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As I lay here in his arms, in this big brightly colored room, I smile. His cold skin made me warm all over and his curly hair touched my face when he kissed my forehead. His deep bright gold eyes sparkled whenever he looked at me and I could tell that he loved me the way I loved him, more than anything. He was my life. Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen.

I felt bad for the way things were. The way we got to this point but, at the same time, I knew I shouldn’t. It wasn’t my fault this happened. I had no control over my thoughts, my emotions. Not that they were controlled, Jasper would never make me feel things I didn’t want to. Unless it was to help me. He protected me. But what I did feel bad about was my scent…

Jasper may have loved me but that didn’t change the amount of control he had. It didn’t change the fact that he had tried to attack me at my eighteenth birthday party a year and a half ago. I worry about if he will ever lose control around me again. What if he were to? I would die. I wouldn’t mind it though. Dying due to the love of my life isn’t a problem for me but, I know it would be for him. He would beat himself up for that. He hates that he can’t control himself sometimes. I wish I could help him more but being a human doesn’t help at all.

I heard a slight growl from the hall outside the door. I could tell that it was Edward.

“Don’t read my mind so often and you wouldn’t feel that way, Edward”

Jasper spoke very quietly but he and I both knew Edward’s vampire ears could hear him just fine.

There was another slight growl followed by a hiss before I heard a door slam shut and a window slam open. Edward was leaving. Again. I don’t understand why he was so bothered by mine and Jasper’s love. It wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for him anyway. I’m sure he knows that, though. Maybe that’s why it bothers him as much as it does…





Author's note: I am very excited about this story. I feel it will turn out rather well and I'm very excited to see what my fellow Twilight Fans think of it. Leave a comment, please :)


- Dajah

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this is intresting :) Bella and Jazz. Please keep me posted

Thanks :) I will deff keep you posted on my updates. I want to see if anyone else is going to care to read this before I post the first chapter.


- Dajah

What?! NO! Not Bella and Jasper! Why?! How?! This makes me so mad, but it sounds awesome! Can't wait for more.

Lol if that makes you mad... wait till chapter one is posted. What Edward did to get Bella and Jasper together in the first place will really get you steaming xD

Wait what? Edward got them together? Where do you come up with these ideas? Gosh.

In my weird sick and twisted mind xD Here, I'll post the first chapter now...

Haha nice. I can be too but not as much anymore. Awesome!


Chapter One - Looking Back


I remember when I ran with Alice to save Edward’s life. She was frantic about me getting him to stop trying to expose himself as the beautiful sparkling vampire him and all the rest of the Cullen family was. It was all because he had thought I had died and he wanted to follow. I can remember thinking, after getting home, if that’s not love then I don’t know what is. He was going to get himself killed just because I wasn’t around anymore. True love, right? If only I knew the truth at that moment. I still wouldn’t have let him die but, things would not have gone so smoothly once we got home. It took about a month for everything to unfold. Edward and Alice were always closer than any other two members of the Cullen’s but it was only just recently that we, the rest of the Cullen’s and I, found out just how close they really were. It was something that shocked us all.

I was with Jacob and the rest of the wolf pack when I decided to pop in on Edward for a surprise movie night. It’s not something new for me to do so I wasn’t worried about bothering him. Besides, he’s the one who told me I would never be bothering him. What a lie that was.

Being that Edward had driven out to La Push to let me see Jacob, I didn’t have my truck with me. I got Jake to agree to drive me over to the Cullen’s. It was quite and almost like the house was empty when we pulled into the long drive way.

“I’ll wait here, Bells. Just in case they aren’t here. If they aren’t, they sure were not long ago…”

Jacob’s face scrunched up due to the smell of vampire and I nodded. I left the car door open when I left his car and started walking up to the door. I didn’t knock before walking inside and seeing the big empty living room. I stood there for a moment, looking around the room and taking in its beauty. As often as I come here, it’s never something I can get over.

