The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1 Imprinting
Quil’s POV

I was heading over to Sam’s like any other day, I felt almost like I was being pulled to the house, maybe Emily was cooking……
My name is Quil Ateara and I am a werewolf.
I don’t feel like explaining, but yeah, I can turn into a giant dog. I finally made it to Sam’s house and opened the door without even bothering to knock.
The air was filled with children’s laughter and the clink of glasses.
“Quil!” Emily yelled walking over to me, I smiled at her pleasantly. She motioned for me to follow her to the kitchen, I followed in silence. I felt like I was being pulled to the living room, I was still so tiered….
Emily held out a tray of sandwiches, I grabbed a few and sat down thanking her. They were delicious. I tuned into the conversations going around, apparently Emily’s brother had come to visit along with his wife and two children.
I heard the little girls laughing over something and I smiled, the sound of laughter was nice.
“Hey Quil, games on, want to watch?” Sam asked throwing me a coke; I followed him into the living room. I sat on the couch without looking at anyone. I felt this pull to look away from the game, so I decided to look over at Sam who was playing with one of his niece.
I felt like everything had frozen, the little girl lifted in the air was surrounded by a golden halo of light and everything else was black, and dark. I was tied to her, I wanted to rip her out of Sam’s arms before he could hurt her in anyway, her mother came over, I couldn’t really see her, she was blurry.
I almost growled at her, she couldn’t touch the girl, she might hurt her too.
Something smashed upside my head, I looked over to see Sam’s furious face next to me, he had taken a plastic toy and hit me in the head with it.
“Outside.” He growled, I didn’t want to go, but the Alpha voice he had seemed to weigh me down, I followed him outside. Suddenly her turned around and attacked, his hands was inches from my private when I phased, smiling he phased too.
“Damit Sam! Why did you have to go and do that?!?! What did I do to you?”
“You imprinted! On my 2 year old niece!! Claire isn’t even in preschool and you already fell in love with her!” I almost threw up. Who could love a two year old that way?!?! I just want to protect her, be like a big brother to her, to make sure nothing, and no one hurt her.
“Fine!” Sam snapped, I jerked my head up, had I been talking to him? O, yeah I had.
“Quil,” he groaned “go back in, now, be Claire’s big brother.” I licked his face and phased back, pulling out the spare set of clothes that was always stashed under his porch for us to use.
I walked in the front door and heard Claire crying, I ran into the living room, her dad was holding her trying to comfort her but she was still crying. I felt something through a bond that we had, she wanted someone, and they had left.
Suddenly, she saw me and stopped crying, she jumped out of her fathers arms and ran to me. I picked her up smiling. She had no idea who I was and I was already her big brother.
“Sorry about that, here,” Her dad said reaching up to take her.
“Its fine,” I reassured him “I love kids.” He nodded and turned his attention back to the game, I sat down on the couch still holding Claire.
“What’s your name?”
“Cwarey!!” She shouted. I laughed.
“I’m Quil.” I told her
“Cwarey like Quil!” She told me hugging me. I smiled; she hopped off the couch and took my hand, pulling me towards her sister and all their toys.
“Sit.” She instructed sternly, I obeyed at once. She went over to a little girl nearby; she was blurry too, like her mother.
“Quoe.” She told me pointing to her sister. The girl smiled and stuck out her hand.
“Hi, I’m Chloe!” She told me, I laughed at her and shook her hand. We played Barbie, and dress up, and then we played house.
Finally, it was time for her to go.
“Bye Qwil!” She yelled as her mom pulled her out the door, I almost ran after her, but Sam put a hand on my shoulder to stop me.
“Sam,” I moaned “How is this going to work? Her parents will get suspicious if I’m around too much….and; it hurts to be away from her.” I admitted
“We’ll figure it out.” He told me, I smiled and nodded.

