The Twilight Saga

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Everything can change in a blink of an eye. You can know someone on second and in the next moment in time and space, they are completely different, yet somehow still the same.

They are still the one that you have always loved and needed. The same person you have depended on. Maybe it’s more the world and point of view that has been shifted, not the person. Maybe it’s just the situation and circumstances that have been altered.

I had the sickening feeling that something was going to go terrible as I waited for my sand-coloured wolf to make his way saftely home.

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Chapter One:

It began like every other boring and continuos day of school. I woke up, startled as my alarm clock danced in a rattling screech on my bedside table. I got dressed slowly, smothering yawns the whole time. After brushing my hair knotted hair I did my best to shape it into a messy ponytail that I’d seen girls at school pull off. Nope this wasn’t going to work on me. I sighed as I parted my hair in the centre and let in hang loosly, reaching mid-back After doing a once over my teeth I gave myseld a once over in the bathroom mirror.
I looked over my tanned completion. Freckles were dusted lightly over the bridge of my button-nose. My wide blue eyes were oval were almost concleaded by long black lashes. I had a slim and tonned body and my breasts were quite large for someone of fifteen. This was the result of running at least once a day. I was fairly athletic but was no where near being the best sports women in my year. I bounced downstairs, grabbed a piece of toast, kissed my mum and dad both on the cheek and walked the few blocks in the dreary rain to La Push Reservation High School.

As I reached the gate, I saw a tanned gangly looking boy lounging against the fence.
“Seth!” I called as I ran through the rain the meet my best friend. He grinned from ear to ear when he saw me. I couldn’t imagine a single day without his bubbly smile.
“Hey Annie!” he greeted me and hugged me tightly. “Ready for another boring day at school?”
“Yeah, I’m up for it if you are.”
I had known Seth my whole life. He was the one I always went to with my problems, my secrets and if I needed to talk about something. We had been best friends ever since the first day of school. I remember how we had been assigned to sit next to each other in Mrs. Tones class. He was writing on the desk and I had been shocked.“I’m going to tell on you,” I’d said to him, rasing my hair in the air.
“Please don’t. I will do anything. Just don’t tell the teacher.” He pleaded.
“Be my best friend then,” I retorted. He agreed and we had been the best of friends ever since.
I laughed at the memory.
“What?” Seth said twirling around. “Did I sit on something?” He twisted his torso so he could look down at his behind.
“No, just remembering the first day I met you.”
He chuckled, “Yeah, you were such a little tattletale” he replied nudging me with his arm.
“Well, excuse me Mr. Juvenile Delinquent.” I replied, a grin stretching across my tan face.
“Fair enough. Let’s go.” He grabbed my hand and led me towards our first class which was my favourite. English.
Seth and I practically had every class together. It was such a small school, even smaller than Forks High School. I couldn’t wait to get out of La Push and go and see the world. I always felt so trapped in Washington DC. I hadn’t even been out of the country before. I wanted to travel the globe. Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Europe. I wanted to see it all.
Another bad thing about a small school, if you didn’t fit it completely, you were sent to the outskirts of the social networking system.
Seth and I were unfortunately on the outer. He wouldn’t be if he didn’t insist on hanging out with me. Everyone loved Seth, it was me that they weren’t so keen on. I was quiet and uncofident. I didn’t party or drink and I definitely had no swagger in my step, whatsoever. I sometimes felt that I was holding Seth back. Well not sometimes, pretty much all the time. He could be popular and go to all those parties he was invited to if he didn’t associate with me. Whenever I voiced my opinion around him and always cut me off saying something along the lines of, ‘They aren’t worth it’ or ‘Who cares about being popular, you’re my bestie, I don’t care about anything else.’

The day dragged on for what felt like forever. Finally, the bell sounded and Seth and I make our way to our lockers.
“Hey, Jacob, how are you man?” Seth asked an absurdly tall boy that walked past us.
“Hey Seth. Yeah, I’m alright. Hey Annie.” Jacob said tonelessly. You could see that he was exactly the opposite.
Ever since Edward Cullen and his family had waltzed back to town, a girl named Bella Swan, who Jacob apparently had been totally inlove with, dropped Jacob like a bad habbit. She’d ditched spending time with Jake and the other La Push guys and taken her ex back with open arms. Anyone could see that Jacob was low. Almost depressed. I hated her. Jacob was cool. I didn’t know him well, but Seth and Jake were good friends. Seth was upset for Jacob, and therefore I was upset. I wasn’t fond of her at all. Edward seemed to be an ok guy, but I wouldn’t dare say that around Jake or Seth for that matter.
“Hey Jake.” I replied a little bit late.
“I haven’t seen you at school lately. Been hanging out with Sam for a bit?” Seth asked.
“Oh, yeah, just been running around, you know.” He replied in the same lifeless tone.
“Yeah,” He responded.
Although, Seth didn’t know. He always used talk to me about it. Jacob used to hate Sam. He didn’t understand why he was always at his side these days. Seth didn’t like Sam that much really, but Seth wasn’t one to hate anyone.
“Well, I’m off now. I guess I’ll see you around or something.” Jake said and waved half-heartily goodbye.
“Yeah, or something.” Seth muttered after Jake had walked away.

