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The Other Mind Reader is about a 17 year old human girl named Jamie. She has blonde hair and green eyes that moves to Forks. Her life is completely ordinary. Except for the fact that she can read mind. She moves to forks and meets Edward Cullen. She finds out to quickly he's a vampire. Well you hav to read the rest to find out more so go ahead......

Most characters are owned by Stephanie Meyer

Chapter 1: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!

I was walking to my next class with KC it was a regular day you know boring classes, disgusting lunch. Nothing different until I passed Julie Bax on my way to Biology.

"Yuck! Look at that skirt that Jamie is wearing! Did she find it at the very bottom of a trash can?”
I turned around at what seemed like lighting speed.

"Excuse me". Then Julie looked at me like I was crazy! So I just started t curse her out, but she just kept staring at me.

I turned away with a smile on my face feeling very proud of myself for standing up to her. Then I turn to KC to brag about my awesomeness, but she had the same look that Julie had. "What, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Why did you curse out Julie? I know she can be mean, but she didn’t say anything to you this time."

Then I had the same face as Julie and KC "What are you talking about didn't you hear her make fun of my skirt?"

"Jamie, Julie didn't say any thing to you, I was right next to you I would have heard if you did"

I must have been imagining things “O well she deserved it any way! Now I don’t have to freak out the next time she makes fun of me!"

Then we laughed are heads off and we were off to biology again.

Every body seemed to be talking during biology, but it was more like a quite whisper but I could understand all of it. I didn't talk because I was fail biology and my mom was going to kill me if I didn't bring it up, but I had a hard time concentrating with all the talking. The weird thing is Mr. Ferto didn't seem to care. I really don't care I just cant wait to get home to hang out with KC.

As soon as I got into the hall every body seemed to be talking really loud. It’s like some put a mega phone to my ear and talk into it with the volume on high.

Then out of no where I just start screaming "Will every body please SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Then every body turns to me and there staring at just like Julie and KC. Staring at me. Staring at me like, like I’m crazy.

Then KC turns to me starts looking at me like im crazy.

"Jamie the hall is as quite as its ever been in months, are you ok?"

Then I just start hyperventilating. My breathing getting faster and faster.

I start running down the hall way at full speed screaming "GET OUT OF MY HEAD, EVERBODY GET OUT OF MY FREAKING HEAD!!!"
I’m sorry the chapter is so short my first ever. I just want to get the background info on Jamie! Don’t worry the Cullen’s r coming!!!

Chapter 2: Start Over

It’s been about 2 years since my episode back in Gator High in my home town of Jacksonville, Florida. After that my parents were so worried about me and scared that they put me in a mental hospital. Well it turn out I’m not crazy, the doctors say a had a break down but I found out I can read minds. I know it is kind of weird but it's true.

A week after the accident I kept hearing voices and I was able to focus on one voice. I picked the one that sounded like my mom. I asked her what she was thinking about and it matched what the voice I kept hearing among hundreds.

Now that I know what going on with me I stopped crying myself to sleep thinking I’m going crazy. I still had the problem of actually going to sleep with the many voices of people minds screaming though my brain. Eventually In figured it out I have to sing in my head if I actually want to get anything done. I usually sing Check yes Juliet or Stay Young by We the Kings.

My moms got really worried about how I would the other kids react after me being gone for a year and a half of being gone with all the rumors about me being crazy. So we deiced to move pretty much to the other side of the country, to the very small town of Forks, Washington.

There are many reasons why my family is happy. My parents are happy because they think this small town won’t put as mush stress on me. No one knows my past so I won’t be made fun of or be put out as an outcast. But I’m happy because it is a small town so I won’t be able to read as many peoples thoughts. YES!!!! It will get a little quitter.

Chapter 3- first day

As soon as we arrived into town it felt like it got a whole lot quitter fast. Before we even got to the house I was fast asleep.

But my first day of school was a different story.

Every body was all up in my face. Some times this mind reading thing has its good sides. I can actually see if these people are actually worth my time. There was only really one person I really like. Her name was Angela Weber. She was so nice inside and out. She reminded me of my old friend KC back in Florida. The rest of were ok I guess except for Jessica Stanley. OMG you think at first she's really nice until you hear her think. She was just angry that I was getting all the attention. I really pay much attention to her after that.

I had a few classes with Jessica. Spanish, Math, and History, and the worst part are that she insisted that she sit by me in all of them. So I did what I always did sing in my head, but I had to scream it because she could tell I wasn't paying any attention to her so she got very irritated with me. WOW! That girl can scream very loud in her head. I sat by Angela and some of her other friends at lunch and this boy I think Mike was his name couldn’t stop staring at me and having weird images of me in his head. I had to control myself from me tiring not to go over there and try to strangle him. Then when I was tiring to block him out by singing I saw him.

O here he comes this will be Edwards

Chapter 4: First Sight


Just another dull day going to classes, listing to the same lectures that I heard about 90 times, and going to lunch and sit there and stare off into space barely listing to the pointless chatter of teens in the back ground. They were all talking about the new girl who moved here from Florida. The girls thinking maybe that they'll get a new best friend and the boys happy that there will be something new to look at.

