The Twilight Saga

Quil was once just an ordinary guy, chiling with his friends and dating girls. Then he turned into a werewolf, and found the love of his life.....a two year old named Claire Young. What happens to a wolf when he has a....young imprint?


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Hey guys! being the random person I am, I have declared war on one of my fav fanfics!!!! So, it's called A Fallen Angel and it's Emmett's story, so in this war, we have to try and get more comments than A Fallen Angel (Link A Fallen Angel) anyway, i have nothing against A Fallen Angel, its actully one of my fav fanfics, but i'm really random and started a war, lolz.


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I might repost it, cause i took it down, but decided 1 fanfic at a time cause i can't handle too many and school. and this is my fav so i picked this one.
and thank u:)
for now...... *Muhahahahaha*
evil! lol
thank u:) and sure, i'll read jt l8r :)
WOW!!! that was awsome!

I said i wanted 20 comments before i posted, but i feel like being nice :) okay so actually i just wanted to reward ppl who said they would update theirs if i updated mine :) so here is chapter 2!
Chapter 2 Claire Sitting

Claire didn’t come back to visit the next day, or the next week. Sam told me I couldn’t go to her house, and that he wouldn’t invite them over for me to play with her.
I went to school, patrolled, and then went home. Every night I would curl into a ball, pain seeping through me.
Sam finally took pity on me. He gave their number and told me that Emma, Claire’s mom, was expecting and they were probably going to be needing a babysitter. I dialed the number and someone picked up after only a few rings.
“Hewoo?” An angelic voice asked, it sounded sad
“Claire Bear!” I yelled
“QWUIL!!!” She yelled, her voice was instantly filled with joy.
“Claire, give mommy the phone.” I heard Emma call out.
“No! Qwuil wanna talk to Cwary bwa!” She yelled, Emma sighed, and I grinned.
“Claire, can I talk to your mommy? I’ll talk to you later, I promise.” She started to cry and I felt bad, she must think I didn’t want to talk to her.
“I need to ask your mommy if I can come play with you.”
“Owkay Qwuil.” She said defeated, she gave the phone to her mother and I could hear her plop down on the couch in defeat.
“Hello Quil, I’m sorry about that, Claire’s been dying to see you.” I chuckled.
“It’s fine. I was talking to Emily a few days ago and she told me you’re expecting and I just wanted to tell you that if you guys ever need a baby sitter, I’m available.”
“That’s so kind Quil but it’s not really in our budget…” I cut her off
“I’d do it for free, I love kids and I think Chloe and Claire like me.” I told her, she paused before speaking.
“Well, um do you think you could come over now? I have an appointment in Seattle and we were going to take them with us, but…..”
“No problem, I’m on my way.” I told her.
“Thank you Quil.” she told me, I could tell she was about to hang up.
“Can I talk to Claire for a minute, I promised her and I don’t want to make her cry again.”
“Sure….” She started before I heard a weird noise.
“QWUIL!!!” A little voice yelled, I laughed, she stole the phone from Emma!!!!
“I’m coming over to play with you and Chloe Claire, so you need to hang up the phone, okay?”
“Otay Qwuil.” And then I heard the click of the phone hanging up. I ran over there, using my wolf speed because no one was around.
I knocked on the door and waited impatiently for it to open. I felt like at any second the pull to Claire would make me break down the door. Finally her dad opened the door.
“Hey Quil, thanks, really, I’m Chris by the way.” He told me, shaking his hand I nodded and he led me in. Chloe sat on the floor surrounded by books, she was five and loved to try and read. Emily had been telling me stories about Claire and Chloe, seeing as we might be family one day.
I suddenly felt little arms wrap around my waist.
“QWUIL QWUIL!!!!!!!!!” Claire screamed, I laughed and picked her up, swirling her around. It felt so right, I wanted nothing more than to keep her in my arms forever, but I knew that was impossible. Sighing, I put her down and walked to the hallway where I could hear Emma and Chris talking.
Emma couldn’t be more than a few months along, but her stomach was already a little bit bigger, and she had that pregnant glow.
“Congratulations.” I told her, giving her a friendly hug. She beamed and nodded. Chris put his arm around her and pulled her out the door, Claire and Chloe stood at the door waving until I dragged them back inside.
For the rest of the day we played, watched movies and then I made them go to bed. Walking out I saw how much of a mess we had made, I felt bad leaving a huge mess in the house, especially when Emma wouldn’t be able to clean it up. So I picked it all up, then I went into the kitchen to make myself a snack. The kitchen was a mess too, so got an idea. I cleaned everything up, then quickly phoned Seth, who I knew was working at his family’s store.
Clearwater’s stores, Seth Clearwater speak….”
“Cut the crap Seth, do me a favor and bring over some cookie dough.”
“Where are you and since when do you cook?”
“Emma and Chris’s place.”
“Whatever, be over in a few.” He hung up and I began to get the kitchen ready. I found a kiss the cook apron and put it on grinning. The doorbell rang and I skipped to get it.
“Quil, dude! What is wrong with you?!?!” I took the cookie dough containers out of his hands and kissed him on the cheek. Then I tried to make my voice sound higher.
“Thank you Seth dear.” I told him batting my eyes. He started cracking up, took off the apron and went into the kitchen, Seth close behind. He slapped me and I spun around surprised.
“We’re over! You don’t pay enough attention to me anymore!!!” He yelled, snapping his fingers in my face and turning on his heel. I was dying laughing by now. I heard s noise from the bedrooms and I put my hand over Seth’s mouth to quiet him before he woke them up. He started French kissing my hand.
“Seth!” I whisper yelled, while smacking him. ‘If you wake them up…” One look at me told him I was serious. He nodded and looked around the kitchen. I looked at the baking instructions for the cookie dough. Seth had brought five containers, three to make and one each to eat. He had two M&M, a chocolate chip, and two sugar cookie dough containers. I took the M&M and chocolate chip ones and started to open the package while Seth opened the sugar cookie ones. I had read some where that pregnant woman like chocolate, and I wanted to impress Emma.
While the cookies baked, me and Seth each finished a container of cookie dough. I pulled out the cookies finally and gave Seth a few before he hit the road. When they were cool I put them on a few plated and cleaned the dishes. At a quarter to 10 I heard a car in the driveway and went to sit on the couch with the T.V. on low.
“Quil?” Emma asked uncertainly as she walked in, I realized she could probably smell the chocolate.
“O, hi.” I said, trying to be surprised that she was home already. I gestured towards the kitchen. “I hope you don’t mind, I made some cookies.” I heard Emma’s stomach rumble and grinned. She looked relived.
“It smells wonderful.”
“Well, I got to go home now, thanks for letting me watch them, I love the kids.” I told her heading out the door.
“Aren’t you going to ask to be paid?” Chris asked surprised.
“No, I was serious, it’s fun to hang out with kids all day, I did it for free.” I told them and walked out the door.
really good! don't stop write please!! i really like read your story!
keep going! :)
thank u so much:) it means alot to me that u guys like it, i'm working on chapter 3 right now!
that is soooooooooo good can't wait 4 more and i hope it will be soon but don't feel like u have 2 do it now u just worried about ur school stuff first.thanks Jan
awww, ur so sweet :) I really want to watch the Wizards of Waverly Place movie tonight, and thats when i usually work on my fanfic, but so many ppl r commenting and i luv u all so i might have to update today!
wow this is really good
please keep me updated
okay :) thank u for reading it!


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