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Hey guys ok so I got an idea for a ff and I thought I’d give it a try so let me now wat u think.

 Isabella Swan is a top chef in Paris and own her owns restaurant. Edward is an intern coming in from the U.S to train with Bella and she’s not happy about it because on that same week a very important critic is coming and his opinion will be published all over France. A part from all that Bella’s parents are coming and expect her to be getting married soon when she doesn’t even have a boy friend and the Swan’s life-long enemies, the Hale Family, will be coming to the restaurant on the same night as them. How will it all turn out?? Read n c!!!!......

Here is the first chapter,               

Chapter 1:


I am one of the top 10 chefs of Paris. I am the famous Isabella Swan from the little town of Forks, Washington. I have loved cooking since I was 6 years old and I received my first very own professional set of knives when I was 10 years old. I’ve never stopped cooking, it’s what I do. The best feeling in the world to me is making people happy with my wonderfully delicious and unique creations. Every time I cook I improve up to the point that I’ve made up my own recepies. I started watching my mom in the kitchen, cutting, frying or boiling things and I decided to give it a try. And if you’re wondering, yes I have cut and burned myself so many times that I can’t even count them. But hey, practice makes perfect.


When I was about 14 I started going to a cooking school where I learned a lot and I got a job at a crappy restaurant as a cook, that I later realized I was too good for, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, so anyway it was uphill from that point on. A famous chef had coincidentally come to the crappy restaurant I worked at and had ordered a dish-my specialty. And so to make a long story short it went something like this; I cooked it, he ate it and absolutely adored it and asked to speak with the cook -moi. He kept in contact with me and offered me a job as an intern at one of his restaurants in Paris, with everything paid, after all I was only an intern and I wouldn’t make much money at first but if I did good he promised to get me a steady job as a chef, and so of course I had to say yes. So I worked hard and trained with professionals and it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park because the kitchen is a stressful, hot, fast-moving place where a lot of yelling happens and not meant for everyone but I learned a lot. And believe it or not I have actually seen people leave crying.


I quickly up grated from cook to a 5 star chef, to top 10 chefs in Paris and to finally-my life-long dream- owning my very own restaurant. Le Cygne Rouge which means The Red Swan in French. I work hard and I love what I do. Even thought I own the restaurant I also work here, I’m the top chef. Alice is my fille de droite (my right hand girl) which means that if I can’t make it to the restaurant one day, she’s in charge and everyone knows it. It’s rare to have women chef which is ironic if you think about it because in a common household it’s rare to see the men in the kitchen.


Believe me when I tell you that Alice Brandon is anything but ordinary and the best thing that ever happened to this restaurant. She’s fast, competent, tough, a very good chef who can handle pressure and criticism and best of all I know I can trust her with my life because she’s my best friend. Alice also has a passion for fashion and when she’s not cooking with me she’s usually designing clothes. She’s very talented and creates beautiful pieces of clothes that are magazine-worthy and she even designs clothes for me. Alice’s life-long dream is to open her own fashion store. Almost everything in my closet is Alice designed or Alice picked out for me. Alice has to be the funniest thing you’ll ever see in a kitchen because of how small and fragile and pixie-like (which is by the way what we call her) she looks you wouldn’t take her seriously at first but she’s the toughest chef you’ll find. She was born in the U.S.A but has French heritage and was raised here all of her life so she considers herself to be French and gets offended when you call her anything but.


My l’homme de gauche (left hand man) is Jasper Clairoux. He is French and speaks English with a small accent. Like Alice he’s a very good chef. I also trust him because Alice was the one who recommended him to me, but deep down under all the professional stuff I think Alice and Jasper secretly have a thing for each other but neither knows it or acts like they don’t which is a good thing I suppose since the kitchen is no place for romance. Then there are Emmett Reneard and Stephan Villette who are also great cooks. My crew is the best and have been with me for a while and I wouldn’t change them for any other.


My days at the restaurant are always pleasant but unfortunately today I’m really stressed, and the cause of my tension you may ask? Well I have a new intern, an amateur cook who is coming to ‘help’ and learn. Why would this stress me out so much you wonder? Because I’ve got a very important critic arriving at the restaurant the same week as my new intern (which let me point out that Alice hired without my permission). My parents are also coming to visit this same week for their 25th anniversary and are expecting something special from their ‘amazing daughter’, I have to create a new and totally unique dish for a very important family that are coming to visit the restaurant and have already tasted everything on the menu (that’s how many times they’ve been here). And that same family happens to be my family’s life-long enemies. They’ve been rivals ever since I can remember and so I have to make sure there here on separate nights. How well all this is going to go is beyond me and your guess is as good as mine. Trust me I’m as worried as you are.

A/N: Hey thnx 4 reading chapter 1 and plz tell me what you think and if I should continue. Honest opinions plz and I promise the next chapters will be much more interesting!!!!!.... :) oh yeah n i need banners so if you wanna make me one feel free!! :P


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Oh yay! thnx 4 reading!!
I love it! I like the French words you add. I like the twist you put on the Twilight story and I like the voice of the story. As I said, I love it!! xD Can't wait for more.
Kendra ♥☼♥♫♥♪
Oh awezom! im so glad to hear tat! i'll be posting pretty so0n. I'm working on the next chapter. thnx 4 reading!!
more please. :)
thnx i might be posting today or tomorrow! :)
Excelent! i L-O-V-E-D IT!!! plz post more soon!!!! can't wait! =P and i love the french in it! good way 2 practice.
kisses n hugs,
haha thnx i will
Great chapter. I laughed when Alice punched Bells. Can't wait to read about everyone's reaction when Ed comes!
Kendra ♥☼♥♫♥♪
Haha thnx n yeah it is funny 2 imagine pixie Alice doe that 2 Bella hehehe.
Love it
Very good
Can you email me when you update?
thank u and yes im going 2 add u as a friend n i'll keep u updated :) glad u liked it!! it


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