The Twilight Saga

What if their places were reversed? What if Bella was already the vampire and Edward was the new kid in school? Read on to find out!

*all characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.

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chapter one


Bella's pov


I sat on the couch, staring out the window waiting for the light to come. A couple things you should know about me: My name is Isabella Cullen, but it's just Bella now. I dropped the name Isabella a hundred years ago. I am vampire. But don't get me wrong, I like to think of myself as a good vampire. You see my family, the Cullens, don't eat humans.We rely on animal blood to sustain us. I have two brothers and two sisters. Emmett and Rosalie are together. Emmett is sorta the big rock solid teddy bear and Rosalie is the nose-stuck-in-the-air type of girl. But you get used to after a while. The other pair is Alice and Jasper. Alice is a little pixy, she is short with short spiky black hair. She's the fashionista of the house and did I mention she predict the future? Well she can. Jasper is meduim height with honey colored hair. He can control our emotions. Usually very handy but sometimes right down annoying. Especially when he's in a playful mood. My "parents" are Esme and Carlisle. Carlisle, being the head of the family, is very responsible. He is the doctor in the small but very cloudy town of Forks. Esme is the most caring person you will ever meet. Its hard not to love her.


The five of us have to go to the local highschool here. Alice and I pretend to be juniors, while the rest pretended to be seniors. They were the lucky ones, school gets pretty boring after you take the same classes 79 times.


Rose and Alice were picking the outfits for all of us for the rest of the week. I'm not the fashion type myself. Jazz and Em were playing some new combat war video game. Carlisle got called for some emergency down at the hospital and Esme was looking at sewing patterns in a new book I got her for Christmas.


I decided to go upstairs to start getting ready for school.


"Hey Bella!" , I heard Alice call me. "Look I just picked the cutest outfit for you! You're gunna wear it today!"

"Sure Alice", I said with as much enthusiam as i could push into my voice. "I'll go put it on now.'


As I stared at myself in the mirror I couldn't help but hand it to Alice. This outfit looked really nice on me. (Click here to see it!


I walked down the stairs to be greeted by everyone waiting to leave. It was decided that we would take my volvo since its the less conspicious of all the cars we owned.


Emmett and Jasper were wearing t-shirts and jeans. I envied them, I would wear that to school everyday if I could.  Rosalie looked like--well she looked beautiful as always. Even though she was very happy with Emmett she loved the attention. (


Alice looked dazzling, as she always did. She smiled a little when she caught Jasper staring. (


I sighed. Living with 3 madly in love couple was not easy. Especially when you're the only one single. "Okay, lovebirds, lets go!"


Everyone started laughing. "Bye! Have fun at school!" We heard Esme call. I gave one last wave, then i took my seat at the driver side. Alice sat next to me and other three in the back.


Alice looked troubled. And by the way Jasper looked he sensed it.

"What's wrong, Alice?" I asked.

"What? Oh , oh nothing I just saw something but its no big deal.' She smiled and said nothing else.


We were there now. You would think after us being here for a half a school year they would get over us and stop staring. Sadly that was not the case.


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