The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Jacob and Nessie, 7 years after breaking dawn.
-The characters are from Stefanie Meyer.
-The birthday and some details are from other fanfic authors, so if you reconise a part of your story, thank you, it wouldn't be here without you.
-I started to read Equinox, and realize that it had the same concept as mine. I did not copy, I realize this after I had four chapters done.
-I'll try to post a chapter per day, but I'm really busy, so be patient with me.
-This is my first fanfic, so I need your feed back on this.

This story was previously called Half moon, but since someone already used that title, i deleted the last post and changed the name. BTW, sorry Ellie Cullen, i didn't mean to steel the name of your story.

Hope you like it!!

P.S. one rose per person.

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Chapter 1

I started to slowly wake up. I could feel the consciousness creeping in. Then I heard whispers. Somebody was on the other side of my door. That’s probably what woke me up. Why would someone be at my door? Was there a problem?
As I was more and more conscious, I tried to figure out who was there. My God, it was my whole family! What’s going on?? Then it hit me; right, it’s my birthday.

“Are you guys ready?” I heard someone say, probably Alice. “3, 2, 1…” then everybody jumped in my room. “Surprise!!”
I just smiled. Leave it to my family to try and surprise a half-vampire. The corners of my father’s mouth lifted a little when he heard that. I knew he couldn’t help it, but it’s so annoying when he reads my mind.

“Thanks.” I started. Before I could say anything else, Uncle Emmet scooped me up and gave me one of his bear hugs.
“Happy seventh birthday, squirt.” he told me.
“Uncle… Em… can’t… breathe!!” he let me down on the bed, laughing.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, I looked at my family. I was so lucky. It’s not your usual family; most of them are vampires, the others are werewolves. My mom was human, and then became a vampire after giving birth. Plus, not only are they vampires, but some of them have extra abilities too; my dad can read minds, Aunt Alice can see the future, Uncle Jasper can control emotions and my mom is a shield. If that’s not enough, my best friend is the Alpha of the pack. Jacob… as I looked at him, smiling his sunny smile, my smile, I couldn’t help but smile widely back. And I was starting to feel what was becoming usual when I looked at Jacob; my heartbeat accelerated, my stomach filled with butterflies… then I saw my dad glaring at me… oops…forgot again, he doesn’t like it when I feel like that. Then I realized everybody was waiting for me to say something. I’ve been staring at them for a couple of seconds.

“Hey, thanks guys. Can I just get ready? I’ll be at the house in a minute.” They smiled and nodded, and Uncle Em chuckled. Uh, weird.
“Hurry up, my doll. You’ve got to open your presents!” Gosh, Uncle Em was more exited than me! Everybody laughed then left my parents little house.

As I took my shower, I thought about what today means. It may be my seventh birthday, but I look and think like I’m eighteen. According to standards, I’m an adult. But that’s a small thing. The big thing is; I’m going to stop aging. I will be 18 forever. I’ll have to get used to that, when I’m used to growing all the time. And something’s been bothering me for awhile; I read a lot, and I noticed that girls, in adolescence, start having what they call periods. I looked it up, secretly, well, as secretly as it can get here. I know what it is, and I’m wondering if I’ll get them. I learned that it’s essential for having a family. I’ve been looking at my album, and I just look at my mom’s face… I want to be happy like that, too, but since I’m half vampire… I might not… and I don’t know why it makes me sad.

I pondered on that a little bit, but then my thoughts started to drift to Jacob, again. I tried to resist, but I gave up. Oh, Jacob, what’s going on? What am I feeling?
I don’t know when exactly it started, I’d say about a couple of months ago. It was very gradual; it started with needing his presence all the time, then my heart started to jump whenever he looked at me, then it felt like I had hundreds of butterflies in my stomach, then I started to go speechless when he talked to me… he must of thought I was going nuts. I thought I was going nuts!! But now I’m getting used to it, so it’s easier to answer when he asks a question. But still. I can’t talk to him like before. It was usually effortless and easy, but now I have trouble getting a simple yes out. The worst is I know he noticed. If only I had my dad’s power, just so I know what he thinks of me…
And I’m scared. I keep having those stupid dreams… If I tell him… No, I can’t… I don’t want to lose my best friend! I don’t want my feelings to scare him.

I realized I’ve been in the shower for some time. I sighed, getting out of the shower and draping myself with a towel. As I brushed my teeth, I could hear someone in my room… more precisely in my huge closet. I have a hunch on who it might be…

“Hurry up Nessie! You gotta get dressed!” Great.! Aunt Alice. I’ll probably be her Barbie doll again. I don’t mind, I like dressing up, she just overdoes it sometimes. I rinsed, took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around me.

“Finally! Took you long enough !! Put on a sweat suit, we have to go in my room.” What? Wasn’t there anything in my closet that could do? No, probably not. Knowing Alice, she has a special outfit picked out for today. I put on a pair of track pants and a T-Shirt and followed Alice to the house. Before I could get in, she covered my eyes and guided me upstairs. Great, she probably over did it with the decorations too.

