The Twilight Saga

The Time I Changed Places With Bella- Rated PG- I wrote a rough draft of this story on the Novel Disscusion Page


Chapter 1: Cami

"Cameron Rod! Get down here or you'll be late for practice!" My mom's echoic voice rang through my head, filling my thoughts. "I'm COMING mom, chill," I called down our winding staircase, trying to sound angrier than I actually was.

As I sat on my bed, sunlight reflected off my yellow walls, hitting me in the face. I was getting ready for show practice. I didn't want to go today. Don't get me wrong, I loved acting, but I had a big science test I was sure to fail even if I studied. At least I could say to Mr. Valker, my science teacher, that I had tried the best that I could and then bring on the tears! Mr. Valker was a sucker for a sob story. It was a long shot, but worth a try. I put the of the last of my stuff in my bag which included, a water bottle, script, sheet music, and a pencil, sharpened personally by, you guessed it, Mom! My mother was like that, always watching my back a bit to much.


"Hold on Mom! Give me a sec!" I raced down our steps with ease (which was unusual for me) and stopped in front of my mom. "Can I drive?" I asked quietly with no hope in my voice.

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This is a good story so far but i have know idea wat it has to do with Twilight...
i mean it doesnt even have bella and/or any of the other characters in the books....
Please if u r going to continue this story please add more about bella and edward in their....
Love Ya
Misz Jasper Whitlock Hale


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