The Twilight Saga

The Story of Airiana and Jasmine
Written by: Sabrinia Laird, Amandalynn, and Julie


This story is set for shortly after Bella moved to Forks; two new girls move to town and start school. This story is about Bella and two of her new found friends. Their names are Airiana DeVaughn and Jasmine Swimway, two best friends living on there own after unexpected tragedy. In this story Jasper and Emmett are single men. Alice and Rose are their siblings and nothing else. All the characters are owned by Stephanie Meyers, except Airiana which is mine and Jasmine who was created by my friend Amandalynn, who also gave me the idea to do this fanfic. (Just so everyone knows Bella has been at the school for some time, she knows of the Cullen’s but has not yet started dating Edward)


When things begin to go wrong there is nothing better then having your best friends standing by your side. The gift of true friendship is very hard to find, even for someone that is extremely shy. True friendship will last forever.

Chapter One

The first day of school always sucks but when you move to town in the middle of the year it is even worse. As Airiana and Jasmine walk into the Forks High School they looked around thinking things don’t change from school to school, same old white walls and long hallways with lockers on both sides. The only thing different about Forks is that there are multiple buildings with classes in all of them. As Jasmine looks at the map that the school secretary gave her a young lady with slightly wavy hair walk up to them.

“Hello, you must be the other new girls everyone is talking about.” says the other girl.

“Hello, my name is Airiana DeVaughn and this is Jasmine Swimway. Yeah, we are new here. Can you help us find our way around?” Airiana asked.

“Well, yes I suppose I could help you. My name is Bella Swan.” Bella says.

“Hi” says Jasmine, “It is nice to meet you.”

“Hey, thanks for the help. We would really appreciate it very much.” Airiana says.

“Hi, it is no problem helping you out. I remember my first day here which was not that long ago.” Bella says to the girls. When Bella looks closely at them she notices that they look a lot like each other. “Hey, are you all twins or something. You look so much alike.” Bella asks.

“Nope we are not related however we are roommates because both of our parents are dead. We share a house just outside of town.” Airiana looks at her watch and notice the time. ‘I will see you all later I have to get to Biology class before the teacher has a cow.” Airiana says as she walks to class looking at her map to find the way.

“I have math can you tell me how to get there.” Jasmine asks Bella.

“I have math as well so you can just walk with me.” Bella tells Jasmine.

Bella and Jasmine head off to the math class which was in the opposite direction of biology. As they walk to class, Jasmine looks around noticing the different groups of people. Then they arrive to class and find seats close together.

“Everything is the same here, the types of people and their groups. Does anything change when you go to a different school?” Jasmine asks as she looks around at the classroom.

“Apparently not, I thought the same thing when I first got here. The groupings are the same basically; you have the rich, the nerdy, the athletes, and the socialites.” Bella said. Then she thought of the one group nobody associated with. “Well, there is one more but no one associates with them. They are foster kids taken in by Dr. Cullen. So when you see the Cullen’s and Hales I would not stare they don’t seem to like it much.” remembering all the dirty looks.

“Yeah that’s the same everywhere.” Jasmine says. “I will try not to stare if I see them, I will have to tell Airi about it.“

Airiana gets to class and looks around for a seat since the teacher was no where around. Finds one near the back and begins to walk to the back of the classroom. When she gets to the back she throws her bag on the desk and sits down. When she looked up everyone was staring at her. She had no clue as to way so she just ignored them and pulled out a notebook and pen out of her bag.
The next thing Airiana knew there was someone pulling out the seat next to her. When she looked up she saw a very pale good looking guy sit down next to her. Airiana wanted to say hello but for some reason she was not able to speak for a few minutes.

“Hello” Airiana says quietly, looking at the guy next to her.

This person just continued getting ready for the class to begin. Not really paying any attention to Airiana at first. All of a sudden a gust of wind came through the open window, blowing right at Airiana and the other person. Jerking up the person looks right at her with a look of hunger and contemplation. As they sit there staring at Airiana the teacher walks in and starts the class.

“Hello, my name is Airiana DeVaughn.” Airiana attempts again, wondering if there was something wrong with this guy. “I am new here.”

“Hello, my name is Jasper Hale. It’s nice to meet you.” Jasper says looking at this girl called Airiana. As he tried to fight his instinct to kill, wondering why she smells so delicious.

