The Twilight Saga

Author: EMHW_Bear

Main Characters: Jacob Black, Wolf Pack, & OC

Genre/Universe: Post-Breaking Dawn Canon

Rating: PG13

Summary:   He Never Suspected...

I was inspired to write this story by a legend I came across about imprinting on the following website.

And for the simple fact that Breaking Dawn broke my heart!

A canon follow-up to Breaking Dawn with  twists, turns, and surprises.

What happens when a wolf is separated from his imprint?

Jacob tries to live without Nessie, selflessly agreeing to give her short childhood to Bella and Edward. Racked by boredom and loneliness, he befriends a girl with an abusive step-father. Will another heart be broken?

What sinister forces are stalking Jacob and the other wolves, and why?

Discover who Embry's father is, if Leah ever finds happiness, and how Sam and Jacob deal with having two separate packs.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the  property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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A/N Hi all. Sorry its been so long since the last update but RL has its times. Hope you enjoy the update!

Chapter 18

Changing Lanes

Ten weeks had passed since the pack laid Embry to rest. While things were still quite painful for everyone, it was slowly starting to get easier to deal with. The pack continued to run tight, frequent patrols and made sure that someone was always watching Kim and Rachel since they never located the missing vampire.

Jacob woke up, realizing that he overslept again. He had been having another great dream of hanging out with Embry. He jumped out of bed and called for Billy, only to find that Billy was already gone. They were supposed to meet with Sam about what Billy and the council felt united the packs. There was also a bonfire scheduled for that same evening, which was more than likely the reason Billy left without him. He grumbled at his dad's lack of patience then chuckled, realizing how much alike they were.

He showered, got dressed, and hurried over to Sam's place hoping that he'd be lucky enough to catch Billy before he left. When Jacob pulled into the yard, Sam was sitting alone on his front porch and Billy was nowhere in sight.

"You just missed Billy," Sam yawned stretching.

"Yeah, I figured as much. I guess he didn't want to wake me again. He thinks I'm not sleeping well. I wasn't at first, but it's gotten much better," Jacob confided. "I can actually sleep all night sometimes."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Sam understood perfectly well.

"So did he tell you anything or is he going to make us wait a week, trying to get us together?"

"Actually, he did. He said he could have just as well told you what they found out, but he wanted to talk with us together. I guess since the timing hasn't work out, he just gave up and told me to fill you in when you got here and he'd talk with you about it when he sees you," Sam said.

"Okay, let's hear it. What does the Council think happened?" Jacob quirked his eyebrow fully interested.

"It's simple. We were all performing as one pack, working with the same heightened, intense goal in mind. We were sharing a purpose that was crucial to each and every one of us. That's what caused us to reunite. Here's the part that seems strange to me, though. I don't know. We'll see what you think about it. They said two Alphas or Co-Alphas existing harmoniously in one pack." Sam shrugged, appearing puzzled.

"Co-Alphas," Jacob repeated with the same questioning tone. "Is that possible?"

"Billy says yes. I didn't feel that I had any power over you when the packs reunited. Did you feel anything like that over me?"

"Nah, nothing at all."

"Billy said we both think so much alike that we're almost one mind anyway. We make a good team."

"A hell of a good team," Jacob chimed in.

Sam smiled. "Yeah we do." He sounded like he was becoming convinced as he listened to himself speak. "Apparently, we only had one issue dividing us and that issue isn't even an issue anymore, according to Billy."

"What was the issue?"

"I don't know. He said he'll have to talk with you about that one first."

"So what do we do now?" Jacob asked. "How is this supposed to work?"

"Hmm. I think we could operate as usual, if it's okay with you? Unless you have some things you want ironed out before we attempt it?"

"Nah, I don't mind the way you do things. I mean, it works for the pack and with the numbers we have now, I could see why it's necessary to give orders to get things done the right way," Jacob carefully rationalized then added, "But since I only make requests, the one thing that would concern me is Leah and Seth. They're used to having their free will so my only condition would be to let me handle them by myself."

"Sure, sounds good to me," Sam agreed, chuckling. "Leah scares the hell out of me anyway."

