The Twilight Saga

Renesmee and Jacob find themselves surrounded by problem after problem...It's as if time is repeating itself with these 2 mythical creatures' lives.


This one has already been completed....I just never put it up...So I hope you like it



Chapter 1

The Truth, The Anger, and The Escape

Renesmee's POV


How do I tell him? How do I tell him that I'm pregnant? He'll be furious with me! He'll kill Jake! Should I leave?

I closed my eyes and tried to decide, weighing the pros and cons.

If I leave . . . It'll break my family members' hearts.

If I stay . . . My boyfriend, or fiance I should say, will be killed. If my Dad knew Jake purposed to me last week, he would kill him, no doubt about that.

If I leave, Jake and I could get married . . . We could raise this baby on our own.

If I stay, this baby might not have a father, it might not even be born because my father would probably make me have an abortion.

I shivered at the thought.

When I was younger, I didn't want kids.

They thouroughly repulsed me.

Everytime Aunt Alice would say that she would spoil my babies, I would tell her that I was never having one, that I never wanted any.

Jake's face would fall, or he would just look away.

And this didn't happen when I was a baby only, the last time that happened was maybe a year ago.

That was the last time she told me that.

Five months after that, Jake and I started dating.

He told me about the whole "imprinting" thing.

That was when I understood why he would look away when I said those things, I would break his heart when I said that.

I was basically saying that I didn't want kids with him.

But I did, I do.

This baby that I am carrying, I want it more than anything.

And not because it's a baby, but because it's Jake's baby.

If it were anybody else's baby, I probably wouldn't want it as much.

When I found out I was pregnant, my heart filled with so much happiness. I loved this baby the moment I found out it

existed. I loved it about as much as I love its father.

I need to tell Jake, I need to tell him now.

I jumped off of my bed and strolled to the window. I jumped out easily.

As I strolled down to the front of the house I let my mind wander.

Luckily, my parents weren't home, hunting with my aunts and uncles.

Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle are the only two that know about my pregnancy.

And I trust them, I know that they won't say or think, for my Dad's sake, anything that would get Jake and I killed.

I hopped into my car and saw Grandma and Grandpa on the porch and saw Grandma get up and walk towards me.

I rolled down my window and smiled at her.

"Gonna go tell Jake?" She asked me, her smile so wide that her dimples were showing.

"Yeah, I am. Wish me luck." I laughed. She shook her head.

"You don't need luck! He'll be thrilled . . . then scared out of his mind when he thinks of your father!" She laughed, her voice sounded like windchimes swaying in the wind.

"Well, I'll see you later." I said while she backed out of the way. "Love you!" I called louder as I was pulling out of the driveway. Grandpa smiled and waved at me, as did Grandma.

On my way down to La Push, I was thinking about what I would tell my parents, and their reaction to the whole situation.

I imagined the way I would fidget, with Jake at my side.

I would have Mom shield us so Dad wouldn't know until I wanted him to.

The way I would look at Jake with fearful eyes. The way his eyes would show the same thing.

I would square my shoulders and turn to face my anxious parents.

"Well, Mom, Dad. I'm pregnant." I would say hesitantly.

Mom's face would light up, as would Dad's.

They would stand up and I would as well.

We would hug and everything would be perfect. NOT!

I only wish that that would happen.

I was already at La Push, in Jake's driveway.

I honked the horn twice, in a matter of seconds, he was at my door.

"Hey Babe!" He said as he opened my door.

"Hey, can we talk?" I wanted to get right to the point.

His eyes were now careful.

"Yeah, come on inside. Rachel and Paul are here."

I didn't want anyone to know besides us.

"Um, no. I want to talk to you in private?" My voice came out shaky.

I was scared out of my mind.

"Yeah, um, let's go for a walk." His voice didn't have the same happy tone anymore.

We started for the woods, and then the world started to tip.

I stopped and closed my eyes and put my hand on my forehead.

Closing my eyes made it worse, made the dizzyness even more severe.

I felt myself sway, then I felt a pair of hot hands grab the top of my arms.

"What's wrong?" Jake's voice was full with worry and anxiety, but it sounded distant.

As if he was in a tunnel.

"I'm fine, it'll pass." I had this same attack, if you will, yesterday afternoon.

Luckily, I was only with Grandpa and he told me that maybe it was my version of morning sickness.

"This has happened before?" He said curiously.

