The Twilight Saga

Quil was once just an ordinary guy, chiling with his friends and dating girls. Then he turned into a werewolf, and found the love of his life.....a two year old named Claire Young. What happens to a wolf when he has a....young imprint?


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Hey guys! being the random person I am, I have declared war on one of my fav fanfics!!!! So, it's called A Fallen Angel and it's Emmett's story, so in this war, we have to try and get more comments than A Fallen Angel (Link A Fallen Angel) anyway, i have nothing against A Fallen Angel, its actully one of my fav fanfics, but i'm really random and started a war, lolz.


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Oh God! I hope Claire is allright..something tells me she's not though..Please post soon (today if possible :) ) and congrats for second place! YOU ARE FIRST TO US!
awww, thank u :) I'll have more up soon, but i am exausted right now!
wow!! so good! once again! i can´t wait to see more!!

thxs :) i'll have more soon!
hehehe, yeah i thought it was too :) thxs for reading
Do you really just hate us that much?! You are literally klling me!! What the heck! If he hurt Claire, I am gonna get Earl and Sam and come shake you.....real hard! LOL!! Sorry, not a real violent person! Violent, red head temper, just not very physical! HAHAHAHA!!

Please update soon! PLEASE!!

I am the Beta (at least for now) for this new story! Yall check it out! It is gonna be good!!
Best Non-Twilight one shot
New One Shot competition! The Volturi!

“Earl” and “Sam” are dancing to “I Gotta Feelin’” by Black Eyed Peas!! They are so happy to be back together dancing and having a good time! Woo Hoo! Sam is still confused, but doesn’t know it!
HAHAHA! He just enjoys life; we could learn a lot from Sam!!
They are ready and anticipating the battle on All Worlds Collide and The Cullen’s/Black’s/Vamp Coven’s winning and kicking Aro’s evil booty!

~”Super” Stalker Fan/Stubborn “you know what!~
O CRAP!!!!! won't hurt me...will you?
and Earl.....i dont trust him anymore!!
why?! why?! you know what? FINE! BE THAT WAY!
But, you better write more soon, or i will go off on you! D:/body>
O NO!!!!!!! *runs in terror*
Claire is fine, he meant a grizzly that was sneaking up on them, i swear!! not really

i didnt do it!!!!

*keeps running*
hahahahha! i love you Amanda! you're the best! you just made my day!
not really......y do u think it was crossed out? that was so u wouldnt kill me!!
no, i meant you made my day by being all

i didn't do it!!

*keeps running*


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