The Twilight Saga

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Robert’s POV

“Why so down?” The Enoch bartender looked concerned for me.

“Love,” I spoke lowly.

“She broke your heart?” He asked.

“No, I broke hers.” I answered honestly.

“What’s her name?” He leaned over the bar.

“Quinn Hathaway.” I said.

“What’s the story?” The Enoch’s sixth eye twitched.

“It started with my being late, I was late for destruction.”


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This is like. Worse than a teaser trailer girly!

It's like a teaser trailer... but your're teasing us the mas here!


This sounds like it's going to be amazing!

Is it all going to be flashbacks?

What a nifty idea!

XD, it's going to be the regular story, but it will switch POVs, and there will be cut-ins interrupting the story at the bar where he is in the prologue.

That was a weird way to explain it xP.

I'm glad you like it!

Haha, that's okay, I understand!

I can't wait for more girly!!!

Chapter One; Late for Destruction

Quinn’s POV

 I held my breath. I knew that Holly, my sister, would be upset with me, I was supposed to meet her here thirty minutes ago. I heard a crash and a few screams as I came up the road towards the bar. Oliver’s Bar and Grill was gone. The people were scrambling away from the fire.

“QUINN!” I heard Holly running towards me.

“Holly, are you alright?” I asked, her skin was almost as flushed as her pale blonde hair.

“Where were you?” She questioned, her nerves showing.

“Stuck in traffic,” I lied. I had just broken up with Matt and it ran late.

“Well, it was Ben.” She spoke lowly as I started the car again.

“Ben Hansen?” I was shocked. Ben and Holly had an abusive relationship when he was eighteen and she was sixteen. I never knew about the details.

“Yeah, he set off the bomb when he saw me.” I didn’t look at Holly when she spoke. I saw Ben clearly, his dark ebony hair and brown eyes staring at my car. He took out a gun.

“Oh my god,” I looked over, and the car shut off, even though the key was in the ignition. I pushed harder and harder.

He shot the bullet that was aiming for my head, and where if I moved an inch, it would hit Holly’s heart.

But then, time stopped. The bullet was inches away, but it was floating in the dead air. The smoke from the bomb’s fire was suspended in the space where it was. Ben’s poisonous expression didn’t move. Holly didn’t move either. But I did. I moved fine. I opened the door of the car and walked out.

There was another person moving, a man. He was tall, very tall. Not like a giant, but at least six four. His hair was close cropped, but it was still an inch or two in length, and it was parted to the side. It was either black or dark brown, I couldn’t tell through the smoke. But his eyes were sage green, and they glowed in the darkness along with his porcelain skin. His black trench coat was slightly out of place.

“You can move?” He asked, his accent proving he was Irish or British. I couldn’t tell.

“So can you.” I shrugged.

“You must be the victim, the one who must be saved.” He seemed to answer his own question. I raised a brow.

“Wait, what?” I laughed without humor.

“When I stop time, the only person who can move is the person I have to change time for. Sometimes I forget that.” He said impatiently.

“Look sir,” I began.

“Robert Turner, please; either that or the Timekeeper.” He cut me off.

“Mr. Turner,” I started again.

“Mr. Turner is my father.” He smiled smugly.

“Robert!” I shouted.

“There we go.” He half smiled.

“Whatever, look, if I don’t go back my sister will die.” I sighed.

“That is what is supposed to happen, there is a reason she didn’t move.” Robert answered.

“Look darling, if I wasn’t so late for this, she’d be alive, and that is on me. But remember you were late too.” He looked up. That was a stab in the heart.

“Can’t you just make me freeze instead?” I nearly begged.

“Miss, I don’t choose who freezes and who doesn’t, that my dear is destiny’s choice.” I could tell he was distressed.

“Well, then destiny sucks!” I shouted.

“Look, we don’t have much time. We’ll have to time travel in order to get you out of here.” He said, and held out his hand. “By the way, I like to be on a first name basis with my fellow travelers.” He smiled.

 I considered it. Without Holly, I had no use in this time. But time traveling with a stranger? It seemed suspicious, like he was a kidnapper. But all I knew was he had frozen time, and at this point he was the only person I could trust.

“I’m Quinn.” I huffed, and took his hand.

“Let’s go,” He started running, and suddenly a smile flashed on my cold face. This could be fun.

 Robert took out a strange device, it looked like a clock on a stick, but the stick had all sorts of buttons that flashed while some stayed dull. He looked at me quickly. “This is the Clock as I’ve called it, it controls my Pod.” He answered.

