The Twilight Saga

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                  I was in the drought of my life for as long as I could remember. It wasn't until I was 15 until things changed. That was the only monsoon in my life. When people met me they gave me strange looks like I was crazy. But,I didn't (not until later) think so. I just knew I was different. I was the girl who no one wanted to talk to. I would come home and I pray at night that I would meet others like me. And I did.
                  I was never normal. But they, they made is different like I could belong like I was something to them. I finally could see who I truly was,not what others wanted me to be,especially not my mother. For now I could just let me be me. 

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I like it :) it;'s very interesting, I feel bad for the main character already, I wonder what happened to her, please carry on and keep me posted

Chapter 1

There was a mist surrounding the clearing. The grass was slick and wet underneath my bare feet. I was in an open field in what seemed to be the woods. Tall evergreens surrounded me on all sides, I was standing there waiting. For what I couldn't tell you. The angry sky rumbled and water started to pour. Then out of seemingly no where he appeared. He had brown curly hair and lightly tanned skin. His dark eyes were hostile. He opened his mouth to say something but then,

"DESTINY ARE YOU UP YET? YOU DONT WANT TO BE LATE FOR YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! " My eyes snapped open. I took a deep breath and ran my fingers through my hair. 
"Yeah mom," I call out. Throwing off my heavy comforter, I slowly crawled out of bed, gingerly I set my feet on the cold hardwood floor. The cold air caused goosebumps to errupt on my skin. Padding to my bathroom I splah my face with water and brush through my brown hair that falls into big waves. Out of the corner of my eye I can see snow falling outside. Then I hear the slam of the door as Mom leaves for work, she won't be home untill late tonight. I grab my bag and run downstairs pulling on my boots on my way down the stairs. I grab a piece of toast and then head out to the garage. My poor old Slug Bug will probably croak in this weather, I thought angerly as I slam the door and back out of the garage.

Welcome to Misery, Minesota absoulte hell for a Southern California girl like me. I shudder at the snow, I hate absoultly hate the cold. It's Febuary in the middle of the second semester, great. I pull up into the parking lot at the local Highschool. I know I only have a permit but my birthday is in a month so what's the harm in it anyways. Grabbing my bag from the passenger side I slip out of the car and duck my head. Hopefully nobody will notice me. Wrong. I stick out like a sore thimb with my tan skin and of course in most small towns everybody knows everybody. Despite all the whispers and stairs I manage to get down to the main office without anybody saying anything to me directly. I just want to keep my head down and get through the day.

"Honey you the new student?" The office lady asked. I nodded and grabbed all my papers out of my bag and hand them to her. Then after signing a few things she hands me my ID and my schedual. The bell had rung long ago so she signs me a pass and I walk down the empty halls on my way to first period English. It's acctually quite creepy walking down these empty halls. I come to the door of first period, great the teacher is giving a lecture so I get to walk into class when everybody is looking at the front of the room. Oh, goodie. I take a deep breath and open the door. The teacher stops and the whole class just stairs at me like I just walked in with only my underwear on. I hand my teacher, whoose name is Mr.Kelly, my pass and other papers.

"Class this is Destiny Stien.She's from California. You can take a seat next to Ben right over there." He points to a boy. Oh my god. That's him, the boy from my dream. Then our eyes meet and he goes rgid all over with wide eyes. I kind of just stand there with a stupid expression on my face. Then some one clears their throat and we both snap out of it. I quickly make my way over to the seat and sit down as far away as possible from Ben. Out of the corner of my eye I see him scootching away from me. His face rigid and focused straight ahead. I try to foucus on what Mr.Kelly is saying but my mind keeps wandering to one question. How could you dream about some one who you never met? You don't. You dream about people who aren't real or people you know. Not random people in randomly small towns that you just moved to. Finally the bell rings. 
"Destiny and Ben can I see you please?" Mr. Kelly's voice called out. I hung backand waited trying to stay as far as possible from Ben. "Ben I'm asking you to help Destiny catch up in our class so she knows whats going on." I inwardly groan. Ben doesn't look to pleased either.

"Are you serious Mr.K?"

"Deadly.Mr. Hawthorn." Ben let out a groan and then stormed out of the class. I followed him outside into the increasingly crowded hallways. But never could find him. I went through three more classes barely foucusing on anything. On my way to lunch I finally saw him. I ran up to him and touched his arm. Ben spund around so fast he was a blur. A hostile look filled his eyes, when he saw me his hostile look only faded slightly.


