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On my old account, I had this and it was getting very popular, until I discontinued using that profile. Then I made this new account, and now I hope I can get most of my readers back! So please, help me out and read and comment. I'm always open for criticism! Maybe this will get very popular! :D



Bella is a very popular girl in Forks Washington. She's the one that everyone loves to hate, and hates to love. She has so many people envious of her, and dying to be her, and to share the power she has over the junior class at Forks High School. She currently doesn't have a boyfriend, but what happens when the irresistable, Edward Cullen, moves to town and catches her heart? Will he show the affection back, or will he beg begging for a chance with her?




Drowning. Drowning in my tears. Not tears of hate, but tears of joy and in tears of love. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. He looked me in the eyes, and then I noticed it.  He was everything I wanted. I could let him watch me cry because he didn't judge me. He never did. He was the one person who wouldn't judge me if I was bald. He would love me.

He looked me in the eyes. I watched him. Bring his hand up to my face. He was going to do it, finally. He was actually going to kiss me. He caressed my face, looking deep into my eyes. He leaned in closer. I close my eyes and pursed my lips.

I never got a single touch on my lips. I opened my eyes to see his back to me, walking away. Jerk.

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