The Twilight Saga

Okay, so I absolutely LOVE the show The Nanny. And I was thinking what if the Twilight characters took place of them? And so, I came up with this. If anyone would like to make a banner, you can!


Nanny: Bella Swan
Master of the House: Edward Cullen
Business Partner: Rosalie Hale
Butler: Emmett McCarty
Close Friend of Edward: Jasper Whitlock
Close Friend of Bella: Alice Brandon
Edward's Father: Carlisle Cullen
Edward's Mother: Esme Cullen

Edward's Children: 
Renesmee (Nessie) Cullen: 7 years old
Edward Jr. (Eddie) Cullen: eleven years old
Madeline (Maddy) Cullen: fourteen years old

Bella Swan has been fired, now she is looking for a job. The last place she looks, is at a job for a nanny for big time producer, Edward Cullen. He's rich, handsome, wise, divorced, and Bella thinks he's the one. But things start to go downhill when she has to try to handle the Cullen children Maddy, Eddie, and Renesmee. Others are thrown into the mix such as the nosy butler, Emmett who has a thing for Edward's partner in business. Edward's coworker, Rosalie who is too busy with work to have a social life. Jasper, a friend of Edward's. Alice, a friend of Bella's who falls in love with Jasper. And also Edward's parents. Life was boring, unexciting, until the nanny. 

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u must definetly post XL
will do!
Can someone make me a banner? Please?
i love it!!!!
I nodded slowly. It was just now occurring to me what the news paper said. I had only picked this one out because it read Rich Producer. So I went right for it. I didn't know he needed a nanny. "Yeah, I'm the...nanny."
"Come on in." He opened the door wider for me.
I walked in the grande foyer. It was beautiful. High ceilings painted in ancient art. A crystal chandelier hanging off from it. The house smelled of flowers which sat on the oak table in the middle of the foyer.
"Whoa," I mouthed.
"Yeah," the guy, butler I supposed, laughed.
We walked into the living room which was just as grande. The only exception being the stone fireplace and the humongous flat screen TV. This was sure a step up from my parent's apartment that only had one bathroom.
Suddenly two kids came running by.
"Give it back!" one yelled at the other. They wrestled on the floor, the boy pulling the young girl's pigtails.
"NO!" he yelled back.
Another one came into the room talking loudly on the phone. "How about now?!" She walked around the room eventually standing on the couch. "Okay, it's clear now!"
"What the..." I stared at the scene. Ready to say more.
Then, a loud booming voice came from behind me.
I froze, so did the kids. The two that were wrestling on the floor, stood up straight. And the one standing on the couch hopped off hanging up the phone.
They stood shortest to tallest. Youngest to oldest, I assumed. I turned around staring at the man who had called out his demand.
He was standing at the bottom of the staircase. I couldn't help but let my mouth hang wide open. He was as beautiful as the house. Maybe even more.
Bronzed hair. Bright green eyes... Breathtaking.
He was the man I had always dreamed to marry. He was the man of my dreams.

okay i already know im going to absolutely love this story because I LOVE The Nanny! My family hates it but I watch it every night ;D Can't wait to read more. :)
lol! i love it too! i'm watching it right now!
Love it! I'm going to go make you a banner like RIGHT NOW.
Gotta go get to work! On the banner, that is. Lol.
On a scale of 1-10, I rate your story 1,300,567,983,000,543!
^Is that even a real number? I doubt it.

Kendall Cullen

(Message me!)
thank you!
I LOVE THE NANNY watch it every night this story is gunna be awesome i know it


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