I soon made my way to the stairs and slowly walked up them. They seemed to go on forever even though I had walked up them so many times before. I wonder why it’s so quite here… Maybe no one is home.

I turned around and started walking back downstairs. If there is no one here, I’ll just go back to Jacob’s. I’m sure he’s still outside, waiting to see if I’m okay or not.


I heard a sweet voice speak the name of my Edward. The sweet voice of a young girl in pleasure. Quickly, I ran up the stairs and to his room. As I stand here outside the door, I listen to the sounds that come from behind it.

“Oh, Edward. Come here, baby. Listen to my thoughts… They tell you how much I need you.”

There was a pause and then I could hear Edward speak.

“Hmmm that’s what you want, love?”

Love… that’s what he called me. What was he doing calling some other girl my pet name? Anger filled my body and I pushed open his bedroom door.

There on the bed, I saw Edward. He jerked his head in my direction then jumped up and exposed Alice who had been under him. I felt myself melt into nothing. My whole body is numb and my eyes filled with tears. He is cheating on me… with Alice. The two Cullen’s who were always the nicest to me… betrayed me like this… how could they do this to me?

“Bella! What… What are you doing here?”

Alice’s body was covered only by a thin blanket that lay on Edward’s bed while Edward only wears a pair of black boxers. No wonder he wouldn’t ever touch me… he was too busy touching Alice!

He started to walk towards me.

Come on Bella. Move. Get away from him. Leave this house…

“Bella… Love…”

Love… the pet name that was mine. The one he just used on Alice right before the two of them were going to have sex… The one thing he refused to do with me. He didn’t want to protect me…

“No! Don’t call me love! I’m not your love. You have just proven it!”

I yelled with tears falling from my eyes like a waterfall as I ran away. It wasn’t the smartest thing to be doing, being as I can’t see two feet in front of me. I soon tripped and feel down the long set of steps that led to the living room. I landed with a loud pound and pain ripped through my arm.


Alice’s sweet voice yelled from the top of the stairs while Edward sat on his knees next to me.

“Bella, are you okay?”

He spoke kind words with the adorable voice that normally mesmerized me. But not this time. His voice had no effect on me now as I lay there in pain, my body curled up into a ball as I sob.

“Jake! Jacob, Help!”

I yelled for Jacob. I hope he’s still out there… or at least in range of hearing my call. It only took a second for his muscled body to kick down the front door and be at my side. Edward growled at him but that didn’t stop Jacob for a moment. He picked me up and carried me away from Edward’s side.

“Put her down, dog. This is not any of your business.”

“She just made it my business, bloodsucker. You have no more say in anything she does. Not now.”

Jacob barked at him with anger in every word he spoke. Edward reached out to touch my throbbing arm with his cold hands and I turned my head into Jake’s warm chest. I didn’t want to see him anymore. It only caused more tears to fall.

“Don’t touch her! You have no right to.”

Jake growled his words to Edward as he marched out the Cullen house. I looked back at the now door-less house one last time before Jacob put me down in his car only  to see Edward in his boxers and Alice still covered by his blanket.

I hate thinking about that day. It was terrible and brought tears to my eyes every time I did. Being with Jasper now didn’t change the way I loved Edward. Jasper knew that and I know that he still loves Alice. That would never change and I don’t expect it to. I remember how I stayed with Jacob at his house that night after he took me to the hospital to get my arm x-rayed.

That night, was the most I had ever cried before.

The night Edward left me after my birthday…

The night I thought he was going to die…

The time Jacob wouldn’t talk to me…

None of that compared to that night I found Edward and Alice together.

I don’t think anything ever will. That night ripped apart my heart.

awww poor Bella :( I liked it. I wonder where this will go

Chapter Two – A Change in Feelings


I was alone in my room the night Jasper came over for the first time. Still heartbroken about Edward and Alice betraying me the way they did and crying softly to myself. There was a knock at my window that made me jump. That knock changed the way I thought about Jasper forever.

