The Twilight Saga

This is an all human story, it's about Edward & Bella, as usual. :) Edward just moved from Florida to Forks, Washigton at his last school he was very popular & was like a player. Bella is very popular & has a boyfriend, Mike. Lol, anyways it is their senior year, the end, because I might drag the story into college if it goes well. Bella is sisters with Rosalie. Alice is her best friend next to her sister. Emmet is like her big brother, and when Edward comes he brings his sister Jane. The charcters are a little bit...different. So Bella & Edward become a couple, but theirs a lot of problems with Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Ex-boyfriends over Bella, Obssesive girls over Edward, & Prom. Sry if I copied anyone's idea. Hope you enjoy the story! The story is rated PG-13


Chapter 1

Edward's POV

I looked out the window of the plane. Ugh I so didn't want to move I missed my friends & so many other people. I knew everybody at my old school & everyone knew me.


I didn't get why my dad just Had to move, because of work. I could so stay in Florida with my sister, but no we have to move all the way across the country to Forks, Washignton. From what I heard no one lived there it should be easy to make the football team, but I doubt they have any girls.


This was officialy horrible, I looked over at my sister snoring loudly, I chuckled the guy sitting next to us was staring at her eyes saying shut up.


"Weirdo," I said under my breath.


"I so heard you Edward be quiet I'm trying to sleep," she whisered with a hint of anger in her voice.


"Ah ha okay." I heard the pilot say that we would be landing in four minutes. Finally I was kind of excited to move into our house it was supposed to be big & it had a hot tub & pool.


When the flight landed I got off with my sister taking my luggage then tiredly walking out the plane into the tunnel where we got out. My sister & I waited for our dad he came out talking to some women. Ugh he was always talking to random strangers, mostly the female. My mom died when I was 11 I'm 18 now & let's just say my dad has had a few realasionships after that. I sighed when would he ever stop, I looked at my sister she gave daggers to the women. Haha the lady just looked at her & said I have to go to our dad. I chuckled serves her right.


My dad came over to us & nodded not saying anything. We got a taxi, we were going to have to wait till our cars came here from Florida. I drove a 2010 Torch Red Ford Mustang. Our family was very wealthy, but I was angry, because the only reason I wanted my sister to get a car was so I could drive it. Guess what color it was in, pink! She had a pink convertable with leather interior, which was annoying. Oh well I loved my car anyways.


We rod in the taxi until we got to our house. It was huge & really nice looking. I walked into the house it had two stairways walking in & a huge candalier. I strolled up the stairs slowly my sister who was a little bit younger then my 16 ran up the stairs shoving me out of the way. Ha. I looked down the hallways & went left I walked into a huge room with a pretty big closet not the one my sister would obviously need. It had a big bathroom two sinks. I decided this was the room for me it was also a grayish room which I liked. I dumped my stuff on my bed & on the floor I started to unpack.


I was getting tired so I plooped down on the big blue bed, &, shut my eyes. I woke up &, looked at the my phone it was 7:10. Why was I up so early my sister was standing over me, "Dad said we have to go t school today at 8:25. Our cars arrived last night &, the school is just around the corner. Okay so get up &, look nice for school."


I groaned it was not time to wake up I cracked my neck and looked in my suitcase for something to wear. I pulled out a shirt with DC on it & threw it on. Then I grabbed some light jeans with rips in them & put them on slowly, yawning.


I fixed my bronze hair so it was perfect then went down the stairs & had bacon, sausage, & eggs that my sister somehow made.

"Wow this is good," I said while eating.


"Look in the garbage," she pointed at the garbage. I walked over there after I was done & saw a bunch of microwave breakfast foods. I chuckled then grabbed my backpack & went off to my mustang. Jane eyed me when she got in her car she put the radio on loudly. Tik Tok came on I gerred my engine so it made a Vroom Vroom noise. So did she then I speed out of the driveway.


We found the school & saw everyone in the parking lot starring wide eyed at us. I looked around there weren't that many nice cars, actully there were like none.


I hopped out of my car, a big guy with brown hair holding his hand around a blonde girl's waist.


"Nice car," he said.


"Thanks," I nodded at his. It was a big jeep, pretty nice. He seemed like a nice guy his girlfriend was pretty good-looking too.


I looked around me & meet eyes with the choclate beautiful eyes. I looked at the girl up & down she was very pretty seemed to be sorounded by tons of people. She was wearing a pink skirt & a white cami showing a lot of cleavage. The girl had a black looked like light jacket only going up to her elbow it was see-through. She eyed my warily, she must be very popular, perfect start off at the school for a girlfriend. Then I saw a blonde guy wrap his arm around her waist eyeing me like she's taken, a little bit smug too.


 I shoke my head their was something about her & I was going to find out, she would be with me.

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