"When do you want to meet?" I asked. He was about to say something when a tall blonde guy, a brown hair boy, a tall beautiful girl with long black and a girl who had shock white hair walked up.

"Is this guy bothering you?" The tall blonde one asked me with a playful smile. But before I could a voice came from behind me said

"Really Garret just leave the freshmeat alone." I spun around to see a small girl with curly red hair behind me. "Hey I'm Jessica." She said. I turned to see Garret's face had become shut off like he was appalled by Jessica. "You can come sit with us." She said grabbing my arm and leading me down the hallway to the lunchroom. I went through the line sticking close to Jessica,for some reason people seemed to respect the petite girl. We sat down at a table. A few other people joined us. Jessica introduced me to everyone else at the table. They seemed friendly enough.

"So guess what? TheHawthron's totally targeted her." Jessica finally brought it up. There were several gasps from the table.

"Why? what's the deal with them?" I asked.

"Well the thing is Mr. and Mrs.Hawthorn adopted all these kids. And they're like super weird, they moved here a couple years ago and they act closed off to everyone. They never talk to anyone but the others. Talk about total weirdness, I mean you see Lana over there," Hannah who was speaking pointed over to the white haired girl, "She is like totally psyco. I mean come on who has white hair, that totally came from a bottle." I nodded they did seem pretty weird.

"So feel special that they actually talked to you." said Jessica. Then the bell rang and lunch was soon over. Jessica as it turns out was in all the rest of my classes for the day. I tried to consentrate for the rest of the day but my thoughts kept going back to the Hawthorns. At the very end of the day I opened my locker to grab my Chemistry book when a white piece of paper fell out and fluttered to my feet. It was a note written in scrwaly boy-ish handwriting.

16834 Emery Way.Noon,on Saturday. Come alone.

I think I just got invited to their house.


Chapter 1


Fog clouded the clearing. The sky was an angry gray and rain felt down soaking my clothes so they stuck to my body. The grass squelched beneath my bare feet which were black with mud. Then, I saw him. He seemingly appeared out of no where. His eyes were dark and his his brown hair stuck to his forehead. His expression was hostile. He opened his mouth to say something...

"DESTINY!! ARE YOU UP YET??!!!" my mothers voice called and pulled me out of my dream. I groaned and pulled the covers up to my chin. Then I heard her footsteps stomping up the stairs,and the door banged opened. Suddenly the cold air embraced me as my mother whipped the covers off of me I groaned again and tried to roll over but then I screamed out as cold water crashed down on my head. "Destiny get UP!" my mother yelled.

I sat straight up and glaired at my mother. She was exactly the lawyer type, short brown hair and hard green eyes, dressed in a crisp black work suit.

"You are not going to be late to your first day of school. I have to go now." And with that she turned around and walked out of my room. I rolled out and set my feet on the cold hardwood floor. I pulled on a huge heavy sweater and a pair of jeans and a pair of lace up boots. I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair into big waves and grabbed my bag by the door and went down stairs. While I was in the bathroom I had heard the door slam and the garage open and close. Then I gave my two Great Danes (Florence and Lindi) a hug and went out to the garage. I grabbed my keys from the hook and slammed the button for the door. I got in my old Slug Bug and turned up the heat as high as it can go. Welcome to Misery, Minnisota a.k.a pure hell to a California girl like me. I coaxed my bug into starting and pulled out of the garage and closed the door by pulling the old rope and fell backwards trying to get out of the way as it came crashing down.

Cursing I got up out of the snow and dusted myself off which wasn't really useful because fresh snow was already falling. Slamming the door I rolled out of the driveway. Cautiously driving stick I prayed no cops would pull me over because I was still 15.

It was February and the middle of the year with 3 months to go until May 24 when school got out. I stepped cautiously into the school parking lot and avoided everyone's curious gaze. I stuck out like a sore thumb with my deeply tanned skin.

Making my way to the front office to sort out my schedual. After a half hour of reciting social security numbers and filling out endless papers my mother never did I got my schedual and went on to first period with a pass. The hallway was empty and silent my boots clicking on the cold linolium floor. It was actually creepy to be walking the halls alone. I finally found my first period class, English. It took a deep breath my stomach had butterflies, and turned the door and stepped in.

