The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Comedy... I <3 Boobies (~written by: Alexa, Caroline, Claudia) PG-13

SETH: -walks in with I <3 boobies bracelet-

JARED: Oh, I think we should ALL get those bracelets

LEAH: Seth! That is offensive!

PAUL: It's not offensive if you've actually seen them.

SAM: Yeah I mean like Emily-


SAM: ... is the most beautiful girl in the world -whispers- THEY'RE HUGE!! 

JACOB: Come on guys, let's be serious... Nessie's are way bigger.

QUIL: Well Claire...


QUIL: No!... she's six... and a half

JARED: Yeah, half of Kim's size

NESSIE: -walks in from the beach in bikini with Claire- Hey guys, what's up?

GUYS: -staring-

NESSIE: -looks at herself- What? Do I have something on my on my face?

SETH: -widens his eyes- Uh... I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!

JACOB: We should get going

NESSIE: Wait, lemme fix my hair -drops rubber band- Aw, crap. -bends over, pick up rubber band-

GUYS: -eyes widened, jaws drop-

NESSIE: -flips her hair up- Okay, let's go

QUIL: Um, I'm going to see how Seth's doing.

PAUL: Uh, me too. -both leave to the bathroom-

CLAIRE: Quiiillll!

~~ :D ~~

JAKE AND NESSIE: -In the car-

NESSIE: What was that all about?

JACOB: Nothing! Nothing...

-few minutes later-

NESSIE: -gasps- Ew! I get it now! Guys are so perverted!

Tags: <3, Black, Breaking, Claire, Comedy, Cullens, Dawn, Eclipse, Emily, I, More…Jared, Leah, Moon, Nessie, New, Pack, Quil, Renesmee, Sam, Seth, Twilight, bracelet

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Is that a good thing?
Haha Thanks
Oh thank you :)
lol thats funny
lol thanks
Thank you, mucho appreciato
Awesome! Write more. Keep me updated please
Haha okay, and thanks
love it!!! add more plz and update me!!!
No prob, thanks
Yeah... lolz okay thx


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