"Well, since everything's good here, I guess I'll take off. I should already be at Raven's house helping with the move. I guess I'll see you later."

"Here's the key to my pickup. You still wanted to borrow it, didn't you?" Sam asked tossing Jacob the keys.

"Yup, I'll have it back by this evening before the bonfire."

"One more thing, Jacob," Sam suddenly remembered as Jacob was walking away. "Billy said to remind you that he wants everyone at the bonfire tonight. He also said to invite Raven. He forgot to tell you that himself, and he wasn't sure if he'd see you again before tonight. And, uh… tell Leah to bring what's his fa…" Sam swallowed and took a deep breath, "tell her to bring River. He's back around here now, right?"

"Yup, he's back around, and I'll make sure they get the invitations."

Considering the tone in Sam's voice when he made his last remarks, Jacob drove away wondering if Sam was a bit jealous of River and Leah, possibly even hurting a little. Jacob figured it would certainly be natural for Sam to be a little wounded, and Jacob supposed that Leah might even enjoy that notion.

Jacob sprinted into his house when he heard the telephone ringing off the hook.

"Hello," a familiar voice said.

"Bella," he blurted, very surprised to hear her on the other end of the line. "Hey, what's up?"

"Raven, come up here!" Abby yelled from the living room.

Raven ran up the stairs anxiously, thinking that Jacob finally showed up. She wasn't expecting to see the buyers for the house already there. They weren't scheduled to arrive for a few more hours. A very nice looking family was standing in the living room.

"These are the Coronados," Abby introduced. "They're originally from Dallas, Texas."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you," Raven responded.

She sat down with Abby and politely made small talk for a few minutes before excusing herself to finish packing her room. Shortly thereafter, she heard a basketball bouncing in the driveway and thought River was back with the moving truck.

"Is this yours?" the young man asked holding the ball out in front of him. "I hope you don't mind. They're going through the house again, and I got tired of waiting around. It's Justin by the way."

"Not at all, help yourself."

Justin tossed the ball into the hoop asking, "So, what it's like around here?"

"It's wet." Raven giggled. "Coming from Texas and all. That's the only way to describe it. But after a while it grows on you. I like it here."

Raven found that Justin was a very friendly outgoing person. Before she knew it, they were shooting a game of lightning and getting along very well. He told her that he had just signed a letter of intent to play Division I College Basketball for the Washington Huskies and that his parents wanted to move closer so that they would be able to attend his games. Raven was impressed. She told him she liked watching college basketball more than she liked watching the NBA, the games seemed far more dynamic to her. Justin grinned. He was extremely easy on the eyes, but guys with light hair and light eyes weren't her type. He did have a nice smile, though, but compared to Jacob's, it didn't hold a candle.

Jacob honked the horn, pulling into the driveway in Sam's pick-up truck. He sort of smirked at Raven and Justin with some kind of look that she wasn't familiar with. She brushed it off and introduced them. They shook hands and chatted for a few minutes until Justin's parents were ready to leave.

"Nice to meet you, and good luck with your basketball," Jacob said cordially, winking at Raven.

After the Coronados left, Raven sensed some bizarre tension coming from Jacob. She was certain that it didn't have anything to do with Justin because Jacob was way too confident for that, but it was obvious to her that something was considerably bothering him. "Show me the boxes that you want me to start with."

She could tell right away that it was going to be one of those distant times. Raven showed him the boxes, and he quietly started loading them in Sam's pick-up truck. River came back with the moving van and he and Jacob got directly to work on the heavy stuff.

"I saw the Coronado boy checking you out," Abby teased, as she wrapped dishes and carefully put them into boxes. "His eyes nearly popped out of his head like he was Roger Rabbit and  Jessica Rabbit entered the room when you came up."

Raven rolled her eyes, pretending not hear her. She glanced out the window to see where Jacob was, but she couldn't see him.

"I thought he was pretty cute," Abby went on.

Raven spun around facing Abby and put her finger to her lips. "Mom, shush…" she whispered, glaring. "He wasn't as cute as Jacob, now be quiet."

Abby softly laughed, agreeing. "That's true, but still."

