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The Perfect Ghost


Summary: At twelve, Edward Cullen never believed in anything from myths to ghosts and everything in between. Everything changes once he is forced to move to Washington in a small town called Forks. He and his parents move into the Swan house, which claims to be full of injured souls or ghosts. When he meets a little girl named, Isabella, she convinces him to cross over and help them. Edward and Isabella go on a journey to save the defenseless spirits and in the end, Edward will have to make a decision that may just change his life forever.


Preface: I could not believe it, but there she stood. She was tall, beautiful, and proud. A smirk plastered to her face; however, you could still see the fear and bewilderment in her exquisite eyes. When I stepped closer, tears began to pool. “Your mind is made up, Edward.” She bowed and disappeared into the mist.


Chapter One: The New House

Edward gracefully stepped out of his parents’ Honda. The music blaring from his iPod’s earplugs could be heard from a yard away. His parents glanced at him; their faces reflected their mood, guilt sodden. Edward trudged up the porch steps and leaned against the front door. His black converse sneaker kicked the rotting entryway. “Edward, honey, the door is open. Why don’t you go inside and look for your room?” Esme Cullen called out.


“Whatever.” he sighed. Edward dragged his heels inside and froze. The house had a reek of dead freesia and decaying wood.


The instant you walked through the door you had a direct view of the kitchen. After ambling all the way through you arrived in the living room. The living room was completely supplied with their furniture but the fixtures looked to rich in the dull atmosphere. Edward turned to the stairs and squinted. The flights of steps were blocked by a bizarre, glowing mist.


He ignored it, as most twelve year olds would and sauntered forward. The mist clouded around his head and in his ears, Edward sworn to himself he could hear a hiss of anger. The stairs were old and loud. With every step taken a shrill creek would resound in your ears.


The fog finally disappeared when he reached the second story, but Edward could see it slowly drift away into another room. He trailed after it and entered a small bedroom with a single bed sitting in the middle of the area. A rust covered window was filtering incandescent sunrays into the dark room. He glanced to the left and peered into the small closet.


“Is this the room you want?” a soft voice asked from behind him. Edward spun around to look at his baby sister, Alice. He glared at her coldly. “I’m sorry, Eddie!” she cried. His gaze softened and he knelt next to her.


“It’s ok, Alice.” Edward held his pale arms in front of him and little Alice ran into them.


“Let’s look for my room!” she giggled. He hoisted her scrawny body into his arms and carried her down the hall. “Wait! I want that room!” she screamed.


Edward sighed, “Alice, this is the bathroom. You cannot sleep in here. What about this room?” he walked into an octagonal, blue room. Alice frowned.


“If I sleep in here, then I wont be able to get you if the ghosts-”


Edward snorted, “There is no such thing as ghosts!” Alice gasped and clutched the air.


“Try telling that to Charlie!”


“Is Charlie a ghost?” Alice nodded. Edward set her on the floor. “Well, this is your room. I am ten yards away. Go tell mom you found your room, so she can put your stuff in your room.” he demanded. Alice screeched and stamped her shiny, black flats. She grabbed the edges of her pink dress and screamed louder.


“Stop, Renee!”


Edward hissed, “Alice, there isn’t any ghosts. Now go tell mom!” She glowered at him and raced out of the room. He smiled as silence filled his ears and slowly made his way back to the other bedroom. The mist was floating in front of the window now. Edward slammed the door closed and inspected the rest of the span. His feet slid on the old wood and insignificant splinters stuck into his souls.


Suddenly a plank cracked and his leg plunged into the gap. Edward kept his mouth clamped shut so his mother would not be alarmed. After awhile of dangling he pulled his leg from the hole and glimpsed in the hole. There, in a cloud a white mist was a pile of dusty diaries dated all the way back to 1699.


I hope people enjoyed the first chapter of my first fan fiction! Plz tell me what you think and COMMENT!

Luv, Lexi

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good chapter!! mike newton an angel? interesting choice!! please update soon!!
what just happen?? confused more ASAP
Chapter Twenty: The End
By the time Mike and Isabella had found Edward, it was too late. He was returning to earth, his earth. “Edward,” Isabella screamed, stumbling forward. “Please don’t leave.”

Edward did not glance back, but he suddenly found his shoes a very interesting color. “Bye Bella.” he whispered before leaping into the vortex before him. Bella screamed out and ran towards the vortex. Mike grabbed her waist and wrenched her back before she could ruin the universe.

“Edward, come back!” She thrashed wildly in Mike’s arms, making it next to impossible to keep her back. Finally, the vortex closed, swallowing its only victim greedily. “We need to get him back.”

“Edward needs time.”

She shrieked, “I don’t have any time left to wait!”

“You were just using Edward to help yourself. What would you do once you were released into A Better Place?” Mike asked firmly.

Bella froze in his arms and dabbed at the tears threatening to fall. “I would’ve sent him back to earth.”

