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The Perfect Ghost


Summary: At twelve, Edward Cullen never believed in anything from myths to ghosts and everything in between. Everything changes once he is forced to move to Washington in a small town called Forks. He and his parents move into the Swan house, which claims to be full of injured souls or ghosts. When he meets a little girl named, Isabella, she convinces him to cross over and help them. Edward and Isabella go on a journey to save the defenseless spirits and in the end, Edward will have to make a decision that may just change his life forever.


Preface: I could not believe it, but there she stood. She was tall, beautiful, and proud. A smirk plastered to her face; however, you could still see the fear and bewilderment in her exquisite eyes. When I stepped closer, tears began to pool. “Your mind is made up, Edward.” She bowed and disappeared into the mist.


Chapter One: The New House

Edward gracefully stepped out of his parents’ Honda. The music blaring from his iPod’s earplugs could be heard from a yard away. His parents glanced at him; their faces reflected their mood, guilt sodden. Edward trudged up the porch steps and leaned against the front door. His black converse sneaker kicked the rotting entryway. “Edward, honey, the door is open. Why don’t you go inside and look for your room?” Esme Cullen called out.


“Whatever.” he sighed. Edward dragged his heels inside and froze. The house had a reek of dead freesia and decaying wood.


The instant you walked through the door you had a direct view of the kitchen. After ambling all the way through you arrived in the living room. The living room was completely supplied with their furniture but the fixtures looked to rich in the dull atmosphere. Edward turned to the stairs and squinted. The flights of steps were blocked by a bizarre, glowing mist.


He ignored it, as most twelve year olds would and sauntered forward. The mist clouded around his head and in his ears, Edward sworn to himself he could hear a hiss of anger. The stairs were old and loud. With every step taken a shrill creek would resound in your ears.


The fog finally disappeared when he reached the second story, but Edward could see it slowly drift away into another room. He trailed after it and entered a small bedroom with a single bed sitting in the middle of the area. A rust covered window was filtering incandescent sunrays into the dark room. He glanced to the left and peered into the small closet.


“Is this the room you want?” a soft voice asked from behind him. Edward spun around to look at his baby sister, Alice. He glared at her coldly. “I’m sorry, Eddie!” she cried. His gaze softened and he knelt next to her.


“It’s ok, Alice.” Edward held his pale arms in front of him and little Alice ran into them.


“Let’s look for my room!” she giggled. He hoisted her scrawny body into his arms and carried her down the hall. “Wait! I want that room!” she screamed.


Edward sighed, “Alice, this is the bathroom. You cannot sleep in here. What about this room?” he walked into an octagonal, blue room. Alice frowned.


“If I sleep in here, then I wont be able to get you if the ghosts-”


Edward snorted, “There is no such thing as ghosts!” Alice gasped and clutched the air.


“Try telling that to Charlie!”


“Is Charlie a ghost?” Alice nodded. Edward set her on the floor. “Well, this is your room. I am ten yards away. Go tell mom you found your room, so she can put your stuff in your room.” he demanded. Alice screeched and stamped her shiny, black flats. She grabbed the edges of her pink dress and screamed louder.


“Stop, Renee!”


Edward hissed, “Alice, there isn’t any ghosts. Now go tell mom!” She glowered at him and raced out of the room. He smiled as silence filled his ears and slowly made his way back to the other bedroom. The mist was floating in front of the window now. Edward slammed the door closed and inspected the rest of the span. His feet slid on the old wood and insignificant splinters stuck into his souls.


Suddenly a plank cracked and his leg plunged into the gap. Edward kept his mouth clamped shut so his mother would not be alarmed. After awhile of dangling he pulled his leg from the hole and glimpsed in the hole. There, in a cloud a white mist was a pile of dusty diaries dated all the way back to 1699.


I hope people enjoyed the first chapter of my first fan fiction! Plz tell me what you think and COMMENT!

Luv, Lexi

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Thank you! Thank you all!
Lexi V.
Chapter Eight: Punishments
If someone told me that when I reached the age of twelve, I would become a ghost to save their race from bad souls practically get eaten by a shadow and would get punished by an eleven year old, I would have sent them to a mental hospital. Edward thought. However, now all his previous mistakes just came rushing back to him.

After an awkward few seconds of silence, Isabella exploded into screeches. Her voice carried with the wind and her eyes transformed into a deep crimson. The clouds darkened as her head whipped around to glare at Edward. He gasped and stumbled backward.

“I can’t believe you completely disobeyed me!” Isabella screamed. “If you would’ve just listened to me, our army would still be here and you would perfectly capable to defeat the shadows by yourself. You could have died and then where would we be?”