A few minutes later Jacob came in and asked her to sit outside with him while he took a break. She held her breath until he put his arm around her, kissing her on the cheek. She softly sighed, feeling relieved that the distant moment had passed, and she was able to enjoy the comfort of his warm arm around her.

"Hey, ah, there's a family bonfire tonight. I already told River about it. Billy wants you to come, too."

"Sure I'd love to."

Jacob lifted her chin and kissed her softly then grinned. "I bet you get hit on all the time, don't you?" he asked, out of the blue.

"Where did that come from?"

"Just tell me," he said with a half smile.

Raven faked conceit, flipping her hair over her shoulders. "Well, if you really want to know… at least a few times a day."

"That much, huh?" Jacob pursed his lips, meeting her lighthearted humor with a very serious look.

"I'm kidding." Raven giggled. "What's this all about?"

Jacob's expression relaxed. "I bet that guy was hitting on you, wasn't he?" He beamed cheerfully, and Raven didn't know what to think. Something strange was definitely going on with him.

"Is Jacob Black jealous?"

"No, Jacob Black's not jealous. I just want to know." Jacob put his hands around her waist and started tickling her.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you." She laughed. "He did ask for my number, and I told him I had a boyfriend."

"And then what?"

"And then what… What do you mean?"

Jacob raised his eyebrow. "And then what?"

"And then he gave me his number for when I don't."

Jacob frowned, lowering his eyes discontented.

"I'm kidding." Raven chuckled uncomfortably, bemused by Jacob's behavior. "And then nothing. I told him all about you, and then you showed up."

Wrapping her arms around him, she pressed her face into his neck, loving the subtle, clean fresh-forest scent of his skin. She nuzzled him, breathing him in deeply. "That tickles…" Jacob squirmed, finally giving into his smile. "I guess I was a little jealous, just a little tiny bit, though…Don't get a big head."

Raven laughed. "Be quiet."

"That's not true. I was really jealous, and he looked guilty, too."

"Is that what was really bothering you Jacob?" Raven asked searching his face for an underlying answer she felt certain he was hiding.

"Not really, but I can't talk about it right now. Later for sure," he said, kissing her on the tip of her nose. "I better get back to work. I got here late enough as it is."

They finished loading all the boxes and furniture and drove to the house in La Push. Raven rode with Jacob in Sam's truck. "I don't know what's wrong with Sam's radio. It only picks up this stale country station," Jacob complained.

"That's okay. I'm from Texas, remember? Ooh, I like this song. It's an old Gary Allen song," she told him as she turned the volume up.

I don't want to hurt nobody, don't want to make nobody cry

I don't want to do wrong. I don't want to do wrong.

I don't want to tell no lies.

I'm loving you. Loving you against my will.

Your love is like a deep dark river, pulling me out to sea.

The harder I try to resist you, the weaker I seem to be.

I don't want to turn down your side street. I don't want to pull in your drive.

Don't want to see you standing there. Don't want see you standing there.

Don't want to see that look in your eyes.

Girl, I'm loving you. Loving you against my will.

"Country music sucks!" Jacob mumbled, scrunching his eyebrows together all crabby looking. Raven cast her eyes away from him, frowning. She knew without a doubt that something serious was troubling him. "Well, I think it's true and honest."

"That's what I mean, it sucks!" He scowled, practically knocking a hole in the stereo when he agitatedly banged his hand against it in a haste to turn it off.

Oh, oh! "Jacob what's wrong?" Raven sharply demanded.

"Nothing's wrong."

Liar! "Yes there is! Something's always wrong and you might as well just tell me about it!" she unexpectedly shouted.

She burned with anger toward him for the secret he was keeping from her. Raven had never felt this resentful and frustrated with him before. She was getting so sick and tired of hiding what she knew; she wanted to scream it out at him and be done with it all. She stared out the window motionless, trying to calm down before she broke out into tears.

Jacob pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the truck. "Raven, I don't want to fight with you about this."

"Is that what we're doing? Fighting, cause if it is, it's the first," she uttered softly, forcing herself to look him in the eyes.

They both stared silently at each other for a minute. A slow smile inched across Jacob's face. Raven bit her lip trying to keep from smiling back. It was no use. She couldn't resist his smile, and they both cracked up laughing. Jacob slid next to her and kissed her sweetly. "I'm sorry."