Great,just great, the teacher was right in the middle of giving a speech. He stops mid-sentence and turns towards me and smiles. I feel everyone's eyes on me I quickly flick my eyes over everyone except one kid he's turned around talking to another tall blonde guy. The teacher introduces him as Mr. Perri I smile and shake his hand. "This is Destiny Macallister. She's from Los Angeles." He says, "You can take the empty seat next to Ben." With that the kid turns around and looks straight at me.

Oh my god. It's him...the guy from my dream. Holy... We lock eyes, his eyes widen and his face is frozen in perpetual shock. We both stair at each other in frozen shock and terror. How is this possible? You dream about people you know and people who don't exist not people you never met. Everyone's eyes flick back from me to Ben. Then I duck my head and quickly slide into my seat next to him. I don't say anything all period and stair straight ahead. I tried to focus on what Mr. Perri was saying about The Great Gatsby but honestly I had never read it and couldn't follow anything he said.

The bell finally ring and i try to hurry out of the room but Mr.Perri asks me and Ben to see him real quick. I groaned inwardly. I turned and walked back into the room.

"I want you,Ben to help Destiny catch up. Teach her what she needs to know okay." Mr.Perri says.

"Oh, but Mr.P seriously?" He complains.

"If you want to pass this class you will help her." He says. Ben groans and storms out of the room, I try to follow him but in the crowded hallway I loose him easily. I roll my eyes and hurry to my next class.

I barley pay attention in the rest of my classes. All I can think about is him, and HOW? This was not normal. It was finally time to go to lunch,as I'm walking down the hall I finally spot him. I hurry over and corner him.

"When do I want to meet? " I ask him and he jumps and turns around.

"Hey is this guy bothering you?" the tall blonde guy from english says. His tone joking. Another guy with brown hair and two more girls appear from behind them.

"Back off Garret." A voice comes from behind me, I turn to see a girl with strawberry curls and a warm smile. "C'mon leave these freaks alone." she says and I'm grateful when she takes my arm and steers me away from the awkward situation.

"I'm Ashley." She says smiling brightly.

"Destiny." I say back as she leads me into the cafeteria and we walk through the lunch line and then sit at one of center tables. A couple other people sat down and Ashley introduced me to them and them to me.

"So what's the deal with them over there?" I asked

"Who? The Donnovans? Oh, well they moved here like 3 years ago. See that tall blonde one? He's Garret and the girl with the black hair is Valerie. And the really freaky one with the white hair, she's Lana. Don't talk to her, she is like super freaky.Of course there's Ben total babe but never talks to anyone but the others" said a girl named Emma.

I nodded and kept to myself for the rest of lunch. Obviously these people have way to much time on their hands. I breezed through the rest of my classes and went to my locker once the final bell rang. As I opened it a piece of paper fluttered to the ground.

"13648 Greengrove Drive, 10 am Saturday"

I guess I was invited to the Donnovans house.

I'm  as well curious as to what happened to the main character in your story. It sounds like it well be very exciting and always intresting. Please continue.






Chapter 2


My palms were clammy as I paced back and forth in front of the huge glass windows in the kitchen facing the thick woods. It was snowing outside and I kept hoping she would call and cancel because the snow was too much for her to drive in. But I doubted that she was even old enough to drive yet. I paced back and forth and then slammed into...hard. Xavier was standing there with a smirk on his face.

"Quit it Ben or I'll have to sedate you." He said his tone joking but his eyes were hard and I knew he would. "She'll be over soon enough." He misread my nerves and though I was afraid she wasn't going to come. I really didn't want Destiny to come over but  my hands were tied I couldn't not help her or I would fail English. It would also give the loudmouth red head (I hadn't ever bothered to remember her name) to talk even more about us. I groaned I wish Lana had kept her mouth shut. No she had to ask the new girl from school was going to show up on the doorstep this Saturday and that I was going to talk to her. So of course I couldn't lie and I told them Destiny was coming over. Garret had broken the glass he was holding and Val went pale but Xavier didn't seem to mind. I glared at Lana who was sitting across from me.

The doorbell rang drawing me out of my thoughts about last night. Xavier retreated upstairs muttering something about watching Lana and I went to open the door.