Chapter 2 Claire Sitting

Claire didn’t come back to visit the next day, or the next week. Sam told me I couldn’t go to her house, and that he wouldn’t invite them over for me to play with her.
I went to school, patrolled, and then went home. Every night I would curl into a ball, pain seeping through me.
Sam finally took pity on me. He gave their number and told me that Emma, Claire’s mom, was expecting and they were probably going to be needing a babysitter. I dialed the number and someone picked up after only a few rings.
“Hewoo?” An angelic voice asked, it sounded sad
“Claire Bear!” I yelled
“QWUIL!!!” She yelled, her voice was instantly filled with joy.
“Claire, give mommy the phone.” I heard Emma call out.
“No! Qwuil wanna talk to Cwary bwa!” She yelled, Emma sighed, and I grinned.
“Claire, can I talk to your mommy? I’ll talk to you later, I promise.” She started to cry and I felt bad, she must think I didn’t want to talk to her.
“I need to ask your mommy if I can come play with you.”
“Owkay Qwuil.” She said defeated, she gave the phone to her mother and I could hear her plop down on the couch in defeat.
“Hello Quil, I’m sorry about that, Claire’s been dying to see you.” I chuckled.
“It’s fine. I was talking to Emily a few days ago and she told me you’re expecting and I just wanted to tell you that if you guys ever need a baby sitter, I’m available.”
“That’s so kind Quil but it’s not really in our budget…” I cut her off
“I’d do it for free, I love kids and I think Chloe and Claire like me.” I told her, she paused before speaking.
“Well, um do you think you could come over now? I have an appointment in Seattle and we were going to take them with us, but…..”
“No problem, I’m on my way.” I told her.
“Thank you Quil.” she told me, I could tell she was about to hang up.
“Can I talk to Claire for a minute, I promised her and I don’t want to make her cry again.”
“Sure….” She started before I heard a weird noise.
“QWUIL!!!” A little voice yelled, I laughed, she stole the phone from Emma!!!!
“I’m coming over to play with you and Chloe Claire, so you need to hang up the phone, okay?”
“Otay Qwuil.” And then I heard the click of the phone hanging up. I ran over there, using my wolf speed because no one was around.
I knocked on the door and waited impatiently for it to open. I felt like at any second the pull to Claire would make me break down the door. Finally her dad opened the door.
“Hey Quil, thanks, really, I’m Chris by the way.” He told me, shaking his hand I nodded and he led me in. Chloe sat on the floor surrounded by books, she was five and loved to try and read. Emily had been telling me stories about Claire and Chloe, seeing as we might be family one day.
I suddenly felt little arms wrap around my waist.
“QWUIL QWUIL!!!!!!!!!” Claire screamed, I laughed and picked her up, swirling her around. It felt so right, I wanted nothing more than to keep her in my arms forever, but I knew that was impossible. Sighing, I put her down and walked to the hallway where I could hear Emma and Chris talking.
Emma couldn’t be more than a few months along, but her stomach was already a little bit bigger, and she had that pregnant glow.
“Congratulations.” I told her, giving her a friendly hug. She beamed and nodded. Chris put his arm around her and pulled her out the door, Claire and Chloe stood at the door waving until I dragged them back inside.
For the rest of the day we played, watched movies and then I made them go to bed. Walking out I saw how much of a mess we had made, I felt bad leaving a huge mess in the house, especially when Emma wouldn’t be able to clean it up. So I picked it all up, then I went into the kitchen to make myself a snack. The kitchen was a mess too, so got an idea. I cleaned everything up, then quickly phoned Seth, who I knew was working at his family’s store.
Clearwater’s stores, Seth Clearwater speak….”
“Cut the crap Seth, do me a favor and bring over some cookie dough.”
“Where are you and since when do you cook?”
“Emma and Chris’s place.”
“Whatever, be over in a few.” He hung up and I began to get the kitchen ready. I found a kiss the cook apron and put it on grinning. The doorbell rang and I skipped to get it.
“Quil, dude! What is wrong with you?!?!” I took the cookie dough containers out of his hands and kissed him on the cheek. Then I tried to make my voice sound higher.
“Thank you Seth dear.” I told him batting my eyes. He started cracking up, took off the apron and went into the kitchen, Seth close behind. He slapped me and I spun around surprised.
“We’re over! You don’t pay enough attention to me anymore!!!” He yelled, snapping his fingers in my face and turning on his heel. I was dying laughing by now. I heard s noise from the bedrooms and I put my hand over Seth’s mouth to quiet him before he woke them up. He started French kissing my hand.
“Seth!” I whisper yelled, while smacking him. ‘If you wake them up…” One look at me told him I was serious. He nodded and looked around the kitchen. I looked at the baking instructions for the cookie dough. Seth had brought five containers, three to make and one each to eat. He had two M&M, a chocolate chip, and two sugar cookie dough containers. I took the M&M and chocolate chip ones and started to open the package while Seth opened the sugar cookie ones. I had read some where that pregnant woman like chocolate, and I wanted to impress Emma.
While the cookies baked, me and Seth each finished a container of cookie dough. I pulled out the cookies finally and gave Seth a few before he hit the road. When they were cool I put them on a few plated and cleaned the dishes. At a quarter to 10 I heard a car in the driveway and went to sit on the couch with the T.V. on low.
“Quil?” Emma asked uncertainly as she walked in, I realized she could probably smell the chocolate.
“O, hi.” I said, trying to be surprised that she was home already. I gestured towards the kitchen. “I hope you don’t mind, I made some cookies.” I heard Emma’s stomach rumble and grinned. She looked relived.
“It smells wonderful.”
“Well, I got to go home now, thanks for letting me watch them, I love the kids.” I told her heading out the door.
“Aren’t you going to ask to be paid?” Chris asked surprised.
“No, I was serious, it’s fun to hang out with kids all day, I did it for free.” I told them and walked out the door.

