The Twilight Saga

This is the story of Marcus of the Volturi. I wrote this as an entry in the contest "Best One-Shot Volturi Story," which was about the day whichever Volturi was changed. I won the contest, so I imagine it's all right, I'm enjoying writing it. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1 The Beginning, the Ending

Chapter 2 Stolen Innocence

Chapter 3 The Ties That Bind

Chapter 4 Metamorphoses

Chapter Five: The Telling of Old Tales

Chapter 6 : The Gathering-In

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fantastical! omgoshnesss write more very soon! haha first coment
Thank you!!!
Oooh I read this when you posted it for the contest, it's absolutely wonderful. I think you give SM a run for her money, Jessica!
Please write some more soon!
Working on it right now, Zoe...and thank you!!!
OK friends, here's the new chapter...True to form, it's longer than the first one, and warning, it's definitely PG-13 for adult themes. I hope you enjoy it. I introduce Caius for those of you who have always wondered why he was always such a jerk! I think this explains it well...Please, comment and review, let me know what you think, if you want me to continue!
Each chapter I read of yours (from all of your stories) is better than the next. Chapter two had everything: rich detail, believable dialogue, and horrifying sadness (poor Caius/scary Caius!). You can feel the tragedy in the air by the end of the chapter. I was screaming "No! Don't change Caius!" to myself as I read the last lines. A masterpiece, Jess!

You have such a gift. With just the smallest character outline you are able to create a story that is rich and detailed and pulls at your heart-strings. Marcus and Didyme's story is beautiful and sad and compelling. Your first chapter pulled me in and had me wanting more. I love it!
Thank you Marie, coming from you, especially, that means SO much. I am very glad you like the story and that it speaks to you, that's what I'm after!
i adore the volturi fan fics, i wish steph meyer had the gift sum of u fan fic writers do! especially u! she's talented cuz we all love twilight but this is awesum imho. i wish u could publish these stories but u all would get sued for infringement & all that jazz :P
there is another volturi tale, 2 actually i adore. i will message them to ya so u can read em for yerself.

this is awesum, thank u for sharing it w/us. as u can see by my screen name i love didyme & her story.

i hope u write more i luv yer style & have shared this link w/a few other volturi fans such as myself on facebook :)

i had a crazy dream w/carlisle in it last night (not sexually inappropriate) we were both working w/mentally retarded ppl & i totally fell head over heels for him & he liked me too (there was no esme or twilight tone to the dream or him) i knew he was diff but did not know how. i dont remember all of it but it ended with me sitting next to him on a chair & us talking about our feelings. then my cat jumped on my tummy & woke me up! i coulda killed him! but i love my simba so i petted him instead :)
i totally left all i was doing in the dust when i got the email linking me to the story, my bro in law went to work w/out my famous bkfts acai berry smoothie, i left the litter box detail for a bit later, i stopped looking up places to read tempted for free,etc.
it was great i loved it like i knew i would
can't wait for you to write more
your such a great writer you make it like your there doing a interview with him and him telling you about his life and everyone in it
please keep me posted and thank you for making it to where i can read it
Thanks Teresa, I willhave more up, soon.


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