The Twilight Saga

this is a story that tells about bree tanner if she didnt die and her life with diego. im working on the beginning of the book. i hope i wont keep you waiting long. im on a tight schedule

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i will post more right now
yay hurry! i always wondered how their life would be. and what about the "repulsive" guy - freddie, i think - are you putting him in?

yes i am putting fred into the story


Sounds like a great idea...please write more :)
thanks i will
Fire. When i hear that word i would think of forest fires. the ones that take place in forests, not inside of me. but apperently it did spread all over me. It was like a furious ball of fire comming from the nape of my neck. it soon got hotter. how is that even possible? this new fire seemed to emerge from somewhere inside of me. i was suprised that i wasnt thrashing in pain, but that was because i couldnt find my way to any part of my body. i wonder if this is what its like when i die. it was too much pain for it to be heaven, but i did nothing possibly wrong for me to end up in hell. . .
working on it
thanks :)
It was absolutely worthless to pack clothes. I wouldn’t want myself to be reminded of my cruel and abusive dad. I didn’t want this life. I wanted it to end.
“Come back bree!” my annoying dad called.
“why should i?” I yelled
“if you leave you will starve” he replied
“I have money” I lied.
Then I immediately put my headphones on and music just to drown out the sound of his annoying voice.
I walked down the block without looking behind me. Leaving the past in the past.
I have seemed to walk a long distance. Long enough that my father won’t have a chance to find me. I found a motel just around the corner of nowhere. But I didnt care. I walked into a warn room. Apparently too warm for a motel.
“Hello how may I help you?” a lady said behing this massive cherry wood counter.
“is there any room free?” I asked.
“let me check for you” she said wearily.
I waited when a worried look came across her face.
“im sorry. There are no rooms empty. Try coming back tomorrow.”
“okay” I replied.
I gave out a huge puff, and went back onto the dark and cold night. Since I didn’t have a watch, the sky was the limit. It seemed to be dark enough for night so I found a nice spot behing a dumpster and layed there, using my backpack as a pillow…
When I woke up, I immediately went to the motel again.
“im sorry to have you so early just to get a room. There would be no rooms empty for about a week” the same woman replied
Without a word, I turned aroung and headed diwn a narrow street.
Since I havnt ate in the past week, the hunger crashed down on me. My stomached lurched when the smell of burgers surrouned me. I checked my pockets but there was absolutely nothing in them. I was homeless and poor. I still wont regret leaving home, I would never go back. When I stumbled into a dark alley, I had to clutch my stomach.
I felt someone looking at me, but not actually looking but starring. But I didn’t know because he was wearing pitch black glasses.
But by one look, I could tell that he is the most georgeous person I have ever met or even saw. I could even imagine what beautiful eyes he had under those glasses… my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his metholical voice.
“want a burger kid?” the stranger asked.
I tried to talk, but couldn’t find my lips.
“come on you know you want one” he said
“yes” was all I could say now.
“go down the block” he ordered
I immediately followed his orders. I was starving I would do anything for food.
All of a sudded he blind folded me and I felt the coldest thing. It was colder than ice. And I felt the coldest lips brush my throught.
omg dats sooo good!! post more soon!!
thanks and i would soon. but im on a tight schedule
kk thanks :D


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