Chapter 3 Birthday Party

It was Claire’s third birthday today. I was going to help set up and keep an eye on all the little kids. When Emily had told me about the princess theme, I thought I was going to throw up. All girly, and pink…… but it was for Claire.
I had gotten to see Claire a lot, and I think Emma and Chris were starting to like me. I was happy.
I went to the Claire’s house and knocked on the door. Chris walked out, his face was red, and he was trying hard not to ask.
“What?” I asked him, he pointed to Chloe and Claire who were now standing in the doorway. Chloe was in a red shirt, white pants, what did girls call them? Claire on the other hand was wearing a white shirt with red pants.
“What time is it?” Chloe asked
“Summer time!” Claire yelled
“It our vacation!” They yelled in unison.
“What time is it?” Chloe asked again
“That’s right, say it loud!” They both yelled
“What time is it?” They sang together now
“Time of our lives. Anticipation!” I ran up to Claire and hugged her, and the High School Musical montage was over. I was laughing and in a good mood….until I walked inside.
“Kill. Me. Now.” I murmured, a throaty laugh from behind me made me turn. Sam was standing there with his arm around Emily’s waist. I shook my head as I looked at all the pink and…..frilly girly things. I shuddered and Sam laughed again.
“Qwuil?” Claire asked. I turned to look at her smiling, it was all for her, to make her happy.
“What is it Claire bear?” I asked her
“I want to be a princess!” She yelled, Emily laughed and came over to me.
“In other words, she wants you to go help her get ready.” She told me, I nodded and ran into her room. Claire was sitting on her bed, surrounded by dresses, shoes, hair things, and tiaras. I picked out three colors, a light blue, a hot pink, and a lime green. I held each up to her skin, watching the contrast to her skin. I settled on the lime green, it just fit her so well, and it seemed to wrap around her body in the perfect way, she truly seemed like a little princess. Next she showed me all her shoes. I picked a pair that was the exact same shade of green as her dress.
Then, she took a tiara that was a very pale green with sparkling jewels on it and handed it to me. I placed it into her curls. She seemed to be radiating with joy, I smiled and took her hand.
“Princess, you are needed at the ball.” I told her and I led her down the stairs.
When we got downstairs, everyone was there. Claire went to sit in a chair that was placed in the middle of the room. I sat on the couch next to Emily and watched as Claire unwrapped her presents. First was my present, a doll that was about a foot and a half tall, it had long black hair, and a purple and black striped shirt. Claire hugged it and smiled up at me.
“Tank u Qwuil.” She told me smiling. I smiled back and handed her a present from her parents. She tore open the wrapping paper and gasped. They had gotten her a huge makeup set.
She also got some dress up things, and she made me wear a crown.
“Qwuil, pwease weawear crwon? It make Cwar happy.” She batted her eyelashes at me. I sighed “Gimme the crown kid.” I snatched it out of her hand, she squealed. I frowned and put it on my head. I heard a lot of snickering from the adults, but Claire’s eyes were shinning and happy, and it felt right.
“Claire, wouldn’t you like to try out your new make up on Quil?” Emily winked at Claire and shot me a look. I groaned, I could already tell that Claire wanted to do it. She ran to get the make up kit, and between her Emily, and Emma, I was wearing at least three pounds of make up in seconds. Behind me, Sam wolf whistled.
“You’re just jealous that I’m hotter than you.” I told him, and then I got up and walked around the room, posing at random spots. Claire’s laughter followed me around, and soon she was walking around with me.
After a few hours I had to leave, I helped put birthday girl to bed before I left.

