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Every puzzle has different pieces; for the most part the pieces are bright, happy… something you enjoy looking at.  But then there are the pieces towards the corners; always dark, shadowed… these are the pieces you would much rather remove from the puzzle altogether.

It seemed as though that were the consequence now, being what I had become.  The every growing puzzle that belonged to me grew depressingly darker with every happy moment I had.

Shouldn’t it be over?  Shouldn’t I get a free ride because of what I had been through in my life so far?  It seemed to be I had been through more craziness than the average human; it would only be fair, right?

It seemed like a joke now; my puzzle.  It would only be a matter of time before the whole thing was dark.






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i love it!
can you plz make her a vampire? i wanna know what powers she would have
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
update quick please!


All of you guys are in luck... I'm almost done with the next chapter to be honest!(: I'm in a writing mood tonight(: haha.
22. Free.
(Bailey’s p.o.v)

“Bailey… Bailey dear, wake up. It’s time to go.” I heard my mom trying to wake me up. It sounded like she was at the end of a tunnel. I heard shuffling in the room. There were more people in here?
“This will wake her up…” Derrick? Derrick was here? He sloshed something, then I felt something cold on my face. Water. The shock of how cold it was woke me up immediately. I gasped and sat up, trying to force my eyes to open.
“Damn it Derrick!” once I finally got my eyes open I saw him for the first time in over a year. He was different. His arms more toned, he had muscles now. Or at least more of them. His hair was lighter than it used to be, longer too. He looked like a typical surfer from Miami, only he had been in West Virginia for a year and a half now. He laughed and gave me a hug. Behind him, my father stepped forward to give me a hug as well.
“Lisa, she doesn’t look as bad as you said she was.” He said, confused. I saw my mother bite her lip in the corner. She knew just as well as I did, looks weren’t everything. I heard the familiar sound of heels on tile; I knew well enough none of the nurses wore heels with Rosalie as an exception. I felt my heart race at whom I might be facing.
Renesmee rounded the corner practically running and hugged me tightly.
“I’m so sorry!” she muttered. “I should have listened to you.” She said quiet enough so that only I could hear. I felt her stiffen and take a step back. “Why are you wet?” Derrick laughed.
“That’s my fault.” She turned to face him, raising one of her perfectly arched eyebrows.
“Don’t you know its bad to wake someone up that has morphine in their system?”
“Don’t you know you’re probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen?” I rolled my eyes along with Renesmee.
“Don’t hit on my friends Derrick!”
“I’m married.” She smiled, winked, and flashed her ring. “I have been for… 6 months now.” She said proudly. Derrick just stared at her, awestruck.
“You sure know how to pick ‘em Bailey.” He muttered going to sit on the uncomfortable chair in the corner of the room to pout. Nessie held up a bag and smiled.
“Happy… uh… homecoming? Is that okay?” I laughed.
“Yeah, Ness.” She helped me stand up and held out the bag for me. I peeked inside and saw a ridiculously expensive looking sweater and some really nice looking jeans. At the bottom of the bag was a shoebox. “Please don’t tell me those are heels. I’ll have to kill you.”
“Of course not! They’re Uggs!” she smiled as if it should be obvious.
“Did Alice brainwash you or something?”
“I do sound oddly perky, don’t I?” she laughed and helped me take the tags off the clothes so I could put them on. The outfit was comfortable, and stylish. It didn’t make much sense though; it must have been Alice’s idea.
I was still dying in a few days… wasn’t I?
They brought a wheelchair for me to ride out to the car in. I tried to tell the nurse it wasn’t necessary, but she insisted. Renesmee pushed me leisurely down the hall, a little behind everyone else.
“Is this some plan to try and make me change my mind?” I asked quietly enough so that only Renesmee could hear me. I turned to look at her as she answered. She frowned at me and shook her head.
“I don’t want you to decide to do something you don’t want to… either way you go, you can’t take it back.” I faced forward again. I had two options. Neither of them was very appealing. I didn’t want to think about it. I understood why Renesmee was acting so odd today now; she was trying to make the best out of the next few days, no matter what happened. I could do the same, couldn’t I?
When we got out to the pick up area, every member of the Cullen family waited, smiling at me. Alice gave me a thumbs up; letting me know that everything was okay. I felt relief and calmness wash through me; relief because everything was okay for now, and calmness because of Jasper. I smiled at him and he winked.