Her tanned face was whipped raw from the bitter wind, her deep blue eyes studied me carefully as if she expected me to slam the door in her face. I made a gesture to come in as she knocked her boots on the patio to get all the snow off. As she walked in she handed me her coat and kicked off her boots like she was coming home from school. I led her into the kitchen so I could spread everything out.

The first hour went okay and it turns out we like to same type of literature I was still hoping that nothing would happen though. Then Garret and Valerie came crashing down the stairs his long arm looped around her waist, "By Ben.We will be back late. You,Xav and Lana fend for yourselves tonight." they called as they walked out to the garage. I rolled my eyes and went back to explaining Chapter 10. 

"So, your parents are AWOL too?" Destiny asked. I nodded trying to move onto another subject, then there was a loud crash coming from upstairs. Then Xavier was yelling I looked at Destiny and booked it up the stairs fearing the worst. When we got to the loft you could see Xavier on the ground holding down Lana's arms as she shook uncontrollably. She was having a seizure and getting a new vision by the looks of it it was something big. Her eyes rolled up inside her skull and her legs flailed. 

"BEN! Do something." Xavier's voice strained. I never had seen Lana this bad before. I held her legs down in an attempt to keep them from kicking anything else. I noticed her hands were moving in the same pattern.

"Xav, paper." I said and he ran out of the room and returned with a pencil and paper she took the pencil and started to draw something. Then I turned to Destiny, "You should go." I said and started to usher her towards the door.

"What's wrong with her? Aren't you going to call the police? She could be dying." Destiny's words sailed right over my head and I replied with something about her being epileptic and that we could handle it. I handed her her coat and then shut the door in her face. I did feel bad but I couldn't tell her what we were, no I couldn't.

"Ben you better come see this." Xavier's voice called to me. I ran up the stairs fear surging through me, had something happened to Lana? Then Xavier turned around so I could see the picture Lana had drawn when she had seen a glimpse into the future.

It was Destiny. Surrounded in a pile of blood, her blood, but what made my blood run cold was the black mass with eyes in the corner of the page seemingly watching her. It's teeth covered in blood. Then I saw it,she wasn't hurt Destiny was dead.

(First I would like to apologize for taking so long on the chapter I wanted it to be perfect. Also, I cant seem to see Chapter 1 on my computer. If anyone else can could you please copy it and then send it to me in a message, I can't find any other copies of it on my computer I must have forgotten to save it. So if you could just send me a copy of it that would be great. Also I would like to re-post it so I can see it.



I'm sorry I can't see Chapter 1 either.  Now we have two mysteries:  What is going to happen to Destiny, and what happened to the missing chapter?  Also:  Who and what are Ben and his family?  Let's see what happens further, and hope you find a backup copy somewhere!


Chapter 3


This was defiantly weird. I walked through the halls replaying the weekend's "adventure". But the bell had rung long ago and school was over, I had to stay at the library to help tutor a freshmen and she was long gone. But I had stayed and done my homework here, it's not like my mother would be home until at least twelve. I packed up my things and slid them into my bag and began walking down the halls.

Then I flet it, a hand slide across my cheek, no it didn't slide it caressed it. I shook my head I was just tired nobody was here except for the guard. So I kept walking and then I felt the hair on my arms raise. It was that feeling that you get when you know someone is watching you. I spun around but like the rational part of my brain had told me, no one was there. I quickened my pace even more and tried to get to the exit. But then the doors wouldn't open as I tugged and tugged at the doors. They wouldn't budge. Then I felt someone's breath on my neck and,

"You are mine." an unfamiliar voice whispered in my ear. I spun right around and yet nobody was there.

"This is NOT funny." I said. I was hoping that somebody was going to pop out and yell, "Surprise!", but no such thing happened.

Instead somebody's body slammed into mine pinning me to the floor. But then the pressure shifted off of me and there was nothing. I began to get up when I heard bones cracking and shifting, and then something ran right into me knocking me over and pinned me to the ground. My bag went flying and I let out a loud scream, but nothing happened, nobody came. Then I felt sharp teeth around my wrist and they closed. Then they released and bit into the artery in my thigh. I screamed in pain. This time it didn't let go instead it shook and pulled. at my leg and then it began to drag me down the hall a trail of blood followed. Then a figure cam hurtling down the hall and knocked whatever it was off of me.

