The Twilight Saga

Author: EMHW_Bear

Main Characters: Jacob Black, Wolf Pack, & OC

Genre/Universe: Post-Breaking Dawn Canon

Rating: PG13

Summary:   He Never Suspected...

I was inspired to write this story by a legend I came across about imprinting on the following website.

And for the simple fact that Breaking Dawn broke my heart!

A canon follow-up to Breaking Dawn with  twists, turns, and surprises.

What happens when a wolf is separated from his imprint?

Jacob tries to live without Nessie, selflessly agreeing to give her short childhood to Bella and Edward. Racked by boredom and loneliness, he befriends a girl with an abusive step-father. Will another heart be broken?

What sinister forces are stalking Jacob and the other wolves, and why?

Discover who Embry's father is, if Leah ever finds happiness, and how Sam and Jacob deal with having two separate packs.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the  property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Raven has a very interesting family history!  Also some nice family bonding moments with her mother and brother.

What went wrong with Seth?  Will the wolves be able to rescue him and the others or will they be trapped with him?

Can't wait to read more!

Hi Seugnet du Toit.

lol, did you see I called you Bella in one of my replies. My head is in the air sometimes. Glad you enjoyed the update. Thanks for reading and double thanks for reviewing. =)

LOL, yes I did.

Chapter 15

The Perfect Storm

"Hey! What do you mean, putting me in there...? How in the freak am I supposed to breathe?"

The crimson eyes of the large, thickly-build vampire, standing near the freezer door, flashed black and he snarled and hissed at Seth, punching a large hole through the freezer door with his fist.

"Wow, you're strong," Seth mocked, feigning idolization.

They put Seth in the freezer and chained it on the outside.

Stupid leech! Seth yelped. I wish I didn't have to breathe because it freakin' reeks in here. I've never smelled anything as rotten and disgusting in my whole freakin' life! Seth snarled.

Seth! Don't disappear on us again! Sam he's back.

Can the freezer contain Seth? Sam questioned.

Seth doesn't think so. The hinges are pretty rusty. In fact, the reeking bloodsucker knocked a hinge loose when he punched a hole in the door. It wriggled and he didn't even notice. These bloodsuckers are idiots.

I'm sure they are. That's why they're expendable. Just like the Romanians think we are. Hold up here, Sam commanded the pack. Jacob, I suggest we charge as soon as Brady's ready and that won't be too long from now. As soon as we can talk to him, we go. I think they've had Brady and the girls long enough already.

Jacob agreed. We'll have to split up and some of us are going to have to get around to the opposite side of the rest of us, jump up the smaller buildings, and go in through the windows. The rest of us will somehow try to get them to come to us. Seth said sixteen and that includes the three bloodsuckers that stayed behind at the pick-up site.

Once Brady is clear, he should be able confirm the numbers. It's possible he witnessed others during his moments awake, Sam barked.

Jake, we know they'll smell us once we get close. We can make that work to our advantage, Embry offered.

He's right, Quil elaborated, we could use our own scents along with the wind as the diversion to make them come to us. Whatever way we go in, is going to depend on which way the wind is blowing. We want them to know we're coming.

That's true! Sam, if we make enough noise while they smell us, hopefully, they will come out to meet us. Maybe. But we'll still need to have whoever is going in through those windows close enough to defend the girls if someone attempts to get at them once they know we're here.

Brady and Seth are already inside. If need be, they could attack from within when necessary, Sam thought, If Brady's cage is as weak as Seth thinks it is - Brady should be able to breakout before they can sedate him. He'll be strong enough this time. Still, whoever goes in through the windows must get in there fast enough to help Brady and Seth.

Anything else we haven't considered yet? Jacob thought.

Sam did the same.

Jacob, I'm the fastest. I'll go around and go through the window, Leah volunteered. Nothing will stop me from getting into that room on time.

Okay, Leah's one. Who else, Sam? Jacob raked his eyes over Sam's pack.

Sam focused his sight on Paul and Jared. Leah's going through a window. I know how bad you both want in that building, but I could really use one of you out front with us.

Paul, you go through the windows with Leah. I'll run with Sam and the others, Jared thought.

Two more wolves, we're going to stack it in there. Sam studied the rest of the wolves for the best picks.