No sooner did that happen, and he was back in his distant mood, brooding around the house as he moved furniture and unloaded boxes. Raven trembled inside, darn near certain that it was the beginning of the end for her and him. "Everything's all unloaded. I need to take Sam's pickup back. Do you want me to come by and pick you up for the bonfire or do you just want to meet me there?"

"I'll meet you there… if I go. There's just so much to do around here," she claimed. She had a bad feeling about going to the bonfire and was already feeling emotionally burnt out from his ambivalent behavior.

"You have to go. I really want you to be there." He hugged her persuasively, kissing her neck, and smiled.

Judging by the despondency in his eyes, though, she could see that there was no truthfulness there.

As Jacob drove out of sight, Raven inhaled deeply, alarm bells going off inside her heart and her mind. She plopped herself down on the couch and hung her head while tears filled her  eyes.

A/N The song lyrics are Gary Allen's Lovin' You Against My Will

I wonder what is going on with Jacob?  Is it just jealousy or something more?  The call from Bella must have been about something important.  What implications will it have for his relationship with Raven?  It will be interesting to see what happens at the bonfire. 

Hi Seugnet du Toit,

Its something more, and you will see just what because I'm about to post the last chapter, aside form the Epilogue, that is =) thanks for reviewing all the way through the story. I can't tell you enough how much I've appreciated it!

A/N Well, the moment of truth has finally arrived.

Chapter 19

Under the Cherry Moon

Jacob sat by himself on a piece of driftwood far away from everyone else, squishing  his feet in the sand as he listened to the repetitious crashing of the  waves and the high pitched screeching of the seagulls. Raven wasn't  there yet and he was beginning to think she wasn't going to show up.

It had been a very long, eventful day. Which had started out great, but quickly turned to totally sucking, and it could only get much worse from  there.

After Jacob left Sam's, he went back home to pick up some rope that he'd forgotten when Bella and Nessie unexpectedly called.

"…are you calling to deliver my invitation to go visit you guys?" Jacob halfway joked.

"Uh, no, not exactly," Bella replied, her voice squeaking a little.  "We just called to say hello. Is that okay?" She started explaining  something that wasn't making any sense about why it wasn't a good time  for him to come and visit yet.

Jacob laughed, carefree. "Relax, Bella. I wasn't really putting you on the spot. I was just joking." Sort of. "Anyway, I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

Bella explained that they just wanted to catch up with him to make  sure that everyone else was getting along okay after everything that  had happened. Nessie also had several stories of her own that she wanted to  share with him.

It was really good to hear from them. He was glad they had called. Too  bad they didn't have something better to talk about than the great and  powerful new best friend, Nahuel. But whatever makes Nessie happy. Jacob shrugged.

When Jacob left his house, he felt great.

The day took a turn for the worse, though, when he spotted Raven  outside her house playing basketball, with some guy. He could tell by  the hair color that it wasn't River. Jacob was so surprised that he just  drove right by and circled around the block. She was having such a good  time that she didn't even notice him. Then again, he was in Sam's pickup truck. Jacob was raging with jealousy, a feeling he hadn't felt  since Bella and Edward. He needed to calm down some, so he pulled over a  few houses away from Raven's and sat there wondering who the guy was.  He watched them laughing together while they shot around. She was making  everything she tossed up, and looked pretty cute doing it. She was  amazing, and if he could see it, he was sure that the guy could see it,  too.

It was the first time he'd ever seen her interact with another guy  because they didn't attend the same school. But after he thought about  it, he was betting that a lot of guys paid attention to her.

Jacob suddenly realized that someday she'd end up with someone else  anyway, and he didn't have the right to care. Just then, it hit him like  a crowbar. He was a jerk. Nothing but a big thieving jerk, stealing  precious time away from her.

His jealousy turned to guilt, a  sickening guilt, and shame quickly overflowed him.

He felt totally selfish for wasting Raven's time. What was he  planning to do? Be with her for the next few years, continuing to share  close personal moments with her while Nessie grew up, and then just  walking away callously. He couldn't do that.

