The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Jacob and Nessie, 7 years after breaking dawn.
-The characters are from Stefanie Meyer.
-The birthday and some details are from other fanfic authors, so if you reconise a part of your story, thank you, it wouldn't be here without you.
-I started to read Equinox, and realize that it had the same concept as mine. I did not copy, I realize this after I had four chapters done.
-I'll try to post a chapter per day, but I'm really busy, so be patient with me.
-This is my first fanfic, so I need your feed back on this.

This story was previously called Half moon, but since someone already used that title, i deleted the last post and changed the name. BTW, sorry Ellie Cullen, i didn't mean to steel the name of your story.

Hope you like it!!

P.S. one rose per person.

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thanks! u made me smile...
I can`t wait to know R face when she founds out that her love can make him heal faster... I wonder what she will try to do...hahaahahahahahhahahahahaaa don't make the wedding wait too long! WE all love Jacob and we want him to be happy and healthy soon. Saying that love makes you stronger, even physically...that was excellent! Actually, there`s a med. theory about that, it has been proved that positive feelings make people heal faster!!! Great chapter!
wow! thanks for the long comment. I can't wait to see what Nessie will do either... I know it's weird, but the characters like, talk in my head.... I know the general story, but the details just come as they go, so I'm excited about that part too.....
And i didn'T really go into the pshycological part of the love bond... It just happened! But you're right, it's excelent... thanks for showing me that!!!
and thanks for commenting!
its great cant wait for more
AWWW! That was the cutest story ever! I loved it and can't wait to read more!
well thanks, more next week! oh no! i just remebered I'm gone on a tournament. I'll figure something out...
i cant wait to see what happens next and i also it is makin wonder what it is that nesie has to tell jake. let me know when you post
At one point it was going to be something big, but then it didn't fit to the story. Now it's something small that will lead to the big thing.
post more soon its very good
yam i missed this friday cause i was gone to a tournament. I'm working on chapter 13.
Loved the Chapter!!
Please post more soon!!


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