Chapter 4 Dream

It was Claire’s first day of kindergarten, the day when she would start making friends, having a life outside her family.
And I felt like I was going to throw up. I was terrified for her, what if the other kids were mean to her? What if she didn’t fit in? What if she got hurt?
Thoughts like this raced through my head all day, I hadn’t seen Claire in almost a month, it hurt so much to be away from her, but she was five, Chloe was seven, and their little brother Cole was now two.
I remembered getting to watch Chloe and Claire for two days when Emma had Cole. It was one of the greatest days in my life. The girls had been so excited to learn about their little brother, and I had gotten to spend two days admiring Claire’s happy face, her perfect smile, and her contagious laughter….
But that was all gone. See, to her I was a long distance brother, one she didn’t have to see very often. The only thing that kept me from going to her house right now and banging on the door was the fact that we had a connection. A special bond that let me know what she was feeling. She wasn’t really happy much, but I could always tell when she smiled and laughed.
The day passed in a blur, Sam was making me stay in school, to set an example for Claire apparently. I walked home, smiling at my parents and sat in a chair. I must have drifted off because suddenly, I was dreaming.

School had just let out, Claire skipped out of the building humming a song she had just made up. A dark SUV pulled up on the curb. She stopped and stared at it, a man got out, he wore a white button up shirt and black pants. He walked over to Claire and kneeled down.
“Hello, your mommy called me and told me to pick you up, would you like to go for a ride?” He looked at her with pleading eyes, as if he would be devastated if she didn’t.
Claire jumped up and down “Yes!!” He grinned and motioned towards the door. She clambered in and he sat her in a car seat. He then got into the drivers seat, put on a pair of sun glasses and drove away.
* * *
Five minutes later Emma pulled up at the school, she looked into the crowd of kids, searching for her daughter, but she couldn’t find her.

I suddenly hear a scream, and I woke up. I was panting and sweating. I realized I had screamed, but it had seemed so real…. I went to check a clock, the timing was perfect, it fit my dream, then the phone rang.
“Hello?” I asked
“Quil! Did you pick Claire up from school today?!?!” She was sounded distraught.
“No, why, Emma, what happened?!?!”
“Claire…. I went to pick her up and she wasn’t…wasn’t….the teacher said a guy picked…picked her up….” She was crying now. I was shaking, I heard a strange sound and looked down at the phone, damn it was useless…. I ran outside and phased, running into the forest.
Jacob!!! I yelled
What is it Quil?!?!? I don’t know how many people asked it, I just kept going, trying to follow the pull that told me where Claire was.
Quil, stop. I fought against it, I tried as hard as I could, but the Alpha finally won. I lay down panting. Jacob ran to where I was.
We need to do this the right way Quil, Leah, you’re on sniffing duty, Seth, you get Charlie, Quil, you’re with me. Jacob barked out orders, I nodded my big wolf head and followed him, after awhile he told me to take the lead; I knew where I was being pulled.
Suddenly, I heard her. She was screaming, screaming in pure pain and agony.
“Mommy!!!! Daddy!!! QUIL!!! IT HURTS, MAKE IT STOP!!!”

Chapter 5 The End….

