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As I lay here in his arms, in this big brightly colored room, I smile. His cold skin made me warm all over and his curly hair touched my face when he kissed my forehead. His deep bright gold eyes sparkled whenever he looked at me and I could tell that he loved me the way I loved him, more than anything. He was my life. Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen.

I felt bad for the way things were. The way we got to this point but, at the same time, I knew I shouldn’t. It wasn’t my fault this happened. I had no control over my thoughts, my emotions. Not that they were controlled, Jasper would never make me feel things I didn’t want to. Unless it was to help me. He protected me. But what I did feel bad about was my scent…

Jasper may have loved me but that didn’t change the amount of control he had. It didn’t change the fact that he had tried to attack me at my eighteenth birthday party a year and a half ago. I worry about if he will ever lose control around me again. What if he were to? I would die. I wouldn’t mind it though. Dying due to the love of my life isn’t a problem for me but, I know it would be for him. He would beat himself up for that. He hates that he can’t control himself sometimes. I wish I could help him more but being a human doesn’t help at all.

I heard a slight growl from the hall outside the door. I could tell that it was Edward.

“Don’t read my mind so often and you wouldn’t feel that way, Edward”

Jasper spoke very quietly but he and I both knew Edward’s vampire ears could hear him just fine.

There was another slight growl followed by a hiss before I heard a door slam shut and a window slam open. Edward was leaving. Again. I don’t understand why he was so bothered by mine and Jasper’s love. It wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for him anyway. I’m sure he knows that, though. Maybe that’s why it bothers him as much as it does…





Author's note: I am very excited about this story. I feel it will turn out rather well and I'm very excited to see what my fellow Twilight Fans think of it. Leave a comment, please :)


- Dajah

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Chapter Fourteen – Dream

A cold feeling took over me and forced my eyes open. Even in all that has happened, I was able to fall asleep with comfort in Sam’s arms. It was warm… he was warm… and I felt safe. Even though I’m completely terrified. I miss Jacob… I want him to be here, saving me, holding me, kissing me…

I looked around to see that Sam had moved to the other side of the room, explaining the sudden cold. Squinting through the bright light coming in the room from the open door, I saw a dark figured holding something and forcing it into Sam’s hands.


“Okay, okay. I’ve been doing it easy all the past times, what would change it now?”

Sam didn’t even sound like he was going to put up any sort of fight. He took the small tube full of some sort of powder looking substance and snorted it. He winced and snorted air from his nose before handing the figure back the tube. That’s when his eyes met mine and the figure noticed and spun around quickly, staring at me. Even with the light shining in, I couldn’t see the man’s face. He was still just a tall, dark, figure to me. He wore black jeans and a grey t-shirt with a black, un-zipped, hoodie over it. His hood was up, covering his face. The only bit of color was his eyes, bright red.

His eyes locked onto mine and I couldn’t get myself too looked away from him. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever before he walked out the open door and closed it behind him. The room went black and I could hear the sound of the lock followed by the faint footsteps of the man walking away from the room Sam and I had been trapped in.

I found myself crawling across the small room to where Sam sat against the wall. His eyes were closed as he lean his head back and his legs lay stretched out in front of him. I stopped and looked at him before deciding it was okay to lay on him. I stretched out next to him and lay my head on his lap then lifted his hand so it would lay on my back, keeping me as warm as I could get in this position.

A few minutes past and Sam didn’t move so I closed my eyes and began to drift back off to sleep when I was lifted upward. I started to scream, ignoring the warmth of the hands lifting me, before I noticed it was Sam who had grabbed me. He sat me between his legs and let me lean against his chest, his arms wrapped around me and I lay my head on his shoulder. This was much warmer than where I had been just a moment ago.

“Thanks, Sam.”

“You’re welcome, Bella. Get some sleep.”

Being wrapped in a werewolf’s warmth, sleep came to me quickly. I drifted off into the blackness that was my mind and soon, dreams filled my mind.


I sat in the corner of the dark room, alone, cold, scared. Outside the big door I could hear the screams of my Jacob and the scratching of something hard against something harder.


Jacob’s voice ripped through his own pain and cut me like a dull knife. I opened my mouth to call back to him but was interrupted by the sound of another familiar voice.

“Shut up!”

“I love you, Bella!”

“I said shut up, Mutt! If I can’t love her, neither can you!”

A ripping sound, followed by a blood curling scream, followed again by silence.