In her room, she let go of me and went in her closet. Seconds later she was out. “Look what I got for you!!” she said, all exited.

I stared in disbelief at the piece of cloth she was holding out. It was a pink, strapless dress, which would go down till above my knees. It had a black belt with a huge buckle, and she was holding the matching heels in her other hand. It was gorgeous, but I kept thinking of what my dad would say if I come downstairs with that on…

“Alice! I can’t wear that! What’s my dad gonna say?” She just rolled her eyes like it didn’t matter. “I already showed your dad the dress. You shouldn’t worry about that, you know. You’re a grown woman, you’re allowed to do what you want… to an extent, of course.” she told me, smiling. “Now hurry up and put this on!!” I gave in, she was just too exited, and the dress was really beautiful.

I went in the bathroom to put it on. I didn’t look in the mirror, I’m not sure I want to see. I came back to Alice so she could do my hair and put on makeup. Not that I wanted to, but I wanted to make her happy. I enjoy her professional hands playing in my hair and brushing my face. When she was done, I got up and put the heels on. That might be dangerous, I never wear heels. Then, jumping franticly, she pushed me in front of a long mirror.
“You have to open your eyes Nessie.” she said, annoyed. Taking a deep breath, I did what she said, and looked in the mirror.
I stared at the person in front of me, my mouth dropping. That couldn’t be me… the person in the mirror was… hot… sexy… attractive… wow. I never wore anything like this before. Alice has been waiting for months for my birthday just to dress me up. This was so different from my comfortable sweats and T-shirts…
“Wow, Alice, its great!” I jumped and gave her a big hug.

“You’re welcome, Nessie. I knew you’d like it.” Of course she did. “I’ll go downstairs now. Don’t be long! We’re waiting for you!” Then she was gone, leaving the door open. Why did she leave without me? Oh well, I thought, looking at myself in the mirror again. I still couldn’t believe that woman was me.

I heard a gasped. I turned to see Jacob standing in the doorway. Uh oh, heartbeat, butterflies, speechless… and the worst part, it increased when I saw his face. He wasn’t smiling; his mouth was hanging open, and his eyes were round like plates. What’s up with him? Oh, right, the dress… I felt myself blushing.

“Wow, Nessie… you look… beautiful…” his voice trailed of. I felt my face burning. What was wrong with me? Say something!
“Um, thanks Jake…” that left an awkward silence; he was still staring at me.

“So, um, why did you come here?” I asked, breaking the silence. That seemed to wake him up.

“Oh, right,” he said, slightly shaking his head once. “I just wanted to give you my present…” He took a couple of steps toward me. “Turn around.” He said, smiling now. I did what he asked, wondering. I heard the soft tinkle of the chain, and then I felt the necklace on my skin. I was so close… My heart jumped each time his finger tips would brush my neck. Too soon, he pulled away. Too soon?! What was wrong with me?

“There you go.” He said. I looked down and took the charm in my hand. I gasped. It was a small wolf carving, its muzzle up, howling at the moon. I knew Jacob could do things like that, but this…
“Do you like it?” he asked, hopeful.

“Jacob, it’s beautiful, I can’t believe it…” It was so detailed; I wondered how his big hands could work on something so small.
“You really like it?” he asked, his usual self coming back.
“Of course I do! I love it! It’s amazing!” I answered.
“Well, not as amazing as you…” he murmured. My head snapped up, and I looked at his face. That was a mistake. We both looked away, embarrassed.

“I think they’re waiting for you…” he said. He went to hold the door for me, and then smiled. “Ladies first.” I giggled, blushing again.

At the top of the stairs, I realized I was wearing heels. My human side tended to be clumsy, but I hade my vampire side to compensate. Still, Jacob offered his hand, and even though I didn’t need it, I took it. It sent a shock through my whole body when my cold, pale hands touched his hot, russet skin. Did he feel it too? If he did he didn’t show it. As we went down, I was concentrating on his hand holding mine. His skin was so soft, and such a beautiful color. I knew it was going to hurt later, but I was enjoying the way it made my heart jump, that it doubled the number of butterflies, how I suddenly felt so secure… Why was I feeling like this? It was getting worse every day. I don’t want to give myself hope… Why...? Then I realized I’ve been asking myself these questions a lot this morning. I chuckled.

“What?” he asked.
“Oh, nothing.” I answered, smiling. He didn’t have time to ask me anything else, because we were now at the bottom of the stairs, and entering Alice’s newest masterpiece.
I'll post the other chapters soon
The living room was ridiculously full of decorations. There were banners, confetti, flowers… you name it, it was there. I could see my mountain of gifts on a table in the corner. Just that would have made me blush. But that’s not what turned my cheeks red; it was my family’s faces when they saw my dress. They were sitting around the living room. All of their mouths dropped; only Alice had a huge smile. Uncle Em’s surprise slowly turned into a smile.

I could feel my face getting hotter and hotter. Sensing my embarrassment, Jacob lightly squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear, “I told you, you look amazing…” I looked up to see his sunny smile and laughing eyes. I smiled back.

