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This is a story that the first chapter was written by WyldFyre and then she asked for someone to take over the story for her and I was the lucky author she chose. There are some many things that can be done with this story and I will do my best to keep it true to WyldFyre idea’s that she gave me.

The Night Janitor

Chapter One

I eased the door open and looked around nervously. I let out a small chuckle at my hesitation. The office space was dark and slightly eerie, but that didn't bother me anymore. I was used to this job, using it to scrape in minimal funds to help support myself. The night janitor job had been the only one anyone would offer me after the huge law suit that I was a part of. I remembered back to the night I had found out my room mate had swiped one of my thesis statements, claiming it as her own. When the accusation was made public, her family-who had major money-, had dragged me into court on false allocations. By the time the law battle was over her family won and all my school funds had gone down the drain. The thoughts depressed me, but as I steeped further in the uneasiness washed through me once again.

I was denying the real reason this office made me slightly jumpy. The person who worked here was new and when ever I went into someone's office for the first time I got nervous, feeling as if I was walking into someone's personal space, like a bedroom almost. I knew it was stupid, how personal could an office be right; but you would be amazed at some of the things you find, see, and have to clean up. Sometimes it was positively revolting. I walked over to the trash can and began to empty it in a normal routine. I was surprised by this person's new job, the position was high, something like a CEO, but I didn't pay much attention. I assumed someone from downstairs would take over from Mr. Cullen, the owner of the company and until now the person who held this position. I looked up and my eyes roamed the desk, surprisingly the name plate hadn't been changed. Suddenly it hit me. Of course the spot would obviously go strait to the son.

I had never seen Edward Cullen but he had just finished his doctorate degree in business according to the gossip, and he was drop dead gorgeous. I ignored those kinds of ideas, floating about uselessly. I quickly finished up, making sure to vacuum and dust. I wanted this space to be spotless for the new addition to the company. As I scanned over his work space my eyes landed on a picture of a beautiful strawberry blonde, with bouncing curls and a beautiful smile. Standing with her was a thin petite girl, with almost elf like features and an array of inky lack hair in a halo around her face. Both of them were extraordinarily beautiful, the blonde had piercing bright blue eyes and the other dark blue. They looked like exact opposites in every way.

I wished I could be like that, beautiful and perfect. In truth I was pretty average, i had long dark hair I preferred to wear up in a pony tail and off my neck, super duper pale skin, and brown eyes. I usually blended in well with the average crowd and I liked that. Sticking out just wasn't my thing, I tended to avoid crowds and attention at all costs. I was slightly jealous of these two beautiful women, their designer clothes, and he love of this man I had never met, or of any man, was something I would never get. I sighed heavily and moved on, walking over to start scrubbing the windows, the tall New York office buildings staring back at me. As I moved I bumped the couch, sighing I shoved it back into place. I was so freaking clumsy.

I hated that you couldn't see the stars in this town but I got over that too. Suddenly something caught my attention. It was a smell I hadn't noticed before. I had clearly been in here at least half an hour; wouldn't I have noticed it before?

I looked around, cocking my head to the side. Mr. Cullen's desk was exactly the way I had left it not ten minutes ago, the large bookshelf that looked ready to topple was still clearly standing up straight. I suddenly realized it was perfume. I looked around, trying to find the source. I bumped into the plush couch for the second time, and the perfume exploded in a cloud. I got down on my knees, the scratchy blue fabric of my work jumper moving with me. Underneath the couch was a vile of perfume, crushed by the couch leg, but that's not what caught my eye. A blue blouse sat crumple in the corner, where it had obviously fallen.

Well, welcome to your first day on the job Mr. Cullen, I thought wryly, reaching to clean up he mess the couple had left. My nose scrunched up at the smell the perfume was giving off, for a brief second I considered leaving it there to stink up his office and remind him this was a work place not a the back seat of his daddy's expensive car. I quickly pushed that thought away; he could get me fired for not doing my job. I quickly finished up the perfume and then stretched back to get the shirt, unsure of what I was going to exactly do with it.

I could throw it away, but what if the girl came looking for it? My figurative light bulb lit up. I briskly walked over to his desk, pulling open one of the unlocked drawers, inside was a thing of pencils, an extra tie, and a black berry. I stuffed the shirt in there, ripping a piece off the pad sitting on the table I jotted down that I found it under the couch and thought he might want to give it back. I signed it Night Janitor and left it sitting on the shirt. As I was about to close the drawer when the phone lit up, vibrating violently. I curiously glanced at the caller i.d., it simply read Home. I thought about answering it, briefly, but decided against it.

I turned around; sweeping the room with my eyes once more to make sure everything was perfect before grabbing my cart and pushing it out of the door, flicking the last few lights off as I left.

Chapter 2

I pushed my cart into Mr. Cullen’s office on Friday night as I have all week long. I left notes for him almost every night for finding items in or around the couch. I always signed my notes Night Janitor. I hurried and finished up with his office as I was putting tonight’s item in the drawer his blackberry rang I glanced at it and it said Home. I put the earring that I taped to my note in the drawer. I gather up all my cleaning supplies and pushed my cart back out into the hallway and down to the next office. Cullen Enterprise was one of the larges companies in New York. They had the top three floors of the Cullen building on Madison Ave.

By the second week of me leaving notes along with the lost items I was starting to wonder what kind of man this Mr. Cullen was. All these items had to belong to the strawberry blond girl in the picture on his desk. Did she work here also, were they serous about each other? I have heard other janitors and employees talk about Mr. Cullen they all say he is probable the hottest guy in the whole city. Looking at the pictures on his desk of his girl friend and sister I was no where in the same league as these women. I should not let my mind wonder like that.

When I pushed the door open to his office I got the feeling that he had not been out of it that long as I could smell his cologne, which just made me day dream even more. I empty his trash can straighten up his desk as it was a complete mess as was his bookshelf. When I was putting a couple of book back on the shelf I noticed that most of his books where the classics that I loved to read. I went to straighten out the couch and to my surprise I did not find any cloths or jewelry in or under it for a change.

It felt weird not leaving a note for him so I left him one on top of his desk this time.

Mr. Cullen,

I would very much like to say thank you for not losing anything tonight.

Yours truly,
The Night Janitor

I was smiling at myself as I pushed my cart back out into the hallway to go to the next office I was to clean. The only good thing about having a night janitor job was that there was only three other workers on the clock and none of them knew who I was and what had happened. They were all in their late 40’s to early 60’s and I seemed to fit right in. Work hours were from 10pm to 7am with an hour for lunch. The kitchen was very nice it had a couple of different refrigerators so there was enough room for everyone that wanted to bring their food could keep it fresh. It was set up like a real kitchen even with a stove and of course it had three microwaves so multi-persons could be heating up their food at the same time.

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love the chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much. I will keep you updated.

The next one is going to be from Mr. Cullen. Some of the chapters will be from each othe their POV's and anytime you have any more idea's just email me.

i don't get the story is it supposed to be Bella the night janitor or what i am seriously confused
Yes Bella is the night janitor and they will meet, but not for a while. He will see her around town first and think that he wouldlike to meet her, but does not know she works for him. The note will become a game between the two of them. He will soon be leaving notes to her.

i really like this write more!
The nex chapter will be up no later then tuesday night.

are you another Alice. That is pretty close to the plan. It will be a pink Zune. I will even post the song she will be dancing to.

well how about right now???
but i really like it!!
I am working on the next chapter right now.

I sure will I am glad that you like it.

this is so good!!!
post more soon and can you keep me updated?


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