The Twilight Saga

Bella is an ordinary girl. Or so she thought on her sixteenth birthday her little brother Brice was taken by the man in the closet. Bella slowly starts having many things happen. Her best friend Puck has always been there. But what happens when she realizes her world is going to be messed up from her birthday on.


The begging

Bella stood in the kitchen eating some food. He heard Phil her step dad talking to Brice. Her mother had left early and Phil was delusional unknowing that she was even there. He stood up and walked up the stairs and she looked down at her watch.Cursing gently she grabbed her bag but then felt tiny arms cling to her leg."Brice let me go"she said her hair fell in her face. She was so different than her mother. She was tall lean. Her hair stalk straight, but the worst part is that her hair was a white blond. Bella slipped down when he whimpered."But Bella the man was in my closet again"He whined his dark eyes scared."Okay come on"she whispered noticing the rain pelting her roof. No technology in her house so she had to learn to use a watch spend so much time saving up for her I-pod she lived in Louisiana on a pig farm. She walked in the room opening the door. Nothing was there as usual and she turned to the small boy."Brice see nothing."then the flicker of the shadow but when she looked it was gone just as soon as it was there. She ran from the room and set off down the gravel road hoping she will not miss the bus. She got there soaked and breathless. Bending over her knees thinking she missed it. Puck was no where to be found. She heard a caw and looked up to see a crazy Raven staring at her. She saw green eye,turning away. Then she heard a bustle in the bush and froze.Next time she looked up Puck hand jumped out grabbing her. She screamed and went to hit him. But she stopped.."hey princess"Puck said to her. She grimaced she hated that nick name. She turned away"Don't call me that"she whispered when they stepped on the bus sitting in the back. Weird things were happening everywhere. She saw him looking at her. She glared"So i can't come home today on the bus i got that tutoring session remember."he murmured. He glared"But Jacob is a jerk he doesn't even know you exist. Princess."he had a scowl on his face. She rolled her eyes as they got off the bus.Later that day after school she went to the computer lab. The boy was sitting there Jacob. Tan skin black shaggy hair.She went to sit down and heard him laugh. Then he said"You are the tutor im Jacob"he said she sat down."Bella"he said. Jacob glared at the screen. It turned blue a ton of things popping up and a bat like creature smiling blue fang like teeth. Pointed ears and its eyes a blue color. Gears turned and on the screen one phrase scrawled there before going black again.

Isabella Swan we are watching you.


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sounds good!


Isabella felt her heart rate pick up staring at the screen. Jake seemed off he glared at her'Did you do that your not even touching the key bored and its not even on". She rolled her blue eyes and turned away only to find all the other screens started to say thing about Jake. She stood up when he started to yell at her. She flinched and scrambled out of the place slamming right into Robbie who always avoided computer labs. She never knew why but it was better. He mom would be there soon to pick her up.

He watched Jake storm from the room. A joking grin spread across his lips"So what'd you do to get that look stab him with safety scissors"he rolled his eyes."He's a jerk i told you not to tutor him". She met the bright green eyes and shrugged. As they walked to the door her mom pulled up and she hurried to get in. She just wanted to go home. The ride was a blur.The rest of the night passed normally.

-----Next Day-----

Isabella glared at the table. Her mom had already left and her step father never payed much attention. So she went to get on the bus and follow through the same routine. Only difference is she became the laughing stock of the whole school when Jake sent out a bad photoshopped picture of Bella. Her blue eyes watered and she ran out. Spending the rest of the day in the nurses was her plan. But never thought shed pass out from some liquid the nurse shoved at her. She drank it quickly and soon just passed out. She woke to hear to voices. The nurse and another one...Robbie"she listened intently and then drifted out."Its coming time to give her the juice Robin she is seeing to much"she sighed. She was dreaming right. No because after that both the nurse and Robbie walked in. She wanted the truth maybe she heard them wrong. She stood up and looked around. "We have to get on the bus"he said to her. So she nodded walking with him but people started laughing and then puck said something and the laughter turned int pig noises. Looking back one of the cheer leaders had a pig nose. She looked at Robbie and sighed so confused. But she board the bus sitting by the window and Robbie right by her. She spent half the ride staring out the window when a dark figure was spotted. Tall lean long black hair. One ear pierced with i diamond and a black horse by him. She heard Robbie mutter"what is he doing here"she looked up at him. "Who" she asked? He didn't answer and she let it go. He walked her home and came into the house. She heard a eery silence and looked over at Robbie."whats going on"then she heard the scratching and Brice's head popped up.Her mom lay unconscious on the floor. She glared at her brother who whined about being hungry and she shoved a pizza in. Then he kept pestering her and she glared some more"stop"she said but he didn't he bit her leg drawing blood.She looked at Robbie who walked in causing Brice to scurry up the stairs screaming"Why is he here".Robbie sighed"that isn't your brother"he said and then murmured"its a changeling" A WHAT? was all she could think. 


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