I just nodded. I started feeling better. The world didn't feel like it was tipping anymore.

I slowly opened my eyes. He was staring into my eyes with plain worry in his eyes.

"What was that?" His voice matched his face, tight with worry.

"I need to tell you something." We weren't even in the woods, and I didn't want to go in there.

We were still in view of the house.

"Ok, shoot." His eyes were analyzing my face.

I took a deep breath when I saw, in my peripheral vision, the curtain in the front room being pulled back and I saw Paul and Rachel peering out.

I grabbed his hand, I tried to swallow the lump in my throat.

"You know I love you, right?" I don't know why I said that, the words just slipped out.

He nodded cautiously. "You're scaring me, Ness." He whispered.

His voice, his voice was so full of fear. It tore at my heart.

I knew I would never be able to get the words out.

So I tightened my hand around his, and pulled it slowly to my stomach. And as if on cue, the baby started to kick gently.

I pressed his hand on to my stomach and saw his eyes go wide. A smile was slowly forming on my face.

"Are . . . y-you . . ." He couldn't even finish the sentence.

"Pregnant." I whispered. "Yes, I am."

He was starting to smile and he was staring at my stomach.

"Well, what are we gonna tell your parents?" He looked into my eyes, and as Grandma predicted, his eyes were now full with fear.

I laughed. "We'll tell them the news, then we'll run as fast as vampires."

"Sounds like a good idea!" He laughed with me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, and lifted me up and kissed me.

"Congrats guys!" I heard Paul and Rachel yell from the porch.

Everything was perfect. For now.


We were on our way back to the Cullen house.

My hands wouldn't stop shaking.

And I was afraid that I was gonna have another attack, in front of Dad. That would so not be good.

With my luck, I would. Like Dad says, I seem to have inherited my Mom's luck.

We were already at the house.

Mom was waiting on the porch steps. I called her and asked her to.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Shield us." I whispered, avoiding her question.

She did as I asked, she closed her eyes for a moment. Then she opened them and nodded.

I stepped out of the car, with Jake at my side.

"Now, will you tell me what's going on?" Mom asked me.

"Where's Dad?"

Her eyes narrowed a little. "Inside, waiting for you to get home."

The words sent a cold shiver down my spine.

How much did he know? What did he think we were going to tell him?

Well, my thoughts will be answered when I go inside.

The three of us started walking toward the front door.

I walked in and Dad was sitting on the sofa, waiting.

"Family meeting." I called loud enough for anyone of the Cullens to hear.

In a minute every member of the family was in the dining room, or the conference room, as we call it.

Everyone took their seats and stared at me.

"Okay, we have some news that we would like to share with all of you." I squeezed Jake's hand in fright.

"What is it?" Dad asked. He was staring at me, concentrating.

He was trying to break the shield, of course it didn't work.

I took a deep breath and lifted both of my hands on top of the table and folded them.

Dad suddenly hissed.

I jumped, did he hear something from one of us?

My heart started to thump erratically.

"You're engaged?" He practically growled at Jake and I.

That is when I realized that my engagement ring was showing.

I nodded. "But, that's not all."

I took another deep breath to steady myself, when what I was afraid would happen did.

The world began to tip from side to side. Everyone was doubled.

I whimpered quietly.

I knew not to close my eyes this time, I just stared at the table, waiting for it to pass.

I took deep shallow breaths. It didn't really help.

"What's wrong?" I heard Dad ask.

But, he sounded like he was far away, just like the way Jake sounded earlier.

Then it faded as quickly as it came.

I sighed and looked back up slowly.

They were all staring at me, anxious and expectant.

"Sorry . . . What you just saw . . . What just happened . . . Was my version . . . of . . . m-morning sickness."

I was staring at Dad. Awaiting his reaction.

His face was blank for a second, then he looked down and I could tell that he was in pain.

But, why? Was it because I was growing up too fast?

"Morning sickness, as in? You're . . . ?" Aunt Alice let her sentence trail off suggestively.

"Yes, I am pregnant." I whispered.

I saw Aunt Rose look away.

"Great, another mutt." I heard her say under her breath.

I hissed at her. And she, along with the rest of the family, stared at me in shock.

"MY BABY IS NOT A MUTT!" I yelled at her.

"Apparently, it is. You already have a dog's temper!" She yelled back at me, though it was not quite as loud as the way I just screeched.

I was on my feet, as was she.

