The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1-

"Where are we? I can't see. Rodney? Steve? Where are you? Oh now I can see. Okay everyone is here. HEY! Why are you reading my journal? Well you're almost done so just finish it," There was a bad storm coming. The worst the world has seen is what I heard on the news. My chicken, Rodney, was running around like a wild animal instead of a trained chicken so I showed him a knife and he passed out. I took his bag of food, 3 jugs of water, and everything in the pantry I could shove in my bag. My parents were fast asleep because they were going to a friend's house to stay all night. They didn't think there was a storm coming. They thought it was a comedy news show and won't believe me when I tell them it's real. I put Rodney in the cellar."Ding-Dong, Ding Dong" the bell rang over and over very fast. I ran to the door before the doorbell ringing would wake up my parents. I opened the door and there is my best friend, Steve, standing there with his little sister Lizzy. "Hi Steve," I said. I bent down to say hi to Lizzie. "Steve, why aren't you at home in your storm cellar?" I asked. "My parents were already inside it and the wind was so bad they couldn't hear it. So we came here,"he said. "Okay, I have everything we will need in the cellar. Come on let's go," I said. "What about your parents?" Steve asked. "Oh they left like an hour ago to go to a friend's house," I said. "They didn't believe that there was a storm coming." "Okay then," Steve said. We walked to the cellar and went inside. When we walked in, Rodney was still passed out on the floor. "I'll be right back, I need to get pillows and blankets," I said. I ran back into the house with another big bag and stuffed every piece of my childhood into it and grabbed everything I needed and ran back to the cellar. As I ran I heard moaning and groaning. Then I realized I had almost forgotten to grab Me-Me and Michael, our boxer puppies. "Michael! Me-Me!" I called. As soon as they heard their names called they started slipping and sliding there way over to me. I rushed over to the cellar with the puppies running right on my heels. When I got inside with the puppies they went straight to licking Steve and Lizzie's faces. I ran to get all the food we had left for the dogs and raided the fridge for the rest of the water bottles and jugs we had. I ran back to the cellar just as the wind started to pick up. When I was inside again I started to arrange everything from my room to make a little mini-version of my room. It was all pink and peace signs just like my room was. As the night went on, the wind picked up and it sounded like it was raining really hard. It scared us all but we managed to fall asleep. We all slept a dreamless sleep that night. When we woke up, we heard a loud banging on the cellar door. I opened the door and there are Steve's parents and medics waiting for us outside. They told us a bomber plane had dropped a bomb five miles away from the house right after the storm blew over. Steve and Lizzie came out with me and looked over to my house. They had tears and their eyes. Steve mouthed "don't look at your house." Instinctively I looked and instantly regreted it. There where my house used to be were my parents being strapped to gurneys. "NO! NO! NO!" I yelled over and over running towards them. A medic tried to stop me but I yelled in his face "THOSE ARE MY PARENTS LET ME THROUGH!" He backed off immediently and let me run after them into the ambulance. I got in and we started to drive away. When I saw their eyes starting to close I yelled at them "WAKE UP!! WAKE UP! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Tears started to trickle down my cheeks because I knew they were gone and I was alone. They were gone and never coming back but now they were in a better place I knew. When we reached the hospital and they medics knew they were gone they asked me "Do you have any relatives nearby?" "Yes, I have my Aunt Amy and Uncle Bob and their dog Clarissa," I said. "Okay then let's go," the medic said. I said my goodbyes to Steve and all my other friends that had come over when they heard about my parents. When I got to the house, I walked in and my aunt Amy and Clarissa were in the kitchen. Aunt Amy cooking dinner and Clarissa begging for some scraps. It was about 6:00pm and it was getting dark out. When aunt Amy saw me she said "Oh Clarissa I didn't see you come in," she started. "Let me show you your room." We started to walk down a long hallway with floral wallpaper and a couple doors on each side of it. "Bob says it's going to be weird having two Clarissa's in the house. You and the dog," she said. We made it to the end of the hallway and I walked into a peace sign bedroom. It looked like she had just finished putting it all together since she had just only heard about me coming to live with her. "Here is your room sweetie. I hope you will be happy here," she told me. "Thank you,"I said. "I love it." I walked in and Clarissa followed me. She seemed to enjoy the room too. I set everything up in my new room. Before I knew it, it was 9:00. Aunt Amy came in to tell me it was time for bed in a sweet soft voice that sounded like it had symphany in it. I walked through the long hallway to brush my teeth. Once I was finished, I walked back to my room. I pulled back the silk covers with the peace signs on them and slid onto my comfy mattress. I woke up startled when I heard someone in my room. I lifted one eye open and saw a tall figure standing in the doorway. He was aparantly watching me sleep. I took a deep breath before I decided I was going to scream. As soon as I made the descision and was about to scream he was there fast as lightning covering my mouth with his hand to stop my scream."Shh, Shh," he said in a velvety voice. "Why are you here?" I asked with his hand still covering my mouth in case I decided to scream again. "My name is Edward Cullen," he said. I pulled my hand out from under the cover to try to find the bat I had put next to my bed. Before I could move my hand a centimeter he grabbed my hand with his ice cold iron grip and reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a twig. With the push of a button it grew to be a foot long. Then he hit me in the head and I blacked out.


                                  * * * * * * * * *

When I woke up I was in a hospital room. I knew this because I had broken my arm when I was little and I had to sit in a hospital room for awhile before I could get a cast. The doctor told me that I had been in a coma for three days. They told me I got hit in the head by a bowling ball that had been on a shelf above my head. I knew that was not true but I was not going to tell them that or they would think I was crazy. I did know that someone or something was watching me. It was 8:58 when they let me leave the hospital and let me go home. When I did get home I went straight to my room and started to set up traps everywhere. I asked Aunt Amy to leave me alone tonight and she agreed knowing I would probably just be going straight to bed. I knew I needed to catch Edward Cullen whoever he was and then turn him in to the police for sneaking into my house. I was laying awake in my bed when I saw him. Standing like a statue surprised that I was awake. I stood up carefully avoiding the traps. As I grabbed my phone on the other side of the room and started to call I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I had started to call but had dropped the phone when he broke my hand. I bent down to try to find it but was unsuccessful. I looked to my right to see the phone smashed into a million pieces. Then I remembered my hand and started to scream and his cold hand was over my mouth silencing the scream again. Then it all became to much. I had just lost my parents a couple days ago, I had a strange man in my room and now my hand was broken. The last thing I remembered was my head hitting the pillow and the rest of my body being laid under the covers.


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Sorry this chapter was so long. By the way this was by me and my best friend. She wrote most of the beginning and I wrote the end. Hope you will enjoy!


Mary Brandon Cullen=-P

loved it
Well duh u helped write it!! LOL!!!!!=-)


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