“Hey, Nessie, open my present first!” laughed Uncle Em.

Reluctantly, I let do of Jacob’s hand to go to my presents. Now everyone was exited, and they were itching closer.

I found Uncle Em’s present, wrapped in pink paper. Alice started to chuckle, already knowing what my present was. Getting exited, I unwrapped it quickly. It was a plain brown box. Uh, wonder what’s in it. I opened it, and pulled out what seemed to be a Barbie doll. Attached to its hand was a card. Angry, I read it.

“Made just for you! Happy seventh birthday, my little doll!”
Oh, I was so mad. I glared at Uncle Em, seeing red. If looks could kill… He just laughed his booming laugh. The others were trying to contain their own, but they were all chuckling. Correction, I wasn’t mad, I was pissed off. I hated it when they took my age literally.
The worst part was that even Jacob was laughing. That hurt more than I thought it would. I looked back at the doll so they won’t see my eyes beginning to water.

I could hear my father trying to calm the others. Thanks, I thought. I knew he heard me.

Then I looked at the doll more closely. She was wearing a pink top, with a small black overcoat. She had a knee length pink skirt, with a black belt that looked strangely like mine. The most surprising was the face: she had full lips, big chocolate brown eyes, an adorable face surrounded by dark brown, curly hair that went down till her lower back. She looked like a young adult, but there were still signs of childhood. She looked so familiar. Then it hit me.

“Oh.” I said, “It’s me…” Uncle Em started laughing again. I felt the corners of my mouth lift a little bit. I could see the love behind the bad joke.

“Thanks Uncle Em.” I said. He just smiled.

“Is that doll really you?” asked Jacob, as he came up behind me to look past my shoulder. Oh God. I could feel my blood race in my veins, the butterflies getting crazy, as I felt by his heat how close his body was to mine. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. Then I imagined his arms around my waist, pulling my back closer to his chest…

Then I heard a barely audible growl from my father. I snapped out of it. I was letting myself go to dangerous grounds; I was letting myself hope… “Sorry dad, I don’t get it… sorry…” I thought.

All of that didn’t even take a couple of seconds, so the others didn’t notice… I think.
“Mmm, it’s not as pretty as the original.” Jacob whispered in my ear. Another wave of crazy butterflies crashed in my stomach as I felt his hot breath on my skin. He didn’t back up, even when he was done talking. I felt my heart betting faster, again. Then my dad growled softly, and Jacob pulled away. What was that all about? Probably me again. My dad slightly shook his head, as if he didn’t know what to do. “I’m sorry…” I thought again.

My thoughts got interrupted by Alice, as she was slightly jumping, asking me to open her present. Shaking my head, smiling, I grabbed the present and unwrapped it. I felt my mouth drop. It was a blue dress, my favorite color after pink, halter top, sparkly, different blues fading into each other. It was about knee length, with of course the matching heels.

“This is beautiful! Thanks Alice!” Sometimes, Alice was my aunt, but other times she was my best girlfriend. This was a time where she’s my best friend.

“You’re welcome Nessie.” She answered, glowing even though she already knew what my reaction was going to be. I put her present aside and grabbed another one.

It was from Rosalie; a huge makeup kit. Now she and Alice will really have fun with me. I think there was more than one meaning to Uncle Em’s gift…
I opened everyone’s presents. (BTW, to all of you that I’m sending this, I need help with ideas for presents from the rest of the family, including Charlie. I didn’t know what to give. There’s like five people that read my drafts, so together I think we can get everyone.)

Then my parents told me that their present was in the garage. Wondering what it could be, I nearly ran to the garage. I opened the door, and then froze. I counted the vehicles in front of me. Not satisfied, I recounted. Then I was sure; there was an extra car!! I could see the pink roof of the car, just waiting for me to come and see.
“Oh my GOD!! I don’t believe it! Thank you, thank you, thank you…!” I said, jumping in my parents arms.

“The keys are in the ignition.” My dad said, chuckling. I ran, more like skipped, to my car. That sounds good; MY car. I was now in front of it, examining it. (Writer’s note; I didn’t put the kind of car, first because I want to let the reader imagine the perfect car for Nessie, (I was picturing a small fast car, like a porch or a mustang) and second, I know nothing of cars, and I didn’t feel like doing research, so let your imagination run wild!)

It was a beautiful hot pink. I went inside; it was all black leather, comfortable yet gorgeous. I loved it. It’s perfect. I was going to start it but my father spoke up.

“You can’t drive it before you get a license. I don’t think your grandfather would be very proud.” he said. Crap. True.
It’s not that I can’t drive, I’m probably one of the best driver in town (besides my family) but Grandpa Charlie would be disappointed, being the chief of police. I made a face and got out, while Uncle Em and Uncle Jazz laughed out loud.

I made my way back to the house, still pouting, as everybody else got in, chuckling. Jacob waited for me at the door.

