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Okay, so I absolutely LOVE the show The Nanny. And I was thinking what if the Twilight characters took place of them? And so, I came up with this. If anyone would like to make a banner, you can!


Nanny: Bella Swan
Master of the House: Edward Cullen
Business Partner: Rosalie Hale
Butler: Emmett McCarty
Close Friend of Edward: Jasper Whitlock
Close Friend of Bella: Alice Brandon
Edward's Father: Carlisle Cullen
Edward's Mother: Esme Cullen

Edward's Children: 
Renesmee (Nessie) Cullen: 7 years old
Edward Jr. (Eddie) Cullen: eleven years old
Madeline (Maddy) Cullen: fourteen years old

Bella Swan has been fired, now she is looking for a job. The last place she looks, is at a job for a nanny for big time producer, Edward Cullen. He's rich, handsome, wise, divorced, and Bella thinks he's the one. But things start to go downhill when she has to try to handle the Cullen children Maddy, Eddie, and Renesmee. Others are thrown into the mix such as the nosy butler, Emmett who has a thing for Edward's partner in business. Edward's coworker, Rosalie who is too busy with work to have a social life. Jasper, a friend of Edward's. Alice, a friend of Bella's who falls in love with Jasper. And also Edward's parents. Life was boring, unexciting, until the nanny. 

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I LOVE THE NANNY watch it every night this story is gunna be awesome i know it
Good Ms. Ana, keep going
thanks! i will!
thanks! i love it too!
The kids:
The kid's clothes:
Bella's outfit:

"Hello," he greeted me in a softer voice.
I quickly closed my mouth. "Hi, I'm Bella Swan. The new nanny."
His eyes widened. Was it that big of a surprise? Yeah, I looked different from most nannies. But what in the heck was wrong with that.
"Uh, hello? I mean, if you don't need a nanny, I'll be off," I told him slowly walking back to the door.
"No," he said.
I turned around on my heel. "Really? Then, okay! I'm in. Now introduce me to these little...angels." I couldn't think of another word that would get me the job.
He walked over to the kids, pointing at them starting with the youngest.
"This is Renesmee, Eddie, and Madeline."
I smiled. "Nice to meet you all. Now, where do I begin?"
"You can start by moving in upstairs."
I clapped my hands together. "My room?! You mean I'm living here?!"
He nodded. "I suppose so. You are the nanny."


this is very very similar to the show the nanny, but i'm changing some things up to make it my own. rosalie will be in the next post and then alice and jasper! yay! so exciting!
thanks! writing in a few!
thanks! i will!
ilovee that it's a more sophisticated approach on Fran --x but it stilll has a sense of he sex appeal ; && the kids are perfetc-- =] you've got my full attention Ana, now keep going
thank you! writing more soon!
love it!


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