The Twilight Saga

Aria and Edward were twins in 20th Century Chicago. When Edward and their mother fell ill, Aria was sent to an orphanage, as it was unlikely her family would survive. Two years later Edward found his sister slowly dying from a stab wound in the streets of New York. It was the first time he had encountered human blood, he just barely overcame his bloodlust and turned her. They've been inseparable ever since.

Aria has the power of invisibilty and force fields, along with twin telepathy with Edward. She has been hiding from the Voltuturi for decades, they are determined to have her. She's run away from the Cullens on more than one occasion. But she always comes home. When Bella comes along, her life changes. And when she meets Jacob's brother Ash, nothing will ever be the same

Chapter 1 coming soon...

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sounds really good you should definately continue!!!
sounds good keep me update d:)
Sounds interesting.....   :)
sounds really good keep writing PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
sounds really interesting!
I've exams this week so chapter one will b up next weekend
The other Cullen:

Hey so finally posting :) I just got the guide to twilight and saw the character bios so I thought that I would do the same thing; the prologue  follows. Enjoy, review XD

Name: Aria-Grace Melinda Mason Cullen (prefers Aria)
DOB: June 20, 1901
Date of transformation: April 5, 1920, age 19
Source of transformation: Edward Cullen
Place of Origin: Chicago 
Hair colour: bronze
Eyes: green(human) gold/black(vampire red/black 1957-1971
Height: 5"5
Physical description: Looks a lot like her brother, petite figure. Deep scarring on her back, neck and across her chest.(cause to be revealed)

Special abilities: Aria has invisibility, she can turn herself and anything she touches invisible at will. She has force fields, which she can project. She has twin telepathy with Edward, they can tune into each others minds, read their thoughts and have conversations. They can block each other out with mental walls-but they rarely use this aspect

Education/occupation: she has graduated high school and university many times, with degrees in; medicine , art, English literature, mechanical engineering, creative writing with arts, French,Spanish  and art history. Every 50 years she "inherits" her part of the family fortune

Hobbies: she is a passionate artist, favouring sketching with pencils. She has an extensive book collection, including graphic novels and manga. She is a motorbike enthusiast and plays the piano

Vehicles: she owns several motorcycles

Family/coven relationships: she is the only single Cullen. She is the twin sister of Edward. She is the natural daughter of Elizabeth and Edward Mason. She is Renesmee's Godmother. She considers herself the sister of Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper. She is the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme.

Personal History: Aria was born 4 minutes after Edward on the 20th June, 1901. Her relationship with her father was strained as he was always away, but she loved him regardless. She had a close relationship with her mother and is very close to Edward. Aria became a talented artist and wanted to travel and see the world. As a child she was extremely gifted at hide and seek, could often guess what her brother was thinking and she rarely got sick. Edward's dreams of war caused many fights. After her father's death, her mother and brother fell ill. She looked after them at home. When they were taken away to the hospital by the most handsome doctor she had ever seen, Aria was brought to an orphanage for children of families struck by the influenza. The orphanage was destroyed in 1919 by a paranoid mob. So Aria moved to New York, finding work as a waitress in a hotel. One night in 1920 while walking home from work, she was mugged and stabbed. As she lay dying on the streets she saw her brother,convinced he was her guardian angel. Then came the pain of the transformation.

 She struggled at first with her new life, and with learning that her brother was not actually dead, whilst her mother was. She came to think of Esme and Carlisle as her adoptive parents and when Edward went off to live the 'alternative vampire' lifestyle she stayed with them. She tried to keep tabs on Edward, but he blocked her out. When Rosalie joined the family, she often had to smooth out arguments between her and Edward. Her history with the Volturi is long and troubled, as they have often tried to enlist her. This led to  her running away in 1932-1934. 1957-1971 was the longest period, but this was for different reasons. When she returned, she struggled to return to the vegetarian lifestyle, this caused the family to move several times. She is now a vegetarian vampire, but like Jasper she still struggles.