Sam, if you're going to send two more then I say Samson, Jared recommended. I know he's young, but he's just as strong as me now, and he can soar. I think we need to keep us older wolves out front where there will be the most danger. I trust all of you, but Kim knows Samson better than she knows anyone else. She'll feel safer with him.

Okay, and one of the younger wolves. Josiah, you go, Sam ordered.

Sam, we'll have Leah and the guys get as close to the building as possible without being detected. It shouldn't be too hard with the current strength of the wind. Brady and Seth will call us at the first indication that the vampires are aware of us. Once Brady and Seth get that signal, Leah, Paul, and the others better be in that building along with Seth and Brady standing between the girls and any danger.

It sounds good so far. We got the entrance. What about the exit? Sam thought.

We go right out the front door, Paul concluded. There'll be six of us inside, what's stopping us? Leah and Samson, Brady, Seth, Josiah. I don't care who takes the girls home. I'll meet you guys where the action is once I know that Rachel and Kim are safe.

Sam passed Paul's comment on to Jacob.

If that's the plan, the key is to get as many of those vampires out of the building so there will be nothing standing in their way, Jacob added.

If there really is only sixteen to worry about, we have the numbers in our favor. There are twenty-two of us and two more inside. Maybe if they knew our numbers, they'd all come out leaving the girls free and clear, Sam thought.

Jacob responded, Well then, we'll just have to tell them our numbers. That way when they hear and smell us, they'll know what's coming for them.

Seth phased again before Jacob could finish his thought. "Hey, bloodsucker, over here! Bloodsucker!" Seth hollered, peeking out of the jagged fist-sized hole in the door.

One of the vampires walked over and eyed Seth, sneering. "Go in there. I'm not taking you to the bathroom."

Seth laughed. "Seriously, though, I was just wondering how big that Volturi guard is? Just want to make sure that my brothers aren't going to be too outnumbered."

The vampire ignored Seth slowly shuffling away.

"So what do you have? About, twenty guys here?" He asked, overestimating their numbers. "Added with our thirty-five guys. We're fifty-five strong. Hopefully, the guard isn't too much bigger than that eh?"

The vampire continued to ignore Seth. He phased back and showed Jacob the lopsided conversation.

Seth's back again and he got our numbers out there. Even fudged 'em a bit. He wasn't able to get a reaction, though... Now they know they'll need every rotted leech they have, Jacob added to nobody in particular.

Wait for the call from us, Seth, he instructed. Leah, get going, try to get around as quickly as possible and hold up before getting real close. Until Brady confirms he's ready.

Sam passed the orders to his pack. Paul, Samson, Josiah, and Leah left.

Sam reminded everyone, Since they're able to control their vampire blood thirst for the girls, they're not newborns. They may or may not have some skill, but they won't be as strong as the others we've fought in the past.

Four hours later Brady was completely back, feeling strong, and ready to get out of his prison and inflict a whole hell of a lot of revenge. He confirmed that there were only the sixteen vampires who were all back in the building. The vampires were visiting as if they didn't have a single worry in the world. There was only one of them in the room with Brady. It was the vampire with the darts. Brady lay motionless in waiting. The vampire thought he was still knocked out and was carelessly strutting around without his tranquilizer gun.

Leah, Paul, and the others, were positioned right where they wanted to be. The wind was blowing turbulently to the east, taking their scent away with it. The current direction of the wind was also perfect for Jacob's group, for the simple reason that once they're near enough to the building, the wind would take their scents right up the bloodsuckers' noses.

As long as the wind doesn't shift, this will be just as easy as I thought.

Lighting crackled throughout the ominous sky, pithily illuminating the night. They rain began to pour, pouncing the forest topography heavily, along with wildly roaring thunder and violently powerful wind. The storm had arrived.

Jacob stretched, pointing his neck and his muzzle toward the heavens, and sucked in the cool wet air as the downpour drenched and kneaded his fur flat against his skin, flowing over his entire body. He waggled excess moisture from his tail up to his ears.

Everyone's in place, Sam. Let's get there yesterday!

Okay, I want Jacob, Embry, Quil, Jared, Collin, myself, and Ethan and Elijah up front, Sam directed - Ethan and Elijah were Sam's twin cousins. We'll take most of the action. I want the rest of you younger wolves to stay close by one of us; I plan on making sure no one gets hurt tonight.

