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The Story Of Us 



It all started when we were five. I mean this would have never happened if we stayed away from each other. Never became friends but I guess things happen for a reason. And that reason? I’m not quite sure what it is. All I knew is that one day I would write down our events. Probably publish it even because you NEVER…EVER want to make the mistakes that we had made twenty years ago. If you are brave enough to read this learn from it!


Authors Note:

I hope the Preface was interestingly enough to continue. If you guys are still confused here is pretty much what is going on:


Bella, Jacob, Edward and Renesmee are now grown up and 25 years old. They have been through a lot with family issues and school but it all goes most horribly wrong when they reach the glorious age of 13 and the world seems to change. People are just people anymore. Boys aren’t just little men with cooties and bone thin and girls and not that all snobby with voices that can break a wine glass. Elementary school ends a year later and the after school parties begin. Dating becomes teenage affairs and that become heart break and sorrow. These four good friends since JK must figure out what is important in life and what is not. Some will go down the drain in the most horrible ways and other will reach such success that can never be dreamt of. Now Bella is writing all that had happened in hope of getting it published and other learning from her twisted youth.




This is based on T-Swift's song "The Story of Us":

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The Story Of Us


Chapter One:

As I had said, it all started when we were five. It was the beginning of JK if you remember your little mishap days. The day you had to part with your mother and enter the exciting world or education. You thought it was going to be a piece of cake right? Your mother told you so at the very least. What could go wrong?


I was a stupid miniature Bella, I was. The bell had just rang and I had my little Arthur back pack on with Arthurs’ face on it holding his dog Pal. My mother Renée was grinning and crying at the same time I blubbering about how big I was finally getting. Looking around parents were doing the same thing. Some actually looked relieved.


But that day one little boy had caught my eye. His had a tan skin and his hair was jet black. Pretty scrawny for a five-year-old but quite alright. He looked a great lot like his mother though. Soon enough the teachers came out to escort us inside.


My mother took a tight hold of me as she crouched down to my height. “Alright Honey. I want you to have a nice day. Be nice and makes lots of friends. Okay Bella.”


I blinked at her not bothering to say any stupid remark right back at her. So she continued on, “I’ll pick you up when schools over right out here.”


“Don’t be afraid-” I wasn’t. She turned me around and pushed me towards one of the teacher. “Goodbye, Honey! I’ll see you later!”


Unwillingly I shuffled my way inside stopping to watch what they other kids were doing. Surprisingly they knew what to do. I made my way to the cubby area and hanged up my bag slipping off my light jacket as well.


I turned about to leave when I heard a grunting noise coming from beside me. I turned to face a girl with dirty blond hair frustratingly pulling of her coat. “Here,” I say. “Try pulling down the zipper.” I push her fingers away from her coat and undo it myself.


She looks up surprised. “Thanks”


“It’s okay.” I reply. “You mom never told you how to unzip a jacket before?”


She shook her head. “I don’t have a real mom like you.” She said. “I’ve got foster parents and they don’t really like me very much.”


I now looked closely at the girl. She was okay looking. Her hair a bit tangled and her face bony but still has some color in them. She wore clothes from a second hand store but what was most interesting about her were her eyes. They were a pale blue will a dark rings.


“Hi, I’m Bella.” I tell her.


She smiles at me. “I’m Nessie.”


My furrow my brows. “What kind of name is Nessie?” I snicker.


“It was my mothers’ name.” She replies. “It’s actually Renesmee but Nessie for short.”


“Oh, like my name! It’s actually Isabella but I like Bella.”


Her grin only grows winder. “Uh huh!”


“Girls! Please come sit at the welcome circle!” One of the teachers called. So grabbing a hold of Nessie’s hand we walked together to the other kids and school didn’t seem so bad no more.


By the end of the class it seemed like it was the best day I had ever had. It was like Nessie and I were destined to be best-friends. Each day I look forward to meeting here. To hand paint with her and giggle at our mistakes.


“So Bella how was your first week?” My mother had asked me after picking me up that Friday afternoon.


She handed me a peanut butter and jam sandwich and I quickly stuffed it into my mouth. Swallowing delightfully I answered. “Amazing! I met this girl, her name is Nessie. We’re best-friends.”


 “Oh really? Is that so?” She replies amazed. I nodded. “Where is this Nessie from?”


“We actually her real name is Renesmee but she likes being called Nessie.” I say. “She’s an orphan. She’s with foster parents though”


My mother looked stunned. “Uh. Oh yes I heard.” She paused. “I guessed it was nice for that foster couple to take her in.” She then turned and left the room.




The following week had arrived and back to I went. The morning started off fine but coursing through the end of the day a little boy, pretty tall for his age and dressed at if he was a snobby rich boy, started throwing toys at the tanned boy named Jacob.


“Stop it!” Jacob yelled. “Stop it, Edward!”


Edward just laughed. “I told you not to touch those blocks! There mine!”


Nessie came running to Jacob’s aid. “Leave him alone, Edward!”


“What are you talking about, Nessie!” Edward barked. “You have no mom and dad.”


And with that Nessie began to cry. I jumped into the scene pushing the Edward boy down and glaring at him when he was on the floor. “She told you to leave him alone!”


Edward looked back up at me his bottom lip jutting out and tears streamed down his face. “Your mean, Bella!” He got up and ran to a teacher.




When I got home that day my mother wasn’t quite happy with me and what I did. “Bella, what have I told you about pushing.”


I didn’t say anything. I was angry at my mother. She didn’t understand. She wasn’t there when it all happened. It was all that boy Edward’s fault.  I hated him for getting me in trouble with the teacher and my mother.


I watch my mother rant on and on about not laying hands on other people.  That evening I never got to watch T.V.


Anger boiled inside me as I lay in bed that night and I swore to myself I will get him back for this.


Authors Note:

I hope you liked this more will be posted soon.

awesome story update soon :)

Wow  thats really good!! like amazing good and i love the little touch of taylor swift in there


Thanks! She inspired me! *Giggles*


Love it!!! keep me updated!!!

awww...thats cute....write more soon please


I really ,like it, its awesome and so original as always
Thank you. I like it when people see how long it takes writers to come up with idea's that no one could think off but themselves.
love it! :) ~Bubblez~
i love it, please keep me posted xxxx


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