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Every puzzle has different pieces; for the most part the pieces are bright, happy… something you enjoy looking at.  But then there are the pieces towards the corners; always dark, shadowed… these are the pieces you would much rather remove from the puzzle altogether.

It seemed as though that were the consequence now, being what I had become.  The every growing puzzle that belonged to me grew depressingly darker with every happy moment I had.

Shouldn’t it be over?  Shouldn’t I get a free ride because of what I had been through in my life so far?  It seemed to be I had been through more craziness than the average human; it would only be fair, right?

It seemed like a joke now; my puzzle.  It would only be a matter of time before the whole thing was dark.






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YAY The sequel is finally up SOUNDS AWESOME!
Love it! Post Soon!
Love Ya Rachel!!(;
1. The Ring
(Renesmee's p.o.v)

“Where’s Jake?” I shouted, hurtling myself downstairs, not bothering to gape at my new voice or my new speed.
“He went back to the cabin… why?” Rosalie asked.
“This,” I said showing her the tiny diamond on my ring finger. “-Is why I’m trying to find him!” I ran out the front door before I could see Rosalie’s furious glare, but I heard her loud and clear.
“I could strangle him…” she said angrily.
I cleared the river with yards rather than inches to spare. My heart pounded… well sort of, and yet I still could breathe as easily as if I were standing still. I made it to the cabin in seconds, bursting into my room and stopping in my tracks. What would I even begin to say to him?
“Jake…why? I mean, you can’t… I…I…” I sputtered, what should I say? I looked at the ring, then back at him. He smiled.
“So, you found it huh? I was wondering how long it would take you to figure it out. Aren’t newborns supposed to be smart?”
“When did you… decide to…”
“While you were still out… I promised myself if you woke up… I would make it official. I figured I owed you that much after all you’d been through.”
“But Jake you… I… I’m different…things aren’t even the same as they used to be! Even I’m having issues grasping the whole thing. I… I…”
“You think I don’t want this?” he moved closer and pulled me into a hug, he shivered as he wrapped his arms around me.
“See!” I shouted pulling away from him. “You know even less about the new me than I do! So how could you know whether or not you want to… to…”
“Marry you?” my heart leaped when he said it out loud.
“Your just the same as you’ve always been Nessie.”
“But your wrong, I’m not!” I took the ring off, handing it to him. “I mean look at me Jake! My hair is short! And my skin is cold and even paler then it used to be! And my eyes! And my voice and… and…” I started to cry. He wrapped me in his arms, confused. The only reason he shivered was because I was shaking so hard I made him shake too. Wow, who would have thought vampire emotions would be this strong.
“Why are you crying?” he tried to suppress a laugh, failing miserably.
“Damn vampire emotions…” I mumbled into his chest. He laughed, kissing my forehead and holding my face in his hands, forcing me to look at him.
“None of that matters to me Nessie. It’s true; you were pretty, very, very pretty. And you still are, I can’t deny that. But it isn’t what matters to me.”
“Do you not want to marry me?” his eyes grew sad at the thought.
“No! Jake I love you… but…”
“You do love me?”
“Yes of course, but…”
“And you always have?”
“We’ve already been through this! Yes! Jacob how could I not love you?”
“Then that’s all I need to know.” He slid down onto one knee. The sad tears that rolled down my face were replaced with happy ones. He held the ring between two fingers. The ring looked so delicate that it would break if he applied any pressure to his fingers.
“Renesmee; I don’t care if you look different, or sound different. I don’t care how short your hair is, and I don’t care how cold your skin is. I love you, with my whole being. I can’t live without you; I don’t want to live without you. So please, understand, your love is all I need in my life. You are the only reason I live. You’re the only reason I wake up in the morning, and I want to wake up with you by my side every morning for the rest of my existence. So please, Renesmee, will you marry me?”
“Please…” his voice filled with passion. How could I say no? How could I deny him his wish? So I said the only thing I could.
“Yes what?” he said smiling, already knowing the answer.
“Yes Jake, I’ll marry you.”
“What, I’m sorry I still can’t hear you?”
“Yes, Jake! Yes!”
He pulled me into his arms, and spun me around before setting me back down on my feet and sliding the simply perfect ring on to my finger. I couldn’t help but smile.
I knew everyone else was celebrating; after all, everything was perfect now. There was no reason for any of us to worry. So why shouldn’t I celebrate too? I mean we. I pulled myself up, and wrapped my legs around Jacob’s waste. Hugging myself to him, and kissing him lightly on the lips. He smiled.
“I have an idea…”
“What is this idea of yours, Mrs. Black?”
“Hmm, I like that name, Renesmee Black.”
“I do too. I’d like to hear your idea too, if you don’t mind.”
“Only since you’re so charming.” I smiled and kissed him again. “You know that silly little thing you have after your wedding?”
“A honeymoon?”
“Yes. Well I was thinking…”
“What?” he grinned. As if he didn’t already know! I had absolutely no clue where the flirty behavior was coming from, but it certainly did the trick… must have been a side effect from the change. Either way it didn’t matter.
“Why don’t we just skip to it now?”
“Sounds like a plan.”
YAY !! AWWW SO Frikken sweet!
RaChEl you are amazing!
<3 Love ya!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! it...
Wonderful!!! Hope now they can live 'happily ever after' -- your version of it, of course!!
LOVE IT SOOO MUCH..... I have a feeling tht I'm gonna cry another river!!!!
Me ToO!:D
post more soon please

I agree with all of you.
It's so romantic.
LOVE IT cant wait for more!!! love it update soon
Awwww... so romantic and cute.
I'm going enjoy reading this :P


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