He shoved her shoulders in frustration. “You’re using me! Do you even care that I am risking my life to save your kind? I do not care about you! I do not care about them! I DON’T CARE!” Edward sucked in a deep breath and continued before she could intervene. “My parents are sobbing over my soon-to-be-corpse and all you want to talk about are the horrors following me in your world. Isabella, I am afraid of death, I am petrified of you. You were scared too remember? Conversely, you do not understand how bad I want to hug my mom again. I miss my sister and I want to hear my dad tell me I can catch a virus if I stand in the rain-”

Tears began streaming down his face as Isabella stepped toward him and embraced him. Edward buried his face into her hair and wailed. His hands clenched handfuls of her mahogany locks as anger ripped through him. “I experienced everything- Never mind.” She sighed. “If you really don’t care, Edward, I will send you back as you wish. Your memory will be erased and it‘ll be as if I never existed.” Isabella backed away and rapidly scraped her own tears off her cheeks.

“Wont you-”

“My suffering won’t matter to you . . . Just as you said, Edward. However, if you chose to stay, I will teach you everything you want to know and need to know. I will give you time to process everything and I wont yell at you and- and you don’t need to listen to my nagging.” Edward glanced at the pixie looking ghost. “What do you want?”

“I want to see the whole thing. Why you got here to where we are now!”

“I must warn you, “Isabella hissed. “To much dimension travel can cause aging. “She wrenched his hand to her side and yanked him into the past where he would never return as the same young boy ever again.


Isabella drew a shaky breath and glanced at mother. She was glaring at her in the corner of their dark living room. Renee’s gorgeous porcelain dress glistened with utter beauty. Isabella studied her carefully. “Where are we going?” she asked weakly. Renee almost knocked her daughter to the floor as she stumbled to her mother’s side.

“You are going to your room and staying there. Your father and I are throwing a ball.” She swiftly headed toward the stairs, her dress flowing gracefully after her. Isabella coughed, and then coughed again. Her breath quickened and blood roared in her ears. Heat flushed her cheeks while her heart took off like the rapid swoops of a helicopter.

Renee rushed to her side and gently rubbed her back. She hated it. She hated why her daughter could fall so ill, while every other little girl in Chicago was so beautiful and lively. Isabella doubled over, blood soaking the front of her night gown. Suddenly, Betty Medlock, a guest of the Swan’s ball entered the room. Her face went slack with distress.

“Oh, dear,” she whimpered. Isabella collapsed to her knees, her frail hands clutching her throat in horror. Finally, her coughing ceased and she slumped weakly against her mother’s leg. Betty edged forward and inspected the sickly child. “Renee, you have a daughter?”

“Oh no,” Renee lied. “She was a poor orphan off the street. She must’ve followed me home.”

“The insignificant child is deathly unwell. Have you thought of contacting a doctor?”

Fire exploded in Isabella’s chest. More blood pooled in her mouth and slid down her chin. “Mother,” she moaned. Betty’s eyebrows narrowed.

Your child is ill, poor, and has the etiquette of a destitute. How can you ever stand to look at such a hideous creature?” the guest fretted. Renee averted her gaze to the floor, ashamed of her daughter. Disgust and fury licked her insides and her nails manicured to perfection, clenched into fists.

* * *
Later that evening, Renee removed any painting, photo of Isabella and headed to the kitchen. Their chef had headed to bed early tonight after preparing much food. She retrieved a steak knife from the counter and slowly crept into her daughter’s room. “Mommy,” a weak voice rasped in the darkness. “Is that you?”

“Yes, baby,” she replied. Renee raised the knife above her head and then jerked it down. The blade nuzzled deep in Isabella’s chest and punctured her fragile heart. “I’m sorry. It was for the best.” Only ten seconds later, Isabella’s small body went lifeless and her wide brown eyes glazed over, taking in the image of her mother smiling down at her dead body.
WOW, I’m guessing you guys aren’t going to be so happy with me, but it was a good chapter right? Well, I hoped you enjoyed it anyways. Plz tell me what you think!
Love, Lexi
Renee? So cruel? So different? it was like she hated Bella or something. I wonder what happens now? Please post asap.

OMG!!!!!!!!!! grrr


omg amazing chapter
i can´t stop crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can her mother be so mean!! why?!?!?! amazing chapter, by the way!:)
I'm have a bit of a problem breathing right now... Renee is a horrible mother. Thank you for updating before my school ended. now if you update like that again I'll be really happy. Can't wait for more
OMG! The baby was so adorable....I'll post more and maybe Edward will man up in the next chapter
i loved it
wow this chapter was amazing! Renee is so cruel! I really hate her, her own daughter? this was amazing Lexi keep up the good work! :)
*bows* Thank you guys.
I knew this chapter would start some major cussing session but I'm glad you guys didnt go completely crazy
I will post more tomorrow or the day after that!