Prologue: In one moment, each of her senses disappeared. First sight, then smell, hearing and touch. Everything around her disappeared as the mist washed over her, taking away her senses. She gradually became numb but was still able to feel pain. Jane saw to that every time she tried to take a step or move her arms as her sight slowly disappeared. She now understood what humans meant when they talked about their lives flashing before their eyes. In her mind's eye she saw all 112 years of her human and vampire existence. She saw the faces of her mother and father, the Chicago of her youth. Her heart ached as she saw Joshua's face-both the first time and the last time she saw him and held him in her arms. All that could have been, all that was lost. She remembered her scars and how she had gotten them, her dark years. Most of all she remembered the past few years since they had come back to Forks. How happy Edward had become since he met Bella, how happy their whole family had been in recent years.

Her life had been full of so many things-joy, sadness, loss and of course blood. And now it was coming to an end. Her life now hung by a thread, she lived or she died depending on Aro's decision. One word and she would die, another and so would her family. Her choices of late had led to this moment. As guilty as she felt about putting everyone she loved in harms way, a part of her had been the happiest she had ever been these past few years. She had brought about her own death, but she wouldn't have lived her life any other way. They said they didn't blame her, but that didn't make her feel any less guilty. If anything happened to them, she didn't know what she would do. That was why she had come here, bargain for her family's safety.

Aro stood in the centre of the Volturi guard, or as they were now-an army. Every set of burgundy coloured eyes rested on him as they all awaited his decision. They were all speaking in hushed tones and their gaze shifted from him to Aria, the traitor of a vampire who had been brought to her knees before him. Marcus and Caius stood either side of Aro, the three of them had left their midnight black tent moments ago. They moved swiftly and gracefully as one, the wives remaining in the tent with their guards. Their minds were made up, Aro ever the dramatist was just waiting for the right moment. Jane and Alec stood further behind them,  a look of pure hatred mixed in with glee on her face. Her revenge had come at last. Alec's face was frozen in concentration as he covered Aria with his mist. 

Silence fell as Aro raised a hand. Alec removed his mist quickly, it would be more painful for her that way. Aria gasped as all her senses came back at once, it was so  intense.  It was like a human holding their breaths underwater and then submerging. Even though she didn't need to breath, she rapidly gasped for air. Her eyes opened and closed quickly as they adjusted to the midnight darkness, it seemed so much brighter than before. The voices around her were so loud it was almost overwhelming for her ears. They stopped within a split second. Aro's red eyes met her gold ones, despite trying she was unable to look away. His gaze seemed to go right through her, as if he was seeing into her soul.  After silence that seemed to last an eternity, he spoke. "I have made my decision" he said. His voice was low but well projected. "I'm ready" she whispered
LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update sooooooon!
Love it. Please update soon.
Thanks for the feedback guys :)

Other Cullen Ch 1: 
Aria lifted her head, which had been resting on her arms as she restlessly slept for the first time in days. She brushed back her sleek, bronze hair which had long since fallen out of it's tight bun. Slightly dazed from her sleep, she forgot for the briefest of moments everything that had happened this past week. She forgot that her father had died, that her mother and brother were now sick-possibly with the same illness that  had killed him, she forgot that she had been looking after them and she forgot all of her pain. But this moment of ignorance didn't last for long, all the pain came rushing back at once, almost making it difficult for her to take a breath. All the fear, grief and uncertainty was too much for this girl, who had already been through so much recently, to take. She missed her father, he was almost always away working but the time they had together was time she cherished. She missed everything about him although more than anything, she wished that they had gotten more time to spend all together as a family. Those moments were so rare, so precious and now they would never happen again. She hated that she had to deal with her pain alone, she was falling to pieces whilst trying to look after her remaining family.

She got up from the piano where she had fallen asleep, the piano that was now silent. Neither Edward nor Aria had played it since their father first fell ill. Their house which used to be filled with music and her mother's laughter was now as silent. She stood up and as she did tears began to fall down her cheeks. Wrapping her arms around herself was the only form of comfort she had left. She cried for so many things, these were bitter tears, angry tears, tears of grief and tears of sadness. She bit her bottom lip in an attempt to keep quiet, she didn't want to wake them not now when they had more trouble sleeping than she did. As she silently released all of her anguish, her gaze shifted to her sketch pad which was resting on top of the dormant piano. The piano was her favourite place to draw although she could never explain why. The lighting was terrible and the view out of the window wasn't exactly spectacular, but this was where she found her inspiration. Edward joked about it, mostly when he wanted to play the piano and she was sitting there engrossed in her art. Drawing helped her escape and helped her forget everything, well normally. Lately it provided little relief and the blank pages seemed to mock her more than inspire her. Her last drawing stared back at her, a sketch of her father drawn completely from memory. They looked so much like him, her and Edward. They both had his bronze coloured hair, with their mother's eyes. Edward had his striking bone structure and was as tall as him. Aria had his smile, which like him, wasn't seen very often. His brown eyes seemed to be staring right at her, asking her wordless and silent questions she couldn't answer.This made her cry harder so she turned away from the piano and she walked into the kitchen, slumping at the old wooden table until she was able to stop crying.

