The Twilight Saga

Starts at the beginning of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. If you haven't read the entire series, now's your time to turn back.

This will probably seem very strange. Ummm... yeah. Anyways. Just one thing, I didn't come up with the whole Hermione-And-Draco idea on my own. I got the idea off a
FanFic on from someone named RealmWeaver. If you want
to check it out, go ahead. Their stories are amazing.

Anyways, this is the Preface. Hope you like it!



My head whipped from side to side. From the girl I loved to the man and woman who raised me.

It was one or the other.

No, I wouldn't choose one. He couldn't make me.

Just choose one...A feeling of bliss overwhelmed me. It would be so simple... so easy... choose your parents, choose Lucious and Narcissa... they'll be so proud... you'll be protected forever...

A tiny voice whispered these things to me in the back of my head. I closed my eyes. It overwhelmed me.

My parents were the obvious choice. I would be glorified for all eternity, as would my parents, and my children, and their children...

Potter and Weasley would be killed. I tried desperately to remind myself of the other life that would be taken, the one I didn't want to be ruined. I couldn't bear to think of her as dead.

Voldemort was awaiting my decision, he waited patiently. Bellatrix and Snape were each holding one of my options. I wished I could talk sense into Snape... but he was far past that point. He stared blankly into space, awaiting Voldemort's orders.

I heard a whimper of pain. My eyes snapped open. Bellatrix had twisted her arm further, waited impatiently. With her eyes, she screamed at me, Do it, boy! Do it now! Do not be a fool!

My mother's voice interfered with my torn decision. Draco, if I know you're happy, if your father and I know you're happy, we'll gladly take death. Choose what you will be able to live with, choose
your first love...

I stared at my mother, and by the look on her face, she could see the turmoil etched across my face. “Please?” she mouthed to me. Snape pulled her arm back further behind her back for the spoken word. She sobbed quietly.

I exhaled deeply. I raised my wand.

I'm sorry.” I whispered. I closed my eyes.

Avada Kedavra!

Tell me how it is!

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wow! i love it
plz update me
:) I have a few tricks waiting to be used... Ur right about everything, of course, but you also have to remember, Hermione is just too noble and sweet for her own good...

Anyways, thanks for the constructive criticism :) Ur right, this is a huge challenge and making it realistic is my main goal, not necessarily making it a good read (Although if I manage to make it both I will be extremely pleased) :)
This. Is. Amazing.
I'm a new reader.I love the preface for the story.Please keep me updated.Please write more,also.I absolutely love Harry Potter! How in the world did Draco get in this mess?I can't wait for more!
Chapter 1
POV: Draco's

Another wasted year at Hogwarts...

This year will not be wasted. I reminded myself. This will be the year I regain the Dark Lord's trust, I will earn my family honor once more... then I pushed the thought from my mind. It did not comfort me.

I scowled as Professor Slughorn marveled at Potter's work and was nearly tempted to jinx Potter, or the professor, but the Mudblood Granger was glaring at me from under her eyelashes as she pretended to work on her potion. Figures.

I'd assume the know-it-all would be able to do this herself, but she looked just as aggravated as myself, if not more so. She seemed to know something about Potter's extraordinary work than I did, and that bothered me. Not only because that meant Potter was cheating, but it also meant I couldn't even bust him for it because I had no idea what it was.

Not that I would have wasted my valuable time I was supposed to be spending on helping the Dark Lord to get Potter when what I had to do was so much more than that.

Not that I wanted to. Not that Potter had any more control over me than an ant does.

I grinned at that thought, almost triumphant with glee. I had something, knew something Potter didn't. I had the Dark Lord bidding me for work that would lead to his uprising, and Potter was so foolishly blind, he didn't even notice. I almost laughed. He thought he was so clever. Doing with that stuttering fool, Quirrel, or with Barty Crouch Jr., when in reality the dementor had given him the Kiss because it was at Lord Voldemort's bidding. Or how he thought he could trust Snape, when really he was in allegiance with Voldemort.

I flinched at the name even though I hadn't said it out loud as I glanced around nervously as if I expected him to appear out of thin air.

I saw Granger staring at me, a questioning look on her face. I mouthed to her, mudblood, and looked away.