I could hear sounds of a struggle but the world was fading fast.

"Oh my god, Destiny." a voice said, it was a face I had seen so many times. It was the face that I had seen a thousand times in my dreams.

The black spots were clouding my vision but I could still feel Ben when he picked me up and started to run. Or what felt like running I think because all I felt was wind rushing through my hair. Then his voice was talking to me I think he was telling me to keep my eyes open, but I was so tired and the black waves kept washing over me,pulling me under even father each and every time.


I blinked once,twice,three times. I was trying to make the paint on the ceiling turn into the white of my ceiling room paint. When I realized that wasn't happening, I shot straight up in bed. Wait why was I in a bed. This wasn't even my bed. Were was I? Then my hand flew to my thigh, nothing but smooth skin, I jerked the covers off. I pulled at my skin and turned it this way and that but there was nothing my skin was unmarked. Then I held my wrist up, but came up the same results.

The bedroom door cracked open and I flinched,were was I? Then Ben's face peeked through the door. His face washed over with releif. Then he opened the door all the way. But I was already at the door. His body blocked me, as I tried to push past him. We stood at almost eye level, he had 40 pounds of muscle on me. He put up his hands.

"Let me explain." He said. He pushed me backwards, shut the door and pushed me down so I landed on the bed.

"What are you?" I asked.

He paused deciding what to say to me.

"Shadowboxer." He said quietly. I opened and closed my mouth. I didn't know what to say.

"So you tried to attack me at school why?" I asked turning towards him.

"Is that what you think," He said looking at me his face was hurt, "You really think I would try to kill you?"

"Ben,all I know is that I was attacked and you were there. Plus the fact that everyone in town thinks your a freak. So, I don't know what to believe." I said.

"No, you have it all wrong. I never wanted to hurt you, Destiny, ever since I met you I've wanted to protect you." He said.

"If you didn't attack me then what did and whats a shadowboxer,and is your family like you, and were are your parents?" I asked, relief flooded his face,he knew I wasn't going to run and call the cops or something.

"When things go bump in the night, a shadowboxer is what bumps back," He said, "I can tavel through the astral plane and into the shadow world. The shadow world is sort of an 'in-between' so to speak. Anyway those who can go there, you can touch or pretty much do anything. Except if your a shadowboxer then we can see the shadows, who are people or things who are tied down to earth for whatever reason. Also, we have heightened strength and speed were warriors against the bad of the shadow world. The shadow world is like a pane of one way glass. You can't see them but they can see you. I know that sounds creepy but, they can't talk or make contact you. Now my family, well were not all shadowboxers, that's only me. We're what you like to call physics. Lana can see the future. Xavier can sedate you with a touch of his hand and create illusions. Valerie had healing touch and Garrett's gift is very rare, he has the ability to absorb your life force.Which in a nutshell means he can take your memories and store them away. But you still keep the memories," He added quickly, "So Lana has a connection to the entire world so when she gets the visions everything floods her brain and she goes into seizures. Now, my parents, yeah well actually my last name is Pierce because none of us are related and there are no parents because we're alone except for Angela who is sort of like our mother but she had to leave a while back but she comes by every month to check on us. But Xavier makes sure people don't ask questions, so that's it." He said letting out a breath.

"You didn't say what attacked me." I said. Ben bit his lip avoiding my gaze.

"Destiny, that was a Shadow. I don't know how but there are some cracks in the glass and sometimes things get out." He said, "But I swear I will make sure that thing never hurts you." He looked right at me and his hand was ontop of mine. I was very aware of his big hand around mine. I was just looking at him, everything he said still hadn't sunck in. I spent the rest of the day at his house learning more and more. Valerie had healed my wounds from the Shadow. The sun soon went down and Ben drove me home. Right as I was about to get out Ben grabbed my wrist.

"Destiny, I haven't been straight with you. That Shadow, whatever it is it is hunting you and I'm pretty sure it won't stop until your dead. But I swear to you, Destiny Macallister, I will do anything and everything to stop it." He said and then he looked like he was going to do something but he just dropped my wrist and I thanked him and went inside and slipped into my room and fell asleep.


I was in the clearing but this time I was laying down in the grass and Ben was right next to me. I turned my head.

"Why does this happen? Can you control dreams too? " I asked still confused about the dream part.

