The Twilight Saga

This is an AU fanfiction, the Cullens are humans and Renesmee is a human, but I'm keeping the wolfs - because they're amazing. I'm altering some people's characteristics, and imprints. I'll probably also post a fan-cast of all the people mentioned here later one. Okay, that's all, go read my Prologue (look below<3) and I don't know, comment or something if you like it.


People don't change this much. She thought slowly, her blue eyes wide in hurt. Her feet weren't touching the ground, and he didn't even look the same. It was almost like... he'd hardened, changed into something else. His eyes seemed to be blue, but he hadn't even been this strong. Steroids, possibly... No, they didn't have this effect on people. A mist was swirling around her. It had come out of nowhere, and finally, she couldn't feel. Had he killed her? Was she dead?


Sadly, I do not own the Cullens, the Volturi, Renesmee, or any of these things. I wish I did. Then we'd have my casting and my fan-girl dreams.

Table of Contents

Prologue............ Second Section, Top of the Page, Every Page

Chapter One............ Not Listed Yet, In the Works Possibly, Will be Posted as Soon as Finished - maybe.

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sounds very good, please continue.


Sounds interesting. Let me know when you publish the first chapter. :)


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