I was panting heavily, I couldn’t stand to go in and see her hurt so badly, I lay down, then I picked up a scent, vampire. I growled and Jake was right behind me.
I closed my eyes, braced myself and ran through the wall of a building, it was a McDonald’s. There were no humans in there, other than Claire. The vampire was leaning over her, I smelled blood, but didn’t investigate.
I smashed into him, sending him flying into the opposite wall. Jake was right behind him, he growled and lunged. The vampire ran to the ice cream machine and ripped off the top, he threw it. In seconds there was ice cream covering everything, including Claire. I ran over to her, still in wolf form. She screamed again.
“IT BURNS!!!” She screamed, I figured she meant like the ice cream in a cut or something, so I picked her up and placed her under a table nearby.
The vampire had thrown Jake out of the fast food restaurant and he was hurt. I tried to tell him to get up, but he was too hurt to hear me. The vampire was now coming towards me. I dodged to the right a millisecond before he struck. He spun around and tried to bite me, but once again I passed him.
Then I did the biting, he threw his arm out to stop me, and I bit it off. He howled in pain as I ripped off his other arm. I put one in a grease thing for fries before just tossing the other one somewhere. He was running at me again, I tried to head but him in the chest, but at the last second he grabbed my arm and ripped it out of its socket. I howled in pain and fell to the floor, he quickly stepped on my leg, cracking it several places. He was enjoying this, and he wasn’t paying attention.
Jake had somehow managed to drag himself back inside, he tore the vampires head off in one easy movement. I found a phone in the back of the restaurant and called Carlisle. I phased back to human form while it rang.
“Hello?” I heard someone demanding something in the background, but I didn’t pay attention.
“Carlisle, we need you, McDonalds down in Queets, I can’t…..” I groaned and pain and doubled over, throwing up in the process.
Then I heard Claire whimper again, I somehow managed to drag myself over to her, through the blood, vampire pieces and ice cream. I saw an arm try to reattach itself to the torso. I grabbed it and threw it in the fryer; then I took the head and tore it in two, for good measure. I crawled under the table where Claire was, she was dripping in blood, her leg was broken, both of them. She had a bone sticking out of her arm……..and blood dripping down her neck.
As I looked, she had a crescent moon mark on her neck, she was yelling, it burned….
He had bit her, and she was turning into a vampire, I didn’t think, I lowered my head to her neck and pressed my lips to the mark.

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Chapter 6 Rescue Party

I sucked out the venom. It burned, so badly I thought I was going to die from it, and then I also had to drink her blood, I wondered if I was hurting her.
“Claire, is the burning gone?” My voice shook and cracked in so many different places, I sounded like a smoker.
She nodded, I sighed and everything went black.
* * *
When I woke up, there was the sound of a siren, I sat up quickly, scared I was being taken to the hospital. Instead, I saw a stretcher with an angel on it.
“CLAIRE!” I tried to get up, but a cold hand pushed me down.
“Quil, please lay down, I need to set your bones.” I groaned, but obeyed; Carlisle set my bones, and then carried me to the border.
“Seth, take Quil to his house, he needs rest.” He turned and ran. I think I passed out, because when I woke up the run was rising and I was lying on the couch at my new house.
“Claire!” I remembered, sitting up.
“Quil, relax, you can see her today AFTER you get your story straight.” Jake put a hand on my shoulder and I groaned.
“So what ‘happened’?” I asked him
“Emma called you, you went for a drive, walked into a McDonald’s and saw her, you called me but when he broke her leg you ran after him, he dropped her on the floor, and she got cut on something then we chased after him and got our butts beat.” He shrugged and I could tell he was itching to get back to his imprint.
“I got it Jake, go.” I waved out the door, he nodded and left. I quickly grabbed my cell and looked at the date. I had been out for three days! I waited a few hours before calling Emma and Chris.
“Hello?” I heard someone blowing their nose in the background.
“Emma, hey it’s Quil.”
“Quil! O thank you Quil, without you I wouldn’t have my baby...”
“It was nothing, is she okay, can I come see her?”
“O, sure anything...” I closed my phone, cutting her off. I hopped into my car; in just a few minutes I was at the hospital. I walked up the nurse’s station.
“Hello, I’m looking for Claire young.” I told her. She shuffled through some papers.
“Room 507, go through that elevator, when you get off take a right….” She trailed off as she looked up at me. I nodded and thanked her before running to the elevator.
It carried me up and I ran to Claire’s room, she was stationed in a room for long term patients. I ran in and skidded to a stop. Emma was there on a couch with Chris crying.
“How is she?” I asked worriedly, she was so pale and lifeless, She was so fragile looking………
“Quil, I tried to tell you, but she’s in a coma, the doctors said she might not make it through the night.”

