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Edward and Bella have lived next door to each other all their lives but never had a chance to sit down and get to know each other. The Cullen family owns many business's across the country and a famous french Restaurant. what happens when the most wanted man in America wants Bella and only looks at her through the other side of a giant double sided mirror.

I do not own the twilight characters but do use the characters. lucky stephanie meyer.

Ch. 1 long lived crush

I am Edward Cullen, son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, brother too Jasper and Emmett Cullen, and wanted by the women in Washington. Many people think of me as a player because that’s what the magazines and newspapers write. I love having companies spread over the world and knowing people know who I am but I also hate not being able to go out with a decent girl because no one wants me for me everyone wants me for money. My mom Esme owns a restaurant she calls Le Tapis Rouge it’s a very elegant restaurant named by my great grand parent who lived in France, hence the name being French translated to English it means the red carpet. They started it with hopes of it becoming big and loved by all the important people in the states, Esme did just that by advertising it and now many “important people” like celebrities and authority figures come to eat. My mom was poor when she met my father, Carlisle fell in love with her and both of their parents agreed so here we are.

“Having fun looking at the girl of you dreams” Jasper said strolling in casually.

“Jazz I am hopeless aren’t I?” I asked him. See there was this girl who worked at my restaurant, actually Esme was in love with Bella because she was her late best friend Renee’s daughter. My attraction started when I first saw her at the age of 6 and she was only 5, yeah yeah young love, but she never noticed me. I would see her playing at our school and I remembered sharing crayons with her whenever Em and Jazz weren’t around.

I had just gotten a break from Emmett and Jasper who were currently watching power rangers the movies (that is the best movie ever) and ms. Wonderful told us to do something because she was grading papers for her 6th grade class.

“hi Bella” I said shyly, I went to sit in the green chair while she sat in the blue.

“hi Edward” she looked up “Do you want to draw something?” she was playing with her hands.

“yeah that sounds like a lot of fun” I grinned like I had one a whole batch of cookies. We pulled a piece of paper out and some crayons to start drawing. In the middle of our session I saw her looking for some more colors.

“here Bella” I said passing her the crayon box, “ we can both use the crayons.” I passed her the box and she kindly accepted them.

10 minutes later….

“hey Ederd…can I see what your drawing?”

“yup” she sat closer to me and we exchanged papers.

“wow that’s a pretty sun Ederd” Bella said smiling.”

“really” I grinned cheekily as she nodded.

*end of flashback*

I know who likes someone after they share crayons with her…but as she got older I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to be with her. And then high school came around and I got pushed up because Emmett was super popular and Bella was left to fend for herself. I was always happy she had Alice and Rosalie to befriend with, Jasper being a year younger than me but still in my grade along with Bella, Alice, and Rosalie because all of them were either to smart or made the age mark to be in the our class. Jasper also had a slight crush on Alice and Emmett had a crush on Rosalie but we never talked to the much because we were in the popular crowd and the weren’t. Bringing me back to the future, Bella liked to look over herself but that wasn’t going to happen with Esme and Sarah being with her. She was currently working for a Publishing company and working part time here. And every day she would clean the large mirror that reflected our guest, but she didn’t know that this was a double sided mirror that we got to look over the people. That was were I got to see her because I didn’t have enough power to go up her and ask her out.


“welcome to our restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Banks!, do you have a reservation?” I asked sweetly. I loved working here. Oh I didn’t even get to introduce myself, I am Isabella Swan but I like to be called Bella. I work at two places, full time at a publishing company and part time here taking calls, calculating the expenses, and occasionally cleaning up.

“yes” Mr. Banks answered me. I looked down the list and found their name with the number 4 across it.

“are two more people joining you tonight?” I asked walking them to an empty table.

“yes! My daughter and her husband are coming down to see us! All the way from Italy.” I smiled to them but I didn’t feel it . This happened so many times to them, they would make reservations for 4 and then the other 2 never came.

“that’s nice… well our waiters will be out with your preferable wine” I walked away with hope that their daughter would make it.

“Angela” I called from the podium.

“yes” Angela was my partner here at the restaurant and I don’t know where I would be without her today.

“it’s the Banks!” I smiled knowing that wall I had to say. I was walking through the tables when I heard the usual gossip going around.

“Janice did you know Edward, Jasper, and Emmett are single?” the girl said. Great more people talking about the three famous sons of America.

