to –I’m going to puke.” Alice ran to the bathroom and back in less than a second, helping me sit and holding the garbage can under my chin. When I finished, I flopped back down on the floor, curling up on myself and trying to stop the shaking. That had been the worst, out of all the times I have puked.
“What happened?” Carlisle said, bending down and feeling my face, and forehead checking for a fever.
“It’s nerves, that’s what she said the last time… I mean it makes sense.” Jacob murmured quietly.
“The last time? Ness, how many times have you puked?”
“What’s my time span?” I asked, barely able to talk.
“The last three days.”
“This will be the fifth time…”
“That’s not normal.” Alice and Carlisle said simultaneously.
“It’s not?” Jacob asked. I knew well enough that it hadn’t been normal… it couldn’t be normal. Nobody got that nervous. Right?
The realization hit me before it hit Jacob, when it did; it had me crying almost immediately. The emotions, the sickness, the out of control imagination; it should have been obvious sooner. I put a hand on my stomach and looked down; Jacob realized it as he saw my hand. There was no bulge; no kick to let us know it was there. But it was there nonetheless.
Now I wouldn’t have any reason to be jealous of Sam and Emily’s happy family, mine was on it’s way… whether I was ready for it or not.
ur a genius!!!!!! i love it
yay!!!!!!!!!! more soon!!!!!!!!!!! luv the chapter!!!!!!!
Very Very Very Good!!! I'm lovin it. Nessie is going to be a MOM!! Yeah!!! I sure hope her pregancy goes off without a hitch. I'm happy for them. Edward & Bella Grandparents.Oh MY.........until you post again
lol...omg how is everyone going to react??? esp im so ready for the next one lol.
Worth the wait!! Great job!! Write ON!!


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