Her words sent a strong current of anger down my spine.

I started walking around the table, when a pair of ice cold arms wrapped around my waist.

I looked behind me and it was Dad holding me back.

My baby started kicking gently, and Dad gasped quietly because it was kicking right where his arms constricted me.

I pulled myself out of Dad's arms.

"Do not call my baby a mutt." I said through my teeth.

"I'm not allowed to speak the truth anymore?" She said sarcastically.

I laughed without humor.

"How can you be with a dog? How can you love more than one?" She asked me harshly.

She gestured toward Jake with one hand and my stomach with the other.

"Rose." Dad, Mom, Aunt Alice, and Uncle Emmett cautioned her.

I heard Jake growl.

Her words made me see red.

But, it also hurt me deep down inside.

"How can Uncle Emmett be with such a bitter, self-absorbed, arrogant, selfish, uncaring hag like you." I shot right back at her.

I saw the pain roll across her face. I didn't want to take the words back, not yet.

"RENESMEE!" Mom, Grandma, Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett yelled at me.

Aunt Rose bit her bottom lip and looked down at the floor.

"Maybe you have a point . . . But, at least I am with someone within my own species." She looked at me and she stared at me with anger in her eyes. She didn't hide the pain quick enough though, I saw it.

"That doesn't matter to me. I love him, not what type of creature he is."

She stormed out of the house, and Uncle Emmett just stared after her.

And then he was abruptly towering over me.

"Why would you say something like that to her, Renesmee?!" Uncle Emmett hollered in his deep voice.

Him yelling at me made me want to cry.

He never yelled at me, never. He would always protect me whenever Mom or Dad would yell at me.

"Enough!" I heard Jake say from behind me.

"You shut up! I want you to leave. You don't belong here, you're lucky that you're still breathing! Especially after getting Nessie pregnant. If you weren't here none of this would have happened." Dad hissed at him.

I heard Jake's retreating footsteps.

When I looked toward the woods he was already running into them.

"I'm gonna go find Rose." Uncle Emmett told the rest of the family.

A few moments later he was gone.

How can everything get so screwed up in less than an hour?!

Dad was right! Jake doesn't belong here, and neither do I.

"Did you not think? You knew that there was a chance for you to get pregnant! And you weren't careful!" Mom was screeching at me. Pacing back and forth.

Dad was in front of me and he was staring at my stomach and he had his arms crossed.

I'm sure he was thinking about how the baby kicked.

"Mom I didn't mean for this to happen!" I shouted.

"How far along are you, anyway?" Dad asked me.

"Grandpa says that I'm about two weeks." I answered automatically.

Dad's eyes went wide with horror.

I knew what he was thinking. If the baby was already kicking, and I wasn't even a month pregnant, how fast would my pregnancy be? How much danger was I in?

"You don't even think about anything! Any of the consequences! Did you not think how this baby is going to ruin your life!? Do you think I want you to go through what I did?!" She kept yelling.

Those words, they were like whips against my back.

Ruin my life? For me to go through what she went through?

Put those two sentences together and she basically said that I ruined her life and she didn't want me to make the same mistake.

Wow. That's what you call hitting below the belt.

I bit my bottom lip in an attempt to stop the tears from coming.

Dad looked up and stared into my eyes. I couldn't quite decipher what emotions were in his eyes, though.

"You don't want this baby to ruin my life, and you don't want me to go through what you did. So what? Did I ruin your life? Am I the consequence of you two being together? Do you regret keeping me? Is that it?"

I asked without a long enough pause for either of them to answer the questions.

And my voice quivered so much, I was on the verge of breaking into sobs.

As I was saying those words, they all started to seem true.

That is why I was so different. Why everyone treated me differently.

"You know that's not true." Mom and Dad whispered at the same time.

"Yeah, sure." I said sarcastically.

I turned around and headed for the staircase.

I ran right past the rest of the family, they were all silent, and pretty much shocked.

I ran straight to my room.

I ducked under my bed to get my suitcase and started stuffing various clothes in it.

My little figurines and such.

I took off the necklace I was wearing and opened my bedroom door.

It was the necklace that Mom and Dad got me for my first Christmas.

The one that said 'More than my own life' on it.

If they loved me more than thier own lives, they wouldn't hurt me this way.

I went to the staircase and threw it. It ricocheted off the wall and down the second flight of stairs. And I heard it land softly on the living room floor.

I heard someone pick it up.

