The Twilight Saga

What if the Cullen's thought that they had changed Emmett McCarty into a vampire. But they didn't. The person they thought he was isn't really who he is. They met a true Immortal. Emmett is really the greek god Poseidon searching for his lost love. She was reborn as Isabella Swan. Can he protect her once he finds her again?


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ahhhhhhhhhhhh you CANNOT LEAVE IT THERE!!!! this story is sooooo good please update soon :D please please please !!!!


girl this is getting really good.


I was having an amazing time on the island with Emmett. I truly didn't want to leave but knew that we would have return to the real world. One evening we were sitting on the beach just watching a storm coming in and I looked up to see Emmett just looking off into space. I said "Emmett, where were you?" He smiled and kissed my forehead and then said "Bella, I was just thinking about how this is just a dream that I'm having and I will wake up and you won't be here." I felt myself cry at his words in which had him freaking out on me. Took me a bit to calm him down. I looked right into his eyes and said "Emmett, I feel the same way. But what will happen when we go back? Will the monsters try to take me away again?" He told me that everything would be fine.

All of a sudden a gentle wind picked up and out came a very beautiful woman appeared. She gave off this motherly vibe. She smiled and said "Sye, she looks like your beloved of long ago. Dear my name is Hera but please don't listen to a word that this pain in my butt has told you about me." Emmett said "Well I love you to sis. She is starting to remember everything and I'm going to let her do it on her own. I will answer questions that she asks me." We spent the rest of the day laughing and having a good time. Sadly once Hera left Emmett looked right at me and said "Bella, it's time to return to the real world. We can come back here anytime that you want to just remember that." I looked right at hime and said "Emmett what will happen once we're married and I become like you?" He took a deep breathe and looked right at me.


I said "Well Bella, you will have to take an exlier that will turn you into a goddess. What your power will be. Well it will come to pass after your change. Bella, I'll be by your side during the whole thing. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes." She seemed to be at a loss of words so she hugged me. I know that I will never tire of having her in my arms. I said "Hold on Bella." I transported us to Forks and the Cullen home. I think that they're still getting used to the thought of just who I really am. Carlisle looked at me and said "So what do we call you?" I smiled and said "Call me Emmett. Just like you have been doing for some years. Sorry that I had to pull the wool over you like that but I had to do anything and everything to make sure that I found my love again. I hope that you can understand that and forgive me." I waited with baited breath on their answer. All of them smiled and slowly told me that they would forgive but to never do that again. Now how to deal with Hades......

would anyone want me to continue this story

I just found your story and it's really good...please continue I can't wait to read your next update!

Anyone still interested in this story?

you know that i am interested so please continue


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