If he wasn't always hanging around her, she could find someone that  would really be free to love her, someone that she had a possible future  with. He felt like he was just passing the time away with her, and she  didn't deserve to be treated that way.

He had allowed himself way too much involvement, and now he was in  deeper than ever. Jacob sat there watching her and trying to figure out what to do next.  He finally started the pickup truck and pulled into her driveway.

He couldn't continue to be with her, no matter what. It was about  time that he explained everything as delicately as possible and let  whatever happens, happen. He was planning on talking to her immediately after the bonfire.

Jacob needed to find a way to impress upon her that he really did  love her and it was for that reason, he wouldn't take up anymore of her  time. He was concentrating on exactly how he should approach the subject  with her. He knew she would be devastated and he was trying to figure  out a way to help her to understand.

Would she cry? He was pretty sure that she would, and he didn't know  if he could take it. It was hard enough to watch her cry the last time.  The urge to tell her that he wouldn't go was extremely powerful that day  when all he wanted to do was end her sadness. Would he be strong enough  to overcome another compelling urge to make her feel better? He wasn't  so sure.

The thought of hurting her was killing him. He did not want to do it. But the thought of not letting her find someone who  could truly love her was just as bad.

Ending it had to be the right  thing to do.

Only he couldn't figure out why it didn't feel like it. Scowling, he laughed to  himself,   mockinglyremembering going through this same conversation  in his brain a couple months ago. The night he ended up telling her that  he loved her.

To be fair, it wasn't like he hadn't tried to do the right thing  before. It just never seemed to work out. Time and time again, he did  the opposite of what his mind told him to do. He never seemed to be in  control of himself when he was with her.

Excuses … excuses … Then that stupid song came on the radio  and it was more than he could handle. Before he knew it, he had pissed  Raven off, and he was pretty certain she wasn't going to show at the  bonfire because of it.

He should probably be relieved if she didn't show up because he  wasn't looking forward to the conversation anyway. But the truth of the  matter was; he was tired of going back in forth with this and he wanted  it to stop. Maybe she'd get so mad at him that she'd never want to see  him again, completely taking away his choice to be with her. That might  be for the best in the long run. At the same time, he prayed that she  wouldn't hate him too much and maybe they could still be friends.

Something icy cold and wet touched his hot back, he flinched,  recoiling involuntarily. He took a deep breath and inhaled the fragrance  that he always found comfort in. He looked behind him and Raven was  standing there with a can of soda pop and a big grin on her face,  radiating the brightness that always surrounded her. He knew she shined  for him but was it his imagination or was she truly, literally, glowing  with a faint white light?

She sat down beside him somewhat apprehensively, wrapping her arm through his. "What are you doing way over here?"

"I was waiting for you. I wasn't sure you were going to show up because I was acting like an idiot today." Jacob forced a smile.

She smiled back, carefully it seemed, then quickly turned away. "Were  you acting like an idiot today? I just thought you were acting normal,"  she teased, looking back at him. "Just kidding, I forgive you. Besides,  I couldn't pass up being with you under a red moon and then cuddling  with you near a cozy fire."

Normally Raven was pretty easy to read, but Jacob's emotions were  clouding his senses and he couldn't tell if she was happy or just  pretending to be. She's not going to make things easy is she?

"A red moon?" he asked, dully.

"It's a red moon again, look," Raven pointed at the moon. "It's kind of hard to see because of the overcast, but it's there."

"Huh, it is red again. Let's go sit with the others, okay? I want you  to hear all the stories. By the way, I'm glad you showed up," he  muttered glumly.

Raven noticed his lack of enthusiasm. "Are you sure about that?"

"Sure, I'm sure. Sorry. It's just been a really tough day." He kissed  the top of her head, took hold of her hand, and they made their way to  the fire.

Everyone was gathered around the bonfire prepared to listen to the  legends that Billy and Old Quil retold every time there was a certain  amount of new transformations or new additions to the family.

Jacob and Raven sat down on a blanket in the sand beside Billy, and  River and Leah were sitting next to Sue. Embry's mom was on the opposite  side, sitting with Sam and Emily.

