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The Story Of Us 



It all started when we were five. I mean this would have never happened if we stayed away from each other. Never became friends but I guess things happen for a reason. And that reason? I’m not quite sure what it is. All I knew is that one day I would write down our events. Probably publish it even because you NEVER…EVER want to make the mistakes that we had made twenty years ago. If you are brave enough to read this learn from it!


Authors Note:

I hope the Preface was interestingly enough to continue. If you guys are still confused here is pretty much what is going on:


Bella, Jacob, Edward and Renesmee are now grown up and 25 years old. They have been through a lot with family issues and school but it all goes most horribly wrong when they reach the glorious age of 13 and the world seems to change. People are just people anymore. Boys aren’t just little men with cooties and bone thin and girls and not that all snobby with voices that can break a wine glass. Elementary school ends a year later and the after school parties begin. Dating becomes teenage affairs and that become heart break and sorrow. These four good friends since JK must figure out what is important in life and what is not. Some will go down the drain in the most horrible ways and other will reach such success that can never be dreamt of. Now Bella is writing all that had happened in hope of getting it published and other learning from her twisted youth.




This is based on T-Swift's song "The Story of Us":

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love it keep me updated

The Story of Us


Chapter Two:

Fourth Grade:


“So,” Nessie suddenly stops writing and asks, “Am I still sleeping over.


“Didn’t I already tell you yes? And our parents talked about it too.” I didn’t bother looking at her even though I could feel her eyes on my face.


“I guess.” She sighed. “I just wanted to see if you really said yes.”


“I did.”


Jacob Black walked up to us his notebook in his hand on his way to the teachers’ desk. He seemed to be finished his work. I hated him for that. Always the smartest kid in the class, always getting things finished first and getting them 100% or at least 90%.


Jacob had become our friend ever since Nessie saved him from Edward at our first year at school.  We started playing with each other as in going to parks or each other but most often since Jacob’s mom died three year ago. He cried a lot then. Still do sometimes when he see’s my mom doing something nice for me unexpectedly. That’s why he likes Nessie more that I. At least they have the same experience is losing someone dear to them.


“Jacob, are you done?” Nessie asked.


Jacob nodded. “I finished yesterday. It was homework, remember?”


“Shh!” I hushed him. “Some of us were busy watching Arthur.”


He ignored me and looked at Nessie. “You aren’t done?”


She shook her head. “My foster parents made me clean.  People came over.” Nessie whispered.


“Oh.” Was his only reply. He then said, “I can help you if you want?” Nessie gave a small smile in return.


Edward Mason soon came trotting by with a bunch of his other friends Mike, Tyler, Ben and Jared and knocked tripped Jacob as he moved around the desk. “Watch where you’re going smarty.” He sneered.


Angrily I slammed my pencil down onto the desk and said, “Come say that to his face, Edward!”


They all stopped and turned around. “What did you say?”


“You heard me.”


Edward came right in front of me and I could hear and feel his breath. “Okay. I said ‘watch where you’re going smarty.’”


And as soon as his lips touched together in a closed I slammed my heal onto his toe and he bellowed out in pain. Edward dropped to the ground hugging his foot and the teacher, Mrs. Hall, arrived at the scene.


She gave me a cold look. “Office now, Bella!”


I wasn’t going to take that. “But it was his fault! He started it!” I say, “I’m not going until you make him go too!”


She sighed. “Bella I’m really tired of this happening every week you come to school.” Mrs. Hall begins. “Fine. Edward, you also. Office now!”


Grunting unpleasantly Edward gets up and walks out the door. In the hallway I stick out my tongue and he shoved his palm into my face. “Eww! You taste bad.” I reply back to his gesture.


He doesn’t say anything. We reach the main office in a matter of minute. The secretary Mr. Granger looks up at us and removes his glasses. “Again, Bella.” He asked.


“He started it.” I mumbled.


Mr. Grangers reaches into his desk and grabs two pieces of paper and a pen from there. Then picking up the phone he buzzes Mrs. Hall and the talk about the incident that had happened in class.  Once he’s done talking he scribbles on the piece of paper.


“Alright, Bella. Give this to your mom.” He gives a paper to me then the other to Edward. “To your dad, Edward.”


He pauses for a moment to type something into the Hp computer he has lying on the desk. “You both have two weeks of black board erasing and removing the chalk out of the erasers in rooms 12, 4 and 23 for being physical during class.”


I stare at him in disbelief. Turning I see Edward has the same look pasted on his face. “Oh don’t give me that. You both deserve it.” Mr. Granger says. “Give those to your parents and it explains everything from the event to the punishment. I will know if you don’t.” He looks at Edward firmly. “Now go back to class.


We walk back to the classroom in silence. “This is all your fault.” Edward says.


My eyes narrow at him. “Excuse me?”


“You’re excused.”


I roll my eyes. “If you hadn’t been so mean to Jacob I would have had to hurt you.”


He smiles. “If he wasn’t such a dork I wouldn’t have had to.” He pauses. “Why do you hang out with him and that Renesmee girl anyway? Their freaks.”


“No their not!” I say steadily. “It’s just you don’t know them. Why do you play with those bullies yourself?”


He shrugs. “’Cause I have to.”


Before he could answer me we had already reached the classroom and other kids were getting ready for recess. It was too loud for such a conversation and it seemed that Mrs. Hall was making sure that Edward and I weren’t together.


