The Twilight Saga

Bella's Pov:
I paced around the house for the stuff I needed to take with me and had the movers pack it and take it out of the house, Edward was depressed on the couch, I didnt take a chance to glance at him.. he was always asking why, and I always said the same thing..things are different between us now, and they were. I wasnt ever planning to tell him why either..I wanted to get my stuff and try to leave this life behind me, even if it hurt, and even if I could cry over it, it was the right thing to do, I knew that already..

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Really great!!!
Please continue...
thanx..I will
what happened? r they vamps? are they divorce
Bella and Edward
they are going to divorce, Bella is leaving now
I'll add in the morning, a longer chapter
thanks guys
Chapter 1: She's gone:
Edwards POV:

I watched as Bella pack to walk out of my life, for good she told me..
we were so happy together, I dont understand what went so wrong, she wanted to leave so urgently. I thought our life was at the start of its perfection, but now it was crumbling before my eyes..I had never felt so torn up inside. If my heart still could beat in my chest it would have stopped at this moment, she glance back at me and walked out the door, taking my heart and her love with her...
She left me sitting there, alone, and shattered, to put the peices back together..
I did not posess the strength to do this, to fix this..
She promised to love me forever, I gave her immortality even against my will, I have never loved anyone in my life more.Mabye she never felt the love I did..because I know I couldnt have left her..

Bella's POV:
I got into my car and followed the movers, I put one hand instictivly on my stomach as I drove, trying to calm myself, all this stress was making me sick..This was way worse than with Nessie I mummbled...
thank you
I might do it tonight

but its awsomly written lol
ome i lav it pls post more and soon and how can bella leave edward??? keep me update pls
sorry you guys will see..Nessie is moved out ang older with Jake at this poiint
I did hint ot why she left..
sorry I no its hard but..
you will see why
I'll update tonight
Nessie now

((its been a few years..since breaking dawn))
Alice's Pov:
Your Secret is Safe with me...Sister
I was pacing my room, I had the worst vision, Bella had left my brother and he sat alone in the cottage, his eyes were black as night and filled with desperation, and loathing..I knew he felt hatered for the humans fragile state that he craved for, there was a longing for death in his wounded eye..
I felt emotion wash though my entire being, as if acid was poured into my viens, the vision of my brother's hell torn my apart..I had always loved Bella..and watching him suffer on her behalf made me want to tear the immotal soul she was given into thousands of tiny pieces, liked Edward's shattered heart..
I felt the desire to kill, and the searing pains, as if a wildfire was ripping thought my throught..I knew I must leave to to ease the pains of thirst, my thought were clouded and I needed to hunt..I jumped eagerly out the window, and was gone into the blackness of the night, which was lit by only the moons luminous rays..
I gave myself over to instict, I was in the woods hunting..I felt as if I was no longer Alice Cullen, only this monster diven by by this one need...blood.. The hunt was an array of twisted and confusing blurs..I took on a bear twice my size and unleashed the wrath emotion..When the bear gave its last struggle for life, and I was sitting dazzed lifeless body lay on my arms I lett it fall..
My body was no longer mind drifted to a different place, a vision..It was Bella.. I wanted so badly to tell her what she had done, but it was no use, I waiting still distraught and she spoke..
"it will be okay Nathan, mommy will take care of you"
there was no one in the room, she was speaking to herself, to a child, who had yet to be born, it dawned on me..The reason for leaving was deeper than I thought..and I was again laying on the forest floor with my previous catch..


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