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Hi! Thanks for taking your time to read this! My Fancic is basically this :


Bella lives with her mother,14 year-old siter(Elizabeth), and her 11 year old brother(Nathan) in Phoenix. Her parents had divorced 11 years ago, her grandma died that same year but left Bella a gift after she died: through her dreams she could see visions, things that will happen. Everything changes when she has to move to Forks. She meets Edward and his siblings, but she is restraining herself to fall in love because she had promised it since her parents fight. She has always been so closed to meeting people. Will Edward show Bella life is better with someone to love?



(( This is my first Fanfic and was inspired by "The Only Exception" song by Paramore. I am also a Latina which means my mother language is spanish! Sorry for any mistake you find! Please comment and tell me what you think!!))


Comment please,

Annjulie V.


O.K so I made this banner (well, a picnik collage :P) its simple but its part of my publicity campaign!! LOL


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Bella´s Grandma:

((I know it says grandma swan but I confused when I ordered the banner... LOL...just pretend the word SWAN is not there...))


Click for the chapters:


Chapter 1: News

Chapter 2: Visit

Chapter 3: Esmeralda

Chapter 4: Hide and Seek

Chapter 5: Party Time 

Chapter 6: I Hate Games

Chapter 7: Big Spiders & Ruined Trucks

Chapter 8: Fluffy Pink Dress









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Here you go!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS SO COOL PLEASE WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS HOMMY
i now you can do it, i really like your idea were do you get it from
Gracias Nelmy... Te Quiero amiga...te veo en la escuela!!! I got the idea when I was listening to the inspires me...
more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
OK!! I am writing, taking any free space possible, second chapter is almost done!!
THANKS ALOT!!! you want updates??
Love this story, I'll send a friend request so u can update me.
the new banner is missing a letter. "I could see what _ould" should have a "w".
Sorry, it's an OCD thing. :)
I know but I didn´t make it... LOL !!
Hi everyone!!! Here`s chapter 2!!!

Chapter 2: Visit

"Ah you are finally here Power Puff!" A familiar voice said.

"Grandma?" I asked. How could this be? I had never seen her in my dreams before. It was dark, maybe my subconcious`s lobby for weirdness. It was like those movies were they had low budget; just a dark place and a smoke machine to create a foggy look.

"No, I am a wandering soul coming to take you to the underworld...Of coarse it`s me you silly Bella." She teased.

"Grandma!" I said and hugged her. Everything was so...real. Her face was just like it was eleven years ago, nothing had changed, not one more wrinkle, not one wrinkle less. Her dark brown eyes were still accentuated by her long, thick eyebrows. I extended one hand and touched her face. Soft as always, but cold-she was dead after all. I could smell her favorite perfume, I decided when I smelled my hand. I almost forgot she was dead. Everything seemed so real, her voice, her smell, touch, maybe taste, but I wasn`t stupid enough to lick her.

"Puff, are you going to stay all night wondering if it's true Im here? Or are you going to tell me how you're dealing with this 'Moving Problem' ?" she said.

"I don`t get it gran? I've never seen you here in my 'Crazy Lobby'." I stated, avoidin by accident her question.

"Your gift is bigger than you imagine. Each...function we can say, will start emerging when you need it." she explained.

"So you came here because my subconcious wanted to see you correct?"

"Mmmm, well...I wanted to see you too. It takes both people to want to see each other to meet at their dreams. But ofcoarse, both have to have a gift or be dead like me." She replied.

"Why do you still call me 'Puff'?" I asked her.

"Because you used to love the Power Puff girls. You also have all of their qualities, Blossom`s leadership, Bubbles`s sweetness and shyness, and Buttercup's strong feminist side. Besides your name starts with a B, not technically but still it counts. You could be one of them."

"Yes, nothing better than to be a 'Power Puff'!" I told her sarcastically. "So why did you come here?" I continued.

"To tell you that everything is going to end up lovely. Ok? Your siblings and you will make new friends and regain old friendships."

"Thanks grandma. Not just for this but for everytime you have been there for me. I miss you." I said as I hugged her.

"I miss you too baby. But I have to get going. Your mother will wake up soon and wake you up so wake up yourself and tell her I love her. Oh, and by the way you are leaving in two days. Remember your gift will start reaviling once you need something." And then she left.

I woke up as she told me. Opened my eyes and saw the clock beside my bed. 7:00 P.M.
I honestly prefer my world. Were everything was because I wanted it to be there. My dreams are my escape. Back at this world, you can onlu find war, hate, enemies, more war and hate... But in my dreams nothing of that exsists.
I got up, found my slippers and head to my mom's room. I knocked the door twice."Mom, can I come in?"

" Sure honey." she replied.

I opened the door and smiled at her. She was in her bed watching news. "Good morning." I said while I climbed by her side.

"Good morning swetie." She kissed my forehead.

"We are leaving in two days." I started.

"What? What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Last night in my dream, granny visited me. She told me everything was going to be ok, we were leaving in two days and that she loved you." I explained.

"Oh, sorry I forgot you were gifted."

Then her cellphone rang. She saw the caller I.D. "It's my boss." She informed me while answering it.

"Good morning Mrs.Cullen. How are you doing?" she greeted her apparently-not-a-man boss.
"Fine thankyou...oh we are moving in two days?, I am not surprised, I had a feeling it would be in two days..." she looked at me and winked when she said that. "Ok...I will send them Thursday morning... I'll see you there. Take care...bye." She hung up. Today was Tuesday, we were leaving Friday.

"I did't know your boss was a she." I stated.

" Women can be heads of a major company you know."

"Yes, I know, but she seemed...too friendly for being a boss."

"Yes, Esme is very kind, loving and passionate for what she does. I've worked with her when she comes monthly to check how we are doing." Esme, what a nice name I thought.

"So, whan are we packing?" I asked.

"Go wake up your sister and brother, we need to start right away."

That day and the next were brutal and total madness. We woke up at 6:00 and slept at 10:00 packing things. All of the three nights, I dreamt about our new house, it was big and yellow (mom's favorite color) with white large windows, two story high and a wide front yard with a cute siberia puppy. My bother and sister didn't know about the puppy, it was a surprise. But my gift had ruined it.

Finally it was Friday morning. After some goodbyes to neighbors my 4/5 family was leaving the city that saw us grow for the city were it all started. Our things had left yesterday and were already at our house. We took a plane to Seattle, then a three hour drive in a rented, smelly car. We were on our way to Forks.
post more soon!!
I will, thanks for reading!!
honestly I love this paramore song, it's one of my favorites
Have you ever seen the music video it's amazing, GO PARAMORE
I love the story btw
Su historia es increíble


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