The Twilight Saga

Quil was once just an ordinary guy, chiling with his friends and dating girls. Then he turned into a werewolf, and found the love of his life.....a two year old named Claire Young. What happens to a wolf when he has a....young imprint?


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Hey guys! being the random person I am, I have declared war on one of my fav fanfics!!!! So, it's called A Fallen Angel and it's Emmett's story, so in this war, we have to try and get more comments than A Fallen Angel (Link A Fallen Angel) anyway, i have nothing against A Fallen Angel, its actully one of my fav fanfics, but i'm really random and started a war, lolz.


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twilightluver:) nominated me for...

Best Overall Story Line


Best Cliffhanger

in the NING OSCARS!!!

so, plz nominate me cause if we 4 more nominations young imprint will be an offical nomine and might when an award!!!!!
She loves him!!! Of course she does..SHE IS HIS IMPRINT! Finally she got it! How is she by the way? Scars ans staff I mean.. Tell us soon ok??
her leg is infacted and she lost alot of blood so she has to take it easy for a while.
awwww! i love it!!! of course she loves him!! she is his imprint!!!!!! lol!!1 pleas write more!!!
thxs for reading!
its so awsome Aurora! i had to edit out a few really minor things but it dosnt change it at all....i just know how u guys pick out the smallest details! lol, anyway i'm posting it right now
oh no. you're the author, you can edit it! lol. what i'm saying is, i wouldn't mind if you changed the whole thing. its your story. =D
yeah but its YOUR chapter
hmm....yeah, i guess. xD
u guess? lol

thank u so much Aurora for writing this chapter, it's awsome!!!


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