Granger was annoying me so much lately I was almost immune to scowling whenever I even so much as thought of her. I knew Potter suspected I was brandished with the Dark Mark, although Granger didn't believe it. I listened in on their conversations to try to figure out how much they knew, and by the sounds of it, it wasn't much.

I was quickly growing irritated at myself for thinking so much of the Mudblood Potter-Followers, and forced myself to concentrate on my potion.

At first, becoming a Death Eater had seemed like a dream, a beautiful second chance. Now it was just tedious and frighting. If I somehow failed to do it, Voldemort -again, I flinched- would kill me, and maybe even my family. So much as a tripping at the wrong moment could cost me my life.

I told Crabbe and Goyle nearly nothing, only the fact that I had been given an assignment by the Dark Lord and that if he found out that they had prevented me from completing it by not helping me, I would not be the only one punished. They hastily agreed to join me.

I would not enjoy killing Albus Dumbledore, but this was unavoidable. I was unsure if he knew, but I was sure he suspected. My feeble attempt to get the cursed necklace to him failed, and now I had no choice but to try harder. I had no interest in it. It was frightening, the amount of responsibility Voldemort -flinch- had placed on my shoulders.

Tonight I would get the poisoned drink to Dumbledore and it would be complete. I would have finished the job. I took in a shaky breath. My breathing was suddenly shallow.

After class, I hurriedly made my way back to the dormitory to work on my assignment- the sooner I was done with it, the better.

Please R & R:)

Sorry if it's kind of short & boring, I just wanted to use this chapter to show you where Draco stood & around what time during the book it was... The disscussion says it starts at the beginning, but whatever, it was easier to start at this point.
love it!
Chapter 2
POV: Hermione's

I didn't trust Malfoy.

Maybe it was that inevitable little smirk he made whenever he looked at Harry, or the disgusted look whenever he looked Ron's way -or maybe he was just reminiscing him snogging Lavender Brown, in which case I couldn't blame him- or the glare I spotted him throwing at me every time I looked in his general direction, but whatever it was, I didn't.

Harry told me it was because he was a Death Eater, which of course I didn't believe, and Ron told me I was spending too much time contemplating it. (He didn't put it quite as maturely, but it was around the same meaning.) I think he was just trying to get rid of me because we've been avoiding each other ever since my stunt with the birds. Simply the fact that I asked him about it at all was a surprise to both of us, especially me.

I felt the tears coming, and once again, I excused myself from the Gryffindor table -with sympathetic looks from Ginny and Harry- and escaped to the one place I truly believed I could be alone: Moaning Myrtle's.

Or so I thought.

When I got to the bathroom, I heard light, faint crying. Of course, I brushed this aside as I believed it was Myrtle.

But I heard Myrtle's soft, girlish voice through the crying and it sounded... comforting, not sad. I peered around the corner and my knees nearly gave out as I took in what I saw.

Draco Malfoy was sitting alone in the corner of the bathroom, crying, being comforted by Myrtle. Something about this picture didn't make sense.

I sneaked under a stall as quietly as possible and and raised myself onto a toilet so they couldn't see me feet. I listened to the words I heard, hoping for some explanation, as well as the fact that Myrtle would be too busy concentrating on Malfoy to pay any attention to what was inside the stalls, which she see through easily.

“Draco, you're safe, you'll complete whatever it is you're trying to do.” Myrtles voices wafted through the bathroom. I barely dared to breathe.

“It's not- it's not me I'm worried about, it's my mother and father. I'm doing this for them. But this, this task, it's not... I'm not cut out for it. I'll fail. Bel- My mother's sister will never let me die quickly. She's absolutely devoted to him, it's no use.” I knew he was talking about Bellatrix and for the first time, I felt sympathy for the helpless Slytherin boy. Then realization hit and it dawned on me: Malfoy was indeed a Death Eater.

“Oh, Draco...” Myrtle whispered. I heard Malfoy breathing heavily.