“Yeah I did Laurice they are like the cutest things on this planet.” one of them leaned toward the mirror and fixed her hair. Wait I hadn’t clean that! Another thing to do.

“well whatever you too they wouldn’t go out with us…we are like only 16” another girl said.

“we can hope” Janice said. What did she know? I have had this huge crush on Edward ever since I was 16 years old because he saved me from falling down the stairs.


I had just gone to go pick up a dress Esme had bought for me from Italy when she had gone their during the summer.

“Bye Esme! I really love the dress but you shouldn’t have!” I said walking toward the stairs.

“Oh Bella nonsense it is going to look spectacular on you” I smiled at her and forgot the stair were close by when I tripped over the banister. Waiting for the stairs to bruise my body two arms came intact with my waist and I was set on the ground. Turning to see my savior I ducked my head and immediately recognized the scent, it was Edward.

“Bella please be careful.” Edward said embracing me.

“Thank you Edward”

“I am walking you down the stairs” Edward said.

“no Edward” but it was too late he was walking with me holding the side of my body. When we finally made it to the door I thanked him and he closed the door muttering something…

*End of flashback*

I knew the brothers because I myself lived at the Brandon’s which was next door to the cullens mansion and were my best friend since forever lived. Esme the owner of this restaurant and Sarah Alices mom took me as their child after Renee my mom died. I was
A wreck because I had already lost Charlie that same year. Edward would at times play with Alice and I or we would see them in high school from time to time. Alice, Rosalie (my other best friend), and I were always made fun of, which I don’t understand because they were beautiful. The Cullens however lived the life of luxury all their lives they
were always considered popular.

Now Alice, Rosalie, and I lived in a lovely flat in New York and we all had two jobs even though we didn’t need them we liked to have the feeling of assurance in our lives. My parents had left me with a lot of money but I only used it for University. Alice has her own line of clothing and Rosalie is a super model but also a car designer. I looked at the clock and saw 3 hours had passed, most of the people were gone, The banks were still awaiting their guests, and I had a mirror to clean.

Edward= 23
Bella =22
Rosalie=23 (had to start in their class because her b-day is in December.)

Bella’s Work outfit:

Angela’s work outfit:


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plz plz plz PLZ write more!! it was so good!!
I don't like it at all! i love it :D!
I like this story, please continue it! Keep me posted.

i want to thank ELTC for making me this banner!!!i love it Ch.2

“Edward honey!” My mothers voice had cut through my thoughts easily, I just didn’t want her too.


“I need you to go outside and talk to the Banks…I feel the need to do something special for the next time they come in. maybe you can sit and have dinner with them?” she asked anxiously.
“I will think about it mom” I walked into the kitchen to be greeted by the chef and crew who were working up a menu for tomorrows guest.

“anthing you recommend?” I asked hating the silence. All my life I found it hard to be in a room or area with other people and not talk.

“well sir our special today is the chicken parmesan” the chef was about to continue when he was cut off.

“whats in it that is so special?” I asked honestly curious.

“the secret sauce our dear chef refuses to tell us about” a silky voice answered my question. I turned around to see Bella Swan her smile illuminating the very mood of the kitchen. Her chocolate brown hair, her cheeks painted with a faint red, and her long, mahogany hair cascading down her back. It was a sight that could make all men psychotic, including the waiters who were ogling at her.

“Can the boss’s son not even know about the secret sauce?” I asked sweetly.

“sorry sir I could tell you but then I would have to kill you” Bella and Angela, who had just joined the crowd laughed loudly at my curiosity. I missed hearing her voice…If I wanted a chance to dine with her I would have to ask her.

“so Bella what do you recommend?” she thought deeply about the question that was thrown at her.

“Ummmm….the chef makes a mean Mushroom ravioli…but you may not like it.” she looked down shyly.

“I guess I will have the mushroom ravioli, but I do need it to be wrapped up and ready to go in about 20 minutes because I am awfully tired.” I yawned to add the effect and realized I hadn’t even asked her to join be for dinner.

Come on Edward you can do this…. “Bella….”

Okay now you can just ask her” would you join me while I wait?” phew…now that wasn’t so hard. Right?

“I don’t know…I am working…and…” she was going to say no. oh god please send a savior to save me.

