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What if the Cullen's thought that they had changed Emmett McCarty into a vampire. But they didn't. The person they thought he was isn't really who he is. They met a true Immortal. Emmett is really the greek god Poseidon searching for his lost love. She was reborn as Isabella Swan. Can he protect her once he finds her again?


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sounds awesome...cant waight for you to write
Sounds really good
can't wait to read it
Can't wait for the first chapter!!!!!

In the time of the Gods and Goddess....   There was a love story that was never unfinished.


There was a beautiful maiden named Thalia,she was the daughter of a fisherman in the seaside villiage of Ithaca. It was said that she had many suitors that wanted her to their bride. But she wanted nothing to do with any of them. She was tired of the men only coming for her and wished that there was someone out there that she would fall in love with. One stormy night Thalia couldn't sleep so she went for a walk. The ocean would always help her calm down enough to sleep. She was lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice that she wasn't alone. When she looked towards the ocean she saw a man. He was beyond anything she had ever seen in her life. He was well built just like some of the warriors that she had seen come into her village. This warrior noticed that he wasn't alone and turned around. When he layed eyes on her, he knew that she was the one that he had been waiting for his whole life. He was in love with her even before he walked up to her.


Thalia didn't feel scared or threatened by him. She walked up to him and she knew that she was home and felt safe. He smiled and moved his hand to trace along her face. He started talking to her in Greek and she was blown away by how sweet and gentle with her because of his size.  Over the next several months they got to know each other. He then told her just who he really was. That he was the Greek God Posiedon. Thalia was shocked that he had chosen her but she loved him even more than before. He very shortly after revealing who he really was asked her father for her hand. Posiedon was going to give Thalia an exlier that would make her a goddess only after they were married.


All was going well until the day of the union when a bad feeling came over all of Ithaca. Posiedon was waiting along with his brother Zeus for his beloved. Zeus was going to join them together. The little Roseandra, Thalia's god child was the flower girl. She was walking towards the men, throwing the flowers in the sky and on the ground. Thalia was walking down the isle when all of a sudden Hades appeared out of thin air. He grabbed Thalia and stuck a sword into her stomach. He looked right at Posiedon and said "Now dear brother because you refused to help me over throw our big brother. I think that I'll make you suffer by taking her life. You will have to live knowing that you could have saved her by joining me but you didn't. See you around." After Hades said that he took off. Posiedon ran to where his beloved was and picked her up and craddled her into his chest. Posiedon looked right at her father and said "I'm so sorry . I will make sure that she gets a burial fit for a god." The other gods and goddess all looked at their fellow god with sadden eyes and hearts. The skies broke out into tears, mourning for a love lost.





I woke with a start. That was one strange dream. It felt so real and I've been having them since I made up my mind to move to Forks, Washington to be with my father. It's crazy to think that it could be real. I felt safe with the warrior or 'Posiedon'. Maybe I can do some research and see what I can find out about this lost love.

let me know if you like it and want me to write more

here is emmett and bella

This is so awesome.... keep me updated!!! :)
omg i love it...write more real soon
Please keep me updated!!

here is Posiedon(Emmett)

That's really good can't wait for more




I never thought that my love would come back to me but the seer told me that she would be born but I had to act like I was something else in order to be with her until she was ready to know the truth. So I made myself look like I was being attacked by a bear just to get the Cullen family to turn me into a vampire. So I created the character of Emmett McCarty. I was a care free type of person. Carlisle eventually became a father figure to me and I loved Esme deeply. I was jealous of the others because they had their mates with them and it was lonely for me. But I knew that I would see her again one day.


I still remember her laugh, smile and huge heart. I always thought that I would be a lone for all of eternity but the fates had other plans for me. I knew that she was it for me when I looked into her eyes. My brother Zeus was so happy for me when he met her and she was well liked by all of the gods. For a hundred years I would just sit on my island and relive the day that Hades took her from me for a stupid reason. He claimed that Zeus tricked us into taking the underworld and the ocean but I loved my water kingdom. I had told Zeus about Hades plans and we put a stop to them. Little did I know that he was going to do something that would crush my world. The fates came to me when I was 'hunting' and told me that in the United States in 1993 that my love would be reborn. That is how we got to where we're today. Waiting for her to come.


In 2008, we made our move to the little rainy town of Forks,Washington. I swear that I'm even getting tired of the rain and I love the water. We have been here for two years and I'm getting tired of Jessica and Lauren hitting on me but apparently it makes Jasper and Edward laugh at seeing me running the other way. We had heard rumors that the chief's daughter was coming back to live with him. The whole town was so happy and was wondering at why she would come back. I noticed that Alice, my pixie little sister was even my hyper than normal. I asked her "What's up pixie?" She laughed and said "Emmett, you mate is coming here and I've seen you both very happy." For some reason I got mad and said "I don't have a mate. So don't make any more fuss over it."  Alice got this sad look on her face but didn't let it get her hopes down.


It was a week later that this lost daughter was starting school. I didn't see her the first half of school but at lunch time I heard the gossip queen Jessica telling her about my family and I just couldn't stand it so I got up and walked out into the woods not to far from school. I don't know how long I was sitting there just thinking but I heard someone approaching. I looked up and was shocked to see that it was her. I said so low that she didn't hear me "Thalia." She smiled at me and said "I'm sorry for bothering you but I just couldn't stand to hear another word come out of Jessica's mouth. My name is Bella Swan and you are?" I smiled and said "I'm Emmett Cullen, you can join me if you want." I was beyond happy that she was back with me and of course she didn't even know who I was but I knew that would happen. We fell into an easy conversation and found out that we had a lot in common. Like pulling pranks on friends and family. I also found out that she likes all kinds of music and was into greek mythology.


I could hear my family coming to where we were at. I looked down at her and said "Miss Bella, would you like to go to the movies with me sometime?" She giggled and took my hand before saying "I would love to Emmett." We exchanged our numbers and she gave me her address. We were walking back to the school when I saw the angry faces of Rosalie and Edward. Edward growled lowly and said "Are you stupid brother? She is just a human that doesn't belong in our world. Now...." I didn't let him finish because I had him pinned against a tree and I had planned on ripping his head off of his body. But I felt a small hand on my arm and I looked down at Bella's face. She said "He isn't worth it Emmett. Calm down and walk with me." Before I could do anything, Alice started to tell the others so that only we could hear "She is his mate and Edward that was stupid of you coming on to him like that. He would have torn you apart." I turned around to see Bella holding out her hand.


I took it and left with her. I brought her to her truck that I knew was unsafe but I would have to work on getting her to get a better car or even letting me buy it. I got into the passenger side and said "Sorry my brother was having a bad day and I don't know that came over him. Can you take me home if you don't mind?" She smiled and we spent the rest of the ride talking and getting to know each other better. She left after dropping me off. The family was already there. Carlisle came up and said "Son, you know that we can't have a human around us." I didn't let him finish before I started to growl and I said "She is mine and none of you will come in between us. Am I understood?" They all looked shocked at me. I said "I'm going to hunt and none of you are to bother me." I ran off and went into a very beautiful meadow and sat down there just trying to calm down. I heard some thunder and turned to see my brother in front of me.



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