They all followed me home in their extravagant cars. We all celebrated the fact that I was home. Though my father and brother were the only ones who seemed really into the celebration. They were the only ones who didn’t know the truth.
Esme had baked a cake; pineapple upside down cake. I had told her it was my favorite months ago. Of course she had remembered. The cake was devoured within minutes of it being set on the counter; no one could resist Esme’s baking.
The atmosphere of the party bothered me. I could equally distinguish the differences between my father and brother’s happiness in seeing me after over a year.
Between the Cullen’s sadness for the fact that I was still dying as well as the fact that they were trying too hard to make things normal again.
And to top it off; my mother’s sadness in knowing I no matter what I decided to do, she was losing her daughter. I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked out to sit on the back porch. Letting the cool air relax me and clear my mind.
I listened to the wind blow through the trees; it had given me comfort since I moved here. It had put me to sleep my first night here. I remembered how upset I had been that we moved here, of all places. Now I wished I hadn’t been so selfish; I wished I had been able to see what I saw now… or more, I wished I had been able to see things the same way I saw them now.
I looked at the trees as some of the most beautiful things on the planet, where once, I had hated them. I had grown to hate the heat, whereas I had once despised the rain. I used to think I looked my best in short shorts and a bikini, turns out I look better in jeans and a pair of boots.
Everything about Forks had become home to me.
I heard the door creak open, then close again. Derrick came to sit by me, instantly wrapping his arms around himself. What a baby.
“Jesus, I don’t how you can live here Bailey.”
“If you lived here, you would love it.”
“You love it here?”
“Very much…”
“I thought you hated the rain…?”
“I learned to love it, it puts me to sleep… and it smells good.” I smiled.
“It smells like dirt…”
“Shut up. If you don’t like the cold, go back inside.”
“Someone’s a little snappy today.”
“Sorry, it’s just… never mind.”
“You can tell me, you know? Tell me what’s bothering you.” He put a hand on my shoulder. This was what I had missed the most about not having Derrick around; he actually cared. I almost told him the whole story, but I knew I couldn’t.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…”
“That bad, huh?”
“Not bad… just… crazy.”
“I think you’re crazy.”
“I think you’re obnoxious. Go inside.” He sighed, and pushed himself off the porch.
“I missed you, ya’ know?” I heard the door close behind him and I sighed again. It started sprinkling; the rain hit my face like tiny freezing bullets. It helped to clear my mind. I took my jacket off and set it on the chair near the door, then walked out to stand in the middle of the yard and let the rain clear my mind completely.
I watched the drops fall around me, concentrating on them… trying to count them.
The door creaked open again, breaking my focus. I frowned.
“Go back inside, Derrick, I know you don’t want to be out here!”
“The rain doesn’t bother me, neither does the cold… and I’m definitely not Derrick.” A familiar voice said mockingly. I turned to see Edward walk down the stairs of my porch. He walked until her was by my side; he took his windbreaker off and sat it down on the ground beside me before sitting down on it.
“Why are you out here?” I asked looking at his eyes; they were a pretty shade of gold. I hadn’t seen their eyes like that in a while; they had all been too worried about me to hunt. I was glad they were taking care of themselves again.
“I thought you could use some company.” I shrugged.
“I’m fine with being by myself.”
“Are you?” I rolled my eyes and avoided his question, counting raindrops again.
He remained silent. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. Almost 15 minutes had passed before I finally couldn’t take it anymore.
“Why are you really out here with me?”
“I told you; you looked a little lonely, so I came out here to keep you company.” I rolled my eyes.
“Come on, I sent my brother back inside, and you think I’m “lonely”? I doubt it. Honestly, why are you out here?” he chuckled running his hand through his hair.
“I though I was the mind reader.”
“Yeah well, I guess I’m giving you a run for your money.” I smiled.
“If I tell you the truth, you have to tell me the truth too.” I hesitated; not knowing what he would ask made me weary.
“What are you going to ask me?”
“Oh no, that’s not how this works.” He grinned… it was easy to see how Bella had been so interested by him in the beginning; Edward was an interesting guy.
“Fine, I give. What do you want? Why are you out here?”
“Why don’t you take a walk with me, and I’ll tell you.”
AWESOME! Suspenseful!
Ironic cuz a show im watching just started talking about tuberculosis!:O
LoVeD It!!:D
such a cliffy !!!!
hurry and post
what is edward going to say ??

oooh! awesome
love it!
great chapter
I L00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000V3333333333D IT!!!


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