She was putting too much pressure on herself, this she knew. She couldn't handle this grief whilst trying to be strong for Edward and their mother. Although she didn't have to try very hard to hide her pain from them. Edward slept all the time and her mother was delirious, thinking that her husband was still alive. At first she was her usual self, singing and chatting, but she so rarely spoke now.In the first few days, they all tried to believe that it was just the flu. But they were getting worse, it couldn't be denied for much longer. Was she being punished? Had she done something wrong? She racked her brains but didn't seem to find any major crime or sin. But maybe, she thought ,her denial that they could have the influenza was a crime. And her constant feeling of drowning in her pain was her punishment. " But what did they do to deserve any of this?" she whispered. Her tears slowly came to a stop as she took slow and deep breaths. As she stood up her heart was beating rapidly against her ribcage. She wiped her face and began to ascend the stairs to check on them. Her mother's room was closest to the stairs. The room was dark and all that could be heard was her mother's faint and shallow breathing. She had finally fallen asleep, but her fever had yet to break. Edward too was asleep, amongst the tangled mess his duvet had become as a result of all his tossing and turning. His forehead glistened with sweat and his skin felt even warmer than it had yesterday. She picked up the bowl of cold water and her fingers gripped the dry sponge on the bedside table. As she gently dabbed his forehead with the damp sponge, Edward woke up. She quickly retracted the sponge "I'm sorry Eddie" she whispered, using the nickname she had given him as kids. He only let her call him that thought, no one else could. She hated seeing him suffering like this. They had been fighting recently over his dreams to join the army, but she would never wish this on anyone-especially someone she loved. "S'ok Ari" he whispered in a dry and hoarse voice, using her nickname. He stretched out his hand and she automatically knew what he wanted. She handed him the glass of water, she never let go of it and gave him a drink as if he was a small child. His head rested back on the pillow, his breathing unlike their mother's remained normal. She stroked his hair and stood up. "Try to sleep, all right?" She began to left the room but stopped when she heard Edward speak in a voice similar to that of a young boy." I ...getting better Ari? Is mother?" She had to bite her lip and look to the ceiling, she couldn't cry in front of him, not now when he was in a feverish childlike state. When she was certain the tears wouldn't flow, she looked at her brother again. She didn't want to lie to him, but it seemed her only choice. "Yes Eddie, you're slowly getting better. Mother too" he smiled his first smile for weeks before falling back into an uneasy sleep.

It was then she saw how ill he had become in such a short space of time. His face had become gaunt and pale, his normally tousled hair had lost it's  shine and now lay flat. What upset her the most was that his green eyes had lost their mischievous sparkle, without that he just wasn't the same. It was what made a difference to his whole personality, when he smiled and when he played the piano. As she walked back down the stairs she remembered all of the times she had watched him in awe, playing music like nothing she had ever heard before. It was beautiful, sometimes eerie but always powerful. No one could not watch or listen to him as he played, his skill was truly captivating. He could play all the classics and write his own music which, in her opinion was much better. Whether she was biased or not, his gift was undeniable. She sat down in her mother's rocking chair in the living room across from the piano, remembering all the nights they had spent in here. Edward playing, her drawing and her mother in her rocking chair so proud of both of them. She was harshly brought back to reality by a banging on the front door. Hesitantly she walked towards the door and opened it. "No" she whispered as she looked into the faces of the men standing on the front step and as she realised the truth she could no longer avoid. "Evening Ms Mason" Inspector Rutherford of the Chicago Police said. She saw it so clearly, he among with some deputies and two doctors, had come for them. She did not speak, but simply nodded her head in response.


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