“I'd do anything, but not this!” Malfoy blurted, so suddenly that I nearly fell off the toilet. I did clang my head lightly against the door of the stall, but Malfoy was so loud they didn't hear it. “Not this, this task he's put on my shoulders. He says it so simply. 'Kill Dumbledore.' I can't kill him, I can't kill anybody, not even Potter! Or the Mudblood who follows him around like a puppet” -I clenched my teeth- “but I could suffice with the Weasel.” At that, I couldn't hold in a gasp, and the momentary lapse in sobs and words made it unusually loud.

“Someone's here.” Malfoy hissed. I heard him jump to his feet. I wished I could Apparate. Myrtle flew above the stalls, where of course she could see me easily.

“It's the Granger girl.” And in that instant, I knew I would have a time getting out of the bathroom.

“Granger!” I heard Malfoy yell. “You stupid Mudblood, if word gets out I was in here, it'll be your head!”

“Fourth stall.” Myrtle called. Malfoy took quick, sharp steps towards me. I heard him mutter, “Alohomora.” under his breath and the stall flew open.

Without hesitating, I yelled, “Engorgio!” pointing my wand towards his face. His face instantly began to swell in size, and I took no hesitation at all. I shouted the second curse, “Immobulus” at him, and he froze before his wand had moved an inch. I pushed him to the ground, then leaped over his body gracefully, his eyes following me. They were full of a pain so intense I actually stopped to gaze at him. I studied his face. His eyes were full of emotions that came and passed almost too quickly for me to read them. Fear. Confusion. Pain. More fear. Pleading. More pain, confusion. And there was something else... Fascination? Perhaps. I kneeled down next to him. I used his first name as an indication that I wasn't going to hurt him.

“Draco,” I whispered softly. His eyes trained on my face, waiting, I assumed, for me to say I was going to turn him in. What made me say what I said next, I've no idea. “If I ever catch you trying to hurt Dumbledore again” -I left Harry and myself out because we could defend ourselves, Ron, because it was too painful to say his name- “I will not spare you a second time. But you have a choice, Draco.” Something else flickered in his eyes. Something like defiance. “The ministry -or at least, the few fighting rebellions I know of- will forgive you, and your family if you tell us everything you know. We will forgive, we will hide you until the war is over, until your family could be safe. We would help you without batting an eyelash. But one more incident like this, and I will never offer this chance again. Now, when I let you go, we're enemies again. You owe me nothing, and vice versa. But keep in mind what I said next time you try a stunt involving Dumbledore.” I stood up, backed away a few feet, then said aloud the counter curse to Immobulus. He stood up, rubbing his sore face. I still stayed poised to attack. He put his wand in his robe. I didn't relax even slightly.

“Thanks, Hermione.” He muttered. It was weird hearing him say my first name, but maybe he was using it as a sign of thanks.

I gestured towards his face, still holding my wand in one hand. “You should go to Madam Pomfrey. She'll be able to fix that up.”

He nodded, and without another word he quickly walked out of the bathroom.

I slowly lowered my wand. Myrtle huffed and went inside her toilet, splashing toilet water all over the bathroom floor. I gazed after the spot where Draco disappeared.

Why had I done what I did? To this day, I'm unsure. Maybe it was because of the hopeless way he talked. Maybe it was the sound of him sobbing. Maybe it was the fact that Moaning Myrtle trusted him, for some odd reason. Maybe it was because when I heard him weak, I heard a small piece of his actual self. Not the show of haughtiness I usually witnessed. Maybe it was because I saw this as a way to help him, and not only him, but the rest of the wizarding world as well.

If Harry had seen this, he would have went to Dumbledore straight away. If Ron had seen this, he would have gone to Harry, then me, then Dumbledore, then taunted Malfoy a bit and spread it all over school he was sobbing in a corner of the girls' bathroom. And what did I decide to do? I let him go. Told him his options. See if he made the right choice. If he did, I was spared. If he didn't, I was at fault.

Shaking my head at my foolishness, I sat down in the same corner Draco had, curled up in the same way he had as well, and began to do what I came to do in the first place: To let myself pour out my misery through my tears.

I couldn't hold in my urge to write another chappie for this story, and keeping this particular chapter from you guys seemed a bit cruel, so I decided to post it. Hope you liked it!
Glad u liked it :)
i love this you shoudl continue!!
great story i can't wait to read more lvoe harry potter :)


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