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Chapter 7 Waking up

Claire was in a coma, she was just a little girl!!! It was all my fault, if I hadn’t imprinted on her the vampire probably wouldn’t have taken her…. I getting ready to run patrol and I was in my house just listing to the radio.
It had been three months since Claire had gone into a coma, and she hadn’t moved an inch since then. The doctors thought it was a miracle that she had made it through the first night, let alone three months.
“Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking…..another day and you’ve had your fill of sinking……” The lyrics seemed to be talking to me. Move along by The All-American Rejects was on. I started to sing along.
“When all you’ve got to keep is strong, move along, move along like I know you do. And even when your hope is gone, move along; move along just to make it through.”
I finally broke down, I realized what I had done now, I had made my life rotate around this little girl in a coma, I needed her to wake up and see everything was the same. I quickly phased outside and began to run patrol.
And even when your hope is gone move along…Leah taunted, I told her to shut up and went back to singing it over and over again in my head. It had been a while since we had any vampires in the area; even the Cullen’s were gone, in Vermont or something. But we still ran patrol. Suddenly, the air shimmered, and another voice cut into the conversation.
Quil, Leah I need your help!!!

No time to explain, I need your help!! He yelled, a picture came up, she was going into labor….three months early!!

Sam, phase back now, get some blankets, towels, and warm water, Quil, run there and help I’ll be there in a minute. Leah phased back and I ran, Sam was still there, panicking.
Finally he phased and I was alone, I ran as fast as I could, trying to get to Emily quickly. I finally reached the house, phased and got dressed. I ran inside to find Emily on the couch breathing heavily, and Leah instructing what to do. Sam was at her side, trying to calm her down.
“Okay, Emily deep breaths.” Leah told her, she nodded and inhaled, suddenly she cried out. Leah looked at a clock on the wall.
“That was only ten minutes, okay Emily now you’re going to have to start pushing soon.” We stood there for about twenty more minutes, and finally Leah said it was time.
“One, two three, push!” Leah yelled. I wondered how she knew all this. Emily let out a cry of pain and I heard something.
Leah counted again, and again Emily cried out in pain. Sam was about ready to faint, I don’t think he liked this. Emily squeezed his hand so hard I heard a crack; he grimaced and turned back to Emily. Suddenly, with one final push, I heard crying. Leah held a beautiful baby girl in her arms. She was so delicate, like a rose petal.
“Quil, can you get a washcloth and clean her off?” Leah asked, she was busy helping Emily. I nodded and took the baby. She was adorable, but as I looked at her, she began to grow blurry, and after awhile, I couldn’t see her face anymore. I smiled, I had figured out that I couldn’t see any female other than my imprint unless they were in danger; I guess that meant she was safe.
I got her all cleaned up, and then went back to Sam and handed him his daughter.
“Congrats dad.” I told him, he smiled and began rocking her.
“What’s her name?” Leah asked Emily, Emily was almost asleep, but she opened her eyes long enough to answer.
Leah took her from Sam and dressed her in a silk blue dress, she then laid out a blanket on the floor, set some pillows around it, and laid Lily down.

Sam was staring at Lily in wonder, while still holding his wife’s hand, me and Leah tip toes out, leaving the family at home.
Once outside, Leah turned to me.
“I need to come check up on the in an hour, she’s premature, can you go tell Seth and Jake what happened?”
“First, how did you know all that stuff Leah?”
“When Seth was born my dad wasn’t home and my mom needed help, so me and my grandma delivered him.” She shrugged, I nodded and ran off.

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Chapter 8 Good-Bye
Claire’s POV

I had just woken up, I was sore, and in a hospital bed.
“Hello?” I asked, I was so scared, where was I?
“Claire!” a woman yelled, running over to me, and hugging me tightly.
“Who are you?!” I screamed, she stepped away, she was almost crying.
“I’m your mother.”
“My mother?” The words sounded strange on my tongue, mother… I heard a knock on the door, and then a man stepped in. He was pale white, with yellow eyes, but not in a crappy way.
“Who are you?” I whispered, curling up in a ball. He nodded and turned to my mother.
“I thought this would happen, amnesia.” He told her.
“What’s amnis….amnia…?”
“Amnesia?” He vounintered, I nodded.
“Claire, amnesia is when you can remember stuff.” My mother said, I looked around to see if there was another girl in the room.
“Is that my name?” I asked when I found no one else. My mother began crying into the guys shoulder.
“Yes, your name is Claire Young; you are five years old and live in La Push Washington.” He told me. I nodded.
“No she doesn’t, we’re moving, it’s just not safe here.” My mother sniffed. The guy nodded and left. Another guy walked in, he went and put his arm around my mothers’ waist.
“How you doing Claire?” He asked. I shrugged, looking at him I tried to guess who he was.
“Claire, this is your daddy.” My mother told me, I nodded and sank into my bed, I was so tiered, and soon sleep took me.
* * *