The packs picked up speed ready to charge the building, hoping to get close but - not too close - before the vampires came out to defend. They were all racing at full speed with Jacob and Sam running side by side, up front, flanked by Jared and Embry next to each of their specific pack leader.

Jacob, Brady's showing us something, Sam informed. There's a male, Native American bloodsucker that had a thing for one of the girls. He made certain he stayed close to them. Brady heard him planning on changing her. He's not sure which one of the girls the bloodsucker was referring to.

A wrath filled howl emerged from Jared, followed by several other wild, angry howls resonating throughout the woods, signaling their presence in the area as thunderously rowdy as possible.

Paul, did you see that? Jacob heard Jared ask.

He better hope I don't get to him before you do! Jacob heard Paul respond to Jared.

Jacob gasped, caught off guard. Sam, can you hear Quil?

Sam listened. I can hear them all, Leah, Embry, and Seth, too. What's going on?

Through Seth and Brady, Jacob saw several vampires make a mad dash out of the building, reacting to the howls. At that very same moment, Jacob witnessed Brady and Seth break through their holding confines simultaneously, with Leah and Paul crashing through the windows at the exact same time, followed by Samson and Josiah.

We'll have to figure that one out later, Sam, because here they come. Jacob ducked, dodging a vampire, barely missing a fist through his body. He pushed himself forward with all his power, rushing back, and viciously biting at full strength.

The vampire convulsively shook lose, slamming Jacob to the ground, painfully knocking the wind from him. Jacob sprung back up and with extreme force, he hurdled himself into the bloodsucker, knocking it toward Quil. Quil dove at it from behind, catching it by the back of the neck and dragging it down.

Jacob sharply circled around, searching for another target. He glanced to his side and saw Sam slashing through the neck of a bloodsucker. Another wolf, Collin, had it by the leg.

Bodies, both vampire and wolf, were bouncing all over the area. Curdling hisses, growls, and high pitched whimpers sounded all around him.

Two more vampires sped at Jacob so fast he hardly saw them coming as they rammed him into a tree. Embry lunged in front of Jacob, violently tearing off an arm. Jacob grabbed a hold of the other one's skull, gnawing at it. Images of every wolf's battle were rolling through Jacob's mind, being stamped directly into his memory.

A bloodsucker was wrestling with Ethan. Elijah tackled it chewing at its body. He and some others dragged it away and pulled it apart. A vampire swooped in behind Quil while he was facing off with another one. Embry pounced from out of nowhere, hitting the bloodsucker away from Quil. Two younger wolves pinned it down tearing and clawing at it.

There was so much going on at the same time, Jacob had to concentrate and intentionally focus on the vampires that he himself encountered.

The girls are safe and we're on our way. Paul howled as he and Seth rushed to the battle site.

Jacob swirled, scanning the area, nearly all of the vampires were overcome. Jared had the last one grounded, ripping through its chest while Collin crunched at its neck.

The younger wolves did a good job of being precisely where they were needed when someone needed them, finishing off the downed vampires and making sure that none of them reemerged. Every vampire had been stopped and all was quiet.

By the time Paul and Seth arrived, the battle was over. All that was left were several mangled lumps of slithering rocks. The attack played out perfectly coordinated, due to the reuniting of the packs and the fact that they were all able to think with one mind, knowing exactly what was happening with the other.

Sam and Jacob made sure that everyone acknowledged how lucky they were that they outnumbered the vampires. They built a fire and began to burn the remains.

Liam, has the Volturi been contacted? Sam asked. Liam was the newest young wolf; Sam had ordered to stay behind.

Yes, and Bella told Sue that Alice saw the Volturi guard, and the Romanians have already been taken care of.

Huh, that was fast!

Brady and Josiah showed up, after having burned the remains of the three bloodsuckers that stayed in the building.

Thick, hazy smoke expanded over the mountain side. The storm had passed through quickly and the rain drops slowed to a drizzle, blowing wet cold along with the wind.

A few of the wolves were phased to their human forms, feeding the fire. The others were still in their wolf forms, tearing at vampires that were trying to crawl to their specific pieces. Everyone was reliving their battles with each other.

Leah told the wolves that the girls were fine. She and Samson were moving as quickly as possible to get them home. Paul was sifting through the remains, counting and recounting.

