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The Story Of Us 



It all started when we were five. I mean this would have never happened if we stayed away from each other. Never became friends but I guess things happen for a reason. And that reason? I’m not quite sure what it is. All I knew is that one day I would write down our events. Probably publish it even because you NEVER…EVER want to make the mistakes that we had made twenty years ago. If you are brave enough to read this learn from it!


Authors Note:

I hope the Preface was interestingly enough to continue. If you guys are still confused here is pretty much what is going on:


Bella, Jacob, Edward and Renesmee are now grown up and 25 years old. They have been through a lot with family issues and school but it all goes most horribly wrong when they reach the glorious age of 13 and the world seems to change. People are just people anymore. Boys aren’t just little men with cooties and bone thin and girls and not that all snobby with voices that can break a wine glass. Elementary school ends a year later and the after school parties begin. Dating becomes teenage affairs and that become heart break and sorrow. These four good friends since JK must figure out what is important in life and what is not. Some will go down the drain in the most horrible ways and other will reach such success that can never be dreamt of. Now Bella is writing all that had happened in hope of getting it published and other learning from her twisted youth.




This is based on T-Swift's song "The Story of Us":

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great update, i can't wait to see where you go with this story!

please rite moree i like the story

love this story !!!!!

Thank you guys! Now I'm having trouble deciding whether to do an Edward post or a Bella post. hmm...

new reader....i love the more soon plzzz :)

i love it. Can't wait to read more(:


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