I ran back to my room and I grabbed my full suitcase and tossed it out the window.

I pounced out the window and I heard Dad yelling.

"Nessie! WAIT! DON"T GO!"

He was on the other side of the house.

I saw him coming, I was entering my car when I saw him opening the garage door that was in the kitchen.

I tossed my suitcase in the back and started the car. I also locked the doors, like that would help.

I was backing out of the driveway when he got behind the car.

I screeched to a stop.

I put the car in drive and spun around, driving on the lawn.

Dad showed me how to drive. Apparently, he didn't know that he would one day regret it.

I was already speeding down the long narrow drive. I saw him trailing behind me.

I was doing a good 200 miles per hour.

As soon as I hit the highway, he disappeared.

Either he gave up, or he was in the woods.

I made the car go faster and thought of what I would do when I got to La Push.

I would go to First Beach, wait for Jake, and then we would run off.

When I started to pass the first few houses of La Push, I started to relax.

I knew I passed the treaty line.

He can't follow me past that.

Now, I can really think.

My previous thought process was all a ruse, Uncle Emmett taught me how to lie with my thoughts.
I will go to Jake's house.

I'll help him pack, if he wants to leave.

Then we'll take off.

Somewhere where no one can find us.

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This is great!!!!
Thank you! I try! :)
this is really good! keep me posted soon plz! :P
Chapter 2
5 years later

In the past five years, everything has been perfect. Well, almost perfect.
Jake and I got married through the JP a week after we left home.
I had the baby a week later, we moved to the place where no one would even think to look, Checotah, Oklahoma.
I picked up the southern twang accent, too!
The pregnancy lasted exactly one month.
The baby was a boy. He has Jake's dark hair, my brown eyes, he's darker than me, but lighter than Jake. He has the same southern accent that everyone has in this town!
I named him Masen Billy Cullen-Black.
I named him Masen, after my Dad. That was his human last name.
And I named him Billy because, Billy died the day before Masen was born. It broke Jake's heart, mine too.
I haven't lost touch with Grandpa Carlilse though. He came almost everyday, he was telling the family that he had extra shifts at work.
A month after Masen was born, he looked like he was 3 years old, I found out that I was pregnant again.
I'll never forget that day, it was May the 20th. Exactly one month after Masen was born. I was so excited!
Another baby! Jake was excited too. Masen kept telling everyone he met that he was gonna be a big brother.
About three days later I met a couple, Aidan and Nora, who were somewhat like me.
Nora was a half-breed, turns out she is one of Nahuel's sisters.
And Aidan is a vampire. They are my best friends. But, things got a little awkward when Nora broke up
with Aidan because he cheated on her with a human.
A week after that, Embry and Seth and Leah came to visit . . . and Embry dropped a bombshell on us! He
imprinted on Nora.
They're happily married now, they live with us in our ginormous house. The house reminds me of the Cullen house.
I almost forgot, Nora and I, along with another half-breed Maggie, she is completely unrelated to Nora or Nahuel, are "special creatures".
We have so many powers, we have visions of the future, we can control the elements, we are able to move things with our minds, we have a physical shield, we can make anyone do anything we want if we look them in the eye, we can shield our minds, and we are able to heal people, at least that's what Aidan says, we just haven't mastered it yet.
Aidan is our mentor, he taught us everything we know.
One day, Aidan was teaching me how to fight and he hit me in the stomach a little too hard for my liking. Mind you, I was 3 weeks pregnant.
And the rest of the day my stomach was hurting. I told Jake and he called Grandpa.
Grandpa came and checked the baby.
He said that the baby was in distress, that he needed to give me a C-section. I quickly agreed, afraid for my baby, and he wheeled me into the nearest hospital.
I stayed awake for the procedure.
I was prepared to see my baby, alive and well. I kept telling myself that the baby would be okay.
When Granpda said that he was out, I didn't hear any crying. I thought that would be normal, I mean I didn't cry when I was born.
But then Jake yelled. "What's wrong with him!?"
Panic shot through me. My baby boy wasn't okay!
"What's wrong? Is he okay?" I whispered against my silent tears.
"He's not breathing! Why isn't he breathing?!" Jake kept yelling.
I lifted my head and I saw Grandpa hovering over the baby.
My heart sunk into my stomach when I saw my baby boy, he was blue and limp.
He looked so helpless.
I wanted to get up and touch him and try to heal him, but I was cut open, and I couldn't get up.
A few minutes later Grandpa took the baby out of the room.
I knew what had happened, he was probably a stillborn.
I felt a piece of my heart break when I came to that conclusion.
I started to sob.
My stomach felt weird, too. When I looked at it, it was completely healed. It was flat and empty just like when I wasn't pregnant, I healed.
I looked at Jake and his eyes met mine, his were watery, too.
I sat up and he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and I cried into his shoulder.
"He's gonna be okay. He'll be fine." Jake kept whispering over and over.
I knew he was wrong, I felt it. I knew I lost a baby, I knew it.
A few minutes later Grandpa came in with a tortured expression.
"I'm so sorry." That was all he whispered, his words confirmed my thoughts.
Jake went to the chair in the corner, sat down and put his face in his hands.
I started to cry harder than I ever had before.
I felt Grandpa's cold arms wrap around me, at least I had one member of my old family here with me.
How could I get through something like this? How?
I knew I had to try.

