The Twilight Saga


Sabrina & Eloisa Amoroso are going to La Push for the summer. What will happen when they meet Seth and Embry ? The Search Is Over. :D


This is our first ff so we are very nervous. Hope you enjoy the story .


Disclaimer - Stephanie Meyers owns most of the characters.


A/N - TSIO happens 4 years after BD so Renesmee is 4 but looks 16. She is in a relationship with Jacob.


A/N - In the Volturi Fight Bella mentions 7 'extra' werewolves. We couldn't let that unoticed so we added 7 werewolves.  In the 4 years only one person phased in our story so we added an other one. There are still 2 packs . When someone first phases he/she has to choose which one they belong in.

This is a list of the packs.

Black Pack:

Jacob - Alpha

Leah - Second in command

Seth - Third in command







Uley Pack :

Sam - Alpha

Jared - Second in command

Paul - Third in command








Two more girls phased and it was found out that girls can imprint.




Left Embry Eloisa .. Right Sabrina Seth


Please ask if you have any questions and reply :)

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Sounds good. Please continue!

Chapter 1 ** Sabrina POV **

Eeeep!! we both said in the same time. Mom and dad stared amused at us. You better go pack you leave on ThursdayKay, thanks mum, thanks dad we said.

We kissed them on there cheeks and practically jumped up the stairs.

Can you believe that aunt Emily is letting us be her bridesmaids for her wedding, AND we get to stay the whole summer at La Push!. Eloisa said. My twin is looking so excited that she might bounce out of her skin. But I wont be the one to judge as I feel exactly like her.

I know, we can go; hiking, cliff divi-Not a chance dad said from downstairs, we didnt notice that we were shouting.

I did the same and entered my bright red room. Brought a big suitcase and started packing, I put some winter clothes because the summer of Forks was definitely different from the summer in Milan, Italy. When I finished packing I went to the bed and reached for my guitar. After a good forty five minutes I made a song, I named it Io Canto, I Sing .The songs explains my love for music and say that nothing will stop me from singing and making music. When she heard me singing, Eloisa came in the room.

To bad he wouldnt be there to stop us I whispered and then winked at my sister, she winked back, gave me an evil smile and went to her room to start pack.

What was that? she asked her eyes open.

I just wrote it

Well its great we should really enter the school talent show with that one. What did you call it ?

I started playing and singing the song with Eloisa singing too. The love for Music was one of the few things me and my sister had in common, even though she likes more rock and hip-hop I prefer pop and R&B. Although we were twins, we didn

We stopped singing when we noticed mom watching us from the door, she had a twinkle in her eyes, and she looked proud.

She smiled at us and said,

Io CantoNicee. Can you play it? t look exactly like each other, in fact you can pick us apart easily, well since we both died our hair it was easier but even before we didnt look the same. Eloisa was taller than me with a paler skin and blue eyes with brown hair with blue, red and yellow streaks with an eyebrow piercing. While I had brown eyes, tan skin and red hair and a I have a belly-button piercing. Our characters were like our looks, not the same. For example, I like bright colours, Eloisa just loves black and dark colours. I like math she likes history. I am a very bubbly person, chatter box and I love to make friends meanwhile Eloisa was shy and not very talkative, that is of course until she’s comfortable, but its the opposites which makes us very close.

We went to the dining room and started eating the lasagna, with my mom Italian, food was quite enjoyable. When we were done we helped mum with the cleaning up, said goodnight to mum and dad and went to our bedroom, I was sleepy so I went to bed.


*Thursday* ** Eloisa POV **

I woke up feeling excited, today was the day we go to La Push.

I stood up and walked to the bathroom, I stripped and hopped in the shower. When ready, I went in my closer to find an outfit. When ready, I brushed my hair and made it look decent. I went to my sister

Finally we arrived at Malpensa Airport before we went to check in we hugged our parents goodbye. Once on the plane Sabrina started talking about how great this was, and I tell you, I couldn

That was magnificent Sabrina and Eloisa, now to the dining room, dinner is ready. s room to find her stressing out in her closet, because she didnt know what to wear. Oh boy. Typical Sabrina. I thought. After the fashion crisis, we went downstairs and mum and dad were waiting for us in the living room . Mom and Dad were waiting for us for breakfast then we hopped in the Mercedes and we were off. Having an owner of a famous restaurant in Milan for a father has its advantages. Money was one, Im not a spoiled brat but I enjoy shopping and having a nice house and car. Rich or not our parents always taught us to be normal and not some teenagers who think they can rule the world.t blame her.

Do you think we will find a nice apartment in La Push, I mean, Sam and Emily will go for there honeymoon and it isnt nice for us to stay there. I asked. Aunt Emily told us me could spend all summer in their house but its not fair for them so we talked to mom and dad and they agreed, so we have to find an apartment before the wedding which will be one week after we land in Port Angeles.

Of course we will. I hope there are some near the beach.


s my sister, always happy. Being a twin, is one of the most great thing in my life, for me and Sabrina it means that whatever happens you have someone to hold to. Sometimes I know better my sister than myself and Im sure Sabrina feels the same way. When Sabrina slept on my shoulder, and I couldnt sleep I turned in the I Pod and listened to the songs. Most of them were about love. Which kind of hurts me when I hear them. The songs say that there is someone or there was someone, but in my case their never was someone. Thats what I want someone to love and someone to love me back. Who knows how long it will take to find him? My it ? My love?



I liked it(: Can't wait for more
Come on keep on writing it's really good........................I love itttttttttttt

thank you :) it's really gr8 to hear that you like it :D



Great chapter, can't wait for your next one!
Thank you :)

Great story!