The noise in Jacob's head was too much for him to wade through, so he phased to human form, along with Embry, Ethan, and a couple of the others.

Paul and Jared snarled wildly, sprinting after the girls. Which didn't at all seem unusual, but Collin and Elijah gave chase as well.

Sam phased into a human. "Jacob there's a problem, the Native American vampire isn't down. Paul glimpsed him leaving the building and just assumed Jared or one of us would meet up with him out here.

Jacob felt an odd sense of déjà vu, suddenly remembering Leah being attacked by a hidden vampire. He spun around, combing the area. All at once, everything turned fuzzy. Jacob fixed his eyes on Embry. He was leaning over at the edge of the clearing.

An image shot out in a blur. Jacob heard himself screaming Embry's name and felt himself exploding into the wolf at the same time, along with Sam and the other human forms, all attempting to jet across the opening before it was too late.

 A/N Hated to end the chapter here, but the next chapter gets kind of sticky so here is where it had to be. Thank You! 

What happened?!  You left us with a major cliffhanger!

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Can't wait for the next chapter!


Not to worry. I shall post the update very quickly because the next chapter is a doozy.

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A/N This was a very difficult chapter for me to write and it was equally difficult for me to post. But it was the way I saw it in my mind when I first imagined and wrote this story.

Chapter 16

Black Dawn

The murky vampire image, obscured by its speed, streaked toward Embry's back and pushed a fist through Embry's chest then attempted to take hold of his head. Quil and some others were already leaping at the same time Jacob was exploding. Raged filled growls rang out piercingly, echoing throughout the mountains.

Quil ferociously dropped the vampire, but only before it could do more damage to Embry's fragile human body. Every other wolf was on the vampire chomping, gashing, and gutting it to bits.

It wasn't the Native American vampire.

Embry fell forward with no expression. The woods were spinning and everything appeared to fade out for a time. All Jacob could hear was the sound of several broken wolves howling in agony.

When he came to, he was laying beside Embry along with Sam and all the others. Everyone was suffering in absolute anguish.

He wasn't sure how long they all sat there weeping and wailing, but finally Sam pawed at him. Jacob, we have to pull ourselves and the pack together, finish this up and take Embry home.

Jacob nodded, lifelessly dazed.

There were seventeen vampires. Seth whimpered turning his moisture soaked eyes to Brady. We didn't count 'em right.

Seth! Don't you even think it, Sam barked with firmness. You either, Brady, no one can count what they don't see or hear.

The pack burned every piece of vampire scrap soundlessly and quietly left for home with Embry's body flung over Sam's back. Even though they were all phased to wolves, not one internal notion was made, not one thought was heard. Everyone was devastated and in utter shock.

It was late morning when they reached La Push. The pack decided that first Sam and Jacob would go together to let Embry's mom know what happened to him. The rest of them would show up later to pay their respects.

Sam and Jacob drove in complete silence. Before they reached the main gate to the house, Sam stopped the truck. "Let's just walk the rest of the way from here," Sam suggested.

Neither of them was in a big hurry to get there. They were about halfway down the long approach when Sam stopped again. He hung his head, his shoulders slumping. Jacob gave him a few minutes.

"I don't think I can do this," Sam muttered.

Jacob knew exactly what Sam was feeling. He was dying inside the same. He reached out and put his hand on Sam's shoulder. "We're going to get through this. We all will. Together," Jacob consoled, trying to convince himself as well.

"I don't think I can face her," Sam murmured softly, tears overflowing his eyes.

Jacob was quiet. He was hurting tremendously, but he felt cold and numb at the same time.

"I should have let him tell her, you know? Why didn't I?" Sam whispered, his eyes glazing in introspection.

Sam's tears began to pour down his solemn face.

"You did what you thought was best." Jacob felt the lump in his own throat grow until he too was crying. "You were trying to protect her. Look at the danger we already put Rachel, Kim, and everyone else in who knows our secret."

Sam scowled, reacting angrily to Jacob's words, and he shouted, "What's the point in that, Jacob? Sooner or later, everyone on this Rez has to know! I mean, none of us are aging. What are we planning to do … move away? And how do we protect the tribe then?"