Two years later, I found out I was pregnant again.
I was so happy.
After I miscarried Carlisle, that was what I named the baby, I didn't think about having another baby.
But I was so happy.
When I was two and a half weeks pregnant, I started to get sick.
Jake said that my heart would stop beating during the night and he would have to give me CPR.
Jake never slept throughout that pregnancy.
Grandpa said that my body was starting to get a little weak from the baby.
But, I wasn't scared. I already lived through the worst thing imaginable.
A week after I started getting sick, I gave birth to my first little girl.
I named her Elizabeth Esme Marie Cullen-Black. A mouthful, I know.
But, I wanted her to be named after her grandmothers.
Elizabeth was my grandmother, Dad's human Mom.
We all know where I got Esme from, and Marie was after my Mom, that's my Mom's middle name.
Masen looked like an adult, and Lizzie would soon catch up.
She had my bronze hair, curly too. She has the same skintone as me, she looks just like me except she has Jake's eyes.
Masen imprinted on Maggie, they were dating. They made a cute couple.
Maggie had reddish brown curly curly hair and the same skintone as Masen.
I was so proud when Masen phased the first time.
His fur was a shade lighter than Jake's.
Lizzie grew faster than Masen, a few months after she was born she looked like a fifteen year old.
Seth imprinted on her. Jake and I didn't have trouble swallowing that.
They were just best friends, for now.
Two and a half years later, Lizzie was now full grown, and her and Seth were dating, I found out I was pregnant again!
Again I was excited, the process was just like when I had Lizzie. I got sick for a little while and then when the baby was
born and I got better.
The baby was a girl.
Her full name was Sarah Bella Cullen-Black.
Sarah was Jake's Mom's name. And I think we know where I got her middle name from.
She had Jake's hair color, only it was curly like mine. She had my eyes, and she was a shade lighter than Jake, but two shades darker than me.
About six months after I had her, I started feeling sick.
I was dizzy all the time, and Nora, Maggie, and Aidan thought that I might be pregnant. But, I couldn't be! I just had a baby!
How many more could I pop out?!
I asked Grandpa to check and, sure enough! I was!
This one got me really sick.
When I was giving birth to it, Jake said I died for ten minutes.
That he and Carlisle couldn't get my heart to restart.
He said that it was the worst ten minutes of his life.
But, I pulled through. And I got a beautiful baby boy out of it.
I named him after my two favorite people.
His full name was Edward Jacob Cullen-Black.
He has my hair, Jake's eyes, my skintone.
And Leah imprinted on him, how ironic!
Now back to present.

Sorry for the skip!!!! Comment and tell me what you think will happen next!
love it
thats alot to take in
Jacob and Nessie were just doin it like bunnies weren't they?
i love this chapter
I like it. :)
keep going
Chapter 3
Going Home