“Now Edward is going to have to go through months of therapy because you insisted you had to make the pass over scene appear believable. Do you think someone like that is good enough to go to A Better Place?”

“No, I don’t-”

“He is going to have to visit doctors regularly, be chased by shadows, turned down by God, and never have a chance to start a family because everyone is going to think he is crazy.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this!”

“That’s what happens when you only think about yourself.”
* * *

Edward jolted awake and opened his heavy eyes to a large white room. The color was so bright, he squinted until he was used to the color. A soft feminine hand combed trough his matted hair gently. “Mom,” he whispered. A loud gasp echoed in the area and lips pressed against his forehead roughly.

“Edward,” Esme squealed. “My beautiful baby boy.” She began to sob and collapsed to the floor. She stayed there for a while, thanking God and placing kisses all over her son’s face, then scrambled to her feet and screamed for her husband. Carlisle arrived only seconds later, with Alice in his arms. “Edward’s awake!”

Alice shoved her father’s chest and finally reached the floor. Then, she ran over to the bed and snuggled next to her brother. “I missed you Eddie,” she breathed.

“I missed you too, Alice,” he whimpered, mussing her hair. Their heart-felt reunion continued for hours and ended with a family hug. After all the excitement Edward fell asleep worried, he would not wake up again. With Alice glued to his side and his parents cries filling his ears he fell asleep with surprising ease.

~*~* Dream Communication ~*~*
Edward’s Dream
Bella had aged remarkably. She appeared to be eighteen years old. “I can’t believe you left me alone, Edward. I honestly started trusting you.”

“I wanted my life back.” I yelled. “I’ll come back for you, I promise to come back. Just don’t leave!”

“I can’t promise you something if you broke your own promise.”

“Are you blaming me for my homesickness? Bella, my-”

“Don’t call me that!” she screamed raking her hands over her face. I could not believe it, but there she stood. She was tall, beautiful, and proud. A smirk plastered to her face; however, you could still see the fear and bewilderment in her exquisite eyes. When I stepped closer, tears began to pool. “Your mind is made up, Edward.” She bowed and disappeared into the mist.

“Isabella, come back!” I knew it was too late but I did not want to wrap my mind around what I had just done. Right then, I made the decision I knew would have tremendous consequences but those were just obstacles I was willing to jump.

Edward’s eyes snapped open, his heart thumping erratically in his chest. Just do it, Edward! He screamed at himself. Glancing around at the limp, sleeping bodies of his family, he slid onto the floor. The cold tiles underneath his feet caused goose bumps to cover him from head to toe. Limping over to a cabinet, Edward pulled the door out and grabbed the closet object to the access. Then, with one last breath lingering in his lungs, he jammed the knife directly into his heart and died instantly. He was now one-step closer to helping the trapped souls on earth.


So, what did you guys think of the ending? Sad, right? Yeah, I know. However, he is going to help Isabella and Edward could not help if he was not dead so he killed himself to help other people. I hope you people like the chapter. Thanks for all of your support and love. I really appreciate it! In case you have nothing else to read, I started another fan fiction called: One Chance. I am posting the link on my page. Thanks again.

Love, Lexi V.
There is not going to a sequel. Hehe...I like leaving the end hanging so you guys can make it yourselves
he KILLED himself?!?!?!?! wowowowowowowowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an intense ending...well, i loved this ff alot!! and now im sad to see it has come to an end:( well, then great job, lexi!!
SK, thank you. It really means alot...and I mean ALOT, that you took the time to read my fan fiction. Gosh, I feel like such a twelve year-old freaking out when I see your comments....Well, actually, I am a twelve year-old. LoL! I'm such a loser!

Thanks everyone for your remarkable comments and supportiveness...(I'm not sure if thats a word but its now my word, so deal with it!)

I love you all,
Lexi Volturi
Wow.... he killed himslef. I thought something different will happen like. Bella will come back and apologize and somehow with that they fall in love and amke her world better or some thing like that...
OMG............. why did u kill him??? :((
so you ended this AMAZING story?? Oh Lexi...........u hurt me.............. :((
Oh my gosah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEXI! YOU MADE ME CRY! how bout you do like an epilouge or something?
LoL. I'm sorry my fellow readers but it was time to set this story into the world of finished fan fictions. You dont know how relieved I was to finally finish. I'm not kidding. Thanks for all the comments. I love you, guys!!

Love, Lexi

p.s. I dont know, SK. I can be pretty loser-ish. I have proof! *gazes into space*
"Omigosh, Madison (best friend) it's a penny." *run towards the penny and face plants*
~another flashback~
"Look at Lexi's toe touch, Jessica. It's super high!" *jumps and falls to floor.
"Those were my new shorts!" *wipes mud off butt*
~last flashback~
"Lexi, you shouldnt skip backwards it's dangerous." *rolls eyes*
"Shut up, wimp." *trips*
"Told you so!"


great story.   page 9


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