“Do you know how adorable you are when you’re mad?” he said, chuckling as well. I looked down, my cheeks warming up. I hate not being able to look at his eyes anymore.
Then he was serious, hesitant even.
“You, know, I could drive you up to town tomorrow, so you can take the test and, you know, get your license…” he said, his voice trailing of. Why was he hesitating? Did he think I would refuse? Silly Jacob, if only you knew…
“Of course, I would love to go with you.” I said, looking up, smiling. His face instantly lit up.
“Great, so it’s a date!” he said, probably as a joke. I don’t know why, but that word sent shivers through my body. God, girl, get a grip! I composed my face; he didn’t seem to notice his affect on me.

“Hey, my doll! Don’t worry about your car, let it go for today! Hurry up! We want to eat Esme’s wonderful cake!” boomed Uncle Em. I chuckled while getting inside. Of course, “we” meant the wolves. Even if the cake was wonderful, witch is probably the case, most of the family won’t like it. Even me, I don’t think I’ll be able to eat much of it. I’ll at least try.

As soon as food was mentioned, Jacob practically ran into the house. I went to the cake and started to cut it in big pieces, and prepared four plates for Jake, Seth, Embry and Quil. Then we all heard the car park in our driveway.

“It’s Charlie.” my dad announced. I cut one of the wolf size pieces in half and placed each half into a plate for Sue and my grandfather. I love Seth’s mom, she’s so nice. They married a couple of years ago.

“Leah’s with them,” he added. I prepared a plate for her and her husband, Jona (note for Kassidy, if I get anything wrong, just tell me). The pack was afraid she wouldn’t imprint because she’s a girl, so it was a relief when she did three years ago. She has a much better attitude since then. She took over her house when her mother married Charlie and moved in with him.

I went to greet them as they came in the house, wishing me a happy birthday. (need an idea for Charlie’s gift here) Then everybody that could enjoyed the cake. I took a bite, concentrating on my human taste. It was really good! Of course, I thought, Esme is such a good cook. Although, after two more bites, I had to stop. I have to listen to my body if I don’t want to be sick.

(if you guys have some idea to what could happen on her birthday, shoot. I kept it short, for the cause of lack of ideas. It has to end the way it ends, though, or the rest won’t work. Nothing major can happen.)

After that, we just talked and laughed about me, and going back down memory lane of when I was a kid. All and all, a great day.
Then grandpa and Leah left, and the boys either went to bed or were on patrol. My parents and I went back to our cottage while the rest took up their nightly activities.

This is the time that I dread every day; twilight. The end of a great day and, recently, the beginning of my nightmare. I got ready, went to bed, and waited for it to come.
thanks for using my story for some got all of it right...sorry it has taken me so long to read the story i have been having some personal problems...anyways i love it so far.
it's ok. And Seth and Mary are going to come later, but first something's going to happen to Jacob.
I don’t think that my nightmare is that bad; other people could get over it. But it terrifies me at night, and haunts me during the day.

It was the same as usual. I was at First beach in La Push, at the white driftwood tree. I was with Jacob, sitting on his lap. He was only wearing his shorts, and I was tracing patterns on his chest. He was talking to me, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.
Then I looked at his eyes, his beautiful, dark brown eyes. Then I traced with my eyes the shape of his nose, his cheek bones, his jaw, his lips… Suddenly my mouth was on his, kissing fiercely.

Then he pushed me away…

“Nessie, no…” he started.

“But I want to.” I said.

“No. We can’t.” he said, putting me down. He started backing up.

“No, don’t leave!” I said, almost screaming.

“I’m sorry Nessie. I can’t be with you if you act like this.”

“No, don’t go! I won’t do it again! Please stay…!” now I was screaming.

“I’m sorry Nessie…” then he transformed, the ripping sound loud in my ear, and ran into the woods.

“Jacob! No! Come back! No!!”

“Jacob!” I screamed, waking myself up. Then I started to cry. Again. This can’t happen. I won’t let it happen. I can’t lose my best friend! I can’t, I won’t lose him over this. I don’t even know what this is!
That’s when I heard my parents arguing. They never argue. I stopped crying to listen.
“We have to tell her!” my mom said, alarmed.
“And why is that?” asked my dad, in the tone he used when he was angry but tried to control it.
“You know better then anybody else why! Edward, it’s eating her up! You don’t want to tell her because you’re afraid to lose her! She’s not a little girl anymore! We can’t let her live like this because of you. Edward, she’s afraid of it! She’s afraid of the most beautiful thing in the world! We have to explain it to her.” My mom said, almost screaming. I could hear my father controlling his breath.

What was going on? I thought. Why is losing my best friend the most beautiful thing in the world? I heard my father sigh.

“It’s not like that honey.” he said. I knew that was directed to me. So did my mom.

“She’s awake?” two seconds later my mom was sitting on the bed beside me.
“Hey honey,” she said. My dad stayed at the door frame, thinking. My mom looked at me, sadness in her eyes, struggling with words. Finally she said,
“You know, you don’t have to be afraid of what you’re felling, it’s totally normal.” she started. It is? I thought.

“Yes, it is.” my dad said, answering my silent question. That makes me feel a bit better. But why are you afraid to lose me? You’re my father, I love you, I would never go away… I thought. It’s easier to think it than to say it. He sighted, and went to sit at the end of my bed.