It was a typical day for me.
Clean house while Lizzie was out shopping with Maggie, Nora, Leah, and Sarah.
Masen, Jake, Seth, and Embry had to go to the regular weekly pack meeting, to go see if any vamps invaded the nearby towns.
Aidan was here, watching after me while my other protectors were away.
And Eddie, my little angel, was taking a nap upstairs.
I called Grandpa to tell him that I was gonna go down and visit, and probably bring the Cullen family down here to meet my family.
He said that he couldn't wait.
I knew that I would have to make up with Aunt Rose, Uncle Emmett and my parents for the fights we had right
before I left, so that had me nervous.
Jake was okay with that idea.
So I was leaving tomorrow morning.
I heard Eddie coming down the stairs.
"Mommy?" I heard his little voice call me.
I walked out of the laundry room and he was standing in the kitchen.
"Morning, baby. How was your nap?" I asked him.
I may never get over it, that fact that I'm a mother.
I love all four of my kids more than anything in this world.
"It was good, where's Daddy?" He asked with a sleepy voice.
"Pack meeting." I replied. He was smarter than any four month old I've ever met.
"Mommy, do you have to go tomorrow?" He asked me desperately.
He hates it when I'm away, even for the most necessary things, like hunting, or grocery shopping.
"Baby, I want to go visit my Mommy and Daddy. And then I'll bring them here to meet you, and your brother and sisters. It won't take more than a day, maybe even less than that." I told him softly.
"I suppose that's acceptable." He said in a defeated tone.
He made me laugh. His vocabulary was astonishing.
"I suppose it is. Why don't you go watch TV with Uncle Aidan?" I suggested.
He simply nodded and walked toward the living room.
I heard four sets of footsteps on the front porch.
I turned to see the front door open.
Jake walked straight to me and kissed me.
I haven't seen him in seven hours.
"Anything new?" I asked a little breathless from the kiss.
"No. Have you decided what time you were gonna leave for Forks?" He asked.
"I'll leave first thing in the morning, around six, probably get back around early afternoon, with the family." I estimated.
He nodded. "So is Carlisle gonna pick you up?"
"Mmhmm." I hummed.
I heard a car pull up on the driveway.
"We're home!" Lizzie called through the door.
"What did you buy?" I asked, eyeing her many bags.
"The usual." She said nonchalantly.
"I'm gonna go put these in my room and then help Mags, Sarah and Aunt Nora unpack the car."
"Okay." She was so much like Aunt Alice.
I knew that they would become extremely close in a short period of time.
"I think I'm going to bed, I'm tired." I whispered to Jake.
I needed to hit the hay early, because I was going to get up early.
I saw Lizzie buzz down the stairs and out the door, she loved that she could move so fast.
She got the speed from her grandfather.
"Okay, night. I love you." Jake whispered in my ear.
"I love you, too." I pecked him on the lips and walked upstairs.