The only thoughts I really pay attention to are my families. Alice, Jasper, Emmet, and Rosalie. Alice was just thinking about when will the best day to shoping. Probably the day after we go hunting this Friday.

Then all of a sudden I heard a voice. This voice was louder that the others and it was singing.

It was a different voice. It’s probably the new girl then she looked straight at me. Her voice was beautiful and I didn't want it to stop.

I looked to see where the singing was coming from. It came from a small girl about 17. She had brown blonde hair. A mix between Alice’s and Rosalie's. With big green eyes that made her face color lighter and her face rounder. Her lips were big and thick. With a light pick lipstick on them making them shimmer when the light hit them just right.

Then she looked straight at me.

Then she started talking which was equally as beautiful.

"That so sweet he thinks my voice is beautiful. Wait I've never talked to him before. Right I must be going crazy."

Now I got confused. How did she know I think her voice is beautiful? "Hello"

"Hi" she said with some fear in her voice.

Then we both yelled in synchronization 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Tell me what you guys think of and if I should write more? This is my first Fan fic and I’m a little unsure.:)

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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep riting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is soooooooooooooooooooo cool ur awesome keep writing i love it cant wait for more
ill try!!!
Can't wait!!!
calm down im writting the next chapter now!!!!
hope u enjoy this chapter!!!!!
tell me if u like it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 14- a new beginning

I cried what felt like for days. I couldn’t get over the fact that they were all dead. I felt like something feel out of my chest. It couldn’t be my heart because it had stopped beating a little while ago. I think my soul might have died as soon as Jane told me though. I feel completely lifeless, because life without Edward has no meaning.

I finally got up the strength to get up of my feudal position in the middle of the floor. I was in small room with on tiny window. It looked like a dungeon, with a small mattress lying on the floor along with fire lit torch in the corner of the room. It was the only thing lighting up the room, but I didn’t need it. I practically had night vision. I already knew almost everything about vampires from the Cullen’s. I wasn’t shy about asking questions about vampires, I wanted to know what I was getting into.

I walked around to the small window near me it was night and everyone was in bed expecting a couple of tourist drunks acting like idiots. All their dreams seemed pretty peaceful. Little did they know that a whole group of blood thirsty vampires and one defected one almost in their back yard.

I went over to the mirror that seemed oddly out of place in this small room. I had to check my ‘battle scars’ that Felix gave me right after changed. I went to the mirror and the first thing I noticed was my face. It was like I was staring at a familiar stranger. I’d seen the face before but I could trace the name. I was gorgeous, but that’s how all vampires are.

Then I noticed my arm, and they were nasty. They were long red jagged marks that streamed down both my arms. They looked allot better that when I got them, but it was going to be a while until I could wear a tang top again, if I decided to live that long.

I went to the old beat up mattress and sat down. I picked up my locket which was on a very long chain that went all the way down to my breasts. I open it and gasped. I had to put my hand over my mouth, because I saw him. I nearly forgot how he could take my breath away, even though I knew I didn’t even need to breathe. I still couldn’t believe he’s gone. I could feel tears slowly running down my cheek when it hit me. I was crying, real tears. Normal vamps usually… check that NRVER actually cried. Ok things are just getting worse and worse by the minute.

I closed the locket slowly as I wiped the tears that were spread across my face. I hopped of the bed and went to the door. I was really angry at the moment at the Volturi and imagined the door flying off. Then all of a sudden it swung open swiftly.

“Hmm… that was weird” I said out loud. Then I slowly, or what felt slow to me walked out of the room, and walked out into a huge hall way. It was covered in paintings that I didn’t even pay attention to their beauty I was blinded by my fury.

I kept walking or practically sprinting at human speed till I reached a balcony that over looked the large room that I was in when I first got here.

It was filled with a bunch of other vampires and they seemed to be getting very restless. I took a big sniff of sir and there was an odd smell in the air, kind of like when I walked by Gianna. There must be humans near…. Oh crap.

Then right on cue a rather large group of humans walked in. Most of all of them were adults except for this one teenage girl. She was around my age maybe even a year younger. She had long chocolate brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She looked oddly familiar.

She looked around until I caught her eye. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds until her attention was direct at the other vamp that walked through the door. She was beautiful, what vamp isn’t.

“Ah Heidi I’m so glad your back” Aro said joyfully “I see your catch is bigger than last time”

The thoughts of the humans got all confused and scared. They started murmuring to each other saying like “What’s going on” and “This is getting freaky”

I looked over to the familiar looking girl and she was scared but she was still pretty calm. Then all of a sudden I recognized her. I went to school with her for like two weeks. Her name was Isabella Swan. Oh My God! She was chief Swans daughter.

We just kept staring at each other. I wondered if she recognized me. Her thought we’re all jumbled up with a bunch of other human’s worried thoughts and mine I just couldn’t concentrate. Then all of a sudden I heard screams coming from humans that were closest to the vampires.

Then I saw Felix launch himself at Bella. That just pushed me over the edge. I jumped of the balcony and flew towards them. I managed to get Felix off of the without even touching him. He flew across the room with quite some force.

