The Twilight Saga

The Survivor


Chapter 1

She held the infant close to her heart and ran faster into the woods away from the creature that would be the cause of their death knowing only one would make it out alive tonight. She sighed gently and sang in a shaking hollow tone just loud enough to be heard over the crunching of the leaves under her bare and bleeding feet punctured by the briars and thorns “Sleep my dear awake in the morn out of harms dreadful way sleep dear till the sun rise morrow and all is well” she cried silently the tears running down her cheeks that were crusted with dirt and filth from the forest. She stopped running and looked around, a small sob escaping her dry lips and looked at the white house in the middle of a meadow and started walking closer knowing this was the last time she would see her baby this close again, and setting the baby down on the porch near the door just far enough away so the faded blue bundle would be out of harm`s way. She kissed the the infants head and walked into the forest accepting her fate.



Chapter 2 part 1;;

The forest was silent except for  the whispering of the wind threw the sleeping trees and her footsteps. She walked through the trees into a clearing and whipped the tears off of her cheeks smearing the dirt and grime not caring. She glared at the tree tops knowing he could hear her “I know you’re here you slithering”  she spit the word “ nosferatu”  and turned to a ghostly voice coming from behind her. “Where is the child” it said in a hollow voice. She smiled a grim smiled and sneered “You won`t find her here nosferatu she`s hidden”. “You’re a lair Juliet I smell her on you” said the voice angrily. She smiled and said grimily “You can`t have her nosferatu” she glared up at him and said gently “You`ll have to take me instead you blood sucking leach”. She heard one last reply before everything went dark “Wrong choice of words Juliet”



(Part 2)

He stood there silently staring at the big white house from when he had first moved there in 1702 with his brothers and his monster of a little sister. He smiled a grim smiled walking up the steps at a human`s pace and up to the door all of the memories flashing threw his mind. He turned around quickly hearing a whimper and looked around cautiously not noticing the two figures watching him from the trees. He looked down and nudged the bundle with the tip of his boot an leaned down picking it up slowly. He grimaced and cradling it against his chest slowly looking around.  Shaking his head he grimaced down at the bundle, the blanket was torn, faded and dirty he walked into the house looking around. It was just as he left it covered in dust with the original furniture and paintings on the wall. He sighed knowing he couldn`t stay here with the baby and turned around locking the door behind him. He walked back to his car looking around his eyes locking on the figure walking closer to him and he smiled slightly looking down at her “Pleasure to see you again beautiful”


:) I`ll post soon.

Anyone wanna guess who the mystery girl is hahaha x)

This Takes place in the 1850`s before they find Katherine and meet Elena and Bella

((nosferatu is the romanian word for vampire))

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