“It’s not the way you think. You’re not my little girl anymore, you’re a woman…” I didn’t let him finish.
“Dad, I’ll always be your little girl, you know that…” I said. He smiled. “Ya, I know” he replied. “But it won’t be the same…” he added, looking away. I got out of the covers and went to give him a hug. He hugged me back.

We stopped talking, and with out my control, my dream came back to me, and the feeling I had when I saw Jacob was unbearable. I don’t want to feel like this, I…
“Nessie, stop it. You’ve got it all wrong, please clear your head, we need to talk.” my dad said. I did what he asked, concentrating on my breathing. I calmed down.

He pulled me away from the hug so I could see his face.
“Renesme, what you’re feeling is love.” my dad said, tense. It took a couple of seconds to sink in.

“What?... Love?.. No… No, I don’t feel that way for… you.” I said, confused. My mom smiled.

It’s a different love, honey. It’s much more powerful than the love you feel towards us.” my mom said, gently. I pondered over that. More powerful? Really? Already, I’d give my life for my parents, not that they would need it.

“You should tell Jacob, you know…” she added. No! I can’t tell Jacob! He’ll leave! I don’t want to lose him…
“Nessie, calm down…” my dad said, worried, following my thoughts.

“Why is she so afraid?” my mom asked. My dad looked at her.

“she’s not really afraid of what she’s feeling, she’s afraid of losing Jacob, that he’ll leave...” my dad answered. My mom looked at me, worried too.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen honey. You know Jacob wouldn’t do that to you.” She said. No, I didn’t know, I didn’t know anymore. I felt tears on my cheek.

“Mom, you don’t understand. Every night, it’s the same thing. Every night I see him get up… and walk away… telling me he can’t… be around me anymore…” now I was sobbing. My parents looked at each other, and my and held me tighter and started rocking again.

“I promise you that it won’t happen.” he said. He started to sing my mother’s lullaby. My parents stayed with me until I drifted into unconsciousness.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I could see the light of the sunrays through my closed eyes, but I didn’t feel the warmth. I hadn’t felt the warmth of the sun in a long time. I appreciated, like each morning, to wake up in a bed big enough for me. After saving Nessie, long ago, Esme extended the house with two more rooms; one for me and one for Seth. I was here all the time anyways, and so was Seth. I loved being able to actually walk around in my room. I did my mental thanks like I do every day.

Dawn, the beginning of a new day. Today is special; it’s time that I tell Nessie. I had to tell her, it was eating me up. She needed to know that I imprinted on her, so many years ago.

It seems like yesterday when I saw her adorable face for the first time. The world changed; I was happy, I was finally complete. I feel so stupid each time I remember I wanted to kill her. Now she’s my life.

Up till recently, all I needed was for her to be happy, and to be by her side. But she grew up.
As she gradually became a woman, I gradually felt a more powerful pull toward her. I was well aware of it. I knew that it would come sooner or later, and apparently it was sooner. Now, there’s not a minute in the day that I don’t think of her. She’s so beautiful… God, she’s gorgeous. I must drive Edward nuts. I chuckled slightly at the thought.

“What’s so funny?” I opened my eyes and snapped my head in the direction of the sound. She was standing in my doorframe, her skin sparkling where the sun hit her.

“Hey Bella! What’s up?” I asked. She smiled. I smiled back. Even after all we’ve been through, we were still best friends. It was just so easy to talk to her, I couldn’t help but feel perfect around her.

Her smile faded, a frown taking its place.
“What is it?” I asked, worried. I didn’t like it when my Bella was sad.

“It’s Nessie.” she said. I froze. What? What’s wrong? Is she ok? I thought. My mind couldn’t work properly.

“Jacob, calm down, she’s ok, I just need to talk to you.” she said. Sometimes I wonder if she can read my mind. She came and sat on my bed. I got up and sat beside her. She took a deep breath. It was just a reflex, she didn’t need it.

Jacob, for some time now, Nessie feels… different about you. It scares her.” Different? Different how? Why was she scared? Bella could see the confusion on my face.

“We’re pretty positives that she loves you… deeply. She’s just not sure what it is.” she said. My heart froze. She loved me? My Nessie loved me? My whole body warmed up at the thought. I was so happy.

“Jake, listen, she’s afraid that you’ll… walk away from her… because of her feelings.” she said softly. What? All of the warmth left, replaced by a sinking feeling. Did Nessie honestly think that?

“She knows I could never do that to her, doesn’t she?” I asked. Bella just looked at me, sadness in her eyes.
“Doesn’t she??” I asked again, panicking. No, Nessie, no, how could you think like that?

“It’s her dream.” Bella said, answering my silent question.

“She sees you walking away form her every night. I don’t know how long this as been going on.” she added, looking away. I was still in shock. Poor Nessie, she was torturing herself. I definitely had to tell her today.

“Don’t worry, I was going to tell her about my imprint today anyway.” I tried to keep my voice even, without success. Bella nodded.