Jacob tried to entertain himself by watching Brady and Collin fawn  over one of the newest wolves. She was a pretty fourteen year old girl  named Journey. He got the impression that Journey was crushing on Seth,  and Seth looked irritated by all the attention she was paying him.  Journey was only the second female wolfeverand Leah had her hands  full with helping her to deal with the transformation.

River and Raven were mesmerized as they listened to the story of the  Spirit Warriors. Jacob had already heard it so many times before that he  couldn't seem to pay attention, and he unknowingly kept distracting  Raven by restlessly squirming. Tiring, he stretched out on the blanket  with his hands behind his head and looked up at the heat hazed sky,  slowly drifting off to the sound of crackling pops coming from the fire.  He sucked in the smoky taste blowing toward him as he yawned.

Old Quil began telling the story of the Third Wife and Jacob yawned  again, barely keeping his eyes open. When Old Quil finally finished the story,  he announced, "The Legend of Imprinting."

What? This story was never told during the bonfire before.  Jacob sat up swiftly, wondering the reason for the change.

Enraged, as  he listened to Old Quil's worn raspy voice, he sharply cut his eyes at  Billy. No one seems to be able to mind their own freakin' business around here!

Jacob glanced at Raven, her expression was tense with dread and her  heart was thumping with anxiety. His arm accidentally brushed against  her arm, and she pulled herself completely away from him. This wasn't  the way he wanted to approach the subject with her.

I'm going to kill Billy.

"The legend tells us that imprinting is love at first sight, only  much stronger as it creates a persistent and constant bonding between  two people that can not be broken. When their eyes meet, the will of the  wolf awakens as it immediately realizes that it has found its partner.  Though the wolf's will has awakened, it may take the human side some winning over. He will wait for the woman he loves by not aging, for he knows that she is the one," revealed Old Quil.

Jacob was on edge as he continued to listen. It didn't  help matters that Old Quil and Billy were staring right at him, shining a  huge, luminous spotlight on his already extremely guilty conscience.

Billy added, "Never before in our entire history has there ever been  this many wolves at once. As we have continued on our path for  knowledge, things have continued to be revealed to those of us that seek  the answers, and this is what has been made known to us."

Old Quil continued, "Though the legend tells us that the bond can not  be broken, the bond can be loosened, let go of completely, but not by the wolf.

"When this happens, either by death or by human choice,  the way is made for another. If it were not so, survival of the wolf  species would be at risk. This transfer may not be as evident to the  wolf as that of the first imprint. Nevertheless, the strength and  commitment of this new bond shall remain equally as powerful. It is this  bond that was made known to us in the Legend of the Third Wife."

Infuriated with Billy and the Council, Jacob unwilling digested Old Quil's words as he listened to the sound  of Raven's anxious heart beats slow, feeling a more depressing tone  from her overall presence.

Then gradually, Jacob began to grasp the meaning of the new words that  were said.

A flash of his and Nessie's recent telephone conversation  powerfully surged through his mind. "He's my new best friend!" As did the nothing particularly vital way he felt after the conversation ended with her, a feeling he had  grown quite accustomed to, over the months that he spent away from  Nessie, Bella, and the Cullens. It had become so easy for him to get  along without her in his presence. Whatever makes Nessie happy…

All at once, everything clicked into place. He realized that it was  Raven that he couldn't stay away from anymore, and it was her scent that  he could detect above any other, and it was her disposition that he was  constantly attuned to. It was her every expression that made his world  go around. Jacob ignited with exhilaration. He anxiously turned to  Billy. "You knew?"

"No, but considering your behavior, we suspected something. We just  needed to be sure." Billy gave him a nod of approval while Sue smiled at  him with amused enjoyment.

Jacob quickly looked at Raven. She was ignorant of all that had just  been spoken. It looked like she wanted to get up and leave. Jacob took hold of her hand.

"Can we go for a walk?" he eagerly asked.

She glared at him, jiggling her hand free. Ignoring his question, she  stayed put. Her shoulders were slumped forward; the gleam was gone from  her eyes, and the color had drained from her cheeks and lips. She  stared into the fire extremely depressed.

Jacob caringly lifted her chin up with his fingers. "It's okay. I'll explain everything to you in a few minutes."