After we had gathered all our homework books together from our lockers, Seth and I stared towards the direction of my house.
“Gosh, it’s only a Monday and we have all this damn homework.” Seth muttered.
“I know what you mean, next time we’re walking to your house to do homework. It’s so much closer. This is giving me a hernia.” I said and gestured to my bag.
“Yeah.” Was all Seth said.

I wish I hadn’t mentioned his home. Seth had gone through a pretty rough period. His Dad, Harry Clearwater, died from a heart-attack a few months back and he felt pretty low a lot of the time. He didn’t really like being at his house. His mother cried a lot when she was by herself, which usually meant we ended up in an awkward situation when we got to Seth’s house.
We had reached my house. I rummaged around for the house keys and finally pulled them out of my bag. I opened the door and let myself and Seth in.
“Ok.’ He said. “You get the snacks and I’ll get all the crap out.”
I laughed. He seemed to be back to himself. I knew he wasn’t though. Not really. He put on a happy mask for everyone around him. He’d only let it down once around me. That was the day his father had died. He cried for hours and hours on end. It was the first time in my life that I’d ever seen him shed more than a tear. Even when we were little, he was always the brave one. Falling off things, breaking his arm, his leg and still refusing to cry.
It must be so hard for him, I thought. I couldn’t imagine loosing my Dad or Mum. I threw that thought out of my mind. Seth hated pity more than anything. He’d kick my butt if he knew what I was thinking.

I cut up some fruit, shook some Barbeque chips into a bowl and got the Coke and two cups out of the fridge and cupboard. I went over to the table where Seth was waiting and we started on our large pile of homework. I was fairly smart, ranking third in my grade, but that wasn’t hard, seeing as there were only a small number of people in my year. Seth was clever too. He ranked about tenth in our year. He would have suparsed me if did some study once in a while. His Mum was really proud of him. Sue Clearwater was one of the strongest people to ever grace the world. She always knew what was best for Seth and his older sister Leah, and she always was sure of herself. Even when her husband died.
After we had both laboured through our homework mound, we sat on the couch and flicked the television on.
Seth slung his arm around me, but this wasn’t a romantic gesture, just something Seth always did. I put my head on his chest and he blew a bit of my hair out of his face and laughed.
We were just friends, and even though I wished we were a bit more, I couldn’t bring myself to go through with it.
What if it ended badly? It could screw up everything we had. Seth always tried to con me with, the question, ‘What if it didn’t end badly?’ But he never pushed it. I wasn’t ready yet. Not after what happened to me.
I had been walking home from school one day. Out of nowhere a man had attacked me. He hurt me.
He knew that I wasn’t ready. I suspect that’s why he didn’t try to pull anything. I would never have told anyone if it weren’t for Seth. I was so ashamed. I just wanted to die. After it happened, Seth was with me when I told my mother and father. He came with my family and I to the police station so that I could ID my attacker. He was my life support throughout the whole ordeal that had taken place a couple of months back.
A re-run of Jerry Springer, had just begun as my Mum, Catherine lolled their way into our house.
“Hey kids. Pizza ok?”
“Hey Mrs. Reace, yeah pizza’s good thanks. Want me to pa-.”
“No Seth, you are not paying.” Mum said. “Annie I got a margarita pizza for you and Seth, I got you a peperoni.”
“Sounds good.” I said.
Seth ate the whole pizza by himself, and half of mine.
“Gosh Seth, what’s with you. You down food like it’s going out of fashion. Do you have a tape worm or something?”
“Huh, maybe, but all well.” He said taking another bite of my pizza.
“Pig.” I commented.
It wasn’t just his appetite that had grown over the past couple of months. He was an enormous monster. He had to be at least six-feet tall now, but he wasn’t fat. It didn’t seem fare, he didn’t do a lick of exercise ever and he never gained a kilogram, but I had to keep running in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons to keep the weight off.
“Hey Tessy,” Seth said in a ridicules baby voice to my dog. She was small, white Maltese and she absolutely loved Seth, and the feeling was mutual. We had bought Tess when she was only a little pup of five weeks old and she’d taken a liking to Seth straight away.
Suddenly, a strange look crossed his face
“Seth are you ok?” I asked him.
“Um, yeah. I think I ate some bad pizza.” He confessed. “I better get home.”
He gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“Thanks for having me Mrs. Reace.” He called to my Mum who was in the computer room.
“You’re always welcome honey.”
Seth smiled and then he abruptly covered his mouth. “Ok, well I’m going to go now.”
“Want me to walk with you?”
“No, it’s ok. I’ll text you to tell you if I can go to school tomorrow, ok?”
“Ok. C-ya Seth.”
“Bye Annie.” Little did I know, I wouldn’t be talking to Seth Clearwater in a very long time.
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