Jacob put both fists in his pant pockets and hung his head, staring at the cracks in the desolate mud caked road below his feet through blurry eyes. He had nothing to say.

"Protect them," Sam scoffed. "How do you know that's what I did? He was my little brother, and I didn't even acknowledge it." Sam let go and sobbed uncontrollably.

Jacob stayed silent until Sam's sobs quieted. "You knew … for how long?"

"I think for a while now." Sam paused for several more moments. "I could have made his life easier, you know? I could have made her life easier. She thought he was a bad kid. He wasn't a bad kid. He was a good kid. He was my younger brother and I kept him in trouble. She couldn't even be happy with him, proud of him. I took that from her. I took that from both of them." Sam was speaking with hostility toward himself.

"You didn't know." Jacob wept quietly as he tried to comfort Sam.

Sam began to sob again; he pressed both of his fists against his forehead. "Are you sure about that? Maybe I just resented her, resented him." He met Jacob's pained eyes and asked, "How do you know I didn't want him to follow my orders instead of hers just because I could make him? How do you know I didn't enjoy him disobeying her?" His expression was twisted in suffering as he tortured himself.

"You didn't, Sam!" Jacob insisted with a raisedpractically shoutingvoice. He glared at Sam sternly and stressed, "I know you didn't! We would have seen it. Someone would have heard it."

Sam lowered his head, kicking at the drying mud road. They both cried until they were able to pull themselves back together again and continue on to the house. When they got to the door, they wiped their faces dry and stood still for a minute or two. Jacob took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Embry's mom yelled. She was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper.

"Embry's not here. He hasn't been home for a few days. I thought he was with one of you two. I swear I don't know what I'm going to do about that boy," she complained.

The look on Jacob's face halted her on the spot. She paused and looked from Jacob to Sam and back to Jacob again. Her expression turned to worry. "What is it?"

Just then, there was another knock at the door. The door swayed opened and Paul wheeled Billy inside. Paul went back outside, closing the door behind him. Jacob saw the strength and comfort of Billy's eyes. He was never happier to see Billy in his life.

"What's going on here?" Embry's mom jumped up, on the verge of panic.

"The boys have some things they need to tell you," Billy said in a voice saturated with authority. "Go ahead, Sam."

Billy squeezed Sam's arm giving Sam the strength to speak.

Sam told her the entire story from the beginning, starting with his own transformation. He left only one detail out, the final moment of Embry's life. Embry's mom wept quietly as she listened to everything thing he had to tell her. She remained surprisingly calm, probably from the shock of it all. Still, the stabbing misery was clearly manifested in her brokenhearted eyes.

When Sam finished, Billy opened the door and Sue and Leah walked in. Sue approached Embry's mom, folded her arms around her, and held her while all the sorrow erupted.

One by one each of the pack and some of their parents entered the house and shed tears with Embry's mom.

Jacob, Embry, and Quil were hanging out at the cliffs appreciating the uniquely hot, bright, sunny day. They were all trading silly jabs at each other and taking turns trying to push each other into the water. Jacob felt great. They sat down together, talking and laughing. Everyone was enjoying themselves immensely.

Embry stood up. "Well, guys, I better be taking off now,"

Feeling slightly panicked, Jacob jumped up, begging Embry to stay longer. Embry insisted he'd already stayed long enough. "You guys got things to do today, and so do I."

Embry knew of Jacob and Quil's reluctance to let him leave and encouraged them to continue on without him. "Don't worry about me, I'm not going far. I'll be right here when you need me. And I plan on stopping by and hanging out with both of you as often as I can. We're going to have a heck of a lot more good times just like today. Hey…maybe I'll meet you guys on the court next time."

"I'll be back soon," Embry reassured them. He turned to leave but turned back again. He was smiling so brightly that Jacob could feel the loving warmth, comfort, and peace radiating from Embry's entire body, surrounding them both and communicating to them exactly what he was feeling.

Embry was amazingly happy and perfectly at peace. "Hey you guys should see all the girls hanging around my place. They're all so good looking … every one of them is a complete angel."

"I bet they are." Jacob grinned, and a tiny teardrop glistened in the corner of his eye.

"I don't think I can pick just one. You know what? I don't think I will either." Embry laughed and faded off into the distance.

A/N All battles can't end perfectly; I had to give them one. I hope nobody is too upset with me.