“Can you do me a favor?” she asked, looking at me. I nodded.
“Take it slow, ok? This is totally new to her.” she said.

“Sure, sure, no problem.” I answered. She smiled, and got up.

Now, put a smile on, someone needs to get her drivers license!” she said, smiling. I smiled back. Nessie will want to go soon. Bella went downstairs and I got ready. I really hoped everything would go well today.
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

We were in his voskwagon Rabbit, driving into town so I could take my test. My arms were crossed, my body tense. I could tell that Jacob noticed. After driving for a couple of minutes, he spoke up.

“Nessie, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” He said, worried. I sighted. To make him happy I uncrossed my arms.

“I’m just nervous, that’s all.” I said. It was half true. I wasn’t nervous about the test, I had amazing reflexes. I just had to watch to speed limit. No, I was nervous about him and me being alone, sitting inches away from each other.

I jumped when he took my hand.
“Nessie, you know you’ll probably be the best driver he ever saw, right?” he asked. I just nodded, looking at our hands. He noticed my staring.

“Is this ok?” he asked, unsure, brushing my fingers back and forth with his thumb. I looked up to his beautiful face, his eyes worried. Maybe, just for now, I could forget about my dream, forget what was to come. I closed my eyes and put my head on the headrest. Smiling, I answered, “Sure, sure.” He seemed to relax.

He didn’t let go of my hand for the rest of the trip, always brushing the back of my hand. I simply enjoyed this moment, enjoyed what his hot skin on mine did to me. I enjoyed it; I gave myself hope, even though I knew it wouldn’t last

I saw her staring at our hands. Oops, was that to fast?
“Is this ok?” asked, worried. She looked up to me, her eyes deciding. Then she closed them and rested her head on her seat.

“Sure, sure.” She answered, smiling. I had to smile at that. She took that expression from me.

I held her hand the rest of the way, brushing her fingers, the back of her hand, her wrist. I hoped the means that everything will be ok.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I followed her while she was doing her test; doing all the right turns, stopping at the red lights, following the speed limit. I laughed at that. It’s so annoying to go this slow; she probably can’t wait to try her new car.

Sometimes, she’d look in the review mirror, and since I was right behind her, I’d smile and motion to be honking for going to slow. I couldn’t see her mouth, but I knew by her eyes that she was smiling. To someone normal, I might have been a distraction; but to her, I was bringing some fun into something very boring.

Finally, we headed back to the test building. As we waited for her license, I told her she could drive if we could go somewhere before heading home.

“Where are we going?” she asked, curious, but excited to drive. “You’ll see.” I answered.
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This really good! MORE MORE MORE!!
Chapter 4


Finally! I have my license! I was driving Jacob’s Rabbit, heading to La Push. I kept asking what we’re going to do, but he kept saying we just needed to talk. But I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to tell him. It was too soon. I knew I had to tell him, but… I guess it’s a message from destiny, or whatever is playing with our lives, giving me a opportunity to get this over with. It’s on a silver plate.

Really, I wasn’t planning on telling him, I was planning on showing him, showing him my dream. I don’t think I could put it into words.

“Turn here, and park the car.” he said, suddenly tense. A little surprised by his tone, I went to a parking space, and stopped the car. Oh, we were going to First beach. I guess it’s better that we’re alone when I show him…


I knew I was a little rude in the car, but I’m so nervous. What if she doesn’t understand? Taking deep breaths, I calmed down.

I broth her to the driftwood tree. I don’t know why, but I always had a thing for this place. This is where it all started for Bella, thanks to me. I wanted it to be the start for me and Nessie to. When she saw where we were going, her breathing started to quicken. Uh, strange, she must have a thing for this place to. I know Bella broth her here once or twice.

I sat on the roots, taking her in my lap. That’s when I realized she was shaking.

“Nessie, are you ok?” I asked, worried. I could see she thought about lying, but then she shook her head. “No.” she answered in a small voice.

“What is it?” I asked. She just shut her eyes and bit her lower lip, like she was afraid to tell me.

“You know you can tell me anything.” we always told each other everything. Was this what Bella was talking about?

“I can’t tell you…” she started.
“What? Why not?” I was a little shocked.

“I have to show you…” she said. She took a deep breath, and put her shaking hand on my cheek.

Then I saw her dream. I was sure it was a dream, because I never broth her here before. And she never acted like that before.

She was tracing patterns on my bear chest. She looked at me, passion in her eyes. Then suddenly she kissed me. Wow! She was dreaming of that? I was so happy. I could feel the tingle and the warmth building up again. But it all shattered and crumbled as I saw the rest.

I was pushing her away… putting her down… walking away… What? No! I would never do that to her! She knew that didn’t she? Didn’t she?! I watched in horror as I told her we couldn’t be together, and then I phased and ran into the forest. I watched her screaming, asking me to come back. It was so painful to watch. Then the dream ended. Her hand went back to her lap, as I slowly came back to reality. My face was still set in horror. She looked down.

“You know, you can leave if you want to. I’ll understand.” she said, her voice breaking at the end. What? Did she really think that? She did. She was trying to be strong, but she was sobbing. I was horror struck. I didn’t know what to say.