Raven closed her eyes and yanked her head away from him, refusing to look at him.

He impatiently waited for the crowd to thin out, which seemed like  hours going by. Once the crowd dissolved enough, Jacob asked, "Raven, do  you love me?"

Raven took a deep breath and sighed. "I do but… I know that you've  been trying to tell me about your imprinting." Her voice cracked and  with a painfully weak tone as she asked, "Was this the reason you wanted  me to come tonight?"

"Yes, but I didn't know they were going to talk about it. They did, though, and we can be together now!" Jacob was ecstatic, however, Raven didn't notice.

She hung her head. "Now," she sulked. "Until when? Until it happens or until it's time?"

"But it has happened, that's what I'm telling you. That's what Billy  and Old Quil were telling you. That's what they were telling us."

Raven sullenly refused to listen to him.

"Please just try to understand, Raven," he pleaded.

Raven interrupted him agitatedly. "Jacob, I know it happened and I do understand. But, what I don't understand is why I needed to hear about it. Stupid unbreakable bond! I don't even want to think about it; it's bad enough I know about it!"

Jacob put both hands on Raven's shoulders and turned her to face him, firmly stressing, "It's you, Raven!"

A glint of hostility flickered across her face. She was outraged and  snapped, "It's not me! It's you. You're the one that knew about it all  this time."

Jacob covered her mouth with his hand and desperately tried to look  into her eyes. She lowered her eyes turning her head away from him,  stubbornly.

Desperate for her to understand him, he was unexpectedly overwhelmed  with the desire to…"Marry me!" he blurted, trying to keep his voice down.

"Wait. What? Wait a minute ... What?" Raven looked disorientated. She  ran her fingers through her hair, shaking her head in confusion.

"What are you talking about? What's that supposed to do?" She scowled  pursing her lips while she distractedly let his words sink in.

"Not now, someday when we're out of school or college. Someday,  whenever you're ready. I don't care when, just promise me." Jacob  searched Raven's glower for some comprehension.

He lifted her chin again, focused intently on her entire face until she finally met his eyes and absorbed his stare.

Speaking slowly, he said, "I asked you to marry me because it's you,  and it has been you since the very first time I spoke with you that day  in the alley. That's why I was never able to stay away from you."

She was momentarily stunned while trying to absorb his words.  Suddenly, Raven's eyes brightened up and sparkling color came back to  her face. He could see that she finally understood. A brilliant smile  emerged as she began to glow radiantly with tears in her eyes.

In the next instant, she hurled herself at him knocking him on his  back. The taste of her kiss was sweet mixed with salty tears, and a few  tiny drops fell from her eyes to his. Her heart was beating rapidly  against his chest while they shared their most explosively stimulating  kiss, ever.

"Whoa, little sister, take it easy! I'm sitting right here," River  reminded her, nervously laughing under his breath at the spectacle of it  all.

They both reactively froze at the sound of River's voice. Raven  pulled away startled, and Jacob sat back up. Everyone's eyes were  centered on them. Raven flushed ruby red with embarrassment.

It's a good thing its dark out, Jacob thought.

Silly snickers were coming from some of the guys, and Jacob's ears  and face felt as hot as her color which was surprising to him because  rarely did he get embarrassed.

Leah stood up and attempted to yank River up beside her. "We're going  for a walk," she asserted. Then she glared a silent demand to the few  that were left so they would leave as well, letting Jacob and Raven know  she was trying to get them some privacy.

River stood up. "We'll just be right over there," he said, pointing to a nearby log that was a little way up the beach.

"No, we won't. We're going far," Leah insisted.

"We'll be right back," River argued lowly, glaring sternly at Leah then resting his eyes back on Jacob and Raven.

"No, we won't. We're taking our time," Leah maintained, defiantly  tugging at him until he gave in and hesitantly wandered off with her, up  the beach.

Raven hugged her knees burying her face. She and Jacob sat in silence  until River and Leah were totally out of sight and what was left of the  pack took the hint and left as well.

"What about Rene?" Raven asked cautiously, raising her head slowly to meet Jacob's gaze once everyone else was gone.