Tears fell from my eyes as I imagined what could be happening on the other side of that door. What horrors my Jacob could be going through or… already had been though.

Is he dead…?

Or has he just been silenced?

Will I ever see him again?

“I love you, Jacob Black. Forever and always…”

I whispered into the blackness, hoping he could hear me.

Author's Note: Okay, so it's not as long as normal but its longer than the last one.. lol. Hope you enjoyed it :)

- Dajah

Hey Dajah

Sorry I havent answered in so long. I have loved the new updates and cant wait for more.


Love it! Did Edward go crazy and drink human blood so that he could accomplish all of this? Exciting!

What about Jasper?

Thank you for updating so soon!

Who is the mysterious captor?  Is it the same one who killed Charlie and Alice?  Is it someone familiar or maybe an outsider?  Now you've got me wondering!

Can't wait for the next update!

Ooh I wonder what's going on!! I bet the guy is Edward, but like totally changed in some sort of diguise and turned evil

Hi there,

great chapter. Always wondering who! Edward, Jasper? Someone else with red eyes?

Best wishes


great update, even though it wasn't as long as the others...can't wait to read your next update!

Chapter Fifteen – Didn't Hurt

I woke up to the same dark room I feel asleep in. This is only the second day but my fear is starting to fade away slowly… Although, last night’s dream terrified me all over again. I’m not scared for myself anymore… I’m scared for Jacob. I’m scared that this vampire has friends with him. I’m scared he’s going to hurt the pack if they come for Sam and me.

Sam was wide awake when I looked up at him. He looked half dead in the face and I frowned.

“Did you get any sleep at all?”

“Not really… every time I started to drift off, that bloodsucking leech came in and made me snort that stuff again.”

I sighed and looked down. This is starting to become annoying. Honestly, what will he be doing to smell for a familiar scent in his sleep!? Let the poor man catch some sleep!

With that thought, the door opened and the bright lights shined into the room. If only I could run out that door… find someone… yell for Jacob… maybe we aren’t that far away. But, that vampire would stop me.

The dark figure of a man walked in the room and came toward us. He held that same tube of powder from last night but it was refilled. He looked at me then at Sam and motioned for me to move. I stood up and Sam grabbed my ankle.

“Just move over there, Bella. Don’t go towards him.”

Ignoring Sam, I shook his weak hand off of me. I could tell how sleep deprived he was by the simplicity of getting him to let go. I walked right up to the figure and stared, upward, into his blood red eyes.

“Why don’t you let him sleep? Just because you don’t need to doesn’t mean he doesn’t.”

With the slight amount of light, I could see the man’s lips form a slight grin as he walked past me and forced the tube into Sam’s hands. I snatched it from out of his grip and looked back at the vampire.

“Anyone who knows anything about wolves would know it takes more than what a human should take to get any effect from a medication or drug. So what if I took this?”

The red eyes widened and I put the tube in my bra, hoping he wouldn’t be one to go for it anyway. Wearing only a tank top with these sweat pants, I felt like the man was staring at my breasts, rather than where I put the tube. Why doesn’t he speak? Would I know the voice if he did?

I awkwardly put some of the powder on my fingers then put them up to my nose.


The figure crocked out the single word and the sound was like nothing I had ever heard. Whoever it was, they tried to cover their own voice. Who would it be? No one I know would do this…

“Then let Sam sleep!”

The vampire looked over at Sam, who had been drifting off since the beginning, and then back at me before turning around and storming out of the room. The door slammed and the room returned to blackness. Quickly, I moved the tube from my bra to my pants pocket then sat down on the ground.

My body was shaking with fear of what I just did. I didn’t even think it through, I just did it. Sam had finally fallen asleep and my mind began to wonder.

The man stopped me from taking the drug… and he didn’t hurt me. So, I don’t have to be scared of him. He won’t hurt me. Who would kidnap someone but refuse to hurt them?

Author's Note: Three days and three chapters! I know they are short and I'm really kicking myself for it but I can only write so much good story stuff when they are locked in a cell... I don't want them to be so short but I don't want pointless run on chapters either. They will get longer again soon, I promise.


- Dajah



Now really wondering who the guy is!!! Doesn't hurt her, not even to get the powder of her, and isn't really hurting Sam except for the sleep thing.

Best wishes


Awesome! Can't wait for more!

And the mystery continues!

By the way, don't worry about the length of the chapters.  It is short, but effective.


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