Chapter Nine: Memories in the 1900’s
Edward gasped and leaped back, his hands trembling at his sides. “I don’t want to see-” Isabella smiled eerily and swiftly floated closer to him.

“You wanted to see all of it. I will show you more.” She grabbed his hands in a rush and jumped back into the past.

Charlie Swan woke in sheer terror as the smell of smoke filled his nostrils. He peered to the left where his partner, Renee Swan, should have been sleeping soundlessly. “Renee,” he called out timidly. Silence followed. Charlie marched out of his bedroom, only clothed in his blue silk robe.

As he was drowsily staggering down the corridor, he stumbled into his wife. “Where have you been?” he demanded. Renee, gasped, and hid her bloodstained hands behind her back. Sweat began to gather on her brow.

“Isabella’s room is caught ablaze. I tried to save her, Charlie, but it was too late. The flames block her door. They are spreading fast. We must leave her in order to save ourselves.” Without hesitation, they sprinted out their home.

A crowd of familiar faces rushed to their side and aided the heartbroken parents. “Mrs. Charlie Swan,” a man bellowed. It was the mayor of the town, Mr. Robert Herring. “Are you alright? Your hands are a bright crimson!” All eyes turned to her, full of concern and suspicion. Her breath caught and she glanced around fretfully, searching for a lie.

She collapsed in a heap to the ground and sobbed pathetically. “My poor Isabella!” she wailed. Charlie kneeled next to her and cradled her cheek. Mrs. Medlock dabbed at her face, removing any stray tears staining her rosy cheeks. The overwhelming heat of the fire crept closer and mothers quickly herded their children into a distant building for safety. Finally, others arrived to extinguish the flames. The house was saved.

Hours later, Mrs. Medlock approached the couple weeping loudly. “Do you know the cause of the fire, Renee?”

Renee shook her head, wringing her fingers in distress. “No idea.”

“Jeffery Knight suspects someone doused your daughter’s room with alcohol that you served at the ball earlier that evening and then threw a lit match into the room.” Renee swallowed.

“Isabella was found in her bed. Her body suffered critical damage, but you will not believe what we have found. Lodged into her throat was a large knife similar to the ones in your kitchen.” Charlie is bawling silenced and he quickly took his wife’s hand.

“Renee,” he whispered. “Are you alright?” However, it was too late. She was already wrapped up in her own guilt and gory flashback . . .

Renee’s eyes scanned over her daughter’s body. She nearly cringed in disgust. Isabella had brown hair that fell over her shoulders in greasy waves, boring brown eyes, pale skin, and lips that remained set in a line. Renee raised her chin in determination and rushed out of the room to retrieve a half-empty bottle of vodka. She retreated to the room a dumped the alcohol around the room.

She scraped the match against the box and dropped it to floor. With a content glance at her daughter’s wounded body, she fled the room. While she was rushing down the halls, regret began bubbling inside her. Should she go back to repossess Isabella’s body? Would she be able to warn Charlie? Renee’s hurried feet slowed, her eyes glued to the floor.

Out of nowhere, she crashed into a large form. Renee yelped softly and peered up. Her husband was staring down at her with love and concern. Her heart leaped into her throat in surprise. “Where have you been?” he asked, upset. What should she say to him? Sorry, I was too busy murdering our daughter. Our sickly Isabella is now a burning corpse with a knife jammed through her throat. No, that would be bad . . . But the worst was yet to come.

~~~~~~*End of Flash Back*~~~~~~~~~

Comforted by the angels, Isabella watched as people grasped her mother’s wrists. “Cant believe her!” People screamed. Tears trailed down cheeks, blood flushed faces, and eyes studied the crazy woman towed by officers to the nearest gallows. Renee’s eyes were bright with fear and her hands, coated in blood, reached for William Adams’s throat.

He chuckled and slapped her across the face. God gasped in horror and dropped the weak creature in his palm. Isabella’s ghost zoomed through the sky and just as she was about to make impact with the floor, wings sprouted from her back and disappeared just as quickly as they came. Isabella was trapped as fallen soul for the rest of her life. She could only dream of her father lifting her into the sky.

She crashed to the earth next to her mother and broke down into sobs. “Your suffering will never end, Isabella, you are forever cursed as an unlucky being.” God whispered. From that day, Isabella lost hope and she never dreamed or trusted again . . . Until he arrived.

Ha-ha, I feel evil! Loll, I am sorry you had to wait and that I had to end it in such a Meany way. Mwahahahaha!


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