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interesting story line, not sure what to make of it yet but i'm very curious to read your next post
thanks and i will try to have a new post tomarrow or monday. have to finish some school work first
YAY - Im mentioned in a fanfic! lol. Its good so far
LOL, your rp was the reason i did the fanfic, goofy girl. i play a major role and decided we should have a fan fic to go with it thoughthey are on diff time lines
I love it sis keep posting
i will just have to get school work done first lol
LOVE IT. You should totally post more.
omg this is really good! I love it right more. soon!
i am working on it, lol, had to finish an essay first
here another post. chapter one cont. and chapter 2 please enjoy

Chapter One Cont…

As the class continued, Airiana switched her attention to the teacher and begins taking notes. Every now and then she would look ever and see the guy named Jasper giving her a look of confusion. Through most of the class she could feel him staring at her, which made her a little uncomfortable yet she could feel attraction as well. This feeling of attraction was a little confusing but she pushed it back. Jasper continued to stare at the girl named Airiana, trying to figure out what it was that made him want her. He not only wanted to feed on her but for some reason there was a human feeling of wanting to be with this person no matter what. This had Jasper so confused.

“Why are you staring at me?” Airiana asks Jasper, after she noticed him never taking his eyes off her.

“I, I really don’t know. I sense that you are different from everyone here, I guess.” Jasper says. Fighting the hunger yet wanting to be near her for some reason.

“Well, ok.” Airiana says and then turns back to face the front of the class as Jasper continues staring.

Meanwhile, Jasmine and Bella decide to pay attention to the math teacher. They take notes and write down the assignment, waiting for that bell to ring. Unknown to the students things were about to change in Forks High and nobody would know to what extent.

Chapter Two

As the day passed Jasmine, Airiana and Bella paid attention their classes. None of them had anymore classes with a Cullen or Hale. Finally lunch comes around and the three girls meet up and head to the cafeteria. When they get there they get salads and go find a table upon sitting they start to discuss their day so far.

“Airiana, Bella said there is this group of kids that don’t like to be stared at so if you happen to see the Cullen’s or Hale’s don’t stare.” Jasmine says to Airiana.

“I can point them out so you know who they are.” Bella says to the girls. At that moment Bella saw they walk in the door. “Oh, there they are. They are coming in the door right now.”

“Really, oh they are beautiful looking, all of them.” Jasmine says to Bella. As the Cullen’s and the Hales walk into the cafeteria. Jasmine and Bella watch them inconspicuously as they get close to the table they were sitting at. All of a sudden they hear Airiana talking.

“Hello Jasper, nice to see you again.” Airiana says as Jasper walks past. Bella and Jasmine stare at Airiana like she had lost her mind. How does she know one of the Hales Bella was wondering silently?

“Hello Airiana,” Jasper says as he walks by. Jasper gives her a smile and walks over and sits at the table with his family. Knowing that they was about to question him about the girl.

“Jasper, who was the girl that you talked too.” says Emmett, looking over and looking at the table with the girl Jasper had talked to as he passed it. While looking over at the table notices the other two girls that were sitting with her.

“Hmm, oh that’s Airiana; I met her in Biology class. She’s a new student here.” Jasper says to Emmett.

“Really, do you know the other girls then, they look pretty close, shoot one looks like she could be a twin sister to that girl Airiana?” Emmett asks Jasper. “Hey Edward, can you pick those girls brains for some names and relations.

“Sure I can see what is being said.” Edward replies, starts to focus on the girls that Emmett pointed out. Could not read the first girl wondering why moves to on to one of the twin looking ones. Bella why do they keep looking over here, it is not our fault Airiana talked to one of their own. Hmm, so the one I can’t hear is Bella let’s see who the other one is. Focuses’ on the one named Airiana Jasmine he sat next to me in bio I had to be nice. I introduced myself and he did the same, then he said I seemed to be different from everyone else. It not my fault I also think I am kind of attracted to him.Well, that’s something I am not going to tell Jasper Edward says to self.

“Well Emmett, the twin looking one is Jasmine and the other is Bella. There was no talk of being related.” Edward said to Emmett.

“Really, Jasmine that’s a nice name, Bella I wonder if it is short for something.” Emmett says.

“Don’t know” Edward said to Emmett. Looking at the girl named Bella trying to figure out why he could not hear her thoughts. Hmm oh well looks at the other members of the family. Alice a cute pixie like brunette, Rose a blonde bombshell, Emmett muscled sports fanatic, Jasper quiet peaceful guy, and then there was me Edward a copper colored hair guy that keeps to self.

Meanwhile the girls continued their discussion at their table. Not knowing that at one point they had been listened in on. Trying to figure out the location of the rest of their class’s and eating. Then the warning bell rings. They grab their stuff and head to the class they have after lunch.
interesting story, really curious to read your next post
very good.... I'm looking foreward to more.


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