"I don't know Destiny but I'm sure it won't be long till we find out." He said and squeezed my hand then dissolved into the wind. The waves of darkness pulled me under into sweet oblivion.

Chapter 4


After everything that had happened almost a week ago I would have expected an explanation  Nothing. Benjamin Pierce and the rest of his family was no where to be seen. Not until today when I was walking through the halls of last period when I saw him. He was by the lockers and talking to Xavier. I rolled my eyes and walked past him. He could do whatever he wanted...freak. I passed my Ashley on my way down the hall ready to leave. When she looped her arm through mine.

"Party at the feild. 8'oclock be there." She said smiling and spun around and left me. I had completely forgot all about her huge party but Ashley knew me well enough to know she had to remind me.

So i went home to the home that wasn't really my home because isn't a home supposed to be a place were you spend time with your loved ones. And I loved no one. I had a bad feeling about the party but I already promised Ashley. So I got ready and did my makeup and pulled my hair up. Then I pulled a jacket once it was time to go and left. My mother wouldn't be home until really late tonight.

The feild was the old football feild until there was an accident and one of the players was hit by a bolt of lightning. It was closed because lightning hit there too much. But the feild was still kept up and the old bleachers were there. It was used for soccer sometimes. So when I got there the grass was dead beneath my feet, spring hadn't come around yet. I could feel the music thumping beneath my feet. I came up to a big crowd with Ashley in it and she handed my a drink. I could smell the alcohol. I tipped my head back and drank it all. I don't care I was actually hurt by Ben so tonight I was going to have fun even if it killed me.

Oh how right I was.

I was highly drunk and also dancing on the thin unsteady bleachers with some guy who had his hand on my hips and we were rythmicly grinding and swaying with the beat of the music. Then I saw him, Ben. I had no idea why he would be here who invited him here anyways? We locked eyes and I saw it some hint of emotion, jelousy? I have no clue I couldn't read people all that well. I gave him a look and kept dancing with the guy. Then the song finished and I walked away from him and straight to Ben who was at the top of the bleachers just standing there looking at me.

"What is your deal? Seriously, Ben first you cold then your hot then your cold again. I dont get it." I said my words slurring together.

"Your drunk I'll take you home." He said.

"No, I'm going to do whatever I want to do." I said backing up to the very end of the bleachers. "Like this." I said climbing over the old iron and was standing on the other side nothing was left between me and the cold concrete. "And this." I lifted my hands up but then cought myself again. "Like this, and this, and this." I kept falling back and catching myself. And then my hands grabbed for the metal but I missed and then I was falling.

Before I hit the ground I felt two strong arms catch me. I was then looking into Ben's deep brown eyes. Then he put me down, I knew what he was but I couldn't get over the fact of what he could do.

"You know what if I have to go around falling for you to notice me then..." I was still so angry at him I couldn't get my word out, "You know what, just for get it I th-"

Suddenly his lips were on mine and the anger melted away. And you know what I did next? I kissed him right back.

Interesting that they connect in their dreams! And now they kissed in real life! I wonder why the shadow wants her, though. Is there a special reason? Hope to read more soon!

Chapter 5

The old truck revved to life. Ben opened the door to the car on the passenger side. I clambered in and Ben walked around and climbed into the drivers seat. He pulled out of the driveway and turned out of the old parking lot of the field. He was driving me home because apparently, "I was too impaired to be driving at this time". So i gave him directions to my house guiding him down the streets. As best I could it was nearing curfew.

As we pulled up I could see that my mother wasn't home yet so I let Ben walk me up to the door out of no where the sprinklers came on drenching us in water. Then I grabbed his hand and pulled us through the rest of my lawn and up the porch steps. I turned around and faced him.

I faltered for a moment and just looked at him, his dark hair plastered to his forehead. His dark eyes gleaming with a hint of something, I couldn't tell what. His clothes stuck to his skin.

"Here, come inside, your all wet. I'll see if I can find you something else to wear." I said and unlocked the door. I pulled a hesitant Ben into the foyer. Then led him up the stairs. I ran to the hall closet and grabbed a towel. I handed it to him. Then directed him into my room and showed him the bathroom in my room.

