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The Twilight Diaries                                                    Jacob:                                                                                                 Today is Wednesday. Ha! Part of her name is in The word WedNESday. Wait... What? I don't know. Edward suggested that I should keep a journal. He gave me one he found in his closet so I could write how I feel about her. My Renesmee. My baby. I don't understand this. It was only a few days ago that I wanted to kill-- God! I can't even write now! She's taking over my mind. It was just 7 hours ago that the love of my life was dead. Bella. I don't even know if she's going to live and already I'm on my knees staring at this Beautiful, Amazing, Intelligent baby girl with the biggest brown eyes and the brightest toothless smile on her face. I love her. I love her so much. I need her. I barely know her. What's happenning to me? I need to hold her. I need to see her smile at me. Her beautiful smile. It's so soothing. Every worry. Every problem I've ever come across vanishes when I hold that child. I need Renesmee. I need her with me. Always. And I will destroy anything and anyone who tries to take my Renesmee away from me. OH MY GOD! WHAT AM I SAYING! I'm so confused. My emotions are scattered and running at 100 miles an hour. Isn't the baby suppose to be the one with seperation anxiety? I can hear her. I can hear her little heart beating, so fast, too fast, that scares me. I'm going crazy. I have to be. I'm gonna go hold my Renesmee. I can't think straight without her. My Renesmee. My...Nessie. Yeah that's nice. Nessie. I love you, Nessie.                                                                                                                    Hey I'm sorry I've left some stories hanging in the past. Stupid computer. But I can continue the journal entries through ipod touch. Please comment if I should continue. Thank you for reading. If you want me to continue the bext diary i'll do is Edward while hoping bella will wake up.

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You should really write another one!

Thank You :) working on it now thank you for reading


Write Moree!!! ANd keep me posted!!!

The Twilight Diaries- Edward

Esme made me start journaling again. She said it helps you feel something. Anything . But I can’t, I guess it’s not working for me. Carlisle said there’s no guarantee that Bella will wake up. He also said something about a great chance that she will but if she doesn’t…

This is my fault. This will always be my fault. My Bella. My Baby. The love of my life. The only woman I’ve ever felt passionate about, the only woman I would die for, the only woman who can bring out a side of me that I never knew I had. The only woman who has ever touched my unbeating heart, and gave it a rhythm to beat to. My wife. I promised. I promised that I would always protect her. “To have and to hold, To love and to cherish, In sickness and in health.”  My promises. My vows. All the time I spent trying to get her to comprehend how much I love her, and then I kill her.

Or… might have killed her. Either way, she was depending on me and I let her down. But Bella I beg of you, if you’ll wake up, if I can hear your amazing laugh, see your radiant smile one more time, I will never hurt you again. I’ll buy you a big old truck just like the one Billy Black gave you.  Ha, you and that truck.  I will never forget the look you gave me when your truck “passed on”. I knew  you knew the truth. But you never blamed me. Always the modest one aren’t you.

Right now, I’m staring at you, on a makeshift hospital bed. Hoping, begging that you’ll wake up. Please honey. I love you. You’ve stolen my heart, I can’t live without you. Wake up Bella. Wake Up!

You promised me. Forever. You promised. Please. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me, Bella, Please.







Thank you for reading! I will continue the journals from diffrent P.O.Vs Please comment and tell me what you think

OMG I love Edward's point of view!! It was soooo cute and it fitted him perfectly... I wanted to cry for how so badly he missed Bella!!

HaHa yeah me too that part was sad. I tried thinking of the saddest thing that's ever happened to me and then put myself in his shoes haha. I kinda got depressed Lol

Yeah it was really good!! Hope you post up more!

Thanks! and I will :)


The Twilight Diaries- Alice

We’re all worried. It’s been 29 hours since Bella… well, since Edward did what he had to do. I watched Rosalie try to cut the baby out. And then go ballistic at the smell of the blood. I immediately cut my senses off and went after her. I brought her down stairs and the minute she hit the bottom of the stairs she began to feel ashamed of herself. But I didn’t stop her for the…well I guess it’s not a fetus anymore. What do I call it? Hybrid? Sure that fits. I didn’t stop Rosalie for the hybrid. Nor did I stop her for Jacob. I don’t even think I stopped her for Edward (although the desperate, panicking look on his face would make anyone do anything for him). I stopped Rosalie for Bella. My sister. My best friend.

   Bella knew. Deep down she knew she wouldn’t survive and the brave front she tried to put up for my brother wasn’t fooling anyone. Every time he walked into the room, she changed. If there was any pain she wouldn’t let him see it. Because it wasn’t just hurting her. It was hurting all of us, seeing Bella that way. But mostly Edward. He knew when she was hurting and every time she screamed the look on his face looked as if someone had set him on fire. So she tried to make him and everyone around her believe that she would survive this perfectly fine. But she didn’t and now we’re all just hoping she’ll survive. Who could have predicted this would happen? Certainly not me. Every time I tried looking into Bella’s future, I got migraines. It was like trying to see into murky, muddy, swamp waters.



Well, it’s about time. I just saw Bella. She had chocolate dark hair, and pink, puffy lips. She was wearing a blue dress and high heels. Staring into a mirror and gasping at the red eyes of the woman inside of it. Well. Now I know what she’s wearing. I’m so glad she’s going to be okay. My big/little sister, ha. I better go tell Edward the good news (and make my sister look sexy while doing so)






Thanks for reading :) Please comment and tell me what you think.


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