“Please Nessie, don’t cry. Please Nessie, Nessie, why are you crying? You now I wouldn’t do that, do you?” there had to be a specific reason for her to cry.

As she was calming down, I held her closer. How was I going to tell her how much I love her if she thought I’d leave her?


“You know, you can leave if you want to. I’ll understand.” my voice broke in the end. He wasn’t saying anything. I didn’t know what to do.

“Please Nessie, don’t cry.” he finally said. “Please Nessie. Nessie, why are you crying? You know I would never do that, do you?” he said. I’m crying? Oh, ya, I am. I tried to calm down. Then, to my surprise, he hugged me tighter. Uh. Was he feeling guilty about the dream? Probably. Then I tried to think about what he asked me. Why was I crying? Did he really mean what he asked? He was probably just trying to make me feel better. I took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to lose you Jacob.” I said. I knew it wasn’t going to help. He was going to get up and leave soon. I just cuddled closer, enjoying my last moments with him.

“Renesme.” he said. I jerked my head up. He never, ever, ever called me Renesme before. This is it. He’ll try and break it up slowly for me. I’m not going to cry. I’ll keep my head up. I’m ready for this. He saw the determination and sadness in my eyes. He didn’t look sad anymore, he looked kinda mad. I shivered.

“Renesme, what on earth made you think that I would walk away from you like that?” he asked, hard. My mind went blank. The words took time to sink in.
“What?” I said, still unable to think straight.

He didn’t say anything. I could see he was struggling with words. Then he said something I didn’t expect.

“Do you know what an imprint is?” he asked me. I thought about it. I heard Quil and Embry mention it once, but that’s it. I shook my head.

“Ok, well, it happens to us werewolves, to pass on the genes, or so we think. What happens is that when we see that special girl, the earth stops turning. That girl is now gravity for us, you know, things like that. You know Sam and Emily?” he asked. I nodded. They were very much in love.

“Well, Sam imprinted on Emily. And when we imprint, the others fells pretty much the same way we do.” he added. So, imprinting means falling in love. Ok, I thought, I think I understand.

“You know Quil and Claire?” he asked again. I nodded again. Claire came over a lot. She was so cute.

“Well, Quil imprinted on Claire when she was two.” he blurted out. What?

“Ok, now I’m confused.” I said. I was staring ahead, not daring to look at him. He chuckled.

“I thought you would be. So, imprinting isn’t exactly love at first sight. It’s more like… pure love… the kind you can find in parents… or even best friends. Quil and Claire are a good example. When she was little, Quil was like a big brother to her. Now that she’s ten, they’re more like best friends. Later on, they will probably be lovers.” he finished.

“Ok, I think I get it now.” I said. He gave me sometime to let it sink in. I still didn’t understood what it had to do with us.

“Well, now that you understand it, I… I need to tell you something…” he was more hesitant, but I didn’t look up.

“What?” I asked softly. I knew he was going to leave now.

“Nessie, I imprinted on you the day you were born.” he blurted out. My mind was working in slow motion. Then it sunk in. Did it… mean… that… he…

Seeing that I wasn’t reacting, he put his hand under my chin and lifted my head till our eyes met.

“Renesme, I love you more than anything else in the world combined. It’s you, not gravity, that’s holding me down. I love you more than my own life. You are my life now.” he said with passion.

He let go of my chin, but brushed my jaw line with his fingers. I kept staring at him. I couldn’t believe this, it didn’t make sense.

“Am I dreaming?” I finally asked. If so, it was a very good dream. That makes more sense. Ya, that’s it, I’m dreaming. Then why does his touch feel so real? He chuckled.

“No love… your not dreaming.” he said. Wow. I liked the sound of that word. Then I smiled. It was true. It was real. He loved me. Wow…

I saw something change in his eyes; they were determined, fierce. I almost looked away, but I couldn’t get my eyes off him. Then he smiled.

“You know what? I’ll even prove it to you.” he said, taking hold of my chin again. Then slowly, he bent down, and gently put his lips on mine.

I couldn’t believe it. Then feeling was even better than in my dream. I felt like flying, and he was the only thing holding me down. He wasn’t fierce and attacking, like I’ve been in that stupid dream. He was gentle, a little hesitant, taking it slow. It was amazing.
Too soon, he pulled away. I wanted more.

“Are you awake now?” he asked, teasing. Still speechless, I nodded. He smiled slightly, apparently amused.

“What’s so funny?” I asked. Now he smiled his sunny smile. I had to smile back.

“Well, apparently, you mom thought that your dad was a dream, to.” he answered, chuckling. Uh, that is kinda funny. I chuckled too.

Then I looked at his eyes again, for I had looked slightly away. What I saw there almost frightened me. There was so much passion, so much love, it seemed like it was burning him. Without looking away, he held my chin tighter, and broth my body closer to his with his other arm. It was so long that his hand was holding my thigh tightly. He looked at me, his eyes burning. Then his mouth was on mine again.