Very sad!  I wonder how this loss will impact the pack(s) from this point onwards?

At least in the end it sounds like Embry found peace.

It will be hard for them without Embry and it will make them more careful in the future. In the end, Embry did find peace. Thanks for reading =)

Chapter 17

Love between the Lines

Jacob opened his eyes, bubbling with more cheer than he felt after waking in a long while. He had the strangest feeling that he wasn't merely dreaming about Embry. But that Embry had actually been by his dream for a visit, and Jacob was looking forward to many more pleasant dreams just like the one he had.

"You're finally up, it's almost noon," Billy said, staring down into Jacob's groggy eyes.

Jacob had fallen asleep on the living room floor, again. He rolled over trying to stretch out. His body felt very stiff, like he had been in the same position all night long.

"You were mumbling in your sleep, but I didn't want to wake you." Billy furrowed his eyebrows, worriedly. "I hope your sleeping okay?"

"I'm sleeping fine, Dad. Don't worry. I'd tell you if I wasn't. Where're you off to anyway?" Jacob asked, changing the subject. He knew Billy meant well, but he didn't like to be hovered over.

"I'm going over to help Embry's mom. She's got to go through his things today, and she doesn't want to be alone."

"Dad, I really appreciate the way you're helping her through all this, and I know that Embry would really appreciate it as well."

"She's a very nice person, and everyone needs a friend, especially in times like these. Sam's been a real big help to her, too. She said he stops over at least once a day to see if she needs anything, and she really enjoys his visits. You know who else is a nice person?" Billy offhandedly questioned. "Raven's mom, Abby, and cute, too!"

Jacob threw a pillow. It skimmed across Billy's head. "Chill, Dad, the ink's not even dry," Jacob joked, chuckling at the thought of Billy and Abby.

Billy laughed. "I'm just saying."

A car horn blared for Billy. "Anyway, I'll be meeting with the council at Old Ouil's later. There's still so much we're trying to find out about you kids, and we're working on seeing what reunited the packs, too. You know, you and Sam really ought to start sitting in on the sweats," Billy suggested, as he wheeled himself out the door.

"Wait a minute, I'll help you," Jacob jumped to his feet and followed Billy outside.

A few minutes later the phone rang and it was Raven. She was going off excitedly about Abby finding a buyer for their house in Forks. "We'll be able to move to La push pretty soon because the people that are buying the house are in a big hurry to get the sale finalized," she excitedly squealed. "So come over, I want to go do something fun today."

"Me too," he said, sharing her enthusiasm. "I'll be right over,"

Abby was working more often so Raven was usually by herself at home, and that drove Jacob insane with worry. River was still in Fort Bragg finishing things up, he had one more week left. He sent for Leah almost immediately after he went back, and she'd been there ever since.

Jacob spent nearly everyday with Raven for the last couple of weeks. Except for the one time when she seemed mad at him for something and wouldn't let him in on it. Afraid that she was getting tired of him, he forced himself to stay away from her for a couple days. It was painfully tough, nearly unbearable.

When he finally did go see her, she bit his head off for not coming around or calling, and made him promise he would never do that again. He promised, reveling in the knowledge that she wanted him around just as much as he wanted to be around, because he missed her like crazy when they weren't together.

He believed that getting through the last few weeks would have been impossible without her. Raven had a brightness surrounding her that always made him feel good. She became almost like a lifeline for him. She felt like home.

Being fairly athletic, they did a lot of fun things together that most girly girls wouldn't do, and very soon, she'd be living in La Push only minutes away. He loved the idea of it.

At one time, he'd thought he was going to slowly distance himself from her, but with everything else that happened, breaking it off didn't seem as important as it did before. The issue still invaded his mind at times, happy times it seemed, and he remained unsure of what he was going to do about it. He decided that he'd know when it was time to deal with the situation.

He did stop telling her that he loved her. Not because he didn't want to say it, but because when he did, it seemed like it bothered her for some reason. She always gave him her sad smile. He just figured she didn't want to say it back, and she never did. That didn't matter to him though, he knew precisely how she felt about him by the way she looked at him, and by the way her body responded to his whenever he touched or kissed her.

"How's Jacob been doing?" Abby asked as she was getting ready for work.