I woke up bright and early.
Jake was snoring softly, and I could hear all four kids soft snores.
So I tip-toed to the bathroom.
I took a quick shower to wake myself up.
I got dressed in white capris, a lime green tank top, a gold chain belt that goes over the shirt, and some strappy gold heels.
I left my hair down. I put on light make-up.
I heard my phone buzz, I ran to the nightstand and it was a text from Grandpa.
It read: Open the door.
I grabbed my white purse and gave Jake a kiss on his cheek.
I went to the girls' rooms and kissed them both on the forehead.
I did the same when I went to the boys.
I walked outside and he was waiting for me.
"Ready?" He asked. He seemed just as nervous as me.
"Ready." I replied.
I think he's nervous because he's afraid that Dad's gonna be mad that he kept where I was a secret.
"I wonder what they'll say. Especially with my newly acquired accent." I laughed.
"I'm sure they'll be shocked, then extremely happy that you're there." He assured me.
"I wonder what they'll say about the kids."
"Again, I'm sure they'll be shocked, especially because you have so many!" He laughed.
"Yeah! Probably." I laughed with him.
The rest of the ride we stayed quite.
I was staring out my window.
When we got into Forks, my stomach flipped.
"Welcome home." Grandpa said cheerfully.
"Hm, it feels like I never left." I whispered.
And it didn't feel like I left at all.
We were in front of the Cullen house in less than five minutes.
My breathing became erratic.
Why was I doing this? Was I asking for a yelling match?
"It"ll be fine." Grandpa reassured me.
He got out of the car and I opened my purse to make sure I had the pictures of the kids and the one with all six of us.
I took a deep breath, and slowly stepped out of the car.
Grandpa lead the way.
He opened the door. He stepped in and I slowly followed.
I felt like an outsider. Or like a soldier entering enemy territory.
"You're home early." I heard Dad's voice call from the third floor.
Then I heard everyone's footsteps coming down the stairs.
Dad emerged first. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me.
"Renesmee." He whispered.
The way he said my name, it reminded me of the first time he saw me, when he pulled me out of Mom and held me.
"Renesmee?" I heard the others whispering.
"Hi Daddy." I whispered. Trying so hard to hide the southern accent.
Before I knew it, he ran to me and picked me up and hugged me tight.
"I missed you so much!" He whispered into my ear. "I'm so so sorry I hurt you!"
I missed him, too.
I started to cry silently.
He set me on my feet, and he put his hands on the sides of my face. He was analyzing my face.
He kissed me on my forehead and both my cheeks.
Then Mom wrapped her arms around me and then I was passed to everyone.
Uncle Emmett picked me up and spun me around and kissed the top of my head.
"I'm sorry I yelled at you!" He whispered in my ear.
"It's fine." I can't believe he still felt bad about that! It's been a little over five years!
Aunt Alice just hugged me and bounced up and down.
The others were pretty much the same.
When Aunt Rose hugged me I whispered in her ear.
"I'm sorry! You're not a mean, old hag." I looked her in the eyes. I hid my accent pretty well.
"You're already forgiven! I was pretty mean." She whispered back.
I laughed.
"So where have you been?" Mom asked.
I wiped my tears away. "Checotah, Oklahoma." And my accent showed.
They all laughed.
"Where did that accent come from?" Uncle Emmett asked.
"It's hard not to pick it up." I defended myself. "Do you want to see pictures of the baby?"
Of course, he wasn't a baby anymore, but still.
"Yes!" All of them shouted at once.
I dug into my purse and took out all the pictures.
I arranged them from oldest to newest.
We all surrounded the dining room table.
"This is the baby I left home with. Masen, Masen Billy Cullen-Black."
They all passed it along. Dad and Mom stared at it for awhile.
In the picture Masen was about a week old, he looked like a ten month old.
"Masen, as in?" Mom asked.
"Yeah. I wanted him to be named after people that were important to me. It's okay with you, right Daddy?"
He nodded.
"This is my second son. Carlisle Cullen-Black." I whispered hesitantly.
It was an ultrasound photo.
I heard a few gasps. Probably from my parents.
"You have another son?" Dad whispered.
"Had. He was a stillborn." I said looking down at the table.
"Oh." Was all he said.
I heard Grandpa sigh.
"You should have called us! We would have come to you, helped you." Mom scolded.
Grandma and my aunts nodded in agreement.
"I was okay, I had Jake. This is my . . . daughter . . . Elizabeth Esme Marie Cullen-Black."
I passed the next one down, trying to change the subject.
She looked like a five month old.
She was making funny faces for me.
Everyone who saw that picture chuckled.
"She's adorable." Aunt Rose said.
"Thanks. This is my second daughter, Sarah Bella Cullen-Black."
Again I heard gasps.
Sarah looked beautiful in that picture.
I was holding her, we were both smiling.
"Awww!" Aunt Alice, Aunt Rose, Grandma, and Mom whispered.
"Bella?" Mom asked. Her eyes were full of joy.
"After her grandmother." I smiled.
"This is my youngest. Edward Jacob Cullen-Black."
My little angel.
"Edward?" Dad had a huge smile on his face.
"After his grandfather." I had a smile just as big.
Eddie was a baby and Jake was holding him, Jake was lying on the couch and they were both asleep.
"Um, here is the family portrait." I said happily.
I loved that picture.
Jake and I were sitting in two chairs, Lizzie was behind me, Masen was behind Jake, Sarah was on my lap, and Eddie was on Jake's.
We looked so happy, and we are.
That picture is all Jake and I ever wanted, a family.
"This is how they look now?" Grandma asked as Mom and Dad stared at it with adoration in their eyes.
"Yeah, that was taken last week."
"How old are they, really?" Uncle Jasper asked.
"Hmm, Masen is about five years old, Lizzie is . . . three years and ten months, Sarah is three years old, and Eddie is two years, eleven months." I think I got the ages right.
Ha! I see them as the way they look! Not their true age.
"Wow! You and Jake couldn't stop could you!" Uncle Emmett was laughing hard.
I squinted my eyes in concentration, and his chair tipped backwards and he slid at least five feet away from the
table, just like I wanted.
Now it was my turn to laugh.
"What the-!" He looked at me suspicously.
"Don't . . . get . . . me . . . angry!" I said in between giggles.
"You did that?!" Uncle Jasper, Uncle Emmett, Aunt Rose, Aunt Alice, Grandma, Mom, and Dad all said at the same time.
"That's not all she can do." Grandpa said with a small chuckle.
"How?" Aunt Rose asked.
"I'll explain later. Umm, do you guys want to meet the kids?" I asked hopefully.
"Yes!" They all said, besides Grandpa, at the same time.