Once outside Nessie asked me, “So what did he make you guys do?”


“Two weeks of board cleaning after school.” I say.


Nessie and Jacob both groan. “We can’t play with each other then.” He says.


I pressed my lips together. “You guys can. Maybe not at my house but at the park or something.”


“That’s true.” Nessie replies. “But it still sucks. It won’t be that much fun with out you.”


I blush at her words and we continue on to enjoy as much of the fresh air as the fifteen minutes allow us. I was really going to hate those detentions.


“There is so many things that you wish I knew

So many walls up I can’t break through

Now were standing alone,

In a crowded room and were not speaking.”

-Taylor Swift “The Story of Us”


Authors Note:

I hope this chapter was interestingly enough. Now you know a little bit more of the mysterious Edward and I’m pretty sure I’ll explain more in the next chapters. Keep reading and updates will come soon.


P.S: It’s kind of odd how Taylor Swift and I share the same name. *Giggles*



Haha I loved it!!!!!!
Thank you.

Its was a great chapter!

I love Taylor Swift and her music!!

The Story of Us


Chapter Three:

My mother wasn’t all that happy with the detention. She actually called the school to confirm if this was true and when she realized it was she stopped giving me brownies for snack but instead carrots sticks and celery. I almost threw up in my mouth the first day I realized she’d done so. It all ended in a fight which I obviously lost; but it was worth it to some extent.


The following after school I was stuck in room 12 after saying goodbye to Nessie and Jacob cleaning off one side of the black board. Edward had started the other and we decided to meet in the middle.


Ms. Clarke a real old nasty widowed teacher with round glasses sat at the back in the teachers’ desk marking some homework with a sour look. I would hate to be in her class.


“This is torture.” I muttered.


“Tell me about it.” Edward replied. I hadn’t realised he heard me though. “I would totally skip if we had the chance.”


Narrowing my eyes I said, “You can’t do that. You’ll get even more work to do.”


“Um, I said ‘if we had the chance’ there will be no point in being here.” He said.


I looked at him curiously. “Why we?”


He frowned. “I don’t know. Maybe if you wanted to.”


My cheeks turned scarlet and I continued what I was here to do. We didn’t speak to each other for the rest of the time we spent in that class room. Finally we finished all three class rooms and we were aloud to go home. It was new 4:30 and school had ended at 3:00.


I sighed and pulled out my emergency phone and dialled my mom’s number. Through the corner of my eyes I saw Edward doing the same. When I was finished he asked, “You have one too?”


I nodded.


“it’s stupid don’t you think?” Edward sighed. “Having a ‘emergency’ phone and were not aloud to do anything else with it. My friends laugh at me because of that.”


“There not really your friends if they laugh at you because of that. Jacob actually thinks it pretty cool that I have a phone.”


He was about to say something back but stopped himself.


“You never really answered my question yesterday about you having to be a bully.” I asked.


He shrugged. “It’s nothing.”


“Not tell me.” I pleaded.


“Drop it, Bella. I said it by accident.”Edward said anxious now. “Leave it alone.”


A horn honked from a distance and Edward picked up his bag. “That’s my dad. I guess I’ll see you next detention.” He said and quickly left.


Soon enough my mom drove up. She extremely exhausted and dark circles lay under her eyes. “Hey mom.” I greeted.


She nodded and didn’t say anything.




That night Nessie called me. “So how was it?” She asked.


I sighed. “Okay I guess.”


‘Was he being mean to you?” She suggested.


I almost laughed at that. “No.” I paused then said. “You know when we got called down at the office, right?”


She ‘uh huhed’ through the phone. “Well he let it slipped that he was I think being forced to be a bully.”


“Being forced to be a bully?” Nessie repeated. “Why?”


“I don’t know.” I say. “When I asked again today he said to leave it alone.”


“That’s really strange, Bella.”


I sighed again. “I know. But maybe I should find out what he’s hiding.”


“Are you mad?!” Nessie screamed through the phone. “Try to talk to Edward Mason?! It’s like setting yourself up to everlastingly hurt your feelings.”


“Oh it’s not that bad, Nessie.” I said. “Your thinking of it as a death trap. He’s a person not a animal.”


“He might as well be.” She mumbled. “With the way he’s so mean. But if you want to, okay.”


I let loose a small smile. It was nice having someone support me in doing the impossible. “Thank Nessie. I haven’t finished my homework.”


“Alright. See you tomorrow.”


“Bye.” And the line goes dead.


While doing my homework that evening I begin to think up a plan on getting Edward to explain what he meant about being forced to bully others. It didn’t seem very logical for someone to bully others because he was being forced to. Don’t people have self will anymore?


Authors Note:

I hope you liked this. I know it doesn’t say much but it leads to more things. Please keep on reading and I will update more as soon as I can.



its good.....write more soon....want to know why edward is being forced to be a bully


Thanks. And I will explain more.

~New Reader~


I Loved It Like I Do With All Of Your Other Stories(: Can't Wait For You To Update(:

Can't wait for more!!!!
Update me please! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

I like it!

I think maybe Edward isn't exactly forced to be a bully, maybe as in every school he just feels the pressure to fit in, not to be an outcast, a freak or a nerd, it happens a lot even if they're only in 4th grade.


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