When I woke up I was on a couch. I looked around, this place seemed frimaliar, I should probably remember it but I didn’t. Mom came over to me.
“Come on Claire, we’re moving! Get in the car sweetie.” I nodded and got up slowly. It was hard to walk, it hurt my legs a little, and it felt like I need to stretch my legs, I started walking up and down the stairs, and soon my legs were feeling much better.
I got into the car out front, a dark green van. It was really comfy, there was a little baby in a car seat in the back, he was slobbering, but it was really cute.
“Hello little baby.” I cooed. He took my finger and held it tight.
“Claire, this is Cole, your baby brother.” Mom came up behind me.
“And I am you sister, the magnificent Chloe!” A girl yelled, she hugged me tightly.
“Glad your better sissy.” I smiled and hugged her back. We got in next to Cole, and mom and dad got into the front.
“Ready to go?” Mom asked us, I nodded.
“NO!! I forgot to call Aunt Emily and tell her!” Chloe yelled. Dad groaned.
“Chloe that was your only job!” He told her. Mom pulled out her cell phone.
“Em?” I tuned her out, then when she hung up the phone I heard the most heart breaking sound in the world……
A wolf howling in pain.

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Chapter 9 she’s gone
Quil’s POV

Lily was put in the hospital (see Wendy, told you I would take care of her) and, no surprise, when the pack went to visit her, Seth imprinted on her. She was so small, and cute. When ever I looked at her I was reminded of Claire, my imprint…..who had moved.
I had been heart broken, I remembered shaking, phasing and letting out a heart broken howl. I felt depressed, more depressed then I thought one person could feel.
I was in wolf form all the time now, I never phased back, and Sam had stopped phasing altogether. It had been a month, a month since Lily was born, a month since Sam had phase, a month since I had been human…..and I month since I had seen my other half.
It was like there was a hole in me, a hole shaped like a certain five year old. I felt like I was going to die, it hurt so bad to be away from her, like I was burning at the stake. I had to work, I had to act normal……but inside I was a lifeless shell.
* * *
2 years later

Sam and Emily had gotten pictures of Claire in the mail; it had a return address, so I went to their house. I ran for four hours straight, it felt so easy, I had only phased back to human form a few times over the past two years. I felt free in wolf form; the pain that went through my body was numbed, then I reached the house.
Two girls were inside, one of them looked to be 10, maybe 11, the other……..Claire. My imprint, my other half, I tried to see her smile, but she didn’t, she looked depressed, there were dark shadows under her eyes, and her cheek bones stuck out too much, taking a closer look, I saw that the girl, who I now guessed to be Chloe was trying to get her to eat.
I almost cried, I went up to the house and knocked on the door, my hand weighed a thousand pounds, and the door seemed to be huge, and intimidating.
I didn’t care, I was going to go through it….for her, my other half, my soul, my best friend in the whole world.
Claire, the little girl who looked like she was the most depressed girl in the world. The door swung open, and I was looking at a surprised Emma.
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Chapter 10 Go Away
Quil’s POV

Emma stared at me, dumbstruck.
“Who is it…?” Chloe asked skipping over to the door, when she saw me she stopped dead, her question trailing off.
“Um, hello.” I said
“Quil, I think you need to leave.” Emma told me, I was hurt, my soul was inside, and I had to leave? It didn’t feel right.
“Emma, please let me in, I wanted to say hi to you guys, and I wanted to see Claire, I haven’t been able to check on her.”
“Quil, please don’t make this any harder, see Claire has no idea that we ever lived anywhere else, she doesn’t remember a thing from when she was five, and I think your coming here might trigger a memory.” I slumped against the door frame, Claire didn’t know who I was, she didn’t remember anything…..but was it a good thing? Wasn’t it better that she couldn’t remember me, if we could never see each other again? And wasn’t it better that she didn’t know about her kidnapping? I sighed in defeat, this was what was best for Claire, and she was my imprint, so I had to do what was best for her.
“Okay.” My voice was hallow, cracked. Emma looked at me worriedly, I ducked my head and bit my lip, walking away.