"Give me your wet clothes and I'll pop them in the dryer." I said through the bathroom door. I leaned against the doorjamb and waited until a shirtless Ben in only a towel came out and handed me a pile of neatly folded wet clothes. I could feel the heat creeping into my face, I quickly snatched his clothes and went down the hall and tossed them in the dryer. I then went around the house scavenging for just the right moving boxes creating a stack of three boxes I wanted. I crept around all the random moving boxes scattered around the house.

I kicked open the door with my foot. My arms were full of the boxes but I could see Ben jump as the door banged open. I set down the boxes and opened them.

"Let's see I think you may fit some of these clothes probably Elijah's." I said looking him up and down he was built with muscles that were long and lean built for running. I started through men's clothes out of the boxes, some were Elijah's some were Rory's and then I pulled out a pair of Toby's boxers and one of my bras Ben's eyes widened.

"What?" I said, "Oh, oh, no uh, sorry I'm the youngest of 6 and the only girl. Sorry these are my brother's clothes that either got left behind when they left for collage or I accidentally packed up with my things." I dropped the articles of clothing in my hands, Ben's face was reddening. So I shut up and kept searching for some pants. I pulled out a pair of Zak's old jeans and one of Elijah's shirts. I handed the clothes to him then grabbed a pair of shorts and one of Liam's t-shirts. Then padded into the bathroom.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, I'm covered in dirt if you hear my mother come home just hide in my closet." I called through the door. I turned on the water and stepped into the shower. Letting the dirt and grass slide off my body. Then I shampooed my hair and scrubbed my body with grapefruit body wash trying to scrub off the smell of alcohol off my body so my mother wouldn't smell it on my sheets.

I turned off the shower and put on the shorts and old t-shirt and found Ben, lying on my bed looking at the ceiling. I walked over and sat at the edge of my bed.

She looked so beautiful it hurt. There was something inside of me, something old and deep inside of me that wanted to protect her. To be with her every waking moment so much so I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me. It was like an electric shock ran through my arm. She looked surprised

"I'm sorry." I muttered and let go.

"No it's fine." she said then moved next to me and lay beside me. I was very aware of how close were to each other. Then she flicked off the lights plunging us into darkness only the stars and moon cast light from her window.

"So," I said pausing trying to think of how to say what I was about to say.

"So, where is my Dad? " she said, as if reading my mind, "Well, he died. He was hit by a drunk driver while crossing a street, he was killed instantly on impact," then she added, "Good riddance. He wasn't a good father. He got drunk a lot and was an angry drunk. He would hit me and my brothers would protect me but only Elijah was old enough to actually help. It's ironic,really, his death." She said sighing and looked up at me, "So what about you? What about your family?"

"Well, my parents were teenagers who made a mistake and decided adoption was the best. A closed adoption. I never knew them or who they were. So one day when I was four years old a nice woman came and adopted me. We shook hands and then immediately she wanted to adopt me. Her name was Angela and I liked her immediately because she had pretty eyes. She took me home and told me about what I was and what she was. She was what we call a Bar Reader. A person who can tell if your psychic or not and what your ability is." He said, "I grew up unconventially being home schooled but Angela ran into trouble a while back and she had to leave us so not to get us into trouble. Since then we have moved from town to town every so often because, us psychs have en-elongated life spans. So that's it I guess." I said I turned to look at her but she was asleep. I went to get up and leave.
"Stay." She murmured and grabbed my hand tugging me backwards. I let her guide me next to her again. I closed my eyes and kept our hands entwined soon I dropped off to sleep.

Chapter 6


I woke up with a jolt. I tensed up. It wasn't a sound that had woken me up, it was a movement. Destiny had turned in her sleep and her arm was thrown across my chest. I almost dropped off again when I realized that I was in a girls bedroom more specifically a girl's bedroom who I barely know. A girl who was amazing and smart and beautiful and I was in the same bed as her. My adrenaline was pumping now but I didn't dare move because she looked to peaceful and I didn't want to risk waking her up. I blinked trying to take a mental snapshot of this moment, I hardly knew her but it was like I had known her forever. I could see her crazy curly ringlets spread out along the pillow. Without thinking I wrapped my finger then gently pulled it out and watched it spring back up. This connection through our dreams had brought us closer together than nobody except Lana could have predicted. I let our heartbeats begin to beat in rhythm  I put my arm around Destiny cradling her. It felt right being here with her right now. I had never been so sure in my life. I let her rhythmic breathing lull me back to sleep.

i love it write more soon


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