“What is a Pod?” I asked. Robert pressed a bright green button, and a small sort of outhouse appeared.

“Umm, why is that an outhouse?” I asked.

“Thought I’d have fun with you, for camouflage reasons the Pod can appear to be anything the naked eye wishes it to be, but with practice I’ve mastered some mind control.” Robert smiled.

“Wait, you control minds?” I half smiled.

“Sure, but only basic thoughts.” He shrugged, and opened the outhouse’s door. “Now, no matter what I make the Pod look like on the outside, on the inside it always looks the same.

 Inside the little shack was a giant room with what I could describe as a giant lava lamp in the center of the room. There were several lights, and a refrigerator. There was a bunch of cool things set on the table. There was a moon rock, a record player, some sixties clothes, a Victorian suit and dress, and a few more amazing things.

“Amazed yet?” He chuckled, but I was speechless.

“If you need the restroom, it’s behind that divider over there.” He pointed to the left. “Just, flush when I tell you to, because you don’t want any waste floating around in space.”

“You can’t be serious.” I laughed.

“But I am.” He smiled, and walked to the lava lamp thing. “Come, look closer.” He smiled, and the green ooze inside it bubbled slightly. I looked through it like a window. I was in shock.

“Oh my goodness, that’s the Earth!” I recognized some major land marks like Big Ben and The Leaning Tower of Pisa.  I saw two clocks next to it. One had all the names of continents on it, and one had a bunch of numbers. I pointed to the numbers.

“Is that the speed limit?” I asked, thinking of my car that didn’t work.

“Oh gosh no,” He chuckled. “I just turn that knob to decide what year to go to.”

“Awesome!” My grin widened.

“Where would you like to go? 1592? 7060?” He asked.

“7060 sounds fun.” I said smiling.

“Well, let’s go.” He said, turning the knobs and rubbing the ‘world’. He pushed a few buttons on the clock device and we were off.

“Did you start time again?” I asked, wondering if Holly was dead. He frowned.

“It started thirty minutes ago your time. I’m sorry for your loss Quinn.” He sighed.

“It’s okay.” I looked down.

I felt the floor of the Pod make a boom. “Welcome to your hometown of New York City in the year 7060!” He opened the door of the Pod, lightening the mood.

I was amazed.


Alright, well, that was sort of like the "pilot episode" chapter.

It may not be the best, but it is an introduction to the characters.

Any predictions so far?

What do you think about Ben? Could there be some evil with that character that will go on within the book?

How do you like Quinn and Robert?

Poor Holly =(.
Leave your comments, questions, and predictions below.



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Beautiful job writing this! I'm excited about it and cannot wait for your next chapter update. I've already fallen in love with Robert and Quinn :) Although, I know that their relationship ends with a break-up... and has yet only just begun! This sort of reminds me of The Timetraveler's Wife although, thats only what I know of it. I have not read that book or seen that movie but just based off of what I know from previews and what I've been told. Your story is fun and makes me very excited to keep reading it and find out what is going on with everyone later on within it. Keep up the great writing and be sure to keep me posted on your updates, please :)


- Dajah





I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Now that you mention it, it sort of is similar, LOL.

Thanks So Much!

A time-travelling story!  Interesting take on the consequences of being late!

Haha, I'm happy you read it =)

Thanks so much =)

I'll have to re-watch Timetraveler's Wife since I watched it a while ago, just to make sure I'm not copying =)

You'll soon find out =)

Thanks for your read.

I like the idea, but why is the main character okay with  the fact her sister just died? Why would she try and fix it or at least show some sign that she was depressed about the death. She  had that moment she wanted him to fix it, but once he said no, she brushed it off like it was nothing. The way I look at it, if the guy had not shown up and stop time to where only Quinn could move - she should feel some sort of guilt that her sister was shot and killed. Also, what about her parents and what they are going to think when one daughter is killed and the other is missing? Why is Quinn not thinking about that. I'm just saying these are some contributing facts. 

I don't mean to be harsh or mean or sound like the worst person in the world, I just was pointing out some things that seemed to have been overlooked. Writing has a lot to do with emotion - dialogue is not everything. I think you could have a fantastic story here if the reader got to travel deeper into the character(s) minds and truly see their emotions.

This is not hate-mail or anything like that. Just giving my opinion. I did not mean any harm!

Hey Olivia =)

I love that you constructive criticized, because it only helps me improve!

I can tell you that Quinn is one of those characters that takes awhile to break down, and there will be more emotion  in the next chapter or so.

