The Twilight Saga

Bella Swan has always found relief in working on the Forks high school newspaper. The downside to her favorite activity, is that Edward Cullen also does the newspaper.
They might hate each other, but Edward still picks her up for school each day, sits with her at lunch and drives her home.
Bella still hangs out with the Cullens, despite her and Edward's relationship. This year is the most exciting yet for the young journalist.
And the press turns on them.

Renee (undivorced)


Becka (Rosalie & Jasper's mother)
Bryon (Rosalie & Jasper's father)

 I need a lot of comments & support to begin this story!

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Chapter One:
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The urgent sound was relentless. I grabbed the first thing I layed my hand on, gripping the pillow, I smothered my alarm clock. The obnoxious sound was if it was the faintest bit affected. I sat up, puzzled and disoriented, still tangled in my sheets. The blare was increasingly annoying-I clutched the pillow and ground my teeth so I wouldn't hit something. Glimpsing through the hazy fog of the morning through my window, I could easily see Edward Cullen's smirking expression as he sat, blasting the horn of his stupid Volvo. I got up woodenly, not falling over with extreme effort, and made my way to the window.

I glared frostily, his mouth was still set in the place. Sighing gustily, I stumbled out of my room, and into the narrow hallway. I poked my head into Alice's room.
Evidently, she had already left.
"Thanks for waking me up," I spat ominously before rounding the corner to the hall bath.

It was the first day of school, junior year. And right now, I was sure the only thing that could soothe my jittery nerves and anxious attitude was a hot shower. The tension unlocked from my muscles, my strawberry shampoo was familar and comforting, and reminded me that today may not be so awful.

With a stubborn sigh I turned the flowing water off, exhausted. I forced myself to be bundled up in a towel, trying to hold the heat. I strolled slowly into my room. Peeking out the window I was surprised when I didn't see Edward sitting in his oh-so-fancy car. Still, I closed the curtains sharply and proceeded to get dressed.

I wore casual clothes, my heart hammering as I bounded clumsily down the stairs.
He stunned me, leaning nonchalantly against the counter-top. I was careful not to run into him.
"Good morning, sunshine," he greeted me, tossing the pear he was twisting in his long fingers. I rolled my eyes at his sarcastic comment and grabbed his hand, lacing my fingers through his.

Now, don't get me wrong, we absolutely hated each other's guts (when I was little I used to fantasies about killing him), this is just the way we were, and have always been. Even if we rather be ripping the other's throat then holding hands, this is what we did, it was familiar.

I opened the Volvo passenger door, sliding in. Edward was already in place in his seat.
"Ready?" he questioned.
"As ready as I'll ever be,"

What do you think?
That's a good start. It looks interesting and I love it. Post more when you can :)
Comment please!
I love it!
i love it
this is good plzzz post more ASAP
i love this!!!!! a great start of the story.. PLEASE keep me updated...
i love it post more soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
can u keep me updated??? =)
i like it, keep writing
love it plzkeep going


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