“nonsense!” Angela interrupted thankfully. Bella looked at me and smiled. Wait she smiled AT ME!!!!!!! My heart was jumping out of my chest.

“I guess I can” I walked over to her took her hand in mine, enjoying the warmth tat radiated off of it and walked out of the kitchen feeling like a million dollars.


I couldn’t believe Edward wanted to sit with me. I was beyond nervous, he was gorgeous. I looked at him memorizing all his features. His bronze hair that was combed back, his green eyes that shined brightly under the lights in the restaurant. His cheek bones were angled so when he would look at me and smile it made me wonder how such a man was created. I took over and guided him to a table near the front while he pushed me towards the back. I decided it was my turn to let someone show me to a table.

“so how have you been Bella?” he asked taking me out of my staring.

“I have been great Edward. You?”

“fine. So Esme was telling me you are also a publisher am I mistaken?”

“no” “I have been with my publishing company for a year now and enjoy every moment of it.”

“so what kind of books have truly intrigued you?”

“Edward are you going to keep asking me questions or do I get to ask some?”

“hmmmm….20 questions it is!” he grinned at me. The same grin he had as a child.

“so how do you like it here in New York? And how is Emmett and Jasper!? Gosh I miss the heck out of them.”

“Well I love New York, still after all these years and cant find one reason to leave it behind.” “as for my brothers they are doing fine. Emmett is now one of the four company owners and he owns the Lakers. Jasper also owns most of the companies and teaches the civil war classes as many universities. So that was 2 questions, now its my turn.” I looked around the restaurant to see the Banks leaving their dinner with sad faces. But before I could ask Edward what his question was he walked to the couple and asked them something. They smiled at me and then shook their heads eagerly agreeing to whatever Edward had said. He walked back looked at his watch and then at me.

“I was wondering if you would like to join the banks for dinner here on Friday?” he asked sweetly. Alice and Rose were going to freak about this.

“is the EDWARD CULLEN asking me on a date?” I asked. He bent down so he was eye to eye with me.

“yes…I want the ISABELLA MARIE SWAN to accompany me for dinner.”
“I would love to!” I smiled at him. he turned around, picked up his dinner, and walked back to our table.

“hey I get to ask the next question.” okay well that was a complete surprise. But this is Edward Cullen and I am sure he is full of surprises. I watched him leave the restaurant and nearly fell onto the table. Now I needed an outfit and my two best friends. I went back into the kitchen and saw Esme was talking away with Sarah and Alice. When did Alice come in? she squealed as she saw me and hugged me, for a pint sized woman she had the power of a jungle cat. Her eyes were green and her hair a jet black that was short and flat ironed today. She did have a business meeting today and was looking cute in her outfit.

“I cant believe you are going on a date with Edward!! My neighbor Edward! The Edward who’s brothers name is Jasper and neighbors name is Alice!!! ME!!!!” she jumped up and down but was pulled back by her mom.

“honey you guys are going to look great together!” she started to Jump like Alice had and Esme started to join.

“I always loved you as a daughter and now you are going to be closer to one!!!”

“guys is just asking me to have dinner with the Banks. it’s a Friendly gesture!” how much I wished it was the exact opposite of a friendly gesture.

“you know you want it to be the exact opposite of a friendly gesture!!” she squealed yet again and that caused me to crack a smile.

“ahhhh!!! I knew it! We can all be future Cullens!! Honestly related.” what did she say?


“you, me, and Rose! She has been crushing on Emmett since forever!”

“yay I will get the best daughters ever!!!!” Esme yelled.

“but we need to find you a outfit! I will do your hair and makeup!”

“and you are not working on Friday honey!!” Esme said.

“okay we go shopping tomorrow!!!” Sarah yelled. Now I was for sure they were mother and daughter. As I looked at them plan every detail out I couldn’t help but smile at the people who I truly loved and could not live with out.

well i hope you guys like it! thanks for reading this ff! well comment and i would love another banner! and want to again thank ELTC for making this lovely banner!
i loved it plz keep me updated
I really like this story it's fun to see Edward and Bella crushing on each other!!
keeep me posted
love it can't wait 2 read more plz keep me updated!!!
great chapter!! :)
im glad they are going
on a date!!!! finally!! i hope it goes really well!!! :) It!!!
L0L awsome
write moree
yaaay! loved write more asap plzzzz


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