Her parents will come into play when she comes back from the future.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate your comment =)

Chapter Three; Holly’s

Robert’s POV

 “Well, this is the New York tower, headquarters of all science across the dimension!” Caroline smiled.

“Glorious.” I complimented her, noticing how modern the place was.

“What do you drink these days Robert? Faye will get something for you.” Caroline clapped her hands as if to summon someone.

“No need, I’m not thirsty.” I said, as a cyclops came up behind us. Caroline flipped the subject.

“So Robert, who is Quinn Hathaway? She seems young, a minor maybe? How did you meet her?” Caroline shot me with questions

“She’s nineteen I believe. I don’t know her well, I had to save her from a bombing, traveling was the best way.” I answered.

“Oh. That’s kind of you.” She looked down. “Look, here she comes!” Caroline piped as an unrecognizable Quinn walked through the double doors.

“Oh my goodness, aren’t you gorgeous?” I walked up to her smiling. Quinn blushed. I caught Caroline glaring.

“Thanks, this outfit hurts like hell.” She whispered smiling back.

“Don’t worry, I had to change too.” I took off my sweatshirt quickly to reveal my cotton t-shirt and tight jeans. Quinn laughed to herself.

“Oh Quinn darling, you look famished!” Caroline said, coming between us.

“You’re right; I could use something to eat.” Quinn looked down.

“I’ll pay if you wish.” I said automatically.

“No, no, it’s on me honestly.” Caroline took out forty dollars. “Buy yourself something from the cafeteria; it is Christmas time around here, maybe there is some sort of deal at Holly’s restaurant in the food court!” She nearly shoved Quinn away.

Quinn fell to the floor and broke down crying. Caroline looked at me, confused. “That was her name,” She looked at me, and I knew she was referring to her sister.

“Oh my god,” Caroline began apologetically.

“No, it’s not okay Caroline.” Quinn snapped.

“Robert did I say something,” Caroline began again.

“We’ll be right back Caroline.” I helped Quinn up, and walked her out of the room.

“She’s dead. It’s just; I finally realized she’s dead, gone forever.” Quinn sobbed, and sat down on a bench when we found one. I wasn’t sure how to comfort her about this. I remembered when my brother died, and a part of me went with him. Knowing how Quinn snapped at Caroline, I knew that ‘I know how you feel’ wasn’t the best thing to tell her.

“Darling, it’s okay. It’s near impossible for anyone to be as strong as you were about this. I assume you were close?” I asked.

“She was my best friend. I needed her as much as she needed me, and I ruined that for both of us.” Quinn’s tears slowed. “Sorry for crying, I didn’t do that before because I figured I’d change the universe forever or something if I did.” She tried smiling, but it didn’t work. I tried thinking of something to make her feel better, I hadn’t thought harder than this in a long time.

“If you’d like, we could go to the service. The Pod can take us anywhere.” I offered.

“Can I choose when we go? I mean, I just don’t think I’m ready to see her dead yet.” Quinn’s eyes were still red.

“Take all the time you need,” I said.

“Hey, is there something going on with Caroline? She was pretty anxious to get rid of me.” Quinn raised a brow.

“I’m guessing jealousy. I used to travel with her as well, but she fell in love with this place, and began growing old here. I assume she’d rather I stay with her than travel all the time.” I answered.

“Why don’t you, stick around in one place? Wouldn’t it be easier?” She looked at me for a long time. I had to think about it. It was true; I’d love to stay somewhere and just live. But it would be so hard, not to hear the raucous that the Pod makes when I’m travelling, or to meet all of the new people from new places.

“I’d love to,” I answered honestly. “But I’d just sit down one day, and think of all the Hollies dying day to day, without even a chance of getting my help.” I sighed.

“Why couldn’t you go back again after we both failed at saving her? Couldn’t you just freeze time again for her, or for me so we could just do it again?” She asked. I frowned.

“I don’t know much about freezing time, but I do know that I can never freeze time for the same person twice. I’ve found glitches in that, but not very many.” I sighed. “Besides, with two of me in the same time and place, it could be risky.”

“I guess you’re right. I was just hoping for another way.” Quinn sighed. “I’d better go apologize to Caroline; I acted like a child back there.” She began to walk away.

“You don’t owe her any explanation.” I said.

“But I do. It’s my way.”  She said, and she was off to find Caroline.


This is a short chapter.

There is a pretty emotional scene, and the beginning of some sparks between Robert and Quinn =).

The next chapter is all about Caroline.

Any predictions about her character?

Leave ALL comments, predictions, and questions below.



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