"He's seems to be doing all right. I can tell that he misses Embry, though. Sometimes he gets so quiet, Mom, I don't know what to do or say to help him," Raven glumly explained.

"It's so rare for someone to be killed by a bear, even for these parts," Abby commented. "Death is hard for everyone. I'm sure your helping him just fine."

"I hope so. I hate to see him sad." Raven glanced at the clock on the wall. "I better get ready. He's on his way over."

Things were normally pretty awesome between her and Jacob. Raven loved being with him; however, once in a while he became enormously distant. They could be sitting right next to each other, in each others arms, and it felt like she was sitting alone.

Raven held her breath during those times, wondering if he was thinking about Embry, thinking about her, or thinking about Rene. It was really hard because she was always afraid that the first thing out of his mouth was going to be something like, "I can't see you anymore because there's someone else, and its time for me to be with her."

On one occasion, he was overtly aloof with her and it wounded her deeply. After all, it wasn't her fault. That particular day, it almost seemed too painful to continue to be with him. She wondered if she should tell him what she knew and stop hanging out with him altogether.

Then he stopped coming over, didn't call, and didn't answer the phone when she called him. She thought she was going to die from the emptiness she felt from his absence. She realized that she truly couldn't be without him, it was far too painful, that there was nothing more important to her than being with him. They'd been inseparable ever since, and their times together were becoming more and more intimate.

Still, Rene and the situation sparked her curiosity, tremendously. Questions like, why isn't it time for them to be together, and when will that time come sometimes crept through her mind, unexpectedly. Several times she was tempted to call Leah but always ended up chickening out.

She heard a hasty banging at the door. She looked out the window, spotting Kristy. "Did I leave my jacket here? I can't find it anywhere," Kristy asked impatiently.

"Mm hm. It's downstairs in my room. Come on in."

"I'm going to the park with Quil today and it feels like it might get cold out later."

Raven raised her eyebrow. "You and Quil been hanging out a lot lately."

"It's not like that, we're just friends. He's babysitting today and just asked me to come along and keep them company. That little Claire is just so cute."

"Are you sure, it's not like that?"

"I'm sure. He reminds me of Embry. And I think he just needs a grown-up friend to talk to you know? He always has to babysit." She shrugged as if she was pushing her questions about that, aside. "I've got to run. I'll talk to you later."

She and Embry had planned to go on their first official date. They never got the chance, though. Raven didn't know that Kristy had really felt something for him, until the funeral when she broke down crying on Quil's shoulder. They'd been friends ever since.

Jacob snuck up and embraced her from behind, kissing her on the neck. She loved it when he did that.

"Why are you dressed like that, or should I say, why aren't you dressed, like that?" she asked. "I thought you wanted to go do something."

"I do. I want to go running today." He grinned, mischievously.

"Okay," she narrowed her eyes, suspicious of the devious smirk on his lips, "but I have to go change."

"You don't need to change. I said, I want to go running, and I want you to ride with me. You're from Texas. When's the last time you went riding?"

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"Yup." He chuckled. "C'mon, it'll be fun! Besides, you've never been very far off the walking paths and there's a whole lot more to see out there. Just let me show you."

"I don't know, Jacob." Raven shook her head indecisively. "That seems a little too weird for me."

"C'mon on, Raven, this is the first time I felt like being in the woods in a long time, and I want you to be there with me." Jacob flashed his adorable smile.

She pursed her lips, shifting uneasily at the thought, but reluctantly gave in. She hesitantly put on a sweatshirt, filled a back-pack with bottles of water, soda pop and sunflower seeds.

They walked across the street and into the woods. "So how do we do this?" she asked.

"I'll tie this piece of leather around my neck for you to hold, if you need to. Otherwise, you can just hold on to me. Don't worry, you can't hurt me. You're way too little," he teased.

She waited nervously while Jacob changed.

When he came back out of the brush, Raven's jaw dropped open wide. She had forgotten how beautiful he was. His thick russet fur was perfectly elegant. There was a cheerful gleam in his deep brown eyes, as he curiously watched her reaction to him. Once again, she was overflowing with profound adoration. He gracefully sauntered toward her and gently knelt down beside her, panting faintly. She sighed deeply; even in wolf form he took her breath away. Quietly chuckling to herself, she climbed on top of him and gripped a hold of him tightly, snugly winding her legs around his torso as she thought about how odd of a situation she was in. He slowly stood up on all fours, lifting her effortlessly and letting out a low rumbling growl that sent a wave of butterflies through her tummy. She utterly surrendered herself, basking in the pleasure of being able to be part of his fantastic world.