As I sit here with tears falling from my eyes I can’t help but want to held close by Edward. His arms always made me feel safe but how could they now? After all this… how could I still want be held by him? What is wrong with me?

I heard a knock outside my window that made me jump.

“Go away, Edward.”

I whispered under my breath to him. I really wish he would just leave me alone…

“It’s not Edward…”

A man’s voice came from behind the window. He sounded scared. Quickly I got up and made my way across the room to my window and opened it. It was Jasper. He looked terrible as he sat there outside.


“Can… can I come in?”

“Sure. Come on in.”

I watched as he climbed in and sat on my bed. I closed the window before walking over to his side and sitting next to him. I had never seen anyone look as upset as he did at this moment.

He just sat there. He didn’t move or speak.

“So… I’m guessing you found out, huh?”

He closed his eyes before talking to me.

“Yes. Edward told me everything… she wouldn’t even look at me when he told me.”

His voice cracked as he spoke and tears fell from my eyes. To see him so hurt, hurt me.

I started to feel better when I didn’t want to. I shouldn’t be feeling this good. Happiness took over my body and I couldn’t help but smile as I sat and listened to Jasper’s sad story of betrayal. He had to be doing this. Jasper had to be making me happy with his powers.

“Jazz, you shouldn’t do this. I shouldn’t be happy right now.”

I spoke with a smile on my face and a slight laugh. I couldn’t help it. All I could feel was happy.

“I’m sorry… I just like to see you happy.”

Sadness took over me again as he talked. I could feel as he stopped controlling my emotions. I would have let him make me happy if he wasn’t so sad. It wasn’t fair for me to be okay and him be crying dry tears.

“You know, you don’t deserve this. With as much as you go through daily… you don’t deserve to be cheated on like this. And he was supposed to be like the perfect boyfriend to you.”

It seemed so random but it was true. I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t do anything to him to want to leave me. If he didn’t want to be with me, he shouldn’t have gotten back together with me after I saved him!

Jasper looked at me with deep dark gold eyes. He was hungry… I could tell. But it didn’t bother me. I got lost in his eyes.

They were beautiful.

“You know, Bella. You’re a very beautiful girl. You deserve a man that will treat you right.”

I smiled. He was so sweet.

“And you deserve better than a woman who will cheat on you with your brother.”

With that, I was pulled into a hug. A cold yet warm hug that made me feel… better. I felt like I wasn’t going to ever get hurt if I was here. I feel at home.

I kissed his cheek. Not thinking about who it was or the fact that he was in need of a hunt. I just did it.

He looked down at me and I could feel my cheeks warm up as I blushed bright red. He tightened up and took a deep breath.

“I’m… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, Bella. It’s not your fault…”

I looked at him as he looked down at me with a smile on his face. His body loosened up again and before I could smile back at him, his lips were on mine.

It was amazing how the lips of a man who had skin that is ice cold could be filled with so much warmth. His lips were soft as they moved in sync with mine. I was in my own personal Heaven. Naturally, I ran my fingers through his curly dirty blonde hair and he pulled me closer to him.

Being that close to him, my chest against his, I could feel that he wasn’t breathing. I stopped the kiss and moved across the bed from him. He shouldn’t have to suffer through a kiss… it wasn’t fair.

“What’s wrong?”

He looked at me with concern and I smiled sweetly.

“Nothing; It’s just… your eyes and… and my scent…”

He moved closer to me and kissed my jaw line then got up and climbed out my window with an adorable smile on that took up his entire face.


Author's Note: I likely won't have chapter's up this quickly all the time. I just finished this one and I had a head start with the time I was waiting to post chapter one. Thank you everyone that's reading and please, if anyone is reading and not commenting, leave me a comment. It's the only way I can see if people are liking it. :)

- Dajah

I loved it! It was so sweet. They are good together so far. Love it.

Thanks :) I'm glad you like it


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