Jacob's eyes widened, and his eyebrows lifted with uncertainty. "Who?" He asked, elevating the end of the word.

"I don't know." Raven shrugged.

Jacob narrowed his eyes in deliberation for a second. "Okay, I get it  now." He nodded is head with understanding. "It's Renesmee, and from  what I understand, we're only ever going to be friends."

Assessing Raven's demeanor, Jacob asked, "Do you want to hear the story behind that because I'd like to tell you everything?"

"I do and I promise I will, but right now. I feel exhausted." She  attempted to smile but yawned instead. "But it's a happy exhaustion. You  have no idea what I went through today. What I've been going through."

"Now that you mention exhaustion," he said, stifling a yawn of his own. "Trust me. I'm sure I have a pretty good idea."

He brushed his lips against hers. Lingering on every sensation, he  slowly kissed her, conscientiously absorbing each of her distinct  characteristics; her taste, her smell, her looks, the sound of her  sighs, and the feel of her body in his arms, far more intensely than he  had ever allowed himself to do before, guilt free.

"I'm sorry for all that," he exhaled.

Raven grinned blissfully. "You should be, and I know that you'll be making it up to me," she feistily smirked.

Jacob chuckled. "I will, too. I promise"

"There's something else wrong, though," she hesitantly stated.

"What?" he asked, wrinkling his forehead.

"It's about that imprinting thing … Okay," she spoke slowly and distinctly, "I know that I love you because I love you. You only love me because something's forcing you to love me. That just doesn't feel right to me."

Jacob sat quietly for a few moments, reflecting on Raven's concerns and reliving the day she first entered his life.

"I don't know if this will help you at all, but I'll tell you anyway.  I liked what I saw of you, the very first time I had seen you standing in  your bedroom looking out the window. I also, liked the way your voice  sounded when you were singing that same evening. This was way before our  eyes ever met, so I want to believe that even without the imprinting I  would feel the same way about you, as I do right now."

Raven listened silently thinking about Jacob's revelation. Jacob was  very absorbed in his own thoughts. He put both of his arms around her  and leaned her back into him so that she was resting against him. She  fit so perfectly in his arms, and she felt overwhelmingly comfy to him.  His eyes were focused intently on the fire while he concentrated on how  he was going to describe his own take on imprinting to her. Jacob  gathered his thoughts together and began. "I didn't like the idea of  imprinting myself, at first," he admitted.

He fell silent, still momentarily reasoning, and then he very  thoughtfully offered, "I guess what helps me to accept imprinting now is  this, I know out of all the girls in the whole world there is no girl  better suited for me then you are. Lucky for the both of us, and thanks  to the wolf inside of me, I'm able to recognize it."

Jacob felt Raven, quivering against him, and she quietly sighed. "Wow, that thought really does help."

A few seconds later, she turned toward Jacob and looked deep into his  eyes. "Well, yes, then, I promise that I will marry you someday!" She  smiled, breathtakingly beautiful, and whispered, "Thank you for your  mom's red moon promise."

Jacob grinned, feeling absolutely intoxicated with peace and  contentment flowing through him. He held Raven tighter, becoming aware  that never had he felt as much joy as he did that very moment. He grazed  her cheek and neck with his lips and quietly breathed into her ear, "My  little Raven at last."

A/N Cheesy ending, I know. So what did you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Again, the words from the first portion of the legend of imprinting that old Quil speaks are from this website:

I want to make sure I give the site credit for them.

Hear Billy's explanation in the Epilogue, as he talks to Jacob about what transpired betweem him and Raven.

You'll also get to hear Rachel's pov on the Native American vampire.  Which one of the girls did he have the hots for? What really  occurred when Rachel and Kim were in captivity?

And as always, Thank You  for reading, and more especially, for sticking with me until the end. =D

I like the ending.  Is there any chance of a sequel to the story?

Hi Seugnet du Toit,

Glad you liked the story ending. Actually there is a sequel. Its Rachel's story. I'm trying to figure out how/if I can post it here as it is more Mature, because Rachel and Paul are the main character's and she is an adult. You will  here a little more about it when I post the Epilogue. I enjoyed posting this story here, even though I didn't get much feedback. It was nice to have you with me the end =)


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