Keep writing please :)

Thaaank Yoouuh Sooo Muuch  C : && I definetely wiill

Chapter 2

** Eloisa POV **

‘Passengers, we now landed in Port Angeles’ said the robotic voice.

I started to shake Sabrina, man that girl can sleep !

‘ Damn you parrots !’ she shouted. Most of the passengers turned around and gave us a glare and I tried my very best not to roll on the floor laughing. I slapped her and finally she opened her eyes.

‘Huh? Where are we ?’ she asked still sleepy.

‘We just landed Sabbie’ We normally call each other with our nicknames, her Sabbie and mine Ellie.



We went for our bags and then we went to look for aunt Emily and Sam.

On our way, I got curious about her shouting, I mean it’s something you would expect from Sabbie to start shouting something hilarious, but I was curious; why parrots?

‘So what’s with the parrots?’


She gave me the ‘what are you talking about’ look.

‘Before you woke, you started shouting Damn you parrots!’


Her cheeks turned red instantly and said ‘In the dream I got shipped to some stupid parrot island, got covered with peanut butter and then the parrots started attacking me’.

‘Don’t worry I won’t send you to some parrot island then, sis’ I smiled at her and hugged her.

I love my sister, I would do anything for her and hurt anyone who hurts her. That may be a little violent but I don’t care, this is my sister we’re talking about.

From the distance I saw a tall tanned man with his shoulder around a woman. There’s aunt Emily and soon to be uncle Sam.

Being the distracted girl she is, Sabrina didn’t notice.

‘Sabbie, come on I see them’


We walked, well mostly ran to them and hugged them.

‘Hey aunt Emily, hey Sam’ we said in unison.

‘Hi sweethearts how was your flight from Italy?’


‘Awesome, just a little parrot attack, but we survived’ I grinned evilly at my sister, who looked like a bowl filled with ketchup with embarrassment. Sam looked at me, like I just lost my mind but aunt Emily seemed to understand.

‘A Sabrina dream ?’ she asked unsurprised.

‘Yep’ I said popping the ‘p’ while hugging my sister again.

When noticing Sabbie’s redness, Emily went to hug her and said, ‘ It’s nothing to be embarrassed about honey.’


‘It’s really embarrassing when you start shouting ‘Damn you parrots’ right after the plane landed’ Emily started brushing her hair with her fingers. While Sam who was putting everything together chuckled, and smiled at me. Suddenly we both started laughing, aunt Em gave us ‘the shut up you idiots look’ and with that everything went to silence although me and Sam were still laughing and then suddenly Sabbie burst out laughing. Me and Sam took the opportunity and did the same. We ended up, all four of us laughing in the airport. Finally we went to the car. On our way, the green of Forks and La Push was beautiful, I loved this place since I first visited when I was five.

‘So how’s mum and dad?’ Emily said

Oh, they`re fine, dad`s busy as usual and mum is always cooking; usual’ Sabrina said.

‘I guess cooking runs in the family, huh?’ Sam asked.

‘Pretty Much’ Sabrina and I said.


** Sabrina Pov **


Ahh.. La Push, green, wet and calming La Push. The place where I feel bliss. Not that I hate Milan, the city is a big part of me, but it’s too busy … too noisy, La Push on the other side was a very small reservation and very quiet. It’s like the forest hypnotizes you and makes you think, and here I am; thinking. Thinking about this summer, how great it will be, thinking about my sister, how I can’t live without her, my parents, how great they are and the all the memories I get from being here. Hiking in the forest, going near the tide pools, on the sand all of our summers spent here were happy summers, and without any doubt this summer will be as well… maybe better, who knows what La Push has up its sleeves.

Suddenly the car stopped and I saw this cute comfy house . I knew it too well, Emily and Sam’s house. Me and Ellie looked at each other, smiled from ear to ear, excitement in our eyes. We got out of the car and helped Sam unload while aunt Emily went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Me and Ellie went up to the guest rooms and started unpacking. We had a bathroom to ourselves and two separate bedrooms. My room was painted a light pink and had a window that had the view of the forest, just like Eloisa`s but her room was painted a light blue.

*A week later* **Sabrina POV**

These last few days, me and Ellie finished unpacking and mostly stayed inside helping aunt Emily or watching TV and sometimes, we even helped with the cooking. But, as always, when Ellie heard that Sam`s friends were coming over for dinner, she whimped out and dragged me with her to her room and spent the night waiting for all of them to go.

Then when aunt Em comes upstairs we go get our food. She did this to me nearly everyday…


‘Ellie I`m getting sick of this!’


‘Oh come on Sabbie, you know how shy I get..’


‘No, I mean I`m really getting sick, I think the lack of fresh air is slowly killing me!’


‘AUNT EMILY!!’ she shouted

And then I felt like throwing up so I sprinted to the bathroom and hurled my guts out.

**Eloisa POV**

‘Ellie I`m getting sick of this!’


‘Oh come on Sabbie, you know how shy I get..’


‘No, I mean I`m really getting sick, I think the lack of fresh air is slowly killing me!’


I tought she was kidding but when I saw Sabbie turning green, I called aunt Em, but before she could hear me, I saw Sab getting up and sprinting to bathroom and then.. well I think you know what I heard…



Oh my god!! Today is two days before the wedding and Sabrina is still sick. Me and aunt Emily have tried everything so she would recover; poor Sabrina has been living on water and vegetables only these last few days and I don`t know how much longer she can take it without any chocolate and fizzy drinks. And as for me, well I`ve been looking after Sab.. actually it`s more like I`m her personal assistant and I`m really tired so I`m going to bed… I really hope Sab recovers.

Thank you for your comments & support. I personally like a story with humor in it so I try to add comedy in the story.


Chantellee x


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