He wasn’t hesitating this time. It was much more fierce, much more passionate, but yet not attacking. I was in bliss. His hand holding my chin now went to the back of my neck, securing it so I couldn’t move. Not that I wanted to. He kept going, his tongue tracing my lips, my gums, my own tongue, while I did the same. Somehow, one of my hands found its way to his hair, witch I was now clutching, pushing him closer. My other arm was stuck between our two bodies, tight together.

I wanted to kiss him forever, but we needed some air. Unwillingly, we both pulled away, breathless, still holding each other. I used that moment to wiggle my other arm from between us, and fling it around his neck. That just made us kiss again. I didn’t think I could be happier then at that moment.

Once again, we had to let go, breathing heavily. We took that time to look at each other. There was so much passion burning in his eyes, my fears of losing him seemed so silly now. He was smiling, and I knew I was smiling to. He closed his eyes and kissed my forehead. Then his hand moved up from my neck to my head, and he pushed me against his chest, cradling me. He rocked me back and forth, holding me tighter.

We didn’t speak, just appreciating being with each other. Then he broke the silence.

“You have no idea how happy I am right now.” I smiled. He continued, “I didn’t know how you would react. I was so nervous.” he added. I chuckled.

“What?” he asked, his hand moving back to my chin and pulling my head up so he could see my eyes. I stroked his jaw line with my finger tips while talking.

“Jacob, at least, for you, it had a chance to go either way. Me, I was positive that you would… walk away.” I said, my voice breaking. That seemed to upset him. He clenched his teeth, and he looked so sad. I just wanted the crease on his forehead to disappear. I smiled.

“Jacob, being with you… I’ve never been so happy in my life.” The crease eased a bit. I was getting him back. “I just feel so stupid for doubting you.” I started, “My subconscious should have known that you were better than that.” I said teasingly. It hit the weak spot. He pressed his mouth on mine, and kissed me fiercely, releasing the pain he felt. Too soon, he pulled away and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his chest. I couldn’t believe my dream had such an effect on him.

“I’m sorry.” I said. He sighted. “It’s ok, it was just a dream.” he replied. I’m not sure if he was comforting me or himself. He lightly stroked my arm with the tip of his fingers. I was glad that Alice made me wear a summer dress today; I felt electricity pass through me at his touch.

“You know,” I started, “I could stay like this forever.” He chuckled. “What?” I asked, looking up. He took hold of my chin again, and looked at me so intensely I shivered.

“Nessie, honey,” the passion in his voice made me shiver again, “don’t you get it? We do have forever.” he said, brushing my jaw line. It didn’t take me long to put it together. I’m going to stay 18 forever. If he keeps shifting into a werewolf, he doesn’t age. Forever. We had forever. I could have him… forever. My face probably showed what I was feeling because he chuckled. I smiled.

“I love you.” He said, resting his forehead on mine. I smiled. “I love you more.” I said, teasing, but as I said it, I knew it was true. He chuckled.

“I don’t think so…” he replied. I pulled back, looking at him skeptically. Then I remembered something; quite sometime ago, I found out that with my power, I could show what I think and see, but I can also show emotions. I smiled.

“What?” he asked, curious. Still smiling, I put my hand on his cheek and gave him all I could, all that I felt in the past months.

I watched in delight as his eyes grew wider and his mouth dropped. I knew it. He wasn’t expecting that.

Without breaking the contact, I moved my hand to trace his lips with my fingers. “I love you more.” I said again teasingly. That made him snap out of it. He took my face in his hand and kissed me hard.

This time, we were both attacking. We were kissing fiercely, our hands taking part of it this time. His were traveling on my sides, my back, my stomach, while I traced his wolf size muscles. I was dizzy, I forgot where we were, I couldn’t feel anything else but him.

But our lungs needed air. We pulled away unwillingly, breathless again. That’s when I realized…

“How come we’re on the ground?” I said, taking shallow breaths. He was on top of me, supporting his weight with his elbow, his legs tangled with mine.

“I don’t know.” He said, as surprised as I was. He laughed, and then looked at me. Slowly, he gently put his mouth back on mine, taking it slow. I did the same, just enjoying being with him. I don’t know what I did to deserve so much happiness.

I jumped when I felt something cold and wet alongside my body. The tide was coming in. We laughed and got up. He took my hand as we walked back to his car. After a couple of feet he tensed up.

“What is it?” I asked, worried. He looked at me with a concerned look. “We have to go back home.” he said. I didn’t understand his concern. Why was he upset? We have to go home, the others will be worried. Oh!

“The others.” I said, understanding. What would they say?

“I’m not sure how they’ll react.” Jacob said, searching my face. I didn’t know what to think. My dad was the one I was worried about. I looked at Jacob… and I knew one thing. Not my father, not anybody, would stop me from loving this man. I stood up on my toes and kissed him quickly.

“Let’s go find out.” I said. He smiled, and we continued our walk to the people who will make our life either wonderful or miserable.
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You'll find out in the next chapter.
It's okay Zathura, you have a great story going on here and i would like it to keep going :D:D:D


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