We all raced home, I lead the way, for once.
I knew I was home when I smelled the bails of hay in the distance.
We slowed to a normal human walk, and stepped out of the forest.
This felt like home. I loved living here. It was always cloudy, but it hardly rained.
It was kinda like Forks, except no rain, just alot of clouds.
I wondered what reception was waiting for me at home.
I'm sure they weren't missing me . . . but I missed them like crazy!
The six of us have never been seperated longer than a day.
I heard Dad chuckle a little when he heard that.
Finally we got home, it was just like back in Forks.
Go through the woods for awhile and there's a clearing and my house right in the middle of it.
I practically shot like a bullet toward the front steps.
I stopped and turned around to face my family.
"Don't be too shocked." I whispered.
I opened the door and the downstairs floor was empty.
I heard the kids playing upstairs, Leah, Nora, Embry and Aidan were with Sarah and Eddie in the playroom.
Lizzie and Seth were watching TV in her room.
Maggie and Masen were watching TV, too.
I heard Jake in our room also watching the TV.
Is that all they do when I'm away?
"Watch this." I whispered to them.
"I'm home!" I called loudly.
I heard all of their footsteps.
They jumped up, I assumed, and raced for the stairs.
"Mommy!" Sarah and Eddie yelled in unison.
I bent down and they both ran into my arms.
"Hi babies!" I squeeled.
"Mom!" I heard Lizzie and Masen say at the same time, too.
Gosh, you'd think I had two sets of twins!
"Hi! Miss me?" I let go of Eddie and Sarah and jumped up and hugged my two oldest kids.
"Like crazy!" Lizzie laughed.
"Hey! I thought I was supposed to get first hug!" Jake pouted.
I laughed and ran into his arms.
I pecked him on the lips.
You'd think we were apart for years!
"Welcome home." The rest of them said.
"Thanks. Okay, everyone line up." They knew what I wanted.
We would do that whenever someone new would visit.
"Okay, family . . . this is Masen, Lizzie, Sarah, Eddie, you know Jake, Nora, you know Embry, Maggie, you know Seth and Leah, and this is Aidan. Masen imprinted on Maggie, Seth imprinted on Lizzie, Leah imprinted on Eddie, Embry imprinted on Nora, and Aidan is single." I gestured to everyone.
"Now, my family . . . this is my Dad, my Mom, Aunt Rose, Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Uncle Emmett, my Grandma, and you all know Grandpa Carlisle." I introduced them, and I have been wanting to do this for so long now.
"Hi Grandpa!" Masen, Lizzie, Sarah, and Eddie exclaimed.
"Hi guys." He smiled at them
"You knew where she was?" Dad asked Grandpa.
"Well duh! Who do you think helped Mommy when she was sick?! Like we would trust a human doctor." Sarah said, her voice made it sound like Dad was missing the obvious.
She made everyone start to laugh.
"She's right, Dad." I laughed.
"I gotta go. See you later, 'kay?" Aidan said.
"Sure, see ya."
He came and hugged me and kissed me on the forehead.
"Bye." He left quickly.
"Bye Uncle Aidan!" Eddie shouted.

Later on, the family ate, and the Cullens just sat and watched us.
"Okay, time for bed!" Jake and I shouted at the same time.
The kids went upstairs to brush their teeth.
"So, what have you guys been up to?" Mom asked us.
"Well, I'm a . . . singer . . . and I have my own recording studio in town, and that brings in alot of money. And Jake is the town mechanic, and Lizzie, Maggie and Nora sing with me, sometimes Aidan does, too. Masen works with Jake, so does Seth and Embry, Leah usually stays here and watches Eddie and Sarah while we're at work."
"Oh." Was all she said.
"As a matter of fact, we need to get to the studio soon." I looked at Jake apologetically.
"It's fine, do you need to take Lizzie?" We both heard her and the other kids softly snoring upstairs.
"No, I think Maggie, Nora and I will do." I smiled and we got up.
"Ya'll can come, if you'd like." I looked at my family.
"I'll stay and watch the kids." Jake said. His eyes were dropping a little.
I nodded. "I'll stay and watch the kids. You and the wolves go to bed." Grandpa suggested.

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