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The black wolf carefully made his way through the bodies of his pack members, and the enemy they had so bravely fought.

His nose was low to the ground smelling for the reason for his return to this graveyard. The little cry got his attention and he bounded over a few bodies to the familiar figure of his mate.

The white body shifted between human and wolf for a second before going human. The woman’s white hair, now stained red with blood, billowed around her head like a hallow. Her face white in death.

A little head appeared out from under the woman’s cloak. The little girls blue eyes blinked at him from under white hair, as white as her mothers.

The wolf gave a hiss and shifted into a strong proud man with black hair and blue eyes just as startling as the daughters.

He reached down and picked her up, giving his mate one last touch on the cheek before turning towards the woods. He gently kissed the little girl’s forehead, and whispered, “You are special young Willow. One day, you will be the moon they will follow, when their light is in a eclipse.”

With that the little girl looked into his eyes as a faint glimmer, in the shape of a crescent moon, flashed on her left cheek.

His eyes widen and went even wider as a sword made its way through his chest. The girl gave a cry as she fell from her father’s arms, and into the arms of a stranger with red eyes and smelled like death.



Chapter 1

14 years later

Welcome to my life....

My muscles screamed as I forced my claws into the dry hot ground to move myself forward. The leather and chains tightened into my furred skin, cutting into it mercilessly causing blood to well out and stain my white coat red.

My back legs buckled as I pulled the two heavy carts behind me, piled with tons of wood. The carts groaned and a whip lashed out and stung my shoulder.

“Get moving mutt!” Two red eyes glared at me from the top.

I snarled and wished so badly to lash out. I dug harder into the ground and heard the moan of the filthy silver wolf beside me. Our eyes met for a second and we both saw each others misery.

“We’re almost there.” I encouraged the wolf beside me and our labored breaths were heard as we made it back to the castle.

The vampire jumped off the cart and went into the huge dark castle. Moans of pain were heard around us as werewolves and humans were beaten, and ordered to do almost impossible tasks by their vampire masters. The sound of a auction filled my sensitive ears. I wined feeling pity for the newly captured wolves and humans.

At least they had had freedom. I was born into this mess.

Five vampire warriors came and unhooked us from our load and immediately put muzzles on our jaws and chains around our back legs.

They led us to shabby stalls that smelled of death and blood. They led us in there like horses. I snorted. The horses were treated better than us.

Instead of normal wooden stalls, the walls were made of iron, and spiked on the inside to discourage trying to get through it. There was no sunlight in here, and the heat in the summer was unbearable, as was the biting cold of the winter.

They shoved me in my assigned stall and slammed the heavy door behind me leaving me in darkness. I shifted back into my human form. I shoved the muzzle off as it hung heavily around my neck. I then enjoyed the feeling of being able to move my fingers, for we weren’t allowed to be human outside our stalls. Apparently we weren’t good enough to be considered humans, and shouldn’t offend the vampires with our human looks.

My sensitive eyes adjusted to the dark and I made my way over to the stale bread and water the human slaves left for us after our work times.

I stuffed the food into my growling stomach and washed the stale stuff down with the water. I set the stuff down near the door and made my way to my makeshift bed of hay. I laid down on it and curled into a tight ball.

I moved my back legs and sighed as the chains clinked.

I closed my eyes and pushed my white hair out of my face. I was almost asleep when I heard my stall door being open. “Say one word I‘ll kill you.“

Surprise, pain, and misery. Welcome to my life.


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Thanks for the awesome comments!!! Here's the next part and I'll keep you guys updated!!!!!

Chapter 2

Who Let the Wolf Out?

“Shift now!” The figure looked out of the stall and I heard the familiar sound of chains.

Too shocked to argue. I shifted into my wolf form. I groaned feeling my wounds stretch slightly as I stood.

The dark figure came towards me and I saw the glint of something silver. I felt the thing go around my head and I recognized it to be the wolf made bridals. We were sometimes rode like horses, but of course I’ll mention again that they’re treated better than us. I’ve never been ridden before though, and it felt odd when the cold metal went into my mouth. I gave a low growl and received a punch to the shoulder.

I quit and I saw the figure standing beside me. I was the size of a Clydesdale and I towered over him quite a bit. I sighed and lowered myself to the ground as I had seen the other wolves do.

I felt the guy, I was sure it was a he now by the sound of his voice, break the chains around my back legs, and grab onto my fur and throw himself onto my back. I gave a low whine feeling him land on some of my wounds.

“Sorry.” I was quite shocked to realize he meant this.

I stood when I felt him dig his feet into my sides. He squeezed tighter and I took off through the stall door and out of the stables.

The cool night air, and the silvery light of the moon greeted me as I dashed out through the door.

“Faster!” The vampire whispered as he bent low and grabbed more of my fur.

I complied and went as fast as my tired muscles could. When at my best I could run faster than this, but I haven’t been my best in a while now.

I heard the sounds of claws digging into the earth behind me, and the noise of labored breathing. I turned my head to see five riders on wolves right behind me. The lead one was on a large brown one, and was gaining fast.

I felt a jerk on my mouth and went that way deciding to let the vampire on my back take control for now.

We veered off the track and I easily slid through the tight together trees and jumped over logs and other obstacles in my path horses wouldn’t have been able to. I now understood why he wanted a wolf instead of a horse.

I dared another look behind me to see the others further behind, but the brown was still close behind.

I pushed myself harder and gave a loud yelp as pain shot through my shoulder.

I snarled and looked to my left to see the brown’s head at my shoulder his jaw covered in my blood. I heard the sharp metallic sound of swords on swords.

“Why are you betraying your own kind!” I mentally screamed at the brown wolf, but I got no answer seeing only animalistic rage in his eyes. I jumped to the side as he made another move to me and I snarled and got my teeth into his leg causing him to trip.

I felt the blood enter my mouth and I spit it out my nose wrinkling.

I kept running for some time the sounds of our pursuers gone.

Finally I felt a pull on the bit in my mouth and I gratefully stopped. I panted hard and my muscles shook from exhaustion.

I felt the vampire slide off my back and I gave a groan and folded my feet under me. I started to lick my wounded shoulder helping it heal.

I then turned to look at my captor. He was sitting on a rock studying me. He had shocking raven black hair, and red eyes. His skin was pure white, and like any vampire really handsome.

My ears lay flat on my head and I growled letting him know my anger. The bit still sat in my mouth and I raised a paw to claw at the bridal.

I felt hands push my paws away and I felt the bridal drop off my head. The vampire then tossed it on the ground and crouched beside me.

I eyed him warily and I felt my eyelids lower against my will and I fell into a fitful sleep.

Thx! I'll write more as soon as I finish up a few things. Thanks for the comments!!! :3

love it


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