The Twilight Saga

this is a story that tells about bree tanner if she didnt die and her life with diego. im working on the beginning of the book. i hope i wont keep you waiting long. im on a tight schedule

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Ooooohh love it!!! Post more when you can. (:
thank you. i will post chapter 2 soon
I felt absolutely nothing. I didn’t know where the hell I was. Every second passing felt like a year, until something hit me.
The fire burned me. How could I even stand it? There wasn’t a cell in my body that wasn’t on fire. I couldn’t fell any part of my body. The worst fire that burst through me came from somewhere in my arm. The fire seemed to be getting hotter. I don’t even know how long I was just here in my mind, just my mind. No part of my body was corresponding. But in my mind, I could feel myself want to scream and thrash and want this to end.
The fire eased from my head, and it slowly moved down all the way to my toes. I still couldn’t open my eyes. I didn’t trust myself. If I made one move I would scream. I just laid here, my chest moving up and down, with the sound of my breathing. Then my heart flew off! It was beating so fast. It was faster than the fastest. I couldn’t believe how my heart could manage it. Then it came at an even faster rate. But then it suddenly stopped. It beat another once, twice. And then it stopped.
I heard everything. It was like a high definition TV at high volume. I heard birds tweet outside, the buzz of a lamp, and I even heard a waterfall close by. A few seconds later, I found my way to my eyes. They fluttered open. My sight was all high definitaion too. I could see everything, from a frog jump from ground to water, to dust on the table nest to this bed I was laying on.
This guy walked into the room, he was the most georgeous person I have ever saw.
“Hello Bree” the male said.
I muttered “hi” and starred into those deep burgundy eyes.
“let me introduce you to your new life” he said. Without a pause he continued. “ you are a vampire now.i know that its hard to believe, but its true”
I gasped. How is such a thing true? I always used to think these stories were fake. People who made them up just wanted publicity.
“just follow me to your new home” he said darkly. . .
Update! :D


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