I turned to Isabella who was lying unconscious of the floor with blood all over her body. Felix didn’t bite her or anything but when I threw him off of her I guess he tried to hold on to her, he scratched her up real bad and when he landed on her he broke a bunch of her ribs.

I picked her up gently as the rest of the vampire surrounded me trying to get to her. But I pushed them back some how, and hissed at them.

I flew right back up to the balcony without even thinking about it. I ran into my room type thing and slammed the door behind me without even touching it.

I laid her on the mattress gently. Her breathing was becoming slow, and for some reason I couldn’t let her die.

I snuck my teeth into her neck for only a short amount of time. As soon as I knew the venom had spread through her enough I released her and spit out the blood I had to suck to give her the venom. It really didn’t taste good at all, it made me feel sick inside.

Her thoughts quickly turned to the burning pain going on inside her, which meant the venom was working. It pained me to see her this way but I knew it was the only way. So I took her in my arms and started to sing the lullaby that Edward wrote for me.

Bella’s POV (this is before they went to the castle)

Oh my gosh Italy is so beautiful. I was so glad I decided to go here with my school on a class trip.

Are bus pulled in to this beautiful little village of Volturi, Italy. It was said that vampires you to be all around the city and the man St. Marcus found a way to kill them all and drive the rest of them away. They even have a day named after him it’s called St. Marcus Day, it on March 19.

I walked around with my friend KC until we reached this big beautiful square where this big clock tower was. It was so beautiful, I turned to my friend KC to see what she thought of it, and she had one little tear going down her check.

I put my arm around her shoulder to comfort her. “KC what wrong?” She sniffled “Oh it’s just that my old friend Jamie would have loved this”

I sighed “I’m sure where ever she’s fine, and why do you care you haven’t had any contact with you in over three years”

I remember Jamie. She was pretty and always specked her mind; we were starting to become ok friends before her incident happened in front of the entire school. Then her and her parents moved cross country to this little town in the middle of no where and nobody’s heard from her since. People made rumors that she went nuts on us, some say she had a break down, but I always had a feeling there was something more. I’ve never told anyone about this because I never found out what that something is and I didn’t question it.

My strain of thought was broken by are annoying Italian teacher Miss Lay (not very Italian) “Ok kids you have about two hours to walk around the city, meet back right here at 6. Ok”

We all answered ok and went off in different directions. KC and I went to a cute little boutique and KC ran around like a bee while I watched her. I wasn’t into the whole shopping scene. If it weren’t for KC I would be wearing flare jeans and a T-shirt instead of a blue skinny jeans and a blouse, because KC said blue was my color. I was like her life size Barbie doll.

After that we went to a small café and got some food in drinks. We sat around and talked for a while until it was time to start walking back to the square.

We got there 30 minutes early which is a change for KC. We waited for a couple of minutes until there was a bunch of people surrounding this beautiful woman. She was taking people on a tour of the Volterra castle. I was intrigued, I went over to the woman to follow her, but KC refused to go she said there was just something weird about her, but I didn’t see it.

I walked with them for a couple minutes then I noticed I was the only teenager I a group of adult tourist. We went through this huge lobby, and there was even a receptionist, she was would have been pretty if our tour guide wasn’t in the room.

We went through these humongous, beautiful doors. Then we were in a rather large room. It was already pretty filled with people. The room was beautiful though, my eyes went from every corner, until something caught my eye. It was a was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and there was allot a beautiful people in this room. She was on a balcony that over looked us.

She was just staring at me, and for some reason she looked oddly familiar, I think I’ve seen her before somewhere, but I think I would have remembered a face like hers. Then a man who was in a throne like chair started to talk.

“Ah Heidi I’m so glad your back” the very, very white man said happily “I see your catch is bigger than last time”

Then every body started whispering things, they were kind of freaking out. But seriously what did he mean by ‘catch’ this was just getting weird. Hen my attention went back to the beautiful girl. Our eyes were locked for a couple more seconds till there was screams coming out of know where. I looked over to see the beautiful people that were here before us on top of the tourist and doing what seemed to be biting there necks.

Then all of sudden a rather large man launched himself at me and then I was on the ground. He was holding me down to the ground. I felt pain going through my chest. He must of broke a couple of my ribs. He cocked back his head getting ready to take a bite out of my neck. Then all of a sudden he flew off of me. Leaving scratches where he tried to hang on. I could feel my breathing getting slower, then the beautiful girl from the balcony picked me up off the floor.

I kept going in and out of consciousness, but the one thing I do remember is the girl bending down to bite my neck, but it was only for a quick second. She let go and walked away from me. I could hear spitting noises from across the room the all of a sudden I felt burning going through my whole body starting with my neck. I actually felt like I was catching on fire. The burning went to my chest, then to my arms and legs. It was excruciating pan, and I had a feeling it was going to last a while.

Then the girl took my almost lifeless body in her arms and started to hum the most beautiful lullaby I’d ever heard. It took my mind off the pain a little, but I still knew it was there.
ha ha ha... or else what?
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