Claire’s POV

I wasn’t happy here, I felt pulled to be somewhere else, and I could never make any good friends in school. I think mom was worried about me, but I was……well I could be a lot better but at least I wasn’t too bad. The thing was, I was about three years ahead of all the other people my age, so I could read really long books, hundreds of pages long, when everyone else was still trying to read books with twenty words in them.
I knew long division, and I played the French horn, the most difficult instrument in the entire band. The teachers wanted to move me up, but I didn’t want to, I would just stick out more, be more of an outcast.
Isn’t it sad that, a seven year old was emo? And I mean full on emo, the blades and everything. I know what most people would say, but it made me feel like a regular person, the pain made me feel an emotion other than my everlasting depression.
I heard mom answer the door, I wanted to run to it, I couldn’t hear who was there, but I felt like I knew whoever it was.
“Claire, we’re going out for pizza, come on.” Cole said, running up to me, he was four now, and he was adorable. He was the kind of kid that old ladies would pinch his cheeks, and guys would mess up his hair, I hugged him tight, I tried to be normal around him, he was such a sweet kid, and I loved him dearly.
“Okay Cole, come on.” I took his hand and we walked out to the car together, I helped him in his booster seat, and then I got in. I was sitting near Chloe in the second row, mom was driving and dad was sitting next to her. I scratched my wrist absent mindedly. Chloe screamed and grabbed my wrist.
“Claire, what happened?!?” I looked down; my cuts were bleeding again, all of them. I felt faint, I didn’t get like that around blood, but I suddenly wondered how much blood I had been losing lately.
“CLAIRE!!” Someone screamed, suddenly everything was a blur, lights flew in a circle, I looked out my window just in time to see it coming.
A semi truck, with two back pieces, it was huge……and deadly.
And only inches away.

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Chapter 11 Running
Claire’s POV

Things should have slowed down, isn’t that what always happens in movies? Instead, my brain seemed to speed up, taking everything in at once, my heart raced as we collided with the semi, instinctively I tried to shield Cole, as I pulled Chloe back.
My dad hit the semi first, as we hit it at an angle, the car kept going, and the front was so small it was hard to believe, there was red oozing everywhere. Then Chloe hit it, I screamed and tried to pull her back into the very back of the van, but she wouldn’t move, looking down, her legs were crushed, and the rest of her was being crushed along with them.
I quickly took Cole out of his seat, and jumped over the seats Cole went first, I pretty much threw him back there, and then I went after.
For a second, my leg was caught in the crushing metal, my breathing picked up, I let out a blood curdling scream, and then we hit the semi again, at a different angle.

My legs were freed, I fell the rest of the way into the back of the van just as where me and Cole had been sitting was transformed into a pile of metal and cushions.
I was suddenly having a flash back, me and a guy on the beach when I was three, a birthday party where he was dressed up as a princess and I was watching him put make up on. I knew who it was, the best friend I had been looking for, the best friend I had lost, Quil. Then, I was brought back to reality, just as we were about to run into a tree.
Then the car stopped, the semi was flipped over though, crushing the front of the car.
I knew there was no hope for my parents, the oozing red liquid up front was enough to prove that, and even if they were alive, how would they get out? I tried Chloe, my sister that had helped me so much. I crawled onto what was left of my seat, I shook Chloe’s shoulder.
“Chloe!” I yelled desperately, there was no response. I looked at her face, it was covered in blood, one half was crushed in and her eyes……..they were glassy, staring at where the semi had been when…….
I started crying, I was hyperventilating, my family was gone, it was just me and Cole now.
In a second I knew what I was going to do, I was going to run. I got Cole and we managed to open the trunk of the van, it was the most undamaged part of the van. In the distance I heard sirens. I crawled out, it wouldn’t open enough for me to do anything else, then I reached in and grabbed Cole.
Cole was pretty beat up, he was shaking with fear and he was limping a tiny bit. I promised myself that I would take him to a hospital, but not here, not where people would take us to a foster home and split us up.
I went into the woods and started walking; I felt like I was being pulled towards the river, I walked over to it. Suddenly, a howl pierced through the night, and turning around I saw a flash of fur, and two glowing eyes looking at us through the bushes.

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