The forest was alive with various spring colors and scents, and lush green moss stunningly covered the different branches and trees like a furry green blanket. Wild flowers bloomed lavender, yellow, and pink while leafy bushes filled with bright red berries mixed in fittingly. As if that wasn't enough, every sound the forest held was like music, playing the most exquisite concerto.

Jacob carried her through several beautiful meadows and high up into the mountains. She was able to see the splendor of the cliffs against the ocean background. They reached what she thought was the most beautiful scenic growing meadow of them all but didn't stay. Jacob continued further and finally stopped at an even more gorgeous surrounding. It was a concealed flowered clearing, overlooking a smooth icy green river with water fall. Froth brewed from a small cascade. He knelt down slowly and she climbed off so that he could change.

When he came back, she could barely catch her breath from the unexpected splendor she beheld. "I never thought it was possible to see this much beauty in such a short time." Raven gasped.

"I knew you would like it up here," Jacob boasted, sitting down on a bed of little white bunch berry flowers. "I hid up here for a while when I first ran away from home."

"You ran away from home?" she inquired, sitting down beside him. "Wait, I'm sorry you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.

Jacob wrinkled his forehead, briefly looking away. "It's fine. I don't mind talking about it if you don't mind listening?"

"I don't mind listening."

"Okay, the reason I ran away from home was because of a girl," he said.

Raven held her posture straight, startled by his candor. She smiled broadly, trying her best to conceal her discomfort. Oh…oh here it comes, she thought.

He squinted, observing her closely. Her face heated from knowing he was trying to read her reaction. Then taking hold of her hand, he smiled, always knowing exactly what she needed.

"Don't worry. I'll give you the short version. It was Charlie's daughter, Bella. She was my best friend. I thought that I was in love with her. But… she was in love with someone else, the guy she ended up marrying. It hurt so much at the time that I didn't know how to make it stop. I came up here and hid out for awhile. It turned out it wasn't far enough away, and eventually I really left town."

The thought of Jacob hurting, made Raven feel awful. A girl would have to be nuts not to recognize how amazing he was. "Jacob, if it's too much for you to talk about, you don't need to tell me anymore." Raven frowned worriedly.

"It's not. Truthfully, it doesn't affect me one bit anymore. Besides, it wasn't the right kind of love. It was painful and unhappy, not at all good. At the time, I didn't know anything different, so I continued to put myself in situations that only made things worse. Bella always knew that we weren't meant to be more than friends. And then one day, I saw it, too, and things have been great ever since."

Raven considered what Jacob went through. He must have loved Bella exceptionally, to feel the need to run away. "I just want to tell you that I'm really sorry you went through all that, and I truly feel bad for you. Are you sure you're okay now?"

"Actually, I know for certain I am. In fact, I'm unbelievably happy these days," he reassured her, peering into her eyes and kissing her hand.

A warm coziness enveloped Raven. She felt especially close to him, very much at ease, and overwhelmingly in love. She softly cleared her throat. "At least you got this place out of it. It's amazing up here."

"The beauty is all around the woods. You just need to know where to look."

She gazed at him. His face was peacefully relaxed. She admired every detail of it, tracing his features with her eyes, and ending on the cute little dent on his chin, before leaning over and softly kissing him. She couldn't imagine someone not loving him back. "Well, I didn't have to look very far because it all started with you."

He circled his arms around her, and gently coaxed her down on top of him. When their lips parted, she scattered several tiny kisses across his neck until goose bumps appeared, along with a faint rolling growl. She smiled to herself, loving the way he reacted to her.

She gave her heart to him practically the first day they met. She was convinced she'd never love anyone else the way she loved him. As much as she wanted to tell him that, though, she knew pronouncing her love to him was pointless. Her feelings had no relevance to the future, anyway; neither did his for that matter. She swallowed the words she yearned to say as she made her way back to his lips.

I love you Jacob Black, she sighed.